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(generated from captions) Get back to you on. Kylie, Larry he

may or may not be appearing. There

are four make-up girls the shower

while with him. He could be there for a

and welcome to the show. Good morning

the world's best TV bloopers. Today,

If I have to teach you how to be a

reporter I will do that later. I

think The lady expressed herself.

You are not here, you there are. Is

there any question you would like me

to ask her? I will give you lessons

on how to become a reporter later. I

will give you lessons on how it to

be an editor. I was your boss once.

that happen? You were and are no longer. How did

More of those coming up later. Also ahead, with the famous faces Kylie catches up

in the brand-new 'Star Trek' movie. Plus, Hollywood home wreckers - to find happiness the stars that only seem able of someone else's partner. in the arms their love lives than their movies. The stars better known for to the perfect body. And the Hollywood secret that really work. We're checking out the home workouts It's been two years was ruled an accidental overdose since the death of Anna Nicole Smith but the controversy continues and lawyer, Howard K. Stern, after the arrest of her ex-partner last month. along with two of her doctors Donald Hogan Now, Anna Nicole's estranged father has spoken out against Stern, squarely blaming him for her death. Those developments in a moment. But first, the story so far. and heiress to billions. A model, reality TV star the spotlight. Anna Nicole Smith lived in, and for, Like my body? on the circus that's continued But her life of drama has nothing since her death. The bombshell was just 39 years old Florida hotel room in February 2007. when she was found dead in a

of her death began immediately. Speculation as to the cause made by partner Howard K. Stern The release of a home video eight months pregnant showing a dazed Anna Nicole of a drug overdose. seemed to substantiate claims Anna...Anna. otherwise. But authorities soon ruled This case is an accidental overdose present. with no other criminal elements been put to rest No sooner had one case than a new one emerged, of her daughter Dannielynn. this time over the paternity Four potential fathers emerged but after extensive DNA testing, was named dad to Dannielynn. former partner Larry Birkhead that told you this I hate to be the one but, um, I told you so! Now, a new chapter. along with two of her doctors, Howard K. Stern, for allegedly supplying the drugs now face charges

that eventually killed her. is the principle enabler Howard K. Stern are prescribing drugs excessively and Dr Erosevich and Dr Kapoor to a known addict and fictitious names. and using false A lawyer for Dr Khristine Erosevich denying any wrongdoing released a statement in to police late yesterday. but the psychiatrist turned herself his innocence on 'Larry King Live'. While Stern's attorney declared we honestly never expected. This was something because he is not guilty. He will plead not guilty but one thing remains certain - The police case continues to build it will be a long time is allowed to rest in peace. before Anna Nicole Smith For more on the latest developments, from we're joined by Chelsea Cannell Good morning, Chelsea.

heard officially from her family? Is this the first time we have

Well, it is the first time we have

heard officially from her family in

regards to this newest lawsuit

regarding the prescription

medication. As you remember

with the pattern ty hearing for medication. As you remember back

Dannielynn, Virgie her mum was very

out spoke especially. This is the

first time we have heard from her

dad, Donald Hogan. He seems

passionate. Let's hear what her

father had to say now. I blame

Howard for a lot of it.

Howard for a lot of it. I blame him father had to say now. I blame

totally for her death. I blame him

for bringing her the stuff, for not

helping her get off of it. Someone

ODs and you bring them the drugs,

aren't you liable? I think he made a

lot of bad decisions in his life.

lot of bad decisions in his life. Is aren't you liable? I think he made a

the family expected to act on these

statements? You know, if Donald

his way, he will have Virgie Arthur statements? You know, if Donald has

join him in slapping wrong full

death lawsuit against Howard K.

Stern. He is urging her to take a

look at this and join him in this

lawsuit. If he has his way, it will

definitely go through. Will any of

this have any bearing on the charges

laid against Howard K. Stern and

Smith's two doctors? I think at this

point it's hard to say whether these

new statements are going to affect

that particular case as it goes to

court next week. If anything, it

in court will see Howard K. Stern ending up

in court shortly after his court

case next week. He will be right

back there with these two taking him

to court. You know, I think Donald

is not going to rest. He says he is

not looking for any money. He

doesn't care if he sees a dime from

this. He is looking for justice to

avenge the death of his daughter.

Thank you for the update, Chelsea. in an appearance-driven society For years, we've lived put on body image, with so much focus particularly for women. an increasing number of young men, But now, or should we say kids, the perfect body. are also searching for A British newspaper has reported of teenage boys taking steroids a dramatic rise in the number

between 2001 and 2007. with the figure doubling

11 are being admitted to hospital What's more, children as young as for steroid abuse. and parenting expert, 'Girlfriend' magazine psychologist from Melbourne to discuss the issue. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg joins us

Morning, Michael. is really very alarming. Michael, this article Are you surprised by the stats?

We should be alarmed by the

statistics. 40% of 12-year-old girls

think they are overweight, it's not statistics. 40% of 12-year-old girl

surprising boys have been caught up

in this questions for physical

perfection. A lot of kids are taking

far too far. The figures quoted

of the UK have the figures doubling far too far. The figures quoted out

of teenage boys taking steroids

between 2001 and

between 2001 and 2007. Are the

figures anywhere near that here? We

don't have the research but I

wouldn't be surprised.

Coincidentally this week I received

a referral for this particular

problem and I'm seeing the kid next

week. So it's certainly not

happening here but we don't have an

idea of the problems. My experience

is that we tend to parallel the

British trends so I wouldn't be

surprised. Michael, many of these

kids on steroids suffer from Adonis

syndrome. What is that? Adonis was a

figure in Greek mythology, half man,

half God. He basically was - had a

perfect body. In fact the Queen of

the gods fell in love with him. A

psychiatrist from Harvard university

called Harrison G Pope coined the

phrase Adonis syndrome for a number

of problems which included excessive

exercise, steroid abuse and eating

disorders. It's a recognised

problem, very serious and growing

and sloughly in men. Michael, if we

are talking about kids are talking about kids as young as

11, what role are the parents

playing in all of this. I am

assuming it takes more than 20 cents

pocket money to buy these? It's a

lack of supervision, to be honest.

