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(generated from captions) and it's all the same dress. We'll tell you more, soon. into a million Imagine if you could turn $500 is a whole lot of trust. and all it would cost you by a self proclaimed Pokie King That's the gamble being offered to the slot machines. who says he's unlocked the secret claims it's made him a millionaire Former school teacher Peter Liston too good to be true? but is this offer Here's Jonathan Creek. is not a game of skill, We know that poker machine play it's a game of chance. economics for slot machines The Australian teacher who swapped

and became obsessed with winning. you are going to lose When you're doing this, probably more often than you win. those wins will cover your losses. But when you have wins, the Poker King. Peter Liston calls himself

that has nothing to do with cards, It's a title claiming but is all about pokie machines, against-all-odds code. he's cracked the impossible,

was the Keno jackpots. The first thing I wanted to try out to progressive jackpots Now, the Keno machines were linked and by progressive, I mean until it goes off. the jackpot continues to rise for 15 years, A high school teacher in Melbourne Peter is also classed a genius, a member of Mensa, in the top 2% of the population. whose IQ puts him of the world's pokies, Driven by Australia having 21% for the gambling floors Peter ditched the classroom across the country. of clubs and casinos I won about $1,000 profit - I found that on the first occasion this is fantastic. Starting with just $1,000, that he's turned it into millions Peter boasts playing the pokies. based on percentages Using a mathematical formula linked to progressive jackpots. and targeting machines I'm on to something here I thought, hang on, I went very, very quiet. so after that point, Well, not too quiet. this UK documentary Peter appeared in Gambling Scams.' titled 'The World's Greatest It doesn't reveal his secret, and a syndicate of players. just that he has a theory And for five years, around capital cities - targeted venues was on the pay roll. even his daughter of going to the Casino. Nothing would get in the way he had to go to the casino. Even, like, Christmas Day SCAMS': Using simple mathematics, 'THE WORLD'S GREATEST GAMBLING of getting six numbers correct Peter worked out that the odds was 7,754 to 1. So, in theory, if each spin cost $1, to get all six numbers to come up. he would have to pay out $7,754 Peter Liston was successful the hard yards. because he was prepared to put in

operation. Peter ran a very professional and requested an interview. Intrigued, we contacted Peter his syndicate at work, We wanted to witness at their own game. taking on the casinos

to the Today Tonight office He even came to meet with us his secret for money. but Peter would only reveal you too can learn how to win. His new website claims The catch - $5,000 a lesson. We didn't take the gamble. I did my own mathematics. that it should be profitable. My expectation was was put it to the test The only way to find out to be profitable, and when it actually did turn out

that was the best part. normal play. He's not actually talking about a very specific form of play, In fact, he's talking about that have a link jackpot. and that is playing on machines from Melbourne University Professor Alun Jackson is a gambling expert. is a way of ensuring So what he's talking about at a machine, playing that you're going to be when a jackpot goes off, maybe 10 or 20 machines or so. a link jackpot on why does he need to sell it? If this is such a good idea, deserves an F. This so-called school because it will fail you. It deserves an F Anti-pokies Senator Nick Xenophon why Liston is selling his secret. suspects another reason it's worth very little. He's suspects is not to play them. To beat the pokies are stacked against you, The machines the house always wins. to the tune of $4 billion a year. State Governments always win

hit on one point - Even experts in the documentary as profitable as they used to be. the prize pools are no longer anywhere near the amount So now the jackpots don't reach that they used to do. to warrant professional play. Today's jackpots are not big enough sees the opportunity Maybe that's why Liston to make more money, teaching,

in the hands of others. leaving the gamble If people are working individually, it advantages them in any way. I don't understand how This guy is like a vulture he's giving false hope, when you consider

he's misleading people the school shuts down, and the sooner the better off we'll all be. To the bikie wars, all sides are talking tough. and tonight,