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(generated from captions) and distinctive Aussie drawl, female Acting Prime Minister. as she is for being our first and the hair? So who's behind the headlines during a night at the cricket. I caught up with Julia Gillard Looking forward to the game? but I have to make a confession, I am looking forward to the game, I've ever been to. which is it's the first cricket Really? I know, it's hopeless, isn't it? in full flight. as a red-headed parliamentarian what are you going to do? Cover up Work Choices or cower - she stops shrieking at us. I would suggest a "snivelling little grub". for calling Tony Abbott I apologise unconditionally. If I've offended grubs, necessarily been thought, over time, It's not something that's being the sort of person as a role for a woman, in parliament. who does some of the rough stuff I've enjoyed debating But I've always enjoyed it, in the parliamentary hurly-burly. and being involved of parliamentary performances? Who do you look up to in terms he's going troppo! Going troppo! I mean, Mr Speaker, easily into the role Gillard has repeatedly slipped of acting Prime Minister. to be a cricket tragic? Is it part of the job really doing that section of it. If it is part of the job, I'm not I'll leave that to Kevin. much about cricket. I really don't know of the double-sided bat, then? on the innovation forth about the double-sided bat, No, I'm not gonna be able to hold if that's required. and get a government view, former hairdresser Tim Mathieson, Fortunately her boyfriend, is there to lend a hand. Do you know a bit about cricket? I know a little bit about it, around us who know a lot. but we've got a lot of people I've been on at her all day. a lot more about it than I do. He's being modest. He knows Minister for Employment, As Deputy Prime Minister, Social Inclusion and Education, Workplace Relations,

she keeps a hectic schedule. ordinary things at home is special. Just being able to do really able to lie on the couch and read. To be able to watch a movie, to be on Altona Beach To be able to go walking and do all of the ordinary things - go to a local cafe, have friends around for dinner, all of that is just very precious. I was really bowled over and I really didn't think and that was really, really nice as an individual, but a sense, that was so much about me in the Australian community, in particularly women and girls that this was another sign for women and girls today. that there are no closed doors towards women in politics Gillard says the attitude come with being acting PM, that in the acceptance you've seen the empty fruit bowl scandal? we've come a long way since there's fruit in the fruit bowl now, Well, you know, sometimes but depending... sometimes it's still empty to move forward I hope that we're continuing as a politician at a high level It must have been frustrating of the world we're in. Look, it's part it might be a new look every week. She'd be better off wearing a beret. that the hairstyle says too much I'm not sure going to do about what the Government's I'm focused on. and they are the things being on TV, But being publicly exposed, an interest in your appearance. means people are going to take you get to move to a stage But if you stay around, focused on those things any more. where people aren't quite so At least, I'm hoping so. Would you like to be prime minister? Deputy Prime Minister. Look, I'm really happy being I'm happy doing the jobs that I do and in workplace relations in education of the Australian people and if we had the support there and for me to stay doing this to allow the Government to stay I would be honoured by that and if absolutely privileged by that. I left politics these two portfolios, having been Deputy PM and holding I'd be happy with that. Lastly, the Australian cricket team themselves. has a few challenges ahead this year and the boys? Any advice for Ricky Ponting Ricky Ponting any technical advice. I'm not going to give smarter than me to give him that. I'm sure he's got people far from politics - I know a bit about that could be just the same I reckon cricket a very big upside. but there's always captain or the acting PM? More pressure being the Australian Oh, I wouldn't swap. Thank you.