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(generated from captions) I will have more weather for you in

half an hour. Thank you, Fifi. to sprout in our economy. More green shoots have started the experts by surprise, In a result that caught fell to 5.4% in April. the national unemployment rate That's down from 5.7% in March.

Most expected it to zoom up to 5.

Most expected it to zoom up to 5.9%. Most expected it to zoom up to 5.9%

Aussies are rejecting the recession? Is this further evidence Let's ask our Big Guns of Politics, Anthony Albanese Leader of Government Business and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Good morning to you both. is the drop in unemployment? Anthony, how significant

You can't get carried away with one

month's figures but it is positive.

Any positive news is welcomed. It

does show that there has been a good

response. We have had 29,000 more

people in full-time jobs this month

than there were last month, net, and

that is a good thing. Joe, are you a

little embarrassed by this? Why? I

was minister for employment with a

4% unemployment rate. You were

running a stimulus package that it

wouldn't create jobs. It didn't

create jobs. I will be optimistic.

Reject the recession and this is create jobs. I will be optimistic.

great. You got to acknowledge - the

impact. economic stimulus is having an

impact. Yeah, it - We got people out

there in work because of the

economic stimulus package. But, you there in work because of the

know what, it is about bang for the

buck, Albo, and this is important.

Today we are reading that the

Government is cutting out support

for I vflt F support, and the

Government is cutting back on for I vflt F support, and the Government is cutting back

private health insurance which means

fees go up for everyone. That the

trade-off for the $

trade-off for the $900 handed out to

everyone. Two-thirds that was made

in the form of the economic stimulus

payments. There is 650 people

working in the Hunter building on working in the Hunter building on

the rail track corporation to expand

freight in the Hunter. 650 people.

That is a good thing. That is good.

Things that you spend money on,

terrific, but someone has to pay -

that the issue. Ultimately there are

100,000 more people unemployed today

those than a year ago and we want to see

those people back in jobs. You

mentioned the 30% slash. Can you

confirm that? I am not going to

surprise you here, Mel and say stick

to the formula and of course I can't

speculate on.

speculate on.Budget on Tuesday to the formula and of course I can't

night. One of your mob has leaked it

only leak to the newspaper. Maybe. Can you

only leak it if no one knows you

leaked it? Some of it you will find

out is correct and some of it is

speculation and just

speculation and just wrong. Will you

put a note at the end and not

attribute it to you? I will say I

read a lot of things in the press

about my portfolio. A lot of people

want to say " talk to journalists and they don't

want to say "I don't know" and very

few people know what is in the

budget. They say this is

in terms of infrastructure. Some of budget. They say this is happening

the speculation is complete

nonsense. Now is your chance to

clear it up. Leak something to us.

Just between us four and no one

else, I would like to but I would

like to be able to come like to be able to come back next

week. We might invite you back if

you leak something today. If this is

right, the cut in the health

insurance rebate, will it put more

pressure on the public system?

Absolutely. Everyone who

Absolutely. Everyone who drops out

goes to the public. If you spend

money on infrastructure, spend it money on infrastructure, spend it on

hospitals. Here we got more pressure

going in. It is easy for the

Government to cut it back. We put a

lot in hospitals last year. I don't

think people are seeing it. You got

a problem with the States. They

don't spend it wisely. No blame

game. No, no, we have made a big

difference in health and education.

We are making a difference in terms

of infrastructure. I have been this

week out and about and the Bonnie

Hill surf club will be rebuilt.

Small contribution from the Government, $

Government, $2 million, but it will

make a difference. It would make a

that a budget big difference to the hospital. Is

that a budget leak? Part of the $

that a budget leak? Part of the $42

billion stimulus in the budget that

he voted against. It is a hose out

of Canberra, not a leak. from our online poll. We have some interesting results who should lead the Opposition. We asked backed Joe Hockey. 52% of respondents

The family have kicked in. I am

absolutely it is the family.

What was Malcolm's figure? 15. What was Malcolm's figure? 15. What was Malcolm's figure? 15. a better leader than Malcolm? Joe, do you agree you'd be

Not at all. We are incredibly lucky

to have people like Malcolm come

into politics. He has to be given a to have people like Malcolm come

fair go. We will be looking for fair go. We will be looking for a

Prime Minister who makes money for

the country rather than spend it.

Why isn't the whole party Why isn't the whole party as

passionate and nice as you? There

are some who have other motivations.

Many you motivation is to make a

better count I and support a guy I

believe will do it. If you really

believed that, you shouldn't have

been on the phobe with your friends

getting your figure up. We were out

fighting so we didn't engage in

that. Reports that Kevin Rudd got

angry in Afghanistan because he

couldn't get a hairdryer for a photo

op. Ridiculous. Our troops are doing

a job and they shouldn't use them to

make a cheap political point which I

assume this is about. John Cobb has

crossed the line on this. Malcolm

wanted to visit the troops and the

Government wouldn't let him. That is

not true. Yes, it is. That is not

true. Well that is - Can he go?

Absolutely. And the Government will

let hill go and provide all the

support? Of course. There are safety

and security issues and the

Government will make sure that they

are dealt with. We will get him to

ring Anthony's office. You will look

after it? Yes, the Defence Minister

made it very clear. You will talk to

him? He has made it very clear.

Problem solved. A bit of consensus

here. I wasn't on the phone

yesterday! Air Afghanistan booked

with the travel agency. Have a nice