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Good evening. I'm Belinda Heggen.

This is Ten's hraeut News. First

tonight, at least 10 houses

destroyed in Victoria's bushfire

emergency as the State is hit by one of its worst ever blackouts.

The heatwave inferno has threatened

towns and forced evacuations with

hundreds of firefighters battling

in sweltering conditions.

Without mercy, the fires razed

through bushland. It's been

confirmed that at least 10 houses

have burnt to the ground. The real

count could be much worse. For a

terrible few hours, the township of

Boolarra was encircled by flames. 7

houses were lost. Remarkably, no-

one was killed. While hundreds fled,

some chose to stay and fight the flames.

It was noisy. I don't know how long

it took, but it was all over in a

very short while. Forever

fire front. Forever scared by this destructive

You come out and it looks like a

scene out from From Here to Aoeterpb.

Furs tphas-like temperatures and at

inferno. times gale force winds drove the


The township of Mirboo North is

still under threat. I will say the

whole town. No areas left out. This

is all the work of one arsonist, authorities still searching for the

man responsible. Overnight, fire

crews managed to save properties,

impossible. but today it was virtually

impossible. Home owners disgusted

that one man could risk so much on

a day of total fire ban.

I don't even know what to I don't even know what to think

about the sort of people who do

this. That's just, beyond thinking about.

While for now, both fronts have

move add way from Boolarra and

Darlimerlah spot fires continue to

threaten, the one behind me tonight

claiming even more homes. Woreingly,

water is also running out but

realistically it is the weather

that will determine how high a

price the people of Gippsland will pay.

The heatwave misery has worsened

with hundreds of thousands of

people blacked out across Victoria.

latest. Reporter Christopher steul has the

Hi, Belinda. While electricity

supply has started to return to

normal here in Melbourne's centre t

has been a bad day all around for

Victoria's energy supply. All up,

339,000 homes and business as cross

the State have lost power

the State have lost power this

afternoon. The vast majority of

those were in western country

Victoria, but about 63,500

propertys in the city were also

affected. Amongst them Crown Casino

and the State theatre where various

performances have had to be

cancelled, including Robert ta

Flack. A substation exploded on the Flack. A substation exploded on the

northern outskirts of Melbourne at

about 3.15 this afternoon. This has

caused a huge drain on Melbourne's

strained electricity supply. Power

companys have been told they had to

reduce supply by about 9% of

Victoria's entire supply which has

led to the blackouts. The situation

should return to normal. Power

should be back around midnight, but

even if that is the case, Melbourne

will still be having electrical

problems because therecy bushfire

on the eastern outskirts of the

city which is threatening the main powerline into Melbourne. It

carries about two-thirds of Melbourne's electricity supply T

has been a troublesome last couple

of days for Melbourne and they look set to continue.

There has been a surge in sudden

deaths linked to the heatwave in

Adelaide. After three days of 40-

plus temperatures, police have been

called out to 22 deaths, about 18

higher than normal. Par medics have

had more than 800 callouts in the

last two days.

The man accused of throwing his 4-

year-old daughter off a Melbourne

bridge has been described as a

wonderful dad who had been under

enormous pressure. Today as the

little girl's grieving mother was

interviewed by police, Victoria's

Premier pledged an immediate safety

upgrade for the Westgate Bridge.

As tkars see Freeman young

classmate s arrived at St Joseph's

Primary School, their parents'

there. minds were with the girl who wasn't

It's very sad, I think. Affects

actually. everyone. Gives you chills,

I couldn't stop a tear this morning.

The school rallying for 4-year-old

Dar see who was. Darcey who was thrown

thrown off the Westgate Bridge

alleged byly her father, Arthur who

is,000 in police custody. Extremely shocked by what's

happened and our thoughts and

prayers extended to the family in

this very difficult time for them.

An outpouring of grief and anger

also among those who never knew her.

Ten News can reveal her mother

spoke with police this morning but

was too distraught to sign her

statement. Witnesss have also

confirmed the girl was conscious

when she was thrown over the rails.

Darcey and her two brothers had

been at their grandparents' Airey's Inlet home before the horrific

event unfolded. Just days before

this terrible tragedy, Darcey Freeman

Freeman was just like any other

child in this playground. Parents

who saw her describe her as a happy

girl with very good manners and

loved playing with other children.

The Government is now examining

ways to fast track safety barriers

on the Westgate.

The tpablgt is it needs to happen.

I think Vic raodz and everybody

quickly as possible. else wants to see this achieved as

Shocking new store sreus have

emerged of the nation's ailing hospital

hospital system. A man has died

after being misdiagnosed and more

than 70 cancer patients have been overdosed with radiation. Semi-conscious in a wheelchair -

this was the condition Brendan

Burns was in when discharged from

Griffith Hospital. Doctors said he

had bad sinuses. Within hours of

these photos, Brendan was dead from an undiagnosed brain tumour. His an

family forced to have his life

support switched off at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital.

And they told me that he wouldn't

make it in the next 24 hours.

He was shouldn'ted between three

hospitals. The first, Hay, sent him

to Griffith for scans he never

received. Just 24, he leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter.

She still asks even up to She still asks even up to last

night when I was around there,

a 3-year-old? "Where's Dad?". What do you say to

Stphaoeu feel deeply sorry that

this has happened. I know that

there are a number of very experienced professionals,

physicians who handled his case who

share my distress.

An independent investigation is

under way. Still, the New South Wales Premier believes...

There is nowhere in the world you

would rather be sick than in New

South Wales or Australia. But maybe

not in Queensland. The Productivity Commission has found their

hospitals are the worst for killing

or injuring patients through

mistakes and botched operations.

We can only improve our system if we

we are transparent and open about

it and this dat it reflects we've

still got more work to do. But back in New South But back in New South Wales,

doctors are struggling to order

essentials such as bandages. For

example, at Dubbo Hospital, a

bandage order must be approved by

four sprapt managers. The order is

finally placed with the Sydney

supplier who transports the

bandages to Orange and finally to

Dubbo. Doctors have told Ten News this excessive bureaucracy is

actually intentional, aimed at

slowing down spending by hospitals.

The resolve of two inmates melted during

during today's heatwave after they

climbed onto the roof of a remand

centre in Canberra. One of the men

claimed it was a protest about

conditions inside, comparing it to

Guantanamo Bay. Their main Guantanamo Bay. Their main gripe

centred on the lack of

airconditioning in the cells.

It appears that it may have been an escape attempt in the initial stages.

After 9 hours on a hot tin roof,

the men finally surrendered as the

temperature climbed into the mid- 30s.

Still to come -

It is shameful. The President's

attack on corporate greed.

And school scandal - the pole dancing

dancing lessons students will never forget.

Frustrated passengers are Frustrated passengers are spending

their second night trapped on board

a ferry off Scotland. 200 people

were stranded when a chemical tanker crashed through the rear tanker crashed through the rear

doors of the ferry. The boat

returned to port, but the 35 returned to port, but the 35 tonne

truck was blocking the exit. A

cherry picker has started to lift

some people off, but gale force

winds are slowing the rescue. The

ferry was heading to Belfast, a

journey that usually takes only two

hours. There is new hope for more

than 100 home buyers affected by the collapse of yet the collapse of yet another

building company. Wincrest Homes

has gone into voluntary

administration, owing millions administration, owing millions of dollars.

It has been a home builder for more

than 20 years but Wincrest Homes is

the latest to hit the financial

wall. Calls to head office were med with

with this message.

You've reached Wincrest Homes. The

directors have appointed a voluntary administrator. We're

continuing to work with the

administrator and remain committed

to working through this difficult period.

At the display centre, stunned

staff received calls from worried

buyers or who had partly built homes.

I've been instructed not to take

deposits until this is orted out.

This is the best company I've

worked for. Win crest -- Wincrest

was believed to have owed $12 million to creditors. million to creditors.

It was part way through

constructing 55 townhouses for a

developer who went broke, leaving

the builder to deal with the

financial fallout. Around 100 homes

are now in limbo. The administrator

hopes those nearing completion can

be finished quickly. Those not yet

started or partially completed may have to wait.

The directors have a strong desire The directors have a strong desire

to put a proposal forward to the

creditors to see the company continue

continue into the future and hopefully complete the exists contracts. The minister is heartened.

The aim is to get all of the homes

finished as soon as possible so

that our consumers can move into

their homes. So this is a good step.

A creditors' meeting is expected to

be held in the next few weeks.

US President Barack Obama has

berated Wall Street for paying out

massive bonuses in the middle of

the worst financial crisis in 60

years. He has called the payouts

shameful and is demands executives show restraint.

Wall Street's bonuses are adding

insult to financial injury. News

that $18 billion was paid out to corporate high-fliers while

taxpayers were bailing them out

infuriated President Barack Obama.

That is the height of irresponsibility. It is shameful.

The President is demanding The President is demanding corporate America shows restraint. corporate America shows restraint.

There will be time for them to make

profits and there will be time for

them to get bonuses. Now is not that time.

Bailed out Citigroup had to be told

now is not the time to splash out

on a new corporate jet. The bank

scrapped the $42 million purchase

after complaints from the Treasury. after complaints from the Treasury.

The American people understand that

we've got a big hole that we've got

to dig ourselves out of, but they

don't like the idea that people are

digging a bigger hole even as

they're being asked to fill it up.

Official figures show last year's

bonuses are almost half of what was

paid two years ago, and in its

defence, the finance sector explains what it causes bonuss are

more like sales commissions. Even

the brokerage firms realise they

can't afford to get the new administration off-side.

Wall Street has internalised the message the feedback they're

getting about bonuses and bonuses

will be different next year.

Well, the market finished higher

today, the first weekly improvement

in three weeks, the for the details,

Tom Piotrowski joins us. Belinda, a bittersweet result

because the market rose by about 6%

this week and in doing so it halved the

the losses for the month, but for

the month of January, the ASX200

fell by 5% which was the fifth

consecutive losing month. Today got

off to a shaky start thanks to

another horrible night of economic

news on Wall Street which pointed

to the world's biggest economy

falling off a cliff in December.

The main reason the market was able

to turn around was Rio Tinto's

announcement in relation to South

American asset sales worth almost

$2.8 billion. The market was a bit

worried about fire-sale prices in

the current climate, so the tag the current climate, so the price

tag was a welcome result and the

shares finished hirer. Elsewhere,

if there was any doubt about the

Reserve Bank's rate cut next week

it was removed today thanks to figures from the Reserve Bank that

showed that private lending fell

for the first time in 15 years on the

the monthly basis as far as

December was concerned. So the

market is now wholly foe kaoused on

a 1% rate cut from the Reserve Bank

when they announce that decision on

Tuesday. Thanks, Tom. Certainly a

big week to come. To the market in

detail now and the All Ordinaries detail now and the All Ordinaries

was up half a percentage point at

the closing bell. Rio Tinto soared

more than 3%, as you heard. The NAB

was best of the big banks and

Newmont was best among the

goldminers, up almost 7%. To the cross rates:

Well, teenage boys are lining up

for PE classs in England after for PE classs in England after a

school brought in a pole dancer.

1,000 teenagers aged 14 to 19

watched the pole dancer perform as

part of the school's Be Healthy

Week. Teachers complained because

students kept watching their students kept watching their mobile

phone videos of the show in class. They're expecting that it's They're expecting that it's

probably going to be kind of sense

Wal or sexual, but I'm sure they

changed their minds a bit when they see the level of pole we're doing. see the level of pole gymnastics

Gymnastics indeed. The school

claimed it wasn't pole dancing, but

a pole fitness demonstration.

Next - fluke find: Millions of

dollars of shoplifted cosmetics

discovereded by lucky police. And

the saoup bowl of advertising - the most expect sieve commercials the world. most expect sieve commercials in

You're watching Ten's Late News.

James Bond and Dick Tracy had one.

Now, you too can own a watch that

doubles as a mobile phone. In an

Australian first, mobile smart

watches have been launched, a glimpse into the future of mobile technology.

Go again. This certainly is the

clarity is exceptional.

The supergadgets can make and

receive calls, text, play music,

even videos. They range from $400 to

to $1,000 and will be available

across the country within months.

Well, more arrests are likely after a multimillion-dollar cosmetic

shoplifting racket was uncovered in

Sydney. Detectives on routine foot

patrol sum belled on the haul,

believed to be the biggest of its kind in Australia. It's an

Aladdin's Cave of cosmetics. Boxes,

cartons and crates stacked to the

ceiling, full of everything from

moisturisers to mouthwash, raise

stkors, shampoo and designer

perfume, all uncovered on Saturday

by two diligent detectives on

routine patrol in Alexandria.

Yes, it was overwhelming, something

we had never seen before and even

at that stage we didn't understand

the enormity of it. What we saw was

just piles and piles of boxes

literally from floor to ceiling not

stacked in an orderly manner. The detectives uncovered the stash by

accident after questioning two

suspicious looking men aged 45 and

71. More stolen goods were seized

from a luxury home in Rose Bay. 750

boxs in all, allegedly stolen from

retailers including Woolworths and

soelgd on at market stalls.

This places a significant burden on

our stores and costs retailers and

ultimately consumers millions of

dollars per year. The 71-year-old

attracted bus loads of shoppers to

the address for warehouse sales.

There were buses come in here with

a lot of people, they are buying

stuff and then about the last 7 years they closed. Both men will Both men will appear in court next month.

It's one of the world's big est

sporting spectacles and the

football isn't bad either. Despite the

the economic downturn, advertisers

are forking out millions for 30-

second TV commercials, pitching their prod tkaoubgts during their prod tkaoubgts during the American Superbowl.

The Superbowl commercials have

become such a winner with audiences, become such a winner with audiences,

advertisers can even convince footballers to dance.

This year, the price tag for the

30-second spots hit $4.6 million.

That's $155,000 a second. A bit too

steep for the financially crippled

car makers, but not the soft makers. car makers, but not the soft drink

Ready, go!

Men can take anything, except the

taste of diet cola.

The hefty price tag putting the

with something that will be pressure on advertisers to come up

touchdown. remembered long after the winning

Morning, Mrs Lawrence. Not again.

Bruno, come back here. Bruno, you

bad, bad bird!. Not all Superbowl

commercials are created equal

tofplt really appreciate the

trailer for the new movie 'Monsters

vs Aliens', TV viewer also have to

get their hands on these glasses get their hands on these glasses so

they can see it in 3D.

Hey, Jerry, you might want to check

this one out. It's like some type

of UFO and it's heading this ways.

No special equipment needed to see

the half-time entertainer, Bruce Springsteen.

Just by sticking around long enough.

If you don't die, people get a

chance to see you. A chance to see you. A performance

expected to be watched by up to 1

billion people worldwide.

And we will be watching on Monday

morning on Ten.

That's right. Sports Tonight is

next with Rob Canning and, Rob,

Australia's Test cricket selectors

learnt a lot today?

That's right. Several men were

the tour looking to lock themselves in for

the tour to South Africa, but in

the end, only a young man impressed.

151 reasons to pick Phillip Hughes. We'll 151 reasons to pick Phillip

We'll have tonight's one-day action and

To the weather now and cloud drag

add cross southern WA by

winds is add cross southern WA by jet stream

winds is triggering just the odd

storm. Thick cloud blanketing the

tropics as the monsoon trough

becomes more active is bringing

heavy rain to the Northern

Territory and northern Queensland.

Skies are clear over the south-east

thanks to hot, dry northerlies. A

trough in the south and weak change

may bring showers to Victoria and

New South Wales ranges. Hot north-

easterly winds will persist inland

in the south-east and in the south-east and South Australia. A trough in WA will

still cause the odd storm. monsoon still cause the odd storm. The

monsoon trough will bring more

storms and rain to the tropics.

Showers in Cairns:

Well, before we go, a crash landing has been has been caught on camera. TV crews

were filming the small plane coming

in to land when a big gust of wind

lifted the tail up and flipped the

plane over. There you go. No-one

was seriously hurt, thank goodness.

One passenger was taken to hospital

with behind nor -- minor injuries.

That's the latest from Ten News.

Stay with us, Sports Tonight with

Heggen. Goodnight. Rob Canning is next. I'm Belinda

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