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(generated from captions) Security threats delay the

trial of the lone surviving

Mumbai gunman. Pakistan's Chief

Justice officially back at

work. Cricket's Indian Premier

League looking for another

venue. And - new video footage

brutality against Tibetans. allegedly showing Chinese

Good morning . Beverley

O'Connor with ABC News for

Australia Network. The trial of

the lone surviving Mumbai

gunman has been delayed

following revelations of an

underworld contract on his

life. He was due to face court

later today but the Home

Minister for Maharashtr State

says the security agencies have

credible information that he

could be assassinate ed if he

appears. Unprecedented security

measures their being put in

place at the jail where Kaskab

will be tried. You can't see

much from the street, but this

is Mumbai's maximum security

prison, where the only

surviving gunman from Mumbai's

terror attacks is being held.

His trial was supposed to begin

on Monday, but has been delayed

while the Arthur Road jail is

being bomb proofed. We have

been getting some information

from various intelligence

agencies that there is a

possibility that they can

attack Kasab and finish this

very important evidence in the

case of 26/11. Mumbai's new

security minister has confirmed

reports that a hit order has

been taken out on Kasab's life

and with hundreds of businesses

and more than 50,000 residents

living within metres of the

prison walls, Indian security

officials aren't taking any

chances. The local shopkeepers

say the police are carrying out

security checks to verify their identities. TRANSLATION: The

officers have demanded my

photograph and proof of ID.

Three security perimeters have

been put in place at the prison

courtroom where the hearing to protect the special

will be held. There are some

small things that remaining

which we will be able to

complete in the next few days,

and thereafter, he will be

brought in there and the trial

can begin. Kasab has been

charged with waging war against

India. He faces the death

penalty if found guilty.

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry has Pakistan's Chief Justice

been officially reinstated. He

was cheered on by hundreds of

his triumphant supporters 16

months after his sacking by

former President Pervez

Musharraf threw the nation

into chaos. Cheering supporters

gathered at the home of the Chief Justice and sang the

national anthem as Pakistan's

flag was raised. A symbol of

victory after a hard-fought

political battle. The flag of

the Supreme Court of Pakistan

was also raised outside Mr

Chaudry's home. He was not

present, but many believed he

would be watching events from

inside. We have restored

partially to some extent the

justice system in this great

victory today. We hope to

address ourselves to other

issues in due course. Iftikhar

Muhammad Chaudry became a

symbol of resistance to former President General Pervez

Musharraf after refusing to

quit in the face of pressure

from the then President and his

intelligence chiefs. He was

suspended on March 9, 2007.

Protesting lawyers spearheaded

a campaign to demand the

reinstatement of sacked judges

and to demand the independence

of the Pakistan judiciary. The fate of Iftikhar Muhammad

Chaudry was embraced by Benazir Bhutto's Pakistan People's

Party and Nawaz Sharif's

Pakistan Muslim League. But

when the PPP swept to power in

February last year, Ms Bhutto's widower, Asif Ali Zardari,

refused to reinstate Chief

Justice Chaudry. He won

reinstatement after political

activists including Mr Sharif

last month joined a long march

protest on Islamabad. With the country threatened with

political chaos, President

Zardari finally agreed to the

reinstatement last Monday. Now

he's the Chief Justice of

Pakistan, and we expect that

all the wrongdoings which were

part of the past will be no

more and justice should be not

only done but it should be seen

to be done. The celebrations

over the Chaudry reinstatement

bring with them the hope of

many that it will signal a new

judicial system. era of respect for Pakistan's

Next month's

multimillion-dollar cricket

tournament the Indian Premier

League will be played abroad

because of security concerns.

The tournament was going to

clash with India's general

election. And the government

says it can't provide enough

security for both. Even India's greatest sporting passion isn't

immune from politics and the

threat of terrorism. Elections

are the No. 1 concern in the

country, and we have to take

that into consideration. The

Board of Control for cricket

says it had no choice but to

seek an alternative host

country Because of the attitude

of the government, we are not

in a position to provide

security, particularly by the

State of Marashta and the state

of Undar Pradesh. We were

forced to take a decision to

move the event. The IPL and

general elections are due to

Indian Government and a number run almost concurrent lip. The

of State Governments say that'd

make it difficult to provide

enough security for IPL

matches. When such a big

democracy is going for polls, that happens to be our

priority. And during this

process, we as a country will

not like to see even the

slightest disturbance anywhere

opposition party says the possible. The country's main

decision sends the wrong

message and could have serious

implications for future

sporting events like the 2010

Commonwealth Games. It's a

great admission by the central

government. Team owners say

they support the decision. All

the franchises, without

exception, have welcomed this.