We have a bunch of kids who don't

have that adult input. They go

have that adult input. They go down to the gym, there is a Black market,

a lucrative black market, I'm told

in these drugs and the kids

basically just get it. They are so

obsessed that they will, ond do,

steel to get the money to buy the

drugs. Michael, the side effects on

those young growing bodies must be

extreme? Catastrophe. We are talk

being about major impacts on the

liver. Significant problems in roid

rage or an aggression that

rage or an aggression that comes with it. Stunted growth and

curiously, their testicles tend to

get smaller and they grow breasts.

It's not fun and it's not a game.

People can die of this stuff. How do

you, as a psych coal gist, treat

them? What you try and do is use

cognitive behavioral therapy, toe

try to get them to think about

things differently. They are highly

influenced by the media. With

Playgirl magazine, but a 30 year

analysis has found the male models

over 30 years put on 10kg of muscle

and lost 5kg of fat. You can see how

the message from the media really

can impact on these kids. It's scary

stuff. Thank you foreign lightning

us. Terrifying. Thank you, Michael. Ahead on the show, the new recession-themed reality TV show where the viewer decides who gets the sack. And Kate Miller-Heidke's back to perform her brand-new single. But next, Mr Spock, Captain Kirk and all your favourites are back in the new 'Star Trek' installment. And let's just say the new generation is sexier than ever before. There are people everywhere working their butts off just to pay their monthly bills and mortgage. But what if you get sick or injured? How would you keep your head above water? The bills still have to be paid - he mortgage, groceries, petrol. the m rtgage, groceries, petrol. All these day-to-day expenses and you're not even working. But you can still get a regular income if serious illness or injury strikes with ING's SecureLiving Plan. Just as you insure your home and your car, you can now protect your income and your family's way of life. If there was an affordable and easy way to do this, you'd want to know about it, wouldn't you? From as little as $7 a week, ING's SecureLiving Plan is more affordable than you may think. You can get cover if you're a homemaker too. So call 1300 ING 888 now and take advantage of our $100 healthy living bonus. Why not give them a call? Go online, check it out. ING - making insurance easier. Just Right's unique energy blend is high in iron and B vitamins... give you the balanced energy you need... ..for whatever the day throws at you. For balanced energy, if it's not Just Right, it's just not right. Good morning, Sydney. A beautiful day for the Trekkies who descended on Sydney to recover from the film premiere last night. It should reach a top of 21 degrees in the Harbour city today. Right now, though, it's a cool 14.

That looked like a card board cut

out but it was real. It's the latest

in visual effects, this movie. It's been 43 years since the original 'Star Trek' series graced our TV sets. But the 'Starship Enterprise' is still going strong and this time it's back on the big screen. There's a new Captain Kirk, a new Mr Spock and, of course, a new villain. I caught up with stars Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine, along with director J.J. Abrams, ahead of the world premiere in Sydney last night. Space - the final frontier. We received a distress call...

I've been waiting for this day my whole life. It's the great space adventure that's stood the test of time. After more than 6 TV series and 10 films now 'Star Trek' is back with a new installment. And this time, they're going back to the beginning. What is your name? James Siberius Kirk. But what is it like to remake a classic?

I was excited about the idea of

doing a version of Trek because I

was never real afan. Doing one

appealing to me would be a fun

challenge. You know, the fans of

trek are an intimidating bunch. They

are vocal so I knew we would have

our challenges. I hope you know what

you are doing? So I do I. Part of

the challenge was taking the spirit

of what was created 40 years ago and

making it relevant. The context in

which this movie is made is

different from what was made in the

60s. We had to figure out what would

feel like it was of the same

inspired by the same ideas and yet

not literally taking the original

blue prints and rebuilding the sets.

We are travelling at warp speed. You

are the genius. I order you to

answer the question. I'm not

telling, acting captain. One of the keys to 'Star Trek's popularity is, of course, the characters. And this Captain Kirk and Mr Spock are keeping it in the family.

I knew Joe his brother years ago, it

was my sister's best friend. I knew

sack through friends.

sack through friends. We were in the was my sister's best friend. I knew

same part of town. It's sounding

like days of our lives with a little

bit of

bit Of Bold and beautiful. I knew so

I 10 years ago so there was a real

sense of built-in comraderie. It's

helpful as we are going through

something so life changing. I have

no captain and no first officer to

replace him. Yes, we do. The

original Spock also makes an

appearance. Leonard and I have

become friends. I had great

become friends. I had great

opportunity to hang out and get to

know him. It's been one of the most

rewarding parts of this experience for me. And, of course, it just wouldn't be a 'Star Trek' adventure without some state-of-the-art effects!

Sequences are my favourite magic

trick. None matter unless you care

about the actors. It's about taking

the actors and putting them into in

said situations. You had to shave

your eyebrows off. They have grown

back. I bumped into your brother and

he said you were afraid they

wouldn't grow back. I am insuring

them. It seems so far the fans are

more than happy Wawa we they. I have

seen photos of

seen photos of you guys flying out

there and there were fans of

presenting you with tiny enterprise

ships. We showed up to the airport with "

with "That was weird" with "That was weird". That with "That was weird". That comes

with the territory to a degree but

with the territory to a degree but it's weird. What did you Sign on the

enterprise? I signed on my night.

Sometimes I will do LL and P, live

long and prosper. The texting

version of it. The fans have been

really excited. I hope they stay

that way. That was another life.

Emergency evasive.

