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Cyclone Hamish keeps his distance

it from the Queensland coast. Manly

stands by Brett Stewart amid sexual assault allegations.

assault allegations. Malcolm

Turnbull ready for a showdown over

new IR laws. Phillip Hughes re-

writes the record books with two

centuries in the same Test. Communities along

Communities along the Queensland

coast club likely to be spared the

worst of tropical cyclone Hamish. worst of tropical cyclone Hamish. coast club likely to be spared the

Still category for, at the eye is currently about 200 kilometres north-east of Yeppoon. currently about 200 kilometres

north-east of Yeppoon. I suppose

everyone there is breathing a lot easier this afternoon?

easier this afternoon? Yes, still a

category four, a very strong

cyclone, but staying off the coast

far enough not to cause too much

problems here. It is expected to

say that way as it continues moving

down the coast and the weather

bureau says it should eventually

move further out to sea and we can

probably to a Category 3 probably to a Category 3 tonight.

Here in Yeppoon, strong wind and

the high tide this morning were of

the main concerns but it passed

without many disruptions. Plans to

evacuate up to 10,000 people from

low-lying areas, moving some of

them to Brisbane, have been put on

hold as the threat eases. Emergency

crews are still on a standby. Cyclones

Cyclones can be erratic and what

advice our coastal communities

being given? There is still

officially a cyclone warning in

place from Yeppoon down the coast. place from Yeppoon down the coast. officially a cyclone warning in

People are still being told to get

ready for the worst in terms of

flooding, strong winds, peripheral

winds of. That means at winds of. That means at sandbagging

and tying things down at which they

have been doing. It could last for

another 48 hours over the various another 48 hours over the various parts

parts of the coast. Hamish is

expected to Wigan tomorrow but the

forecasters say we're not at of the

woods yet. No, they said it is only

a 5% chance now for it to cross the coast but that is coast but that is enough of a

probability to be cautious. The

Premier is urging people not to be

complacent and make sure they made

proper preparations. NSW police

have taken a DNA sample from Manly,

a rap - that Brett Stewart.

Following allegations he sexually Following allegations he sexually

assaulted his 70-year-old girl on

Friday night. He has not been

charged and maintains his innocence.

The Sea Eagles are standing by

their star player. He looked

relaxed her training today and the

club says he will be available to

play in the club's season opener on

Saturday night. I am here at the

launch of the NSW Cup.

launch of the NSW Cup. Today, talks

should have been all about the

competition but instead there was

only one subject in town and that

was regarding Brett Stewart and the

alleged assault of a 17-year-old

girl. Also, at an error been

earlier today, Brett Stewart was

training bat, not surprisingly, he

was not talking to media. The C E O was not talking to media. The C E O

for Manly says they are only

allegations, the club is behind

Stewart and he is fit and ready to

play. Brett Stewart is here -- a

healthy and right to be selected

for tomorrow. The air has been a

lot of talk today of for a possible

alcohol ban for all players go but

listening to the people in this

possibility. room I don't think that will be a

possibility. I'd be the great

difficulty at the moment is to

enforce it and I still believe

there is individual

responsibilities. We did have day

jobs and we did not have the time

they have these days. You need to

be responsible. As for the

investigation itself the police

have told the club it will take

five days at least five days at least to get

investigations under ways and they

are talking to a number of

witnesses and the -- There are

allegations the attack was

witnessed by members of her family,

so an anxious wait for everyone

concerned. The Federal Government

is in talks with the is in talks with the Greens and

independents senators this

afternoon hoping to win their

support for the Work Choices

replacement bill. The Fair Work

Bill is Labor's replacement for

Work Choices. If the Liberal Party

vote against the legislation the

Senate, the Government will need to negotiate with Greens and

independent senators to get the

Bill passed. I am Bill passed. I am meeting them

because I have identified them as

people of goodwill who are prepared

to talk with a view to getting this

legislation through. We are all the

same page except I have some liquid

paper and pencil so we'll see on

that. The Greens want parental

leave and caps on executive

salaries built into the proposed

laws. But they won't block the Bill.

