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(generated from captions) Catholic." We have to leave it

there. Thank you very much.

Pleasure. Returning to our

coverage of the current jobs crisis, deputy prime minister

Julia Gillard joins us now from Canberra. Deputy prime

minister, good morning and

thank you for joining us. Good

morning. Now we know or we learned that the Government

knew about three weeks ago of

the closure of the Pacific

Brands business and the

factories here and the loss of

jobs and we know also that yesterday you warned

Australians that things are

going to get worse. Can I

conclude from that that you

know of other similar

situations with other

businesses and that the Government has already been forewarned about some

businesses that will close and

some jobs that will be lost?

What you can conclude from that

is the Government is obviously

in discussions with businesses

constantly. We have dialogue

with them, we're always talking

to them about what they think

the outlook for the economy is,

what they think the outlook for

their individual business is

and what you can also conclude

is the Government's been saying very consistently to the

Australian people that we won't

be immune from the global

financial crisis and global

recession, the Government has

acted to cushion the Australian

economy, that's what our nation-building and jobs plan

is all about and our economic

security strategy investing in

our economy, investing in our

people and supporting jobs, but

even with those measures we've

said to the Australian people

upfront, "We do believe the

global financial crisis and

global recession will hit this

country and cost jobs and we

will be there working alongside

the people who have lost their

jobs with employment services,

with training opportunities, to

help them secure new work." So

yes or no, do you know of another Pacific Brands or not?

Well, we're in discussion with

businesses all the time,

Virginia. Standing here now, I

can say the Government

discusses economic matters with

businesses constantly. I am not

in position of specific

information about an individual

business and even if I was, Virginia, as you would

understand, obviously many of

these matters are commercial in

confidence, they have

implications for share prices

and share markets, any responsible person would know

that. I note that when he was

Andrew Southcott from the interviewed earlier today Dr

Liberal Party appeared not to

understand that, but every

Government of every political

persuasion has dealt with

businesses on the basis that

some information has to be

treated as commercial in

confidence because it's

market-sensitive. About 10

million a year has been given

to that company, among many

others, as part of general

Commonwealth industry

assistance. Are you now

considering that good money

being sen after bad? Are you

regretting that? The support

that's been provided to Pacific

Brands is support that's been

provided to businesses in

textile, clothing and footwear

and it's been of a long-running

nature. It's not recent

support, it's not the outcome

of a recent decision. No, it's ongoing industry support that

we as a nation have done for

years, it just seems to get us

very little as the industry

over the years just dwindles

away. Let's take a step back

and say we've known as a nation

over a long period of time,

under Governments of both

political persuasions, that the

textile, clothing and footwear

industry was in a significant

period of change and

restructuring and consequently

industry support has been made

available to the textile,

clothing and footwear industry.

Now I don't believe anybody's

ever said that that's a silver

bullet which will fix

everything for all companies

and when it came to Pacific Brands, obviously this

Government had a conversation

with Pacific Brands and said to

them in respect of this

decision about manufacturing in

Australia and these 1,008 50

jobs, "Is there anything the

Government can do to work with

you to avoid this decision and

these job losses?" And the

answer was no. Pacific Brands

was committed to this

decision. That would seem to

indicate that the money

actually is wasted and we know

there's a review that's found

recommendations that suggest

the continuation of this

industry support when you stand

before a company like that and

offer to throw them even more

money and they say, "That won't

do it," isn't it time to call a

halt then on that Commonwealth

money? I don't think you can

look at Pacific Brands and say

from that we should make a

conclusion about all of the

industry development policies

in textile, clothing and

footwear. I can't think of a

company that has better-known

and more historic and

significant brands than Pacific

Brands. It is an iconic

company. I can't think of one

that actually would beat that

argument. Virginia, incredibly

iconic company and very

distressing to see the

announcement yesterday, very

distressing to see the job

losses and obviously the

workers involved would have

received that news yesterday

and it would have been a

dreadful day for them and their

families. I absolutely

understand that. What I'm also

saying to you though is I don't

think from yesterday's decision

that we somehow make a broad

statement about the future of textile, clothing and footwear

in this country. There are

manufacturers and fashion

outlets that are there working

in this nation, we obviously

want to be working with them to

maximise the ability of this

industry to offer jobs and

economic activities in this

country. So I then interpret

from that that at least some of

those recommendations put

together by Roy Green, they

will be implemented by the

Federal Government, industry assistance will continue and

there will be an encouragement

for manufacturers to move to

value-adding and the top end of

the cycle? We went through the

review for a reason. We'll

obviously respond to its

recommendation. We want

Government dollars to count and

make a difference when we put

together industry support

arrangement s. That what we're

trying to do, make a

difference. That process is

the Pacific Brands proceeding. Yesterday we had

announcement, very distressing

announcement, very

disappointing, we now want to

work with the employees around

the country with employment

services assistance and access

to training. We want to be

there in what are going to be

very difficult days for them

and their families. Deputy

prime minister, thank you for