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(generated from captions) that such a big spending step

will take the economy in the

right direction. The party has

also raised concerns about rural rural Australia saying those in

the bush are missing out on

their share of the funding,

National Senator Fiona Nash

joins us from Canberra. Good

morning. Good morning. Now we

have had this Senate Inquiry sitting overnight. Have you

heard anything to make you

change your mind? To this

stage, no. What are looking at

is $42 billion package, we is $42 billion package, we are

asking our children to take on

the burden of that debt. We the burden of that debt. We

don't believe the package will

deliver the stimulus it says it

will. Why do you know better

than the Treasury Secretary,

the IMF and major business

groups in Australia. One would

expect the Treasury Secretary

to give the responses he did

last night. We are concerned

about the $10 billion package

going out before Christmas. We

have seen no real bang for buck out

out of that. The Prime Minister

is asking Australian people to

put up $42 billion, this is our

children that will have to

repay the debt. We don't

believe what is contained in

the package will deliver the package will deliver what

they say they are going to

do. Economists are saying major infrastructure projects are the

way to go, you are a Senator

with interests in rural and regional Australia, would you like to see

like to see a major infrastructure project in rural

and regional Australia. The

nationals have been saying for

days that infrastructure is a

real key to this, now, on one

hand we have the package going

to put out large amounts of

cash, we don't know where they

are going to end up. What we

would like to see is

infrastructure project like the inlandrail and water

infrastructure, water projects

the important things to drive

forward productivity. Give

champs of water infrastructure

projects that you think --

examples of water

infrastructure projects that

you thing are appropriate. We

have seen farmers taking steps

forward with on-farm

infrastructure, we need to put

money on farm to support

farmers, we need to look at

broad tans igs of water and how broad tans igs of water and how

we'll get -- transition of

water how to get it from A to water how to get it from A to B

in the bigger picture. We need

to focus on this, that is the

key issue over the next 10

years for this country rip.

How long do you --

country. How long do you think

you'll be able to hold it up in

the Senate. We want to do the

right thing for the people of

Australia. It's not about

holding it up, but making sure holding it up, but making sure

there's special vuty. Labor in

the past called for --

scrutiny. Labor in the past

called for scrutiny. We'll look

at it clearly, and give it the

proper scrutiny and do the

right thing by the Australian

people and particularly our

children who will bear the

burden of this into the

future. One Coalition MP

reportedly called Malcolm Turnbull's Turnbull's stance ton this

sheer lunacy. Do you sheer lunacy. Do you concede

there are significant divisions

within the Coalition about the

stance Turnbull has taken. There's clear and strong

support for Turnbull in this,

there's no doubt about

there's no doubt about this,

there was a clear view within

the Coalition that we had to

take responsible action, we

needed to responsibly

scrutinise this legislation, to

this stage we don't believe

it's the right thing to do it's the right thing to do for