Because we committed toit in the

that and election and we are dinkum about

that and we remained dinkum. We

will be seeking to amend it, that

is exactly what we will do. We're

going to discuss the - I said that

right from the outset. Ms Gillard

claims the Australian people voted

for the workplace changes when it

put Labor in government. The

political party in the Australian

Parliament that is spitting in the

face of the Australian people and

refusing to recognise that mandate,

is the Liberal Party. It's tough

who swore talk, but it was the Prime Minister

who swore during a televised debate

last night. He dropped a 4-letter word to describe the likely

criticism of the big government

spending. Because there is going to

be the usual political (bleep)

storm, sorry, political storm. The

Opposition is calling it a stunt.

It was a scripted moment, and that

is just the reality of who Kevin

Rudd is. He is one of the most

let slip. disciplined politicians, he doesn't

let slip. The community of Hastings

in Victoria's that south-east is

mourning the loss of this teenager

who fell from a shade sale. He was

celebrating with team-mates for a

cricket Grand Final win. He climbed

local primary into the top of the sale at the

local primary school when it

collapsed. Friends and his father

came to this scene but were unable

to revive him. Two others were

injured in peak occurrence, one

remains in a serious condition in

hospital. Jack had recently been

represented to represent his region

in England cricket matches. I in England cricket matches. I do

not know what else to say it really

breaks the heart. A woman aged in

her 60s has died after her four-

wheel-drive crashed off a railway

bridge in Sydney's inner south

other night. The vehicle landed

upside down in a canal at Tenby

which runs adjacent to a railway

line. Eight people have been killed

a NSW in less than 24 hours. Emergency services have Emergency services have failed to

find some are missing of Wollongong.

The 19-year-old is Sidhu had

entered the water but six friends

just before 9pm. He shouted for

help shortly after becoming caught

in a rip but the search last night

was unsuccessful. Rescue teams

scoured the beach, the Wollongong

foreshore and cliffs, on foot but

found nothing. After a tough few months

months Saturday's colourful Moomba

Parade was exactly what Victorians

needed to lift their spirits. Among

the crowd was. The member of

festivals is a resounding success.

But three days families have been

able to enjoy the fun of festivities.

festivities. Yesterday, up 14,000

people packed the banks of the

Yarra River to watch the crazy

birdman rally. Essentially people

try and fly through the air with a range of home-made devices, but

perhaps the most colourful was this

morning's Moomba Parade. Thousands

of people lined Swanston Street to

soak in the atmosphere and take in

all the colour. I have not been

since my children were small and I'm really delighted to bring

overseas visitors well. It is the

first time we have ever been and we're really enjoying it.

we're really enjoying it. We did it

years ago, so I thought it would be

fun to show them what it's all

about. Others got involved proving

you're never too old to take part.

Did you have a lot of fun? I did,

yeah, I am a great, great granny - five generations.

five generations. The families here.

Woo-hoo! This year, organisers

really wanted to make the parade

feel more like a street party, more

than 2,000 people from a range of

community and cultural groups took

part. The theme today was

Melbourne's critters. This is

epitomises what is unique to Melbourne.

The fun has not stopped. Thousands

of people are enjoying the fun and free activities. The festival will culminate tonight with a massive fireworks display.

After the break - it soldiers

murdered - a Republican splinter

group tries to derail the Northern Ireland

Ireland peace process. In sport, on

caught drama in game

Whoa! Whoo! (GRUNTS) Yellow! It's too late, Red! Oh! But, Yellow, this is...

(GRUNTS) Oh! (SHRIEKS) Argh! This is what, Red?! Is this the bit where you say, "It's not you, it's me"? Because I don't wanna hear it. We're through, Red! (SOBS) No! Yellow, this is YOUR stuff. VOICEOVER: The M&M's have broken up and will now be sold as separate colours.

Find a promotional bag of mixed colours to win instantly.

T he extremist Republican group of

the Real IRA has claimed the Real IRA has claimed

responsibility for the murders of

two British soldiers outside their

barracks in Northern Ireland. They

are the first deaths of British

security forces there in 12 years.

Both Catholic and Protestant groups

have condemned the killings.

Thousands of bouquets at the scene

of the shooting shady dismay at the

people in Antrim over what has

happened. Even the ones not old enough to enough to remember the Troubles

that so many people thought had

been assigned to the past. Security

at the army barracks has been

stepped up after two soldiers were

left dead. Another two soldiers

were injured. They had ordered

pizzas from this shop and the town

centre. The men making the delivery

were also caught in the crossfire.

