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(generated from captions) We begin tonight with Pauline Hanson and why her latest shot at public office comes with a very public outburst.

Ms Hanson is running for a State political seat for the first time. She says it'll also be the last time she has a tilt at politics. But is it all a question of money? As Laura Sparkes discovered, that's one question Pauline Hanson doesn't like to talk about. The media drag it up every election. Every election, I get hit with a bloody summons or I get charges laid against me every bloody time. Is it because of me you drag it up? Pauline Hanson is a serial campaigner. Why do you do it?

What do you do it? Because no-one else continually... Why don't you talk about it any other time other than when I'm running for election. It's not an issue when you're not running. Electoral funding has always been a frigging issue, every time I stood. And now's your time to make it right. How many other candidates are you going to go and ask? Is money a reason for her continual tilts at parliament, you dare ask? There's question marks hanging over funding that you have received over the years. What has happened to this money? I mean, back in '98, the AEC returns found that you received $75,824 in donations but you only declared $8,000 of them. Oh, look, Laura, you can go and do your interview, because this is just going over and over. You are not interested. I am interested, that's why I'm asking you. You are not interested in doing a story on me, about my electorate and all the rest of it. But Pauline, these are questions that people... I'm not interested, sorry I've answered these questions. But these are things that people want to know about.

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she came out That's why I hate dealing with the bloody media,

I tell you what - you treat me totally different to every other bloody candidate that stands,

yes, I do wonder why I bloody go through this. In 1998 and 2001, she and her One Nation colleagues were eligible for election funding of about $2 per vote. They received, all up, $4.7 million. In 2004 and 2007, standing as an independent and for her own Pauline's United Australia Party, she received $413,000, tax free. So what have you done with that money and the money from 2004? Well, I really don't think that is up to anyone for me to disclose,

you go and ask the major political parties, the funding they got, around $45 million or $47 million, you go and ask them what they did with their money. It's just that every time it comes around to vote for the Senate, there you were again so it makes people wonder "Why does she continually go for the Senate?" when she gets this money. Laura, I stood as an independent once. After the last Federal Election,

she withdrew $202,000 from a party account and put it into another account controlled by herself and a close friend and supporter. It was put into an account and it was transferred into the same Pauline's United Australia Party. Why would you transfer...? Laura, I'm not going to get into a debate with you over internal politics with the party. She won't have any funding bungles this time around. The laws are different in Queensland. Federally, there's no receipts that have to be submitted, you're paid on an amount per vote, this one you have to submit receipts, only campaign costs, they're quite tight, they're quite stipulated. Pauline's policies are many and varied. What I get so annoyed about is that we're not being asked, it's like forced fluoride in the water,

recycled water, forced amalgamations, council amalgamations, governments are not there to do that to the people. I'd like to see and I will oppose any privatisation of water, No more privatisation of infratructure.

We need to have an overhaul of our health system. But she won't be drawn on immigration issues. Pauline hasn't changed

swinging. From the day she walked

swinging. From the day she walked on to the floor of Parliament in In that maiden speech, you said "We're in danger of being swamped by Asians" - do you still believe that to be the case? Laura, I'm not tackling that, I delivered that speech in 1997. A lot has changed since then. This is a State campaign, I'm dealing with State issues. Why hire an agent for a campaign to get into State politics? Let me clarify that -

no agent was hired for this campaign so Max Markson was my agent, well, IS my agent actually, for any other work, speaking engagements that I may get through Max. But Max is not a political person at all.

Like her agent, Pauline understands the rules of celebrity. You only have to take a walk around her house - a shrine to the phenomenon of Pauline Hanson. I'm not going to sit back and be supressed, my way of life being taken away from me, my standard of living and allow people to dictate terms to me. I didn't have my father, my grandfather go and fight for the rights of this country to see our politicians just sign it away on the floor of parliament. What do you mean, sign it away?

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lot I need to say on behalf of the people of Queensland. And one of Ms Hanson's opponents for the seat of Beaudesert is former AFL star Warwick Capper. The pair also share the same manager, celebrity agent Max Markson. Ms Hanson wasn't paid for that story.