I mazing stuff. I'm putting my hand

up, like the director and I wasn't a

Trekkie fan before this. He had to,

Zachary Quinto had to drive around

with rubber bands, his fingers with

rubbers bands to do that. It's much

easier than the sign people usually

use with me. If you are not a fan,

you will love it. The sound track is

amazing. You are all tricking. amazing. You are all tricking. At

the Opera House, amazing, 1, the Opera House, amazing, 1,500

people in the concert haul for this

premier. As we say here on the

Morning Show. LLAP. Live long and prosper. You can And you can catch 'Star Trek' in cinemas from May 7.

see I'm a convert. Sglul be the

coolest mum at school. Still to come - Rihanna's dad weighs in on the Chris Brown assault saga. Plus, the workout secrets of the stars. Forget the expensive gym memberships. We'll find out how to get gorgeous by working out at home. But next -

Dumped from the Aussie swim squad.

What is next for Nick D'Arcy. This

is The Morning Show live on Seven

right around Australia. One moment of boozy violence has ruined a young Aussie swimmer's hope of representing his country this year. Nick D'Arcy's alcohol-fuelled attack on fellow swimmer Simon Cowley in March last year left him with a broken jaw, eye socket, cheekbone and nose. The judge found the violence had been 'impulsive and unplanned' but it still left D'Arcy with a criminal record. It's cost him his place at the Beijing Olympics. And now, despite qualifying to go to the World Championships in July, Swimming Australia has sacked the Queensland butterflier from the team. So what does this mean for D'Arcy's future? Let's ask 'Sunrise' sports presenter Mark Beretta. Morning, Mark. What reason has Swimming Australia given for the move?

It's almost automatic. They have

gone to the rule book for the team

and said under rule 17. and said under rule 17.1, if you

have a criminal conviction, you

can't be are part of that team. They

made the determination. They

couriered a letter out to Nick

D'Arcy yesterday afternoon to say

you won't be part of the team. That

you won't be part of the team. That

is how it sits at the moment. It's

is how it sits at the moment. It's a fait accompli. Once you have a

conviction and a team is up for

selection, you are out of it. Does

this mean he won't swim for

Australia again? It could well. What

is still to happen, this event is

still unfolding. Nick D'Arcy has

been through the criminal case,

suspended from the Beijing team by the Australian Olympic Committee.

But now Swimming Australia is

dealing with it. At this point,

their inquiry is looking at what

penalties they might impose. They

can hit him with a ban from the

sport, fine him. At the moment they

have done the automatic thing and

say you can't be part of that team.

Swimming is a hard sport, you know.

They are rotten hours, it's a tough

slog. This might be enough for for

him to say I have had all I can take

and I'm going to walk away, thank

you. The question is where is the

motivation for him to keep getting

up at 4am if he is not swimming for

anything. It's a hard slog to keep

that going. Some think D'Arcy has

served his sentence by missing

served his sentence by missing out on the Beijing team. This does this

split the team further? I know you

ran a big phone poll on Sunrise this

morning and public opinion split

that he has perhaps done his time?

Quite passionate and split down the

middle, Kylie. Amongst the swimmers

there is the feeling - swimmers are

split as well. A lot are sympathetic

to Simon Cowley and a lot of them

recognise Nick D'Arcy has been

punished. To an athlete and swimmer,

missing an Olympic Games is a hard

punishment. There are so many missing an Olympic Games is a hard

complex issues. Is he remorseful

what has happened to Simon Cowley, complex issues. Is he remorseful for

has he served his time. Has swimming

recouped what has happened to Nick

D'Arcy. He has brought swimming into

disrepute. It's complicated. There D'Arcy. He has brought swimming into

is the media circus and everyone has

an opinion. How is Nick feeling?

Really devastated, as you would

expect. To find out yesterday he has

done all that work, thinks he has

gone through the roughes part of his

live, wins at the Australian World live, wins at the Australian

championships and find out yesterday

it's taken away. It's a heavy blow

for him. We will see what happens.

You clean up nice. It took a bit of work. Coming up later on The Morning Show - the scary statistics on parents

who talk on the phone while driving with the kids. Are you one of them? But now here's Glenn with some ways to wind back the clock. Old-school Hollywood glamour - there's really nothing quite like it. My next guest is here from Guthy-Renker of Hollywood glamour to the studio not only to bring a little bit but also to tell us the visible signs of aging skin. how we can help fight Welcome, Jodi. the good fight here today. Thanks, Glenn. We're fighting I hope we are. glamorous today. You're looking particularly What's the occasion?

Thank you. Principal's Secret Reclaim I am here to tell you about another secret but I'm also going to let you in on and that's how you can get collection I'm wearing, for free. this stunning silver jewellery Free! Nice! were crazy when I found that out I thought the folks at Guthy-Renker but the truth is, they know their customers love a bargain. But first, let me tell you a little bit more about Reclaim. Go for it. Reclaim is the skin care sensation from Victoria Principal skincare line - Principal's Secret. Victoria Principal, of course - Pamela Ewing from 'Dallas', right? Yes. She is a glamour. She's very good looking. Victoria started Principal's Secret back in 1989, at the peak of her fame and has been pioneering new skincare products ever since. Go on, ay. products have been so successful The simple fact that Victoria's for 20 years, really is sensational in itself. That's pretty good about Reclaim and the extra special thing which is a peptide, before you ask, is that contains argireline fight the appearance of fine lines, designed to help of aging. wrinkles and other visible signs going to receive then with Reclaim? Great. So what are viewers actually