The terrorists used the pizza

delivery as a chance to attack. The

killings have raised fears that a

dissident groups are planning more

attacks. That these are not people,

these men of violence. They are

simply criminals who nobody wants

to have any influence on the future

of Northern Ireland. They will not

accept the huge political changes

that have happened due to the

police process here in Northern

Ireland. A dissident terrorists

have tried to derail the peace

process in a series of attacks in

the last year, but the condemnation

from the main political parties has

shown a united front. This action

was carried out by people who are

totally opposed to peace, totally

opposed to the peace process. It

should not have happened. At the

flowers and tributes to those

killed have now been moved closer

to the scene of the shooting. to the scene of the shooting. The

police cordon it is taken down.

That the shooting has left the

people of Antrim will wandering of

this is the start of a new campaign

of violence. Police in the US state

of Alan noisy a surgeon for a

motive after a man walked into a

church and gunned down the pastor.

The gunman made his way down the

aisle through the 150-strong

congregation and confronted Pastor

Fred Winters as he was giving his

sermon. The suspect produced a 0.45

calibre semi-automatic handgun and

fired four times. One of the shots

fatally wounded Pastor Wood that

winters. At the gun then jammed in

the man produced a knife. He and to pressure as he tackled sound

suffered minor wounds. The

president of Sudan has thumbed his

nose at the international community,

rallying supporters in Darfur. Omar

Hassan al-Bashir expelled 13 aid

organisations from the troubled

region after the International

Criminal Court last week issued a

warrant for his arrest on war

crimes. He blames them for

providing the court with evidence.

Six years of fighting in Darfur has

left almost 3 million people

homeless. In China, the government

is cracking down on Tibetan

communities ahead of tomorrow's

50th anniversary of the uprising

that forced the Dalai Lama into

exile. Soldiers are out on the

streets, cars are being stopped at

checkpoints, while at text

messaging services have been cut.

But a government official has

denied us any crackdown. It is hard

to know what is happening inside

Tibet, with foreigners and journalists all but banned from

travelling there. Sports news Mount

and Phillip Hughes maybe a little

unorthodox, but he is rewriting the

record books in South Africa? He is

supposedly a flawed batsman but he

has become a scary prospect for

Australia's opposition. He has

become the youngest player to score

centuries in both innings of a

match, popping Australia to their

commanding five and do and six run lead.

He Jean-Paul Duminy prepared add to

his 73 but never faced a ball.

South Africa's overnight was

unchanged on 138. Simon Kata Beach unchanged on 138. Simon Kata Beach and Phillip Hughes showed great

ambition to accelerate Australia's

overall lead beyond 300. They went

along smoothly until Jacques Kallis,

patched up like a prizefighter,

Lord catch for 30. Morne Morkel

found the right spot to try and

knock shoes over, but the 20-year-

old gave as good as he got and much

more. Ponting passed Steve Waugh's

record of 9729 runs to become

Australia's second highest Test

run-scorer behind Allan Border. The

captain scored 81 before he pulled

his way into trouble. Hughes's 12 boundaries or the 20-year-old

become just the second player to

score twin hundreds in his second

Test match. Mike Hussey was out for

19, while Hughes and Michael Clarke

extended Australia's lead beyond

500. Something I'll never forget.

Very exciting. I didn't know about

that record until the guys reminded

me but it is very special to be

honest. To basketball and Melbourne

captain Chris Anstey is facing a

striking charge in the Grand Final

series. The skipper was tussling

with South Dragons guard Rhys

Carter, when Anstey's final charge

led to them all and, after which he

and Dragons centre Mika Vukona were

ejected. Rees jumped into Chris and

Chris retaliated. The referee

should have stopped it right then.

You can't give someone a free shot

at somebody. The Dragons won 84-67

to take a 2-1 lead in the best-of-

five series. Australian tennis

continues to walk a knife's edge,

surviving a skier from Thailand to

win its Davis Cup Asia O'Shea play-

off. Lleyton Hewitt went down to

world No. 155 Danai Udomchoke,

despite leading two sets of love.

With the tie level, Australia's

hopes fell to Chris Guccione and he

didn't disappoint, his straight-

sets victory meaning his country is

now and two winning ties away from rejoining the world group. The

first of those will be in India in

May. Socceroos star Tim Cahill has

helped Everton secured a FA Cup

semifinal victory against

Manchester United. The Toffees came

from a goal down to beat from a goal down to beat

Middlesbrough 2-1 in the

quarterfinals this morning. Cahill

provided the cross the Belgian

international Marouane Fellaini to

head home Everton's equaliser.

