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(generated from captions) managing to survive it. Thank

you. Concerns have been raised

after another boatload of

asylum seekers arrived at

Christmas Island yesterday. The

people and apparently tied up boat was carrying more than 40

to the jetty at Christmas

Island in the early hours of

the morning undetected by the

navy. It's the third boat

carrying asylum seekers to

arrive in Australian waters in

the last fortnight. Opposition

foreign affairs spokeswoman

Julie Bishop joins us now from

Brisbane. Good morning, Julie

Bishop. Three boats - from my

count there were 151 people

aboard those three boats is.

That lot of people? Are you

concerned? Yes, we are

concerned. Since last August

when the Rudd Government

down-graded border security in

this country there have been 12

boats and about 400 people

arriving on our northern shores

and this is a dramatic increase

over previous years when we

averaged maybe three, some

years no boat arrivals. Now the

Government has compromised our

border security through

incompetence, through budget

cuts and a lack of resources.

In this latest incident, it

seems that a wooden boatload,

about 40 people, sailed past

authorities, were apparently

undetected and were not

escorted into Christmas Island

and just pulled up at the

Christmas Island jetty and

basically said, "Well, where

are our health checks? Here we

had are." This isn't good

enough and it has compromised

border security. There was a

navy boat 13km off shore and

we're told it was tied up with

another one of the boats that

has turned up in the past

fortnight. Could this just be

an aberration or do you believe

that there's actually less

boats out there patrolling

those waters? What has

occurred is the Rudd Government

has transferred responsibility

for border security from

Defence to Customs. They

rebadged the authority

rebadged the authority but

Customs had it budget cut by

some $50 million so our concern

is the authorities don't have

the training, the resources,

the support that they need.

This latest incident where a

wooden boat just sails past the

Defence boat, apparently, and

can pulls up at the Christmas

Island jetty and they hop out

and say, "Here we are," is

clearly sending the wrong

message to people smugglers and

that's, I believe, why we've

seen such an increase. The

Government has sent a softer

message to people smugglers and they are taking advantage of

it. On the sim issue, the

United Nations human rights

committee came out a couple of

days ago and said Australia is

commitments to asylum seekers failing to honour its

and can it suggested the

Government wind back its policy

and that Christmas Island is

not in Australia's migration

zone. I don't suppose you would

be supporting that? I support

strong border security measures

and the Coalition certainly

supports ensuring that the

relevant authorities have the

resources, the funding, the

support, the training necessary

to ensure that our northern

borders are secure. Just moving

now to Washington, we've seen

Joel Fitzgibbon and Stephen

Smith are over there at the

moment and our Washington correspondent Michael Roland

suggested he doesn't expect an

announcement to be made on an

increase in troops to be made

in the next 48 hours. What's

your take? What do you expect

to come out of the OzMin talk

s? The Obama administration

has reviewed its strategy in

Afghanistan and made public

that review. Essentially, their

aim is to defeat Al-Qaeda in

Afghanistan and Pakistan. In

order to do that there must be

military reinforcements, a

strengthening of local security

forces and they're also focused

on strengthening the Government

and the economy in Afghanistan

and wooing over the insurgents

and so that means more troops.

As we know, the President made

a personal plea to NATO, who

were less than forthcoming with

the number of troops that would

be required to defeat Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

They did commit to some 3,000

troops but that was

specifically for the elections

that will be held in August of

this year. There is an

expectation that Australia will

be asked to contribute, whether

it is in the form of more

Special Forces or whether it

will be for training purposes

we are yet to hear. And I see

that you're urging the Rudd

Government to make an

announcement quickly. What's

the rush here and why do you

want to see an announcement

made sooner rather than later?

Surely we can be led by the US

administration on this? No,

our point is that we want to

understand as soon as we can

what the expanded role will be

for Australia. We would like to

administration whether hear from the United States

Australia will be expected to

commit more troops, more

resources, more trainers and

given that Mr Smith and Mr

Fitzgibbon are in Washington,

this seems like an ideal time

to ask where they see Australia

fitting within the framework of

this strategic overview. Julie

Bishop, thanks for your time

this morning. We appreciate

it. Thank you. Now let's take