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You just need another 20 seconds. You would've nailed it. That's OK. It's alright. And we're excited. It's OK. Liz is relieved. tomorrow night with our new champ. 'Cause we've got another show and tempt you again. We'll see you the same time 'Bye. Goodnight. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. So help me God. So help you God? Congratulations, Mr President. of the United States of America. A new era - Barack Obama, President

dust ourselves off Today, we must pick ourselves up,

of remaking America. and begin again the work

tonight in America. There's new leadership and new hope Good evening.

taking the oath of office, Change has come - Barack Obama of the United States. becoming the 44th President a time when his nation needs it most. He offered words of inspiration at

of this momentous day, We have extensive coverage Robert Penfold and Peter Stefanovic with our correspondents live in Washington. just so much history made in one day. To Robert Penfold first and Rob,

That is right. America's first

black President. Who could have

predicted even a year ago?

predicted even a year ago? Very few

in the US and then we had the

crowds thronging in the streets.

we will not forget. More than 2 million people. A day

(CHANTING:) Obama! Obama!! down the steps of the Capitol A solitary walk in winter Washington, cheers and the hopes of America. Barack Obama accompanied by the with earlier presidents Shoulder to shoulder and the departing George Bush, as he arrived at the ceremony, who'd been booed

with wife Michelle, to be side by side proudly watching on, his daughters Malia and Sasha as he took the oath of office. do solemnly swear,... I, Barack Hussein Obama, I, Barack Hussein Obama... A muddle by the Chief Justice. ..that I'll execute... Faithfully the office of President of the United States.

of the United States faithfully. The office of President But the simple passage the most powerful man on earth. made Barack Obama

The canons roared a 21-gun salute collected Barack Obama and a usually cool, had a moment to realise, perhaps, taken a black man to the White House. the long battles that had finally from sea to sea, They'd come from across the nation, America's shining moment. to be part of of their leaders and icons. It was a great gathering

of ordinary Americans, But a far greater gathering stretching down the Washington Mall countless thousands

to witness history. her own moment, Young Malia immortalising in a lemongrass ensemble her mother dazzling in Washington for months. that will have them talking of the country with a national song. Aretha Franklin, tapping the soul

when freedom comes... # # bright to their new President Americans looked thin by war and economic turmoil. to replenish a national spirit worn taken the presidential oath. 44 Americans have now rising tides of prosperity The words have been spoken during and the still waters of peace.

Yet every so often, gathering clouds and raging storms. the oath is taken amidst the challenges we face are real. Today, I say to you that They are serious and they are many. or in a short span of time. They will not be met easily they WILL be met. But know this, America - ourselves up, dust ourselves off Starting today, we must pick

of remaking America. and begin again the work working fabric of the country, From the economy to the and the land itself. its roads and technology and the winds We will harness the sun and run our factories. and the soil to fuel our cars of fighting two wars He pledged to soothe the burden and forging peace in Afghanistan, by gradually pulling out of Iraq

but had a warning for any be a softer target on his watch. who thought America would now to advance their aims For those who seek and slaughtering innocents by inducing terror is stronger and cannot be broken. we say to you now that our spirit and we will defeat you. You cannot outlast us as they watched and listened, Americans yearned for this message from New York to California.

in Iraq and Afghanistan They watched as well called up the fighting words as President Obama of America's revolutionary patriots. from two and a half centuries ago

by our children's children Let it be said we refused to let this journey end that when we were tested, nor did we falter that we did not turn back and God's grace upon us, and with eyes fixed on the horizon that great gift of freedom we carried forth

to future generations. and delivered it safely Thank you, God bless you the United States of America. and God bless ( CHEERING AND APPLAUSE ) for a nation that's hurting, It was all a new battle cry

but this inauguration was also about the election of an Afro-American, America now becoming, with long imagined itself to be. the country it has from Reverend Joseph Lowery The blessing

of racial harmony. included a long-sought-out hope when yellow will be mellow, When brown can stick around, when the red man can get ahead, man, will embrace what is right. and when white and love mercy say Amen. Let all those who do justice ALL: Amen. Say amen!