Take us through the products. Alright. Just call and you will get introductory kit your Principal's Secret Reclaim delivered straight to your door. for no-fuss daily skincare. It includes everything you need that's all you need. It's three steps, three minutes - What have we got first, Jo? Simple enough. facial cleanser. First, is the total

removes dirt and impurities, The deep-cleansing formula toned and refreshed. leaves your skin Step 2 is the EyeMazing Eye Serum. Love the sound of that, ay? Eyemazing Eye Serum. it goes on really cool It is EyeMazing - and it targets puffiness. under the eye. It helps the delicate skin Step 3? Step 3 is a very special one the argireline comes in. because that's where

a 5% concentration of argireline. Reclaim Day Cream has It also has an SPF the Night Cream is super-charged but for night time, with 10% of argireline while you sleep. so you're getting double the action I like the sound of that, Jo - ay? double the action while you sleep, Not only that which are so good, two age-braker products but you'll also receive

once a week - you only need to use them and the enzyme mask and peel. the line breaker-serum a beaut skincare line, But for such are we talking a lot of money here? 1300 662 336, right now, No, Glenn, if viewers call: introductory kit they can get their Reclaim of $59.95 for the amazing price plus $12.95 postage and handling. And the best bit, Glenn,

60-day, money-back guarantee. it is all backed by Guthy-Renker's Love that money-back guarantee, terrific. You spoil us, you really do, Jo, we love that but tell us - how can we get this lovely jewellery that you're wearing?

I know. I will tell you, All you have to do -

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is all yours too - this gorgeous jewellery collection plus the stunning pendent. the lovely earrings and they are yours, absolutely free. They're all valued at $45 Love it! Love it, well done. Viewers will also receive membership Reclaim club to the Principal's Secret receive a new supply every 3 months which means you'll automatically for that club price of $59.95 per month plus $12.95 postage. correctly, Jodi, If I've done my maths about $2 a day that should add up to be or something like that for beautiful skin, how's that? That's fantastic, Glenn, you're amazing. Remember, there's no obligation and you can cancel this convenient service at any time. Good on you, Jo. We love it when you bring in goodies for our Morning Show viewers. Thanks for coming in. Thanks for having me. Our pleasure. There we are, folks. There you have it - Principal's Secret Reclaim. more younger-looking skin. It's all you need for beautiful, to get your Reclaim kit So call 1300 662 336 today jewellery collection. plus that glamorous segment again, then just visit: If you would like to see this Guys, back to you. or see it in 'New Idea' magazine.

Ahead this morning - immortalising Barack Obama the new comic book as the newest action hero. receive the same treatment? So should Kevin Rudd

Imagine Kevin in lycra? the latest news. But first, it's time for without Ann Sanders. And the news just isn't the news Ann, good morning. Thanks, Kylie. Hello, Larry. Good morning, everyone.

The death toll from Italy's devastating earthquake has soared to 228 but miraculously, survivors are still being pulled from the rubble. There have been dozens of aftershocks in L'Aquila since the quake, making the task more difficult for rescuers. Australia's cycling community is in shock following the death of former world champion Jobie Dajka. The 27-year-old's body was found inside his Adelaide home late yesterday. A cause of death is not yet known. are hunting these brazen thieves And police on the Gold Coast a service station attendant who terrorised in Merrimac overnight. in a stolen white Holden sedan. The pair fled at the weather: Taking a look in Brisbane, Mostly fine and Canberra. Sydney A clear day for Melbourne.

both fine. Hobart and Adelaide, Warm in Perth. And afternoon storms for Darwin. And the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former US president George W. Bush has had his sentence reduced. The 30-year-old appealed and had his 3-year term cut to 12 months. The court took into account his age and his previous clean record.

And the fact he was just throwing

And the fact he was just throwing

shoes. Some breaking news in Rugby

League. Brett Finch has been granted

immediate release for the Eels and

is expected to play for a club in

England. That news happening now. I

will bring you more details. The

Eels have released him and he is

heading off to England. Coming up, the recession-themed reality TV show.

Do you remember a young Kate and she

the big thing. is the next big thing. She is now

from Kate Miller-Heidke. And a live performance But straight after the break, as a safe investment? is there such a thing to put your money, in just a moment. We're finding out where Welcome back to The Morning Show. to all our viewers in Perth. And a big hello

with a top of 32 degrees. It should be a sunny day in the West Interest rates have dropped again. over the past year With multiple rate cuts saving around $500 per month that means some families are now on their mortgage. to work? So, how can you put that money And is there such a thing as a safe investment in this economic climate? Our money man Anthony Bell has all the answers. Good morning. Anthony, is risk-free investing possible?

No, absolutely not. Try and imagine

taking your money out of the bank

and putting it under your house. You

stand the chance your house will get

burring ld. The stability of burring ld. The stability of risk

and the return have a lot to do with

the safety of investments which

the safety of investments which

usually pay low returns. We would

like to know what you think is the

safe form of investment. First we

hit the streets to get your

thoughts. The safest investment at

the moment, being a conservative,

would have to be cash, locking your money away in

money away in the bank. Maybe a

house, I think, if you put your

money in there and paid it off

quickly. I would say the new

technologies that might help save

our environment are probably good

things to have a bet on. Money in

the bank is a common investment

tool. If we look at Australian

banks, they are still some of the

safest banks in the world. People

who put money in Lehman Brothers

didn't get their money back.

didn't get their money back. There is a lot of people who think putting

your money in shares is a much

better than putting your money p in

cash investment. After last year's

losses, you claim us for being shy?

It's like a ped lum. You have a

swing down but it keeps swinging to

low values as well. Remember the

market hasn't centered itself back.

There were high values back in 2007.

There is good buying

There is good buying opportunities out there now and lot of people who

have saved money and using the next

few years to get ahead. Morning Show

viewers are still cautious. Not at

the moment in the current market.

I'm not a believer in investment in

the Stock Exchange at all. I've

always opposed it, I've always

talked about the 1930s,

talked about the 1930s,. No probably

houses, cash. I wouldn't do shares

again. Not right now. Later,

eventually but not right now. A

little bit cautious there. What

opportunities should they be looking

for. It's one of those things that

is very clear that people don't

trust the stock market. They have

been burnt before. Anything that was

in there, their mothers and fathers

have lost their superannuation. There is

There is smarter places to look at

are away from the banks. The banks are only paying 2. are only paying 2.5%

are only paying 2.5%. That is

are only paying 2.5%. That is all they will be paying over the next

year or so. That is not a lot of

money. Property is really raising it

that early entry is paying 5.

that early entry is paying 5.5, 6%

return. You hedge off that capital

growth might be there. I will say

this, it's very important to have a

long-term view on any investment.

