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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. by a pack of dogs near Griffith. sister injured A toddler killed and her little

into Rosemeadow Riot police move back the accused troublemakers. as relatives defend We're going to be on TV! bushfires break out. Sydney swelters for a second day as before the Bridge goes cashless And drivers reminded to bag a tag for South Africa's captain - Also tonight, a standing ovation Good evening.

side in a remarkable Sydney Test. braving injury to try and save his We'll cross live to the SCG shortly. But first, a tragedy in the State's south-west mauled to death by a pack of dogs. where a 3-year-old girl has been were attacked She and her 16-month-old sister at a neighbour's home as they were being minded at Whitton, near Griffith. roaming the backyard The pack of dogs toddler only hours after they savaged a to death. and mauled her 3-year-old sister away to be destroyed. the four cross-breeds were taken The dogs belonged to a neighbour the two girls at the time. who was baby-sitting She too was set upon. in its infancy At this stage the investigation is child was a result of a dog attack but it would appear the deceased child was at. belonging to the house which the the town of Whitton - The attack has shocked with a population of just 400, a small community in the Riverina. 35 kilometres east of Griffith It happened inside the house serious bites to her face and body. leaving the 16-month-old girl with are described as serious The second child's injuries they are not life-threatening. but at this stage, reconstructive plastic surgery. It's understood she'll need

being treated in hospital. The 40-year-old baby-sitter also have been notified Police say the girls' parents dogs have attacked anyone before. and that there's no suggestion the Jessica Rich for Nine News. at Rosemeadow tonight The riot squad is back after Monday night's mass brawl. with tensions still running high three people have been arrested. So far,

showing little sign of remorse. Today one of them faced court

having spent a night locked up Anthony Neely released from jail for his role in Monday night's riots.

He is charged with affray adamant, he's done nothing wrong. but the 18-year-old's family is

Good, good kid. What sort of kid, is he?

have now been charged A further two people accused of shooting two men. including this 16-year-old boy public order and riot squad, Today, heavily guarded by the of Public Housing moved in contractors from the Department could be used as a weapon. to remove anything that They're being taken for no reason. The owners aren't even home. they were acting on a tip-off However, police say was being planned. that a retaliation attack

There was masonry, sticks, behind trees around premises bottles and other things stacked around Rosemeadow. debate over public housing estates. The riot has again ignited the from the late 1970s, A social experiment they simply haven't worked. for crime, drugs and despair. Becoming a breeding ground for residents. The tormenting continues Eggs were thrown at Denise's home by the media. as she was being interviewed reporting people to police. She's been accused of and she was pointing out homes. We watched her last night That's being a snitch. it's just too much to bear. For Denise -

Look at me, I'm a mess right now. Alison Langdon for Nine News. to the third Test Now to the sensational finish with Australia achieving victory. certainty But it was far from being a in the very last over with the final wicket being bowled against South Africa. almost forced a draