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(generated from captions) but it didn't get any better.

Know as the 'university of holy war' for about ten seconds. I only managed to film it have been delivered From here fatwas or Islamic laws violent Jihad and suicide bombings. that justify

We just had to leave the area. the madrassa staff My local contact was told by are forbidden. that foreigners with cameras Madrassa What is known about the Binori Town

Taliban leadership is that most of the senior were schooled and mentored there.

every extremist Islamic group In fact, it seems almost has some ideological roots there. operating in South Asia in Pakistan On my last day of filming crew at Sohrab Goth in Karachi. I travelled with a police They're a pretty ragtag bunch are the new urban Taliban badlands. but they know the slums of the city This is where the Mehsud clan live, from Hakimullah Mehsud, they take their orders directly we filmed in the FATA. the new Taliban leader Taliban cell of 35 at this compound. Last month, the police busted open a Hadi Bex lost two of his men. A gunfight followed and commander probably saved the city Hadi Bex and his men

from a major terrorist attack. but inside their hide-out The Taliban fled of weapons and chemicals. they found large stockpiles is little more than a brave face. The police commander's confidence frontier and to Karachi, From the FATA to the north-west is teetering. Pakistan - the democratic state - Closed Captions by CSI


That rumbling you hear turning in his grave. is the sound of Sir Robert Menzies I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch. more accurate than the ABC's ad. The series, I assure you, is a lot and high-achieving women This week, two accomplished their reputations trashed. who in very different ways have had from media sloppiness. One has suffered of a deliberate hatchet job. The other's been the victim Here she is - the Year for 2009 is Jonty Bush. and the Young Australian of Almost nine years ago, by her boyfriend. Jonty Bush's sister was murdered killed in an unprovoked attack. A few months later Jonty's father was This Australia Day, Homicide Victims' Support Group her work as CEO of the Queensland as Young Australian of the Year. earned her selection a bit embarrassing Which must have been for Nine's A Current Affair, it had aired a vicious attack because a few days earlier on Jonty Bush's reputation. awarded Australia's highest honour, On Sunday this woman could be of dishonesty, deception but tonight she stands accused with a married man. and a secret affair with this one. It's hard to know where to begin you've just seen. But let's start with that footage into a breathalyser. It shows Jonty Bush blowing we see her doing the same thing, Several more times in ACA's report without explanation. and apparently sculling cocktails, does it? Doesn't give a great impression, that footage was taken What Nine didn't tell us is that celebrities volunteered when Jonty Bush and some other local to promote responsible drinking to take part in an event in Brisbane conducted by the Queensland Police.

ACA would've known that. from another Nine show - It got the tape a local program called 'Extra'. hours and the results are in - Well, it's been three shape up? so how did our six panellists

were slanderous, But if the pictures in the story the words were far worse. Kate Donnison began with a dispute -

"a bloody battle" - what she called, ludicrously, over who should legally control Support Group. the Queensland Homicide Victims' the Deakes family, In one corner who founded the support group was bludgeoned to death. after their beloved Susan as far as I am concerned. It's just not on management committee In the other, the support group Young Queenslander of the Year headed by the CEO, finalist, Jonty Bush. and Young Australian of the Year a cowardly choice... We need to make violence seen as people destroy our group. We will not let these Support Group was co-founded It's true that the Homicide Victims' by the late Moureen Deakes. and daughter Narelle have a feud It's true that her husband Reg

and CEO, with the current management committee no truth at all in this allegation. But our research suggests there's in July last year. REPORTER: Moureen Deakes passed away group to pay for her funeral Money was donated to the support and husband Reg but her daughter, Narelle, were never given a cent of it. raised for my mother's funeral was I wanted to know where the money and how it was accounted for. asked for: Fact. Moureen Deakes's funeral notice

by mourners at the funeral - The princely sum of $180 was donated here it is in the group's accounts. the collection told Media Watch - The person who organised newsletter informed members - And as the Group's December new Townsville office - That's the Group's for $199. and here's the receipt from Kmart to see those receipts Kate Donnison was offered the chance went to air. before 'A Current Affair' Why not? She never responded. much more interesting insinuations Well, they might have spoiled her money had gone. about where the supposedly missing He's the treasurer, he's married, This is Guy Davies. a relationship with Jonty Bush. and he's allegedly having withholding information Committee members claim they've been as to where the funds are.

all of these things are above board. All our accounts are audited, was given a $12,000 pay bonus. On paper Jonty Bush her the money This employment contract promising in two separate payments. worker, not yet the CEO. All this when she was just a field

That contract was signed back in 2006

Moureen Deakes's funeral. almost two years before about the bonus. And there's no mystery told Media Watch: The current president a very different impression. But A Current Affair wanted to give relationship with Jonty You don't think your is clouding your judgement in any way? What relationship? What, my professional relationship Isn't it true that you have a personal relationship with Jonty? No, it's not true I have a personal relationship with Jonty,

Jonty Bush and Guy Davies's wife, Carolyn, have both supported his denial. But once mud like that is thrown, it's hard to wipe away. What this nasty little piece suggests is that Jonty Bush and her secret lover have somehow conspired to rip off money from a charitable foundation

and had it paid to her as an improper bonus - or as Kate Donnison so pithily put it - remember? - it accuses Jonty Bush of - ..dishonesty, deception and a secret affair with a married man. Dishonesty? Deception? Look who's talking! ACA presents not a skerrick of evidence for its allegations, and all the evidence we've found shows them to be a pack of lies. And here's another deception. Introducing the item, stand-in presenter Leila McKinnon had this to say - Jonty Bush is also embroiled in controversy

over her role as CEO of a homicide victim support group. So much so, police have stepped in.