Don't have any shorm buy in. It's

been the bain of people's existence.

You think over the time the property

will move a little bit, the

will move a little bit, the shares

will move a little bit.

will move a little bit, the shares will move a little bit. Term

deposits is an option. There is deposits is an option. There is

private opportunities. There will be a had a private opportunities. There will be

a lot of people who make money about

private wealth opportunities,

investing in a friend's business

that is going OK investing in a friend's business that is going OK

investing in a friend's business that is going OK but get a good

track record of what has gone on

before you go and spend cash on a

mad eye door that one of your

friends put up. Have a look at the

track record before you convert your

savings over. Kevin Rudd has urged

the banks to reconsider their decision not to

decision not to match yesterday's

official interest rate cut.

Reserve Bank cut

Reserve Bank cut rates by 0. Reserve Bank cut rates by 0.25%

official interest rate cut. The Reserve Bank cut rates by 0.25%. The

Commonwealth bank will only pass on 0. Commonwealth bank will only pass on 0.1% Commonwealth bank will only pass on

0.1%. The NAB won't pass on

anything. Your opinion? I think it

needs to have a lot of pressure

needs to have a lot of pressure put on it. Our banks do well because of

the back of Australia's prosperity.

They are able to obtain their money

to on-sell to us because of where

our country sits. If I was Kevin

Rudd, I would be getting a big stick

out and saying go down with the

interest rates or we will

considering some of the grants you

guys get. I would be very fast. We

will give him that big stick. We

have got one out next week. I will

be seeing you next week for our

political comment. Thank you, mate.

What would have been a good

investment a few years ago, Kate. Coming up shortly, Kate Miller-Heidke speaks out about bullying. Plus, she performs her new single. But right now, Karen's got some ideas for anyone thinking about a change of career. My next guest may have the perfect solution for you.

If you have always wanted to run a

business. My next guest may have the

perfect solution for you.

business. My next guest may have the perfect solution for you. It's my

good friend Wayne Ormond. Good morning, So, what do you say to people who are looking for a career change?

Well, I'd say maybe it's time to consider becoming a Refund Home Loans franchisee. You can earn double, even triple what you're currently earning that sort of job satisfaction that only comes from being your own boss. But don't all franchisee opportunities do that? Well, some do but what makes Refund unique is that you're getting paid for helping people, guiding them to the right product, and making sure they get the most suitable deal possible for them. Right. That's why brokers exist - to bring competition to the market. And what about the Refund? Well, the Refund is our secret weapon. It's a win-win for you and your customers. Ah, hence the name Refund Home Loans! So, how does it work? OK, well say you're a franchisee,

you help secure a loan for Mr Brown with a major bank. The bank pays you a generous commission and you share this with Mr Brown by giving him a real cash refund. Ah, I see - that is a win-win situation. Not only do our customers love the cash refund, but they love the personal service in the comfort of their own home. And the hundreds of finance options available from our panel of over 35 leading lenders. And congratulations, Wayne -

I hear 'BRW ' Magazine

has listed Refund as the fastest-growing franchise system in Australia. Thank you, Karen. Not only is our franchise system been recognised by 'BRW', but with over 230 franchisees Australia-wide now, we're going from strength to strength. 'BRW' have also listed us as one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia. let's listen to what some franchisees, Darryl and Florence Kelly, had to say.

As franchisees, we're able to structure our business to suit our lifestyle.

We can plan our time around those special moments in our children's lives. And the Refund franchise is flexible and completely affordable. We can write business wherever the opportunity arises. Well, they certainly seem to be off to a flying start, and they didn't seem to have any experience in the finance industry. None whatsoever, and that's what really clinches it for a lot of new franchisees. They could be tradespeople, office workers or whatever. You don't need any experience to start your own Refund franchise. So, what do you need to start? Well really, all you need is to be a people person - someone with a great personality is going to do very well for themselves. As part of the whole package, we supply ongoing training, right up to Cert IV in mortgage lending, plus all the professional support they need in the field at head office and on top of that, great software systems to make it really easy. So all you really need is a positive attitude

and a love of working with people. Maybe you could do as well as Carlo. I've been in manufacturing for the last 18 years. The long hours, the stress - I needed a change. Since being my own boss with Refund, now I choose the hours, and I've never felt healthier. Well, I can see how, Wayne, he would find that very satisfying. And why wouldn't he, Karen? It's not just the money. Refund Home Loans lets you get more out of life, just like Peter. Before, I was working as a tradesman and I didn't really enjoy the job. Now, I own my own Refund franchise

and I'm making the money I've always dreamt of and I'm enjoying life that goes with it. He is one happy man, isn't he? Well, thank you so much for coming in today, Wayne. My pleasure, Karen. Great advice as always. Well, to find out more about become a Refund franchisee, call Refund Home Loans on 1300 733 863 or visit And again, for those of you that want to be able to your own boss and have that freedom, make sure you get in contact with the guys. Now, to see this segment again, visit or see it in the 'New Idea' magazine. That's it for us. Guys, over to you. Next hour - we reveal the real number of parents who talk on the phone while driving with the kids. And is Barack Obama about to become the hottest new action hero? But straight ahead, Aria nominated singer Kate Miller-Heidke is performing her brand new single. Stick around. (WOMAN LAUGHS) (MAN CHUCKLES) Nice. (PEOPLE LAUGH) With more and more McDonald's now open 24 hours, you can get food you want when you want it. Macca's makes it easy. People have time off at Easter, so, you know, they'll maybe have a long weekend. WOMAN: Everybody comes in and gets their paint over Easter to finish off the jobs that they didn't finish at Christmas. Masking tape, $6.98. Folding aluminium work platform, Nature's Nectar plants, Check out our latest catalogue online. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! #

Lowest prices are just the beginning. The Morning Show brought to you by Jetstar, the world's best low-cost airline. Now flying to more than 25 holiday destinations at home and overseas. Visit now. Kate Miller-Heidke burst onto the Australian music scene in 2007 with her Aria Award nominated album, 'Little Eve'. And the success has continued. Her latest album 'Curiouser' debuted at number eight on the charts. Her hit single 'Caught In the Crowd' tells the powerful story of watching a friend be bullied at school. And she's here to perform it live.

Please welcome Kate Miller-Heidke. # There was a guy at my school when I was in high school

# We'd ride side by side in the morning on our bicycles # Never even spoken or faced each other # But on the last hill we'd race each other # When we reached the racks we'd each go our own way

# I wasn't in his classes, I didn't know his name # When we finally got to speak he just stared at his feet # And mumbled a sentence that ended with 'James' # I was young and caught in the crowd # I didn't know then what I know now I was dumb and I was proud # And I'm sorry # And I'm sorry # If I could go back, do it again # I'd be someone you could call friend # Please please believe that I'm sorry # Well he was quite a big guy, kinda shy and quiet

# When the kids called him weird he didn't try to deny it

# Every lunchtime he'd spend walking by himself # Round the boundary of the grounds 'til he heard the bell # Well one day I found him, joined him on his walk # We were silent for a while until we started to talk # I told him my family were fighting in court # He said his stepdad and him always fought # We talked about music he was into punk # Told me all the bands that I liked were junk # I said I'd never heard the songs the Sex Pistols sang # I laughed back at him and then the bell rang # I was young and caught in the crowd # I didn't know then what I know now I was dumb and I was proud # And I'm sorry # If I could go back do it again # I'd be someone you could call friend # Please please believe that I'm sorry # It was after school in the afternoon

# The corridors were crowded as we came out of the rooms # Three guys I knew pushed him into the cement # Threw away his bag and said he had no friends # He yelled that he did and he looked around

# Tried getting up but they pushed him on down # That's when he saw me, called out my name

# And I turned my back and just walked away # I was young and caught in the crowd # I didn't know then what I know now # I was dumb and I was proud # And I'm sorry # If I could go back do it again # I'd be someone you could call friend # Please please believe # Please please believe that I'm sorry! #

. What a beautiful song. Thank you

very much A powerful message.

very much A powerful message. There is a personal story behind that, for

you? It's a composite of a few

different experiences. I

different experiences. I definitely went through a lot at high school.

I'm sure a lot of people - everyone

did. We are talking about bullying,

specifically. Is that where the

inspiration has come from? The song

tells a story of standing by and

basically watching your friend get

bullied but not being able to do

anything about it and then years

later, feeling regret. You were

young and caught in the crowd just

like the lyrics of the song say.

Along with the song you launched an

anti-bullying campaign with

anti-bullying campaign with the Education Department Yeah. To

encourage kids to speak up? It wasn't me, it was the 'Daily

Telegraph' and MySpace and kids help

line that were doing this campaign.

They thought that the song would

help sort of promote what they

help sort of promote what they were talking about. I was flattered to be

involved. That it has. Tell us about

that competition, though. A whole

bunch of school kids from different

schools around Australia have made

videos, their own video clips of the

song. You have a winner to announce?

We are very close. There is only one

thing more exciting than having a

winner, that's almost having a

winner. You are very big at the

moment. You are doing Jerry

Springer, the opera. Baby Jane.

Explain the character to us?

Basically I play the character of a

woman who likes to dress as a

toddler, wear a nappy, soil her

pants and get her bum spafrnged.

They type Cas me, pretty much. It's

interesting. We saw David Wenn ham

there. A great cast. Everyone is

amazing. The show is totally filthy,

totally entertaining and intelligent

and complex. Sounds... Laz, you are

there. Thank you very much. It was

lovely. Great whistling. We haven't

had whistling like that before. Kate's album 'Curiouser' is in store's now.

We'll have all her tour dates on our website. A little later on this morning - never lose the keys again. Australia's memory champion is teaching us how to improve our memory skills. But up next - here's Glenn with a fresh way to keep things tidy.

Vacuum cleaners can do a great job

but when you think about it,

but when you think about it, there is a big condition and it's this.

The mess has trob dry. Whenever you

spill anything wet, the vacuum

cleaner is the last thing you and cleaner is the last thing you and I

would be reaching for. That's not

would be reaching for. That's not true. What are you talking about,

true. What are you talking about,

James? If I dromd water, milk, any

liquid on to the floor, the first

thing I would be doing, tiles, floor

boards, I would be racing for the

old paper towel to soak it all up.

I'm exhausted all are already. It's

called the H20 minimum vak. Have you

spilt liquids on the bench

called the H20 minimum vak. Have you spilt liquids on the bench Watch

you will see this at the front spilt liquids on the bench Watch and

you will see this at the front soaks

up liquids. That's amazing. That is

fantastic. It gets better. Have you

smashed a wine glass on the floor.

Say yes, it's good for business. You

have been to my house at dinner

have been to my house at dinner

parties. Watch how the H20 mini vak

not only soaks up the liquids but

the solids as well. Not only does it

make it safer, especially if there

is kids around t makes it easier.

Hold the phone. That is fantastic.

That is extraordinary. Do you use

That is extraordinary. Do you use

paper towels at home? Absolutely. We

use millions of paper towels. You

probably go through one roll every

three weeks. That can add up to 16

rolls in a year. You get it for $

rolls in a year. You get it for $69. rolls in a year. You get it for

$69.9. 5. It comes with a recharger.