Louis Saha sealed a date with

United at Wembley when he scored

the winner seven minutes later.

Arsenal beat Burnley 3-0 to move

into the last eight. Still to come

- the day in finance and all the weather.

Pretty rough. It was huge. (PHONE RINGS) Michael, are those snags ready yet? Pretty Rough. It was huge. Jake, go and get your old man another beer, would you? WOMAN: Kids form their attitude to alcohol from their most important role model...

To Finance

To Finance news and some good news for one Australian business?

Strathfield Car Radio's 300

employees are welcoming news the

retailer's board and management

have regained control of the

company. Administrators have

decided a rescue plan put forward by Strathfield's biggest

shareholder, Tony Hakim, was the

best option for creditors. The

company went into administration in

January, owing $37 million.

Meanwhile, some bad news today Meanwhile, some bad news today for

our exporters, with one of the

country's biggest trading partners,

Japan, reporting a 31% drop in

imports. The alarming news comes as

local analysts warn Aussie miners

Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton could

suffer a 45% drop in earnings

because of sharp falls in commodity

prices. There's no doubt big falls, particularly in bulk commodity

prices - iron ore and coal - both companies will be companies will be significantly

impacted. Experts are expecting

contract prices for iron ore to

fall by as much as 30% this year,

with a recovery still a long way

off. I think 2010 pretty much

across the board as far as

commodities generally are concerned.

Yeah, bulk commodities, oil, base

metals, we should start to see

confidence, demand come back to the market then.

market then. Let's cross now to

David Taylor from CMC Markets.

David, the miners performed very

well, today despite the gloomy

news? They did, Rio Tinto and BHP

are up. The market overall was a

battle between banking and finance stocks and

stocks and mining and energy firms

and mining and energy just crept in

ahead of the pack. Overall, the

market was pretty positive, considering the bad employment

numbers out of the US and the

market held up.

Now some more on tropical cyclone

Hamish. Wendy, still a category 4,

mMoving parallel to the coast at

about 15km/h, with a warning

current for coastal and island

regions from Yeppoon to Hervey Bay. current for coastal and island regions from Yeppoon to Hervey Bay.

Heaviest rain has been over the

south-eastern coastal regions,

getting even heavier over the

Sunshine coast. We could

potentially receive some heavy

falls in the next 24-48 hours here. For winds and For winds and big swells, anywhere

between the Central and south-east

coast will be most affected.

Onshore winds providing parts of

the NSW coast with showers.

Overnight, Sydney received the heaviest, especially northern

suburbs - some places receiving

their best rain in 18 months. Dry

for Western and Central Australia.

With the trough in SA heading

towards western NSW, showers and

storms are forecast for the next

couple of days.

couple of days. Not a great deal of

rain there at the moment, but that

trough is moving into a bit of

moisture, so hopefully for those

wanting rain, it should pick up.

Heavy rain, possible over south- east Queensland from Hamish.

Easterly winds bringing coastal

showers to NSW. The south-east

inland likely to receive rain from

the trough. The heat will hang

around in the west.

around in the west. Perth up to 36

degrees tomorrow, but dropping

about 7 degrees for Wednesday.

Melbourne, you're in for a few

showers this week. Likewise for

Sydney. Brisbane, rain for you. In

fact, the 7-day forecast for rain,

will be concentrated in eastern

areas, mainly due to Hamish,

onshore winds and an inland trough.

Nothing much for Central and

Western Australia. Nothing much for Central and Western Australia.

Western Australia. And she has

worked with dozens of artists

throughout her career, but Kylie

Minogue has chosen an unlikely

group for her latest collaboration.

The pop princess has joined forces

with children's supergroup there

winkles -- the Wiggles for their

latest single, 'Monkey Man'.

(Sings) # He's a really, really,

really, really big monkey man. really, really big monkey man. #

the honorary fifth Wiggle says she

hopes the song will impress her 2-

year-old nephew, Charles. That's

the afternoon edition. You can keep

up to date on the latest news at

our website. Our next major

bulletin is at 6:00. Thanks for your company.