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A Current Affair -

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(generated from captions) but will happily take your money only their children can attend. to pay for the schools a church The Exclusive Brethren is building for up to 2,000 of its faithful. against it. But locals are fighting hard It's just all bad. in my front yard. And it's going to be the Brethren as neighbours? What do you think of having We don't want them. massive church holding 2,000 people and they're building a right here in this paddock. around the thing. There's black chains we're not invited. And no Tom, Dick, Harry, It's only for Brethren. like Derek Love Warren Miller and neighbours have seen the plans. we don't watch television, "We don't socialise, "we don't have parties". So what do they do? taxpayer hand-outs until it comes to to run their Brethren-only schools. or the highway. Otherwise, it's their way Secret, ultra-conservative of Christianity They believe that their form and their form of belief than the lifestyle and beliefs is somehow better of the rest of us. a Fairfax journalist Michael Bachelard's on a welcoming committee. too closely associated with people They feel that to be 'in the world' as they call it, that will contaminate them. lives next door. Trouble is, the real world Like Derek and his wife Eileen, an unholy going-over. whose dream home is about to get they've told us all this. the flow of the traffic... Whether it's somebody will get hurt, the developers So last night, they met with thrashing out a compromise, in the hope of but made little headway. What can I say? virtually. It's signed, sealed and delivered, there's no nothing. There's no more appeal, that they own another piece of land We've also found out to put this meeting hall, adjoining to where they propose or whatever they call it. possibly a school. We've also there could even be acting on the Brethren's behalf. Some of the people here tonight to us about your client themselves. have also expressed their concerns I'm prepared to discuss tonight. That's not something Can you discuss undertaken on the premises? what type of activities will be It's a normal place of worship. Under the planning scheme for religious activity. it's a place of worship for over 20 years, I've been living in the area about this sect or whatever it is. I've heard nothing but bad reports It's just scary. Why are they so secretive?