You get a wall mount as well. $ You get a wall mount as well. $69. You get a wall mount as well.

$69.95. Today when you buy one, you

get one free. It's two for the price

of one. Do you want to see what of one. Do you want to see what else

you can do. I was trying to hold the

honey up. Really? Put honey on your

floor. I wouldn't do it Normally you

pick it up with a paper towel, you pick it up with a paper towel, you

push it into the carpet. Watch as

the mini vac comes with this

extension module. Nothing like an

extension nod you'll, I tell you. I

extension nod you'll, I tell you. I

have had them cut off. You can use

this for the car but you see the H20

this for the car but you see the H20

mini vac sucks up the honey from the

top of the carpet. It removes

everything for you. That is

impressive. That is amazing. How

much are they? $

much are they? $69.

much are they? $69.95. Today when

you buy one, you get one free. Two you buy one, you get one free. Two

for the price of one. They are

rechargable and cordless. You can

use eggs, serial, pick your nuts up

off the floor and noodles. All

floors, all surfaces, all the time.

You can make an only let with one of

these. Have a look at this floor

here. You wouldn't do this at home,

would you? No. Using the mini vac,

by the time you have gone to get a

cloth or one of those paper cloth or one of those paper towels

costing awe fortune, you can use the mini

mini vac. Tell me that's fantastic,

Glenn? That is fantastic. I can see

you are impressed. Today when you

buy one, it's two for the price of

one. You can keep one in the shed,

one upstairs, one downstairs. One in

the boot, carry one in the car if

the boot, carry one in the car if

you take nanna out in the car for a

Sunday drive It's two for the price

of one. They do come with a charger.

of one. They do come with a charger.

They are rechargable and you get the

They are rechargable and you get the

wall mount so you have it stored in

the kitchen. By one, get one the kitchen. By one, get one

Fremantle all surfaces, all the

time. The H20 mini vac, very good.

Don't miss out on. Or go to the

website. Thank you. Ahead on the show - training your brain. The memory tricks you'll never forget.

Does that mean you will remember my

name? Sure, Barry. But after the break - is Barack Obama the world's new comic strip hero? And should Kevin Rudd be immortalised in the same way? Find out next. Well Welcome back. On the way this hour - how to think like an elephant. We're getting the expert tips for improving your memory. Plus, Lindsay Lohan's split from Samantha Ronson gets nasty. Now even Lindsay's dad is weighing in. And the best-ever TV bloopers.

More likely to give her a curve job

than a blow job - or a block party. The mishaps of live TV coming up. But first, making headlines this morning - a new survey shows parents are setting a bad example when it comes to talking on the phone while driving. 15% of parents say they've chatted on a mobile with the kids in the car. Only half of those said they were worried about getting fined. So should the penalties be tougher? It's over to our Wednesday Jury,

commentator Rebecca Le Tourneau and host of the ABC 702 breakfast show, Adam Spencer. Good morning. Bec, 15% of parents say they've talked on a mobile with kids in the car. Do you think that figure is accurate?

I'm surprised because I'm surprised

that anybody with a little person

under the age of 10 in the back of

the car can do anything other than

drive like a nanna. My daughter is

an absolute control freak. She is a

vir go and will not let me do

anything. She "

anything. She "Stop the car mummy" anything. She "Stop the car mummy".

If I touched the phone she would

leap from the car straight on to the

freeway. She is such a control freak

and try and drive the car for me and

she is only nine. I'm as

she is only nine. I'm astounded the

number is that high. I find kids

police parents. They have had so

much education on road rules. Adam, only half the parents said they were worried about getting fined for using a mobile while driving.

Is a fine the issue? You Sneed Is a fine the issue? You Sneed kids

in the car, 4-year-old kids. I'm

teaching my wife Melanie to drive,

she is on her Ls, in her early 30s.

This guy does something dangerous.

Mel let's out the F word. Next set

of lights, Ellie let's out the F

word because she thinks that's what

you have to do. Mel is terrified for

doing anything wrong for fear Ellie

drops the F bomb. I will have her in

the back seat when Mel sits the

test. She will pass it easy. Moving on and the recession is about to hit TV screens in the US. A recession-themed reality show is set to air on Fox Television. Contestants can vote on who gets fired, who gets a raise and who gets demoted. Adam, is this bad taste considering the global financial crisis?

This probably is bad taste given the global financial crisis, et cetera.

I would suggest if you are looking

for good taste, the makers of

reality TV are not the place to

start laobing. This is a group of

people who get a group of morbidly

overweight contestants xput them on

a treadmill until they have a heart

attack. Not normally where I set my

moral compass. Is this a program you

would put into your diary?

Contestants can vote on fellow

workers? Isn't that we live every

day. People trying to get people to

sack us, in tough times. I'm glad I

don't work with you. I've worked in

offices where it gets terrible. It

will be nice to have a reality

television show where you get well

paid, work 40 hours a week and have quality time. I quality time. I would watch that.

That is called fantasy island. You wouldn't watch that. And finally, Barack Obama has been immortalised as a comic book superhero. The comic book is called 'The Righteous Retribution of Barack the Barbarian: 'Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli'. A beefed-up Barack takes on a scantily-clad Sarah Palin. Bec, what do you think of Barack the Barbarian?

Leave that shot for a second. Quest

for a stimuli. It sounds like a porn

film. It sounds like I'm

film. It sounds like I'm channel

Sarah Palin. I should have been

wearing that outfit. There you are.

What about Julia Gillard as Wonder

Woman in the red knickers and breast

plate going and bludge Opening a few

bankers in her invisible plane. bankers in her invisible plane. That

could be interesting. You had a good

night's sleep last night. Frngs I

think the bobby pins are in a bit tight. Adam, can you see Kevid Rudd as a comic book superhero?

It does work for me, Kevin Rudd. "

It does work for me, Kevin Rudd. "He

is become from the future to save us

is become from the future to save us from the global financial crisis.