So the show goes on. The host

of the show will be decided

early this week, with England,

East all possible venues. South Africa and the Middle

Almost 100 Tibetan monks are

being held in north west China

after an attack on a police

station. Chinese State media

says the unrest was sparked

after a monk was detained for advocating Tibetan independence. Reports suggest

he later escaped and committed

suicide. The news comes as the

central Tibetan administration

releases a short film

purporting to show footage of

Tibetan monks being beaten by

the Chinese security forces

over the last 20 years. The

film is called 'China's

brutality in Tibet exposed' and

shows more than 7 minutes of

rare footage from Tibet. The

Tibetan government-in-exile

says it's evidence of past

Chinese atrocities. As of

January 1, 2009, about 220

Tibetans have died because of

beatings. The exact dates of

the footage cannot be verified,

but the Tibetan government-in-exile says it

includes material from as far

back as 1988. It's also said to

include images of last year's

riots in Lhasa when supporters

say Chinese troops killed 220

Tibetans and injured as many as

1300 others. The Chinese authorities dispute those

figures and say only 22 people

died. Tibetan activists say the

new video footage is the first

to offer proof of the brutal and excessive force used

against protesters. It's shock

ing how some people can treat

some other people, with such

anger and hatred. Tibetans say

they hope the film will show

the world the truth and the international community will

respond. China has repeatedly

denied any brutality in Tibet

although security has been

tight around Tibetan areas this

month because it marks the 50th

anniversary of the Dalai Lama's flight into exile. You're watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Coming up -

warnings of a US-style housing

crisis in Australia. And -

South Africa wins the third

Test in Cape Town, but

Australia goes down fighting.

A man has been beaten to

death in front of travellers at

Sydney Airport, raising

questions about security there.

The man died after he was

beaten with a metal bollard.

Four men have been arrested and

charged with affray. Passengers

at Sydney's Qantas domestic

terminal could never have

anticipated this. And I saw

what - it looked like two people fighting at first. And

then all of a sudden a whole

group of guys came through the

crowd. They came running

through, picking up the big

metal barrier poles and

swinging them, just swinging

them like swords at each

other. Naomi was waiting to go

through security to board a

flight to Melbourne. And then I

saw one of the men lying on the

ground and another man came up

with a pole and just started

smashing it into his head. A

nurse told the ABC how she

tried to save the man's life. I

work in emergency departments

at Moruya and Batemans Bay

hospitals to so I just

commenced giving him CPR

because he had a massive head

injury. But the 28-year-old

man died in hospital a short

time later. The New South Wales Attorney-General had just flown

into Sydney. It's very

disturbing. And I'm deeply

moved. And very saddened.

Passengers have told of their

absolute fear and since of powerless nls and that of

security guards as they were

surrounded by huge men wielding

steel poles, and that those men

later escaped in taxis. Police

arrested four men. It would

appear that up to 15 outlaw

motorcycle gang members were

involved in a melee which ultimately resulted in a man

being killed. The attack came

after more gang violence early

this morning. Seven houses in Sydney's south west were showered in bullets.

There are new warnings of a

housing crash in Australia similar to that being

experienceed in the United States. Economists say record

low interest rates and first

home owners grants are

encouraging people to go deeper

into debt. There are fears of a

us whoing price bubble that may

burst with devastating consequences. --

a housing price bubble.

Thousands are being lured into the property market by lower

interest rates and generous

first home owners grants. For

those in a position to buy t

would seem the perfect time.

But some analysts say it's

caused artificially inflated

house prices, and something has

to give. You get to the stage

where you're so far above the

baseline value that they should

be at, it's simply got to

plunge no matter what you do.

Steve Kean and some other

economists are also warning

prices across Australia could

fall by 20% over the next two

years. That's already happened

in the US, where the credit

crisis began. It's very

dangerous using borrowed money

to dive into a property market, when it's about to collapse because the economy is going to

collapse around it. He says

anyone looking to buy property

should wait but there are many

who disagree. The Housing

Industry Association says a

critical land supply shortage

will help keep prices high. Our

prediction in 2009 is fairly

flat house price movement, but

going into 2010, assuming that

Australia comes out of the

global recession quite quickly,

we expect some positive price

growth. Some people, taking what's happened in the United

States and thinking that they

can draw direct parallels here

in Australia, but I simply

think it's an unreasonable

comparison to make, because

we're not building enough

houses in Australia. They were

building too many houses in the

house price plunge are also US. Either way, fear of any

being stoked by rising

unemployment levels. Some economists say Australia's

growing debt burden means most

people who lose their job will

also lose their home. When the

unemployment strikes, mortgage defaults will rise and will

rise far more than the banks

have allowed for. The Housing

Minister says the government

may extend the first home

buyers grant past June 30.

