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(generated from captions) is not two can stand and that she

has the strain but it isn't better

safe than sorry. -- but it is

better safe than sorry.

Federal health minister is co-

ordinating the national response

political reporter. and he is speaking with our

Good morning. As we head in her

earlier reports, D death toll is

mounting in Mexico with now over

100 deaths. There is also confirmed

cases in a Europe and New Zealand.

Is it inevitable that it will reach

Australia has made it is not

inevitable but it is likely. We

have to acknowledge with the amount

of international travel there is

that this is now a disease that is

spreading quite quickly worldwide.

We are doing all began to identify

people at risk when they arrive in

Australia. We will be testing more

people as this develops. We have no

confirmed cases in Australia as

things stand now. But I think the chances of protecting ourselves

entirely from this disease are as

well. Is it a real possibility that

swine flu is already on at our

doorstep? It is a possibly -- it is

a possibility it is why we

activated these extra precautions.

They do not yet believe this is a

pandemic but that could change pandemic but that could change

quite quickly. We are taking all

the but cautionary is there we had

been advised by the Chief Medical

Officer and we stand ready to

upgrade that if necessary. We are

well placed in Australia to react

quickly. We have not had any cases

yet. We have seen what has had an

overseas. We have had the

opportunity to make sure our

practices are in place as quickly

as they need to be. -- how

processes. We had a good antiviral

system if anyone is found to be

infected. We know that a person can

be treated quickly and we have a

good chance of being able to manage

a need spread of the disease. What

are the precautions being poured

into place, what is the national

response? The precautions are

introduced at a range of levels. We

are now advising travellers, when

returning to Australia, that they

might be an Reyes, encouraging them

to identify themselves if they to identify themselves if they have

flu-like symptoms, using the crew

and pilots to identify people,

providing clinical and medical

adviser at our airports from people

suffering from symptoms. Getting

out to GPs. Information about at

this disease. We have a stockpile

of a 0.7 million courses of anti-

viral treatments. This is provided

for in the Budget last year at

summer to make sure we are ready

for this type of situation. They

can be deployed if we had an

outbreak in other States and

territories. We can deploy yet

strategically to make sure our

health workers are not passing on

the disease. We need to be able to

act quickly as circumstances change.

Do we have enough antiviral

medication is stop if swine flu

doesn't reach here? We have many

causes of a Tamiflu and Relenza.

That is one of the highest

population to dry Gratia in the

world. We are very well placed. --

- drug to population ratio. We do

testing and are involved in trying

to identify a new Beckstein for new

players as they arrive. We are well

connected internationally to get

good information and are ready to

respond. A hotline has been set up.