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(generated from captions) are right. Good to have you on

board. Now Australia's health

care system is expected to be

the target of radical ideas in

a report due today. For more Opposition health spokesman

Peter Dutton joins us from

Canberra, good morning, thank

you for joining us. It's a

pleasure. The first ideas from

this commission's review of the

health system appears to have

been comprehensively leaked in

papers this morning. Hospitals

have not been hived off and

suggested that they now be in

the Commonwealth care, what are

your early impressions of what

you read in the pap . Imentals

you say, -- papers, there's

been strategic leaks by the

Government, they've had the

support since December, they'll

be all over it, massaging

messages in there, and they are

saying to people that they are

talking about a British nationalised model, which has

been a failure in the United

Kingdom, patients $wouldn't be

advertising a nationalised

system where people would have

to register, it takes away

competition between doctors in

the marketplace, taking away

people's individual right to

choose some of the medical

services they require and so we

have grave concerns about that.

We want to make sure that we

see all the detail which will

be released today, as Kevin

Rudd said at the last election, particularly in relation to

public hospitals, a high huge expectation in the community

about the fact that Mr Rudd

will live up to his election

promise that he'll fix public

hospitals, we'll await the

report. You resist the idea of

primary community care being

hived off in that way under

Commonwealth control with these

superclinics, but quite a fair

bit of anecdotal evidence and

commentary from those within

the health system indicates

that at the at least would take

massive pressure off emergency

rooms in public hospitals, you

don't see an advantage

there. We have seep scant

detail already this morning, so

as I say, we'll wait for the

report. I mean in principle,

trying to get the emergency,

people that need a GP turning

up to emergency roops, trying

to get them out. -- rooms

trying to get them out. I

don't think we should go down

the British track, if that's

what the Government is

proposing. We don't necessarily

know that, you call it the

British model, it's not

necessarily that That's the way

it's been described in some of the strategic leaks this morning. Let's take that

assumption. The second issue is

in relation to to the cost.

Now, the Government obviously

is under enormous financial

stress, at the moment, and on

what I have seen so far there's

a proposal for tens of billions

of extra spepd tour, a lot of

health -- xend tour, and health

professionals are saying the

number one proposal should be

in bricks and mortar or meeting

work force shortages, trying to

get doctors and nurses into the

wards, GP clinics assist that

the prioritiry or should we

create megastructurally use,

that's a debate that needs to

be had. The Government had this

since December, they would have

had time to share to Treasury

for costings, they'd have an

idea of what costings come

around the proposals, that's

what we are keen to see. It's

possible, given the state of

the Budget and the fact we are

living in different financial

times from when this commission

wast was first reviewed that

the Government may not have

money for any of these

ideas. That's a good point. A

lot of these issues were

shupted off to a committee or

-- smunted off to a committee

when the Rudd Government was

elected, they this $20 billion,

they spent that, they propose

to go into hock for $200

billion, a lot of expectation

amongst the medical community,

doctors and nurses who are sick

to death of not being able to

provide the starnds of care to

patients that they want --

standards of care to patients,

and Mr Rudd made a promise to

the Australian people on health

the buck stopped with him, and

that he would fix public

hospitals. We want to see the

detail of that you how he's

proposing to do it. All

Australians, in particular as I

say, doctors and nurses want an

improved health system to get

better parpt outcomes. On

another issue -- patient

outcomes. On another issue

running with the Opposition,

would you like to see Julie

Bishop keep her position as

Treasury spokeswoman I'm

concentrating on health issues,

my portfolio, take the fight to

the Government today n

particular in relation to Mr

Rudd's promise about fixing

hospitals. Julie Bishop is

doing the same with Wayne Swan

and her Treasury portfolio,

she's the deputy leader of our party. Peter Costello, I was

his assistant. It's a tough

portfolio, she's taking the

fight up to the Government. So

she should they are a reckless

Government spending like crazy

and will rack up $200

billion. So do I take it as a

yes, she should keep her position. It's certainly one

that, you know, is in the

public debate. I won't add to

the speculation. You just have

to say yes. The point I tried

to make in my last response is

we support Julie, she's our

shadow Treasury spokesperson,

Deputy Leader, enjoyses our

support and I don't want to add

to specku hakes, I'm hear to

talk about health. Good to talk

to you Peter Dutton I think it