These despite fears it will

pump the market higher to even

more dangerous levels.

There's concern that

widespread ethnic tensions within settlements in Papua New

Guinea could turn into open

conflict. And PNG's leaders are

worried that the police will be

-- unability to stop the violence.

unable to stop the violence. At

this settlement outside the

Port Moresby city sen threr is

anger and defiance. The

30 years but their presence on residents have been here over

the land is the source of

ongoing controversy. The original inhabitants want them

to leave. But the settlers say

they're prepared to resist any

attempt to remove them. We have

nowhere to go. We're gonna

fight. Ethnic tension between

landowners and settlers has

been a fact of life for many

Papua New Guineans in urban

areas since the 70s. Landowners

have long demanded better

protection of land rights and

adequate political

representation. There is ethic

tension. It's gonna explode.

Port Moresby's Deputy Governor has watched as people from

other parts of PNG built settlements on traditional

land. He now sees the potential

for deadly ethnic confrontations similar to those

which tore through neighbouring

Solomon Islands 10 years

ago. Port Moresby is a problem.

The settlers must demand that they own the piece of land that

they are now settled in. I have

seen, I believe, an increase in

tribal and ethnic conflict in

the electorates and a kind of

inability for the law and order

authorities to manage it. The

PNG government has been working

on a policy to tackle what it

calls uncontrolled

urbanisation. While the draft policy addresses the relocation

of settlements and land issues,

finding a solution to ethnic

disharmony will take much longer. The special coordinator for to Solomon Islands RAMSI has the Regional Assistance Mission

controlling RAMSI or a question of anybody special coordinator. It is not Not so, says RAMSI's latest it as a mechanism of control. Pacific islanders start to see manage the ongoing costs. Many faces into the Solomons to trap of putting too many white Australia has fallen into the Pacific islands forum claims departed top economist with the Solomon Islands. The recently the RAMSI intervention in six years since Australia led the Pacific islands forum. It's head of economic governance at allegations from the former Wilson was responding to Australian control. Graham regional body is a mechanism of rejected claims that the controlling the Solomon Islands. Everything that we do is done with the agreement of the Solomon Islands government. RAMSI's relations with the Solomon Islands government have improved significantly since Derek Sikua came Prime Minister in late

2007 but Dr GrunBerg's

criticisms have won qualified support from this Professor,

author of several books on the

Sol amongst. Now is the time to

be rethinking what constitutes

RAMSI and possibly even to

change the name of RAMSI so

that the Australian

relationship with the Solomon

Islands government works in a

different way than it has under different way than it has under

RAMSI. However, the special

coordinator says annual surveys

have shown the majority of

Solomon Islanders want RAMSI to

stay. A new partnership

agreement setting specific

objectives and target dates for

RAMSI could soon be signed with the Solomon Islands government. The Solomon Islands

government says it is

determined to ensure the country's controversial trade determined to ensure the

in live dolphins is conducted

in a sustainable manner.

There's been a special forum on

the issue in Honiara. The

bottle nose dolphins living in waters surrounding Solomon

Islands may seem perfectly at peace, but those unfortunate

enough to be captured for live

export have caused a stir in

the capital Honiara. Our

dolphins now are so fat that the boys told the boys told me the other day they can't put their arms around them because they're

getting big. What they're

trying to do is pressure the

government to do the right

thing. And I think it's something that they have to

do. This forum was organised

by the Solomons Environment

Ministery to thrash out the

issue. The dolphins are kept in

pens before being shipped to

foreign zoos and theme parks in

places like Dubai, Singapore places like Dubai, Singapore

and Mexico. Between 80 and 90 have been taken from the wild

in the last five years. The trade has sparked and

international outcry with some

criticism coming from Australia

and New Zealand but about

tension on the topic causing

concern within the Solomons,

the government is attempting to

cool tempers. We believe that

these opportunities should

provide an avenue for all of us

to to bare our views and at least

to establish an understanding

how to how to move forward.