Then the National Anthem. were so gallantly streaming. # # O'er the ramparts we watched A new President in the driving seat to depart, and time for an old president back to his Texas ranch, George Bush beginning the trip signed the documents of office. while Barack Obama

with members of Congress. Then he had lunch patriarchs of American politics - It was a moment one of the would not have missed for the world. Ted Kennedy - But battling a brain tumour, he collapsed

and had to be rushed to hospital where he's in a stable condition. Meanwhile, America was hailing its new chief.

( 'Hail to the Chief' plays ) Rob, a marvellous day for Barack Obama, but now he has to get to work.

That is right. It is a huge job and

his staff walked into the White

House the minute George Bush walked

out the front door and on the

agenda of the Middle East situation

you will be sending Hillary

you will be sending Hillary Clinton

over to sort out. The war in the

Iraq and the crippled it economy

here, so much to do. On a more

personal note, the ceremony had

strong links to his personal hero

Abraham Lincoln.. He idolises him

and he often quotes him in his

speeches. Lincoln was the man who

freed the slaves at the same time and

and there it was, Michelle Obama

carrying Lincoln's Bible to the

ceremony, Lincoln meaning so much

to Obama, a man he quotes a lot.

Peter, a great sense of pride in

that crowd. It really was a marvellous

marvellous feeling being in that

crowd and then seeing the inaugural parade that followed. Americans have no trouble showing their emotions, and today they had their hearts on their sleeve. The anticipation in this city and right across the country just kept building. The crowds had to queue for hours to get through the incredibly tight security, but nothing was going to spoil the party. As anyone who is here on the National Mall today

and witnessed Barack Obama becoming the President will tell you, this is so much more than just a celebration of history, as they were overcome with joy and pride. I think it's probably the most pivotal moment in my lifetime. What's happening, man? How you feeling? Oh, historic. Feeling historic. This is awesome - what a feeling. This is just history and it's just incredible. We're just fired up.

Oh, I've been crying. This is emotional. That prayer was something else. He's in. America is not just one person or one race or one creed - it's for everybody. Got it? I love it! Looking every bit the world leader he had just become, President Barack Obama confident as he took the first steps on his historic journey. America's new first family, on board the armoured 'Cadillac One',

cheered on as they drove from the Capitol building to their new home, the White House. Washington's never seen security like this. Agents on every high and low point along Pennsylvania Avenue. Obama, defying advice to stay inside his bulletproof car, got out and walked - twice - thanking his supporters, hand in hand with his first lady.

Crowds raced to line the route, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man who's inspired a nation. And then the US, as only it knows how, turned on the party... BAND PLAYS KOOL AND THE GANG'S 'CELEBRATION' ..with a parade ushering the Obamas into the White House, bringing a new rhythm to the office of President as marching bands, dancers and tumblers filled the street below.

The new President had a special island-style greeting

for the band from his Hawaiian high school. Salutes for the defence forces he now commands and respect for those who'd come so far to be part of the inaugural parade. Thank you, guys. Thank you very much. Then it was time to step inside White House and the Oval Office for the first time as President.

Obama's A-list supporters turned out for the inaugural balls. First lady Michelle sparkled in a white one-shoulder gown. First of all, how good looking is my wife? Beyonce with a fitting tribute to the first black President for the couple's first dance.

# At last... #

While Stevie Wonder led an all-star cast to party the night away. # Signed, sealed, delivered - I'm yours... #

The last of the balls are over but

the party is still going. That is

right. The

right. The last of the revellers

are still kicking on after 10

inaugural balls. They were

entertained by Mariah Carey and the

special guests of honour, the

Obamas, the only recently decided

to call it tonight because tomorrow

is another big day, the first day in the office.

You have covered three

You have covered three in

alterations. Where does today stand

for you? This has been an amazing

day and as we were saying in the

story, this was history in the

making, the first black President.