There's no mention of the police in Kate Donnison's story. And yet, amazingly, it's true. A week before the story went to air, Jonty Bush received a letter from commissioner of the Queensland Police, Bob Atkinson. It said that the current management committee of the Queensland Homicide Victims' Support Group has - Kate Donnison was shown that letter, but of course, her viewers weren't. We've asked A Current Affair a bunch of questions about its story. True to form, we've had no reply. Now, what would you think if you read this headline: Or if you saw this -

if they refuse to put them on a diet. Or heard this - Well, you'd be wrong. Dr Shirley Alexander of the Children's Hospital at Westmead never said anything of the sort. What she did do was co-author an article in the Medical Journal of Australia that discussed the legal obligations of doctors trying to treat young patients who are dangerously obese. The article didn't say that children should be taken from their parents. It never used the word seize. The nearest it came to the subject was this - Yet in the hands of a journalist with a tight deadline at the agency that serves every major news outlet in Australia, the Australian Associated Press, that cautious advice became this - Of course, that was a ripper yarn - especially with that graphic word "seized". As the PR team at Westmead Hospital complained to the AAP journalist, Danny Rose -

It's emerged that Danny Rose wasn't supplied with the full article - he was working from a press release. And he didn't speak to Dr Alexander before he filed his story. Nor did the Daily Telegraph's health reporter, Kate Sikora, before she wrote this - When we asked AAP and the Tele about how the word 'seized' got into their stories,

their replies were so similar we'll quote only one. You can read both on our website. Here's Tele Editor Garry Linnell - Yes she does. That doesn't mean she's proposing that children should be seized. As she told Media Watch - Three days later, Kate Sikora asked to interview Dr Alexander for a follow-up story in the Tele.

Dr Alexander agreed, thinking it would be a chance to set the record straight. She told Media Watch - This was the result - across the Tele's front page. The story included this extraordinary sentence -

Why did the Tele report that Dr Alexander had not backed away from a position which she'd insisted she had never held?

As Manuel of Fawlty Towers would say - Que? The Tele repeats a false assertion so that readers can understand the context? So much for setting the record straight. Once the media's decided on a beat-up line, it's almost impossible to get it to change course. And before we go, another group of ladies whose reputation was dealt a cruel blow recently. The New South Wales town of Cootamundra is the birthplace of Sir Donald Bradman And home to the Cootamundra Ex-Services Women's Bowling Club, which gets a little report every week in the local paper.

But imagine the members' chagrin when they opened their Cootamundra Herald on Monday morning two weeks ago to read -

An in-house joke at the Herald, we're told, that somehow ended up in print. But the members of the club were not amused. The word "mole", as one of them wrote to the editor, has at least a couple of meanings.

And that same day, the club's weekly report got a lovely headline - All's well that ends well. And that's where we'll end as well. Join me again next week. Closed Captions by CSI

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Good evening, parts of

Victoria are once again Victoria are once again being

threatened by serious bushfires

tonight. Three tonight. Three firefighters

have been injured and at least

one home has been lost in the

Dandenongs, six new fires

spraung up across the State

adding to the four - sprang up

across the Stade adding to the

four big fires. A 100,000

hectare blaze is causing

trouble, starting in Upwey, an

urgent threat message for

residents issued there. It's residents issued there. It's a

blaze burning on Melbourne's

doorstep the fire starting half

past two in bushland east of

the city. Strong unpredictable

winds pushing the blaze

northwards, straight towards

densely populated sub ubs, densely populated sub ubs, in

Belgrave Heights one house was

lost, fire authorities say two

of their tankers are lost. of their tankers are lost. The

Country Fire Authority says Country Fire Authority says the

blaze is still out of

control. The wind change went

through the fire area pushing

it towards Glen furn road it towards Glen furn road to

Belgrave Heights and South,

towards Tucoma, people in the

area will experience smoke, ash

and embers coming into their

properties. We have a lot properties. We have a lot of

fire trucks in that area, and

aircraft. People need to be

aware and be careful on the

roads. Firefighters say they'll

fight the fire well into the

night. And south of Daylesford

firefighters tackle another

major outbroke, smoke from the

250 hectare blaze so dense it

can be seen on the weather

radar, the smoke blog to the

edge of Melbourne. A super fund

industry expert says a

financial miracle will prevent

a second year of steep losses,

figures showing $20 billion was

wiped off Australia's super in

January. Dropping 18% in 12

month, Heath Ledger won a

posthumous Oscar, taking the

best supporting actor award for

his role as Joker in the Batman

filmed The Dark Knight, he died

of an dispeg prescription an

overdose xription. Kate Winslet

won best actress, Sean Penn

took best actor. Looking at the national weather:

More news about the Victorian

fires in Lateline at 10:30.