Arnold Swarzenegger is the

Kevinator. I will be back if I win a

majority of seats in the lower

majority of seats in the lower house in the next election"

in the next election". Works for me.

He could be the undertaker like in

the world wrestling championships. the world wrestling championships.

The walking dead - he's back! Kevin

Rudd as a a superhero. What

superhero would he be? Head to the

superhero would he be? Head to the chat room and let us know. Later this hour, the expert tips for improving your memory. Including easy ways to learn phone numbers and shopping lists. But first, how to save some serious money on car insurance. Here's Karen.

I believe I'm a pretty good driver.

I have a great driving record and a

low risk driver. The great news is,

you may be able to save hundreds of

dollars a year by making the switch

dollars a year by making the switch to Budget Direct. Responsible

drivers like yourself are able to

save because they are not

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bad, high risk drivers. The ones

causing all of the dings and all of

the problems. Why have so much people switched that their

insurance? Hundreds of thousands of

Australians have made the switch

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It's saving huge amounts of money

and providing them with the

confidence of knowing they are

confidence of knowing they are getting quality insurance with a

multi-award winning insurer. They

have won a stack of awards. I'm sure

viewers would love to

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these savings. The top one, $

these savings. The top one, $478.

That's a lot of petrol Or shoes.

Nice. Mr Johnson saved $

Nice. Mr Johnson saved $292 on his

lan tra. Then $

lan tra. Then $197. These are

incredible savings. Mr Could you

Juan, $

Juan, $679. That's almost $

Juan, $679. That's almost $700 a

year. I wouldn't say no to $

year. I wouldn't say no to $700. I

believe your mates are so confident

we can save, they offer a price beat

guarantee? They sure do. 23 within

21 days of taking out a policy you

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not just about saving the money.

With Budget Direct you will get

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They are standing up and taking notice. You will get:

There are no forms to fill in ever.

It's all done over the phone. It

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Let's look at what the customers

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Now I can go away for the weekend. I

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it's worth it. Some very happy

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wrong. You

wrong. You can cancel your existing

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Budget Direct and start saving now.

You are absolutely right. Even if

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overdid today. One phone call

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not the cover for car insurance or

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Thanks Fai for joining us. Back to

you, guys. Here's an unususl story about a cat stuck up a tree and not even the fire brigade can help. The cat is stuck, high up in a tree in Maryland in the US. It's been there since Saturday.

Nearby residents think the cat scampered up the tree because it was frightened by a pair of German shepherds. The fire department was called to help with the rescue but power lines were in the way. Authorities are now working on another rescue plan.

Let's hope it's a success!

It looks comfy. It will come down in

its own good time. How can it look

comfy with those prickly things

going on there. Send in the Kevin

ate or and his cape. Look at that

ladder. What is that going to do? If

you put kitty cat on the top of that

ladder. Been there since Saturday,

poor little thing. Off you go. We

will update you, keep you up on to

date on that one. It's important you know. Still to come - Jessica Simpson dropped by her record label. So will her career be able to make yet another comeback or is this it for the bombshell? But after the break - the memory tricks you won't forget. This is the Morning Show on Seven. McDonald's Happy Meals now include healthier choices and apple juice, as well as favourites like tender chicken breast nuggets. Now you and your little alien can see eye to eye. Target underwear is tested and tested. It's dunked...and squeezed... ..and thwacked... ..and snapped... make sure they won't ever get in a twist, even if you do. Target underwear is quality tested to wear and wear and wear and wear and wear and wear and wear... SONG: # Just be happy # Na, na, na, na, na! # Do you always come home from the shops forgetting the one thing you really needed to buy?

Sometimes I forget to come home from

the shops. Or are you always jotting things down so you don't forget them? Well we've got just the trick - or should I say tricks - for you. Memory Champion Simon Orton is in to share his tips for remembering a group of peoples names, the grocery list and a series of numbers. Good morning, Simon. People can be visual, auditory, tactile or logical learners. Which method do you personally prefer?

And you think is best? I tend to use

visual methods for memorising. Most

people at the memory competitions do

the same although it can help to

throw in other senses, touch as

well. A little bit of sound, a

little bit of touch. It all helps.

The more vivid you can make the

imagination. What sort of

imagination. What sort of methods would you use? Let's run through a

couple of things that you would

couple of things that you would remember lists for a competition, for instance?

remember lists for a competition,

for instance? We have got points

there. The mess important thing is

to focus, pay attention to what you

are trying to memorise. What we do

are trying to memorise. What we do

is try to create mental pictures for

the items that we need to memorise.

the items that we need to memorise.

If there are abstract items, we need

to create a more concrete mental

picture we can use. Relate them to

picture we can use. Relate them to

what we already know. In the case of

memory competitions, we tend to use

a journey, locations along a journey

to place the items that we are

memorising. That gives the order to

those items. Later we can review

those items. Later we can review that journey and memorise the items

in order. Bump that journey and memorise the items in order. Bump

that journey and memorise the items in order. Bump If we are sitting at

home and want to remember people's

names, what do we do? The most

important thing is to really pay

attention at the time you hear the

name. It's easy to be distracted,

thinking about something else. If

you don't absorb the name initially,

you have little chance of recalling

it correctly later. There are two

techniques I use. If you know

someone else with the same name,

think of an association between the

person you are meeting and the person you are meeting and the

person you know. That's a good one.

The other is sometimes you can make

a mental picture that represents a

name or reminds you of the name. So

that can be a good technique as

well. We have got crew members here.

How would you remember these. We

have Marenko, Matt, Mick, Tom and

David. OK. They are forgetable guys,

it's important. How do you remember?

Do you need me to tell you again.

Marenko Matt, Mick, Tom, Dave. I can

see Dave. There he is in the striped

top. Marenko, I would come up with

an image that would remind me of

that and maybe a merino sheep. Ju