This In spite of the heated

debate a way to move forward was found with all sides

agreeing to back research designed to establish the

health of the country's dolphin

population before any final

decisions are made.

Eight giant pandas are

returning home to Sichuan

Province after spending a year

at the Beijing zoo. The pandas

were evacuated from their were evacuated from their

breeding centre after it was

partially destroyed by last year's massive earthquake.

They've been the star

attraction at Beijing zoo and

the mascots of the Olympic

Games. But now, they're on

their way home. TRANSLATION:

What we are worried about is

that they'll miss Beijing zoo

because they've had such a

happy time here. They've given

the people of Beijing and the

world a lot of happiness. They were relocated to Beijing after world a lot of happiness. They

the Sichuan earthquake which

killed 80,000 and people and

stuck at heart of the giant

pandas' habitat. Five staff

members and a panda at the

breeding centre were killed

when the quake hit. Beijing zoo

keepers say the eight pandas

brought to the zoo were

suffering the effects of traum

that when they arrived but with

some care and attention they've

thrived. The pandas achieved international stardom during

seen as the Beijing Olympics, and are

seen as a symbol of survival

from the earthquake devastation. TRANSLATION: Pandas are our national

treasure and if they can live

well, I believe all the people

of our country can unite

together. We should never hang

our heads in the face of adversity. The pandas are now

heading home to a renovated

compound, complete with

airconditioning and outdoor

swimming pools. Their enclosure

at Beijing zoo won't be vacant for

for long, however. They will be

replaced by another group of

pandas which will go on display

ahead of the 60th anniversary

celebrations of the founding of

China in October. You're watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Our top

story in this bulletin - the trial of the lone surviving

Mumbai gunman has been delayed

after revelations of an

underworld contract on his life. underworld contract on his

Let's look at the financial

markets as they open up across

the region this morning.

To sport. In cricket,

Australia have suffered their

first innings defeat for 11

years, going down by an innings

Cape Town. and 20 runs to South Africa in

For the winners, Paul

Harris returned career best

figures of 6/127. Australia

began Day 4 intent on defence

with boundaries hard to come by

for Katich and Hussey. Katich

reached another half century but then threw his but then threw his wicket away

with a rash shot off Harris. It

was just before lunch, Clarke

looked to be on his way too but

he was saved by a referral to

the third umpire. Michael Hussey's battling knock came to

an end at 39 shortly after the

break when Steyn got one to

lift and Douminy took the

catch. Haddin was the next to

go, Douminy again taking the

catch, this time off Paul

Harris. And when Steyn removed Harris. And when Steyn removed

Clarke for 47 before tea the

game looked to be all over. But

then Mitchell Johnson and

Andrew McDonald put together a

standard of 163 for the 7th

wicket, 116 runs coming in the

first hour after tea.

After completing his first

Test match 50, McDonald moved

to 68 and he was caught by de

Villiers off Harris but not

a before the third umpire had had

a look. Siddle went in similar

fashion to his very first ball

before Johnson completed his

first Test century with a 6.

But anxious to maintain the

strike, Johnson rain out McGain

for nought. And Hilfenhaus was

the last to go for 12, another

victim for Harris, caught by

Prince. Johnson was left 123

not out and Australia all out not out and Australia all out

for 422. So South Africa took

the match but Australia won the

series 2-1 and are still officially ranked the world's No. 1 team.

England have won the Women's

World Cup for the first time

since 1993, defeating New

Zealand in the final in Sydney.

After dismissing New Zealand

for 166, England reached the

victory target in the victory target in the 47th

over. Nicky Shaw starred for

the English taking four

wickets, including two in as

many balls. England's run chase

got off to a good start, with

Sarah Taylor hitting 39 off 45.

England wrapped up the victory

with four wickets in hand. It's

all over. England are the ICC

Women's World Cup champions.

scenes as The win sparked emotional

scenes as England celebrated

their third World Cup triumph.

Now a look at the regional

weather forecast for the start

of the working week.

You've been watching ABC You've been watching ABC News for Australia Network.

Let's check our top stories

again. The trial of the lone

surviving Mumbai gunman is

delayed amid claims he has been

targeted for assassination.

Pakistan's heave justice has

been officially reinstated 16

months after he was sacked by

the former President Musharraf --

Chief Justice mpt and activists

release new video footage which

they say is fresh evidence of ongoing ongoing Chinese brutality

against the Tibetan s. For more news and current affairs from

our region, go to our web site.

I'm Bev O'Connor. Thanks for watching. See you soon. Closed Captions by CSI