We are in front of the White House

and they have turned off the lights.

The earth - the Obama girls die in

there. They probably have to go to

school tomorrow. - were in there. Millions more watching on

television. They hold out great

hope now. There have been

disappointments in the way America

has been run in the last couple of

years, the war in Iraq costing

Americans, the taxpayers, millions

of dollars a month, the problems

Obama is inheriting, it is going to

be a huge job ahead, but

be a huge job ahead, but many think

he can do it. They have put him in

and now they hold up hope that he

can fix an ailing nation. As Barack Obama's inauguration was celebrated around the world, Kevin Rudd declared Australia would have "a friend and ally" in the new US President. Political editor Laurie Oakes has our report. From tears of joy in Paris.... "Rome loves Obama" T-shirts in Italy... champagne toasts in Moscow. The message of hope from America's 44th president was celebrated around the globe. Thousands danced in the small Kenyan village where Barack Obama's goat-herd father was born. Obama, Obama. In Jakarta, where the new president spend part of his childhood, crowds watched on television as he took the oath.

And in a sleepy Japanese town called Obama, the excitement of sharing a name with the man who's now the most powerful leader in the world was palpable. (locals sing Obama song) Prime ministers and presidents offered congratulations. I am determined to stand with President Obama.

Kevin Rudd called it a great moment for all those who believe in freedom and democracy and said he would immediately write to President Obama, pledging Australia's support in dealing with the world economic crisis,

global warming and Afghanistan. In President Obama, I say this Australia will have a friend and ally to shoulder these challenges. Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull l was equally optimistic. Barack Obama says America is ready to lead. Well, the world is ready to listen to Barack Obama. High expectations everywhere, except perhaps among Palestinians on the West Bank and in war-ravaged Gaza.

I don't think it's going to make any difference at all. Laurie Oakes for Nine News. More on the Obama celebrations in A Current Affair including the verdict on the new First Lady's fashion. The rest of today's news after the break - including the flying tribute at Nancy Bird Walton's State funeral.

Around a third of the water we use inside our homes is in the shower,

so if we all used water-saving shower heads and limited our showers to 4 minutes or less, think how much water we'd save! Shorter showers:

it will axe 6,000 jobs worldwide by June, the cutbacks affecting hundreds of coal industry workers across the State. David Jones has blamed a slowdown in spending on its decision to slash 150 jobs from its Sydney head office.

We've had two quarters of consecutive significant sales losses. I think it's off the back of a significant change in the global economic environment.

And almost 3,000 retail workers face an uncertain future with the parent company of discount chain Go-Lo now in the hands of administrators.

That news from BHP saw both it and Rio Tinto in the red - the banks didn't fare much better - our All Ordinaries down 30 points. Police are hunting a taxi driver who sped away after knocking a woman to the ground in Randwick last night. Witnesses heard the 29-year-old arguing over the fare when the cab drove off, dragging her along the road.

The woman was lying down on the road. I didn't know if she'd been hit or what had happened. The woman is tonight in a critical condition with head injuries. A straw poll on the street Nancy Bird Walton was a pioneer of the sky, and today you just got the feeling she was up there smiling as they celebrated her wonderful life. At her State funeral today, the biggest tribute was in the air - a giant A380 named in her honour, giving a flying salute.

The coffin adorned with the bright pink roses she loved so much. Nancy-Bird Walton wanted lots of her favourite colour. This wasn't to be a sad occasion - rather, a chance to celebrate the long and fulfilling life of a true pioneer. As Nan used to say, "It's always sunny above the clouds." Now she can rest peacefully, where she's comfortable and at home. As goodbyes were said,

overhead flew the Qantas A-380 named in her honour. Always a determined woman,

she first took to the skies when she was just 17. Nancy, we commemorate your wonderful life of adventure

and helping others. You will live in our memories. (Sings) # Amazing grace How sweet the sound. # Ms Walton was a woman who ignored boundaries and in doing so, helped break them down for those to come. She wasn't held back by what others thought,

she simply did what she wished to do. She belongs to Australian history, without a doubt. One final salute from long-time friend Pat Lee. She'll be missed by those that admire spirit. Allison Langdon, Nine News. The Governor-General has flown into one of the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan to pay a surprise visit to our soldiers.

Quentin Bryce arrived at Tarin Kowt, in the country's south under the tightest of security. Once on the ground she personally thanked the troops. I know that I speak for all Australians when I express our admiration and appreciation for all you are doing here amidst serious dangers.

The Governor-General stayed overnight at the camp and left behind a very welcome present - video games. Steph with sport is next and no major upsets at the Australian Open today. Peter, it was steady as she goes on day three, in the men's Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer marching into the third round. And South Africa braces itself for Mitchell Johnson in the one-day series.

Defending Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic has marched into the third round, and his form will have everyone nervous. In the women's today, fifth seed Anna Ivanovic

won in straight sets while the big guns in the men's also weren't troubled. Djokovic and Roger Federer wasted little time on their centre-court opponents. Federer was wary of Korolev's power and the little-known Russian wasn't afraid to use it. Game, Korolev.

But Federer is in another class and one of the most popular players at the Oz Open wasn't about to let his fans down. Genius! And he likes it. The men's defending champion, Novak Djokovic, mixed it up against Jeremy Chardy from France. Fantastic tennis! Djokovic has had a slow start to the year,

but he showed enough today to blow away the doubters.

When he's got time, gee he can hit it well. With a game that includes many weapons Djokovic romped into the third round. He's showing us everything. The luck was spread evenly spread in the Ivanovic-Brianti tussle. But Ivanovic, last year's runner-up, had too much firepower, steamrolling the 28-year-old qualifier in the second set.

Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. Cricket's find of the summer, J-P Duminy, says David Warner needs to shut out the hype, to repeat his explosive debut performance for Australia. Duminy himself has been in brilliant form,

but fears the return of Mitchell Johnson for Friday's one-dayer at the SCG. I think he's been their core at the moment.

He's probably for me one of the harder guys to face. Lance Armstrong had made it clear he'd target stage two

of the Tour Down Under, but he got to know a few locals first. The 37-year-old briefly broke away during the 145km stretch,

but the rest of the field made sure he didn't get far.

Australian rider Allan Davis won the stage.

Robbie McEwen was in the final sprint, despite smashing his arm into a fan's camera while riding at 70km/h yesterday. After the break Mike Bailey with all the weather details.

speeding and parking fines. Join me for all the details

Now here's Mike, with the weather and details of a stormy end to this hot day. Yes Peter, the storms have rolled in. But, there's no cooler change behind them. Some rain crossed the city overnight but falls were heavier and more widespread this afternoon. Badgerys Creek scored 18mm and a severe thunderstorm warning was issued. Temperatures again reached 40 at Penrith. While seabreezes continued to keep the coast between 21 and a more pleasant but humid 29 degrees. Hot northerly air continues around a high over the Tasman.

Cooler changes aren't expected to break through until the weekend. That means more unsettled weather's ahead. Showers and thunderstorms tomorrow will extend from the south-east up to the far north. Cairns, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart can expect some showers. Thunderstorms are also possible in Darwin and Canberra. the chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms for Sydney. North/north-westerly winds will be strong on coastal waters.

A warm night - then another hot day. The city should go from 23 to 35 - with the west reaching the higher 30s. The chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday. But milder and mostly fine on Sunday, Peter. And that's Nine News for this Wednesday, the 21st of January. A day of history, a day change came to America.

I'm Peter Overton, goodnight

confidence tops the nation, Queanbeyan and the ACT's road map for the future, And time's up, overdue parking and speeding fines run into the millions. Good evening, Canberra has the highest

employer confidence in Australia, according to a report from a national recruitment firm. The news is good for the capital as the nation heads