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(generated from captions) honour their late boss with a

minute's silence. He transformed

the family business into a

multibillion dollar empire, but a

price-fixing scandal tainted his

reputation. He and Visy fined $36

million. After surrendering his Order of Australia, friends now

want it returned. Richard Pratt

deserves to be recognised for what

he's achieved. The battle over

whether he should have faced

criminal charges continues. The

prosecute. ACCC defending its decision to

A massive boost to renewable energy

is expected to be approved at

today's Council of Australian

Governments meeting in Hobart. But

households may end up footing the

bill. The Federal Government wants

20% of electricity to come from

renewable sources by 2020, but to

avoid a fight with industry,

businesses may be excement,. In

true Hollywood fashion, Mel Gibson

has flaunted his new girlfriend

just weeks after his wife filed

for divorce. He already stands to

lose half of his billion dollar fortune to reveal.

A red carpet debut for Hollywood's

most talked about relationship. Mel

Gibson and his new leading lady,

Oksana Grigorieva, made the very

first public appearance at an

industry preview of 'Wolverine' rr.

The grey haired Gibson is 14 years

older than his Russian girlfriend,

and there are rumours the

39-year-old is pregnant. If it is

true, it would be Gibson's eighth

child. The first seven were born to

Robyn. She filed for divorce

earlier this month. It's believed

Robyn was told at the time that

Gibson's new lady was pregnant.

53-year-old Gibson has never been

far from controversy. His alcohol

problems were beared for all to see

after his booze fuelled anti-semetic

rant to a cop in 2006. Insiders

now believe that Oksana Grigorieva

has been Gibson's lover ever since

the drunken tirade. Expect to see

the focus turn to the Russian

beauty's midsection as the cameras

desperately search for a growing baby bump.

A major spat is brewing between hawthorn President Jeff Kennett and

the AFL. Kennett has been

sanctioned for criticising umpires

but, the former Victorian premier

penalty. has so far refused to accept his

for his umpire blast, Following a 'please explain'

with an ultimatum - Jeff Kennett has been presented a series of umpiring seminars, he can either attend

or pay a $5,000 fine. defied the AFL's orders The Hawks president yesterday

and did neither. letter to the league Instead, leaking his response on the club's website, on what his next move should be. and asking Hawks fans their opinion it hasn't impressed the AFL. Needless to say,

for quite a while, Oh look, we've been clear on this a responsibility is that we know we've got within the game to ensure that key figures are gearing up for showdown 26. The Crows and the Power umpires or umpiring. don't denigrate or humiliate

is Port's prized recruit, Josh Carr. But one man who could be missing

that he'll be in the side this week. There's no guarantee or because of form? REPORTER: Is that because of injury booked in for knee surgery on Friday. Fremantle young gun Rhys Palmer is Both.

The 20-year-old yesterday spoke his season was over. about the moment he learned that there was a tear in there And his reassurance to tell me so yeah, it was quite emotional. so a tear came to mind, Nathan Templeton, Ten News.

coach Craig Bellamy says this NSW State of Origin rugby league

year's Blues team won't bear the mental scars of three consecutive

losses to Queensland. There's a

host of new faces in the 40-man NSW squad which got together for the

first time yesterday. I don't think

any of these guys were there in

2006. There would be a couple in

2007 and a few of them last year,

so this is a new NSW side. They

haven't lost the last three series

- these players. The Origin series

kicks off in Melbourne on June 3.

Manchester United has beaten

Arsenal 1-0 in the first leg of the

Champions League semifinal. The Red

Devils dominated possession in the first half scoring when John

O'Shea was left wide open.

COMMENTATOR: Blasted home from the

right back John O'Shea. United

continue to build pressure against

the Gunners but were unable to find

the net again.

The world's fastest man, Ussain

Bolt has been involved in a car

accident in Jamaica. He was taken to hospital after reportedly

speeding on a wet highway. He lost

control of his BMW and the car spun

off the road and crashed.

Stocks finally headed in the right

direction this morning after a

couple of days of struggle. Here

with the details is Juliana Roadley

from Commsec. It looks like

investors finally shrugged off the

fears about swine flu. Yes, it's

off the radar. Investors last night

looking at the information coming

through from the Federal Reserve.

The record level was expected b but

the information that came out from

the statement confirmed the concern

view that the pace of the slide or

the downturn in the US economy is

appearing to be slowing. So that's

a great sign for investors. They

also pushed aside the big falls in

the quaurerly growth numbers which

were off by 6.1% after the biggest

fall in exports in 40 years. After

the bell, good numbers for Visa.

The credit card company saying that

their income was up by 71% as more

people move towards more debt and

the uses of credit cards. The DOW

up by 132 and the NASDAQ up by 42.

I have a good feeling that it means

God things for our market today. Am

I right? Yes, it's going to be a

good day and led higher by the

miners. The miners pushed up the

European markets. Base metals

higher and the oil price up above

$51 a barrel and gold was high. So

all working in our favour today. Great.

Now, the housing industry

continues to be a bright spot in

the otherwise dull economy. Home

sales rows by 4.2% in March. That's

a 13-month high. New home sales

have now jumped more than 20% since

December. It's all down to

historically low interest rates and

the first home owner's grant and

adds pressure on the Government to

continue the grant in the Budget

which is coming up in two weeks

time. That's all in finance. It

looks like a good day.

Yes, get your money out. Thank you.

go. Last check of the weather before we

Recapping our top stories this morn

- the World Health Organisation

raises its alert level to the

second highest, meaning we're much second highest, meaning we're much

higher to a swine flu pandemic.

Two more boats of asylum seekers

arrive off our coastline. The

Opposition demands a full and

independent inquiry.

And Barack Obama personally thanks

Kevin Rudd for committing hundreds

of extra Aussie troops to Afghanistan.

And that's it for Ten's Early News.

I'm Ron Wilson. We'll be back

tomorrow morning. And I'm Frank

day. Colletta. Until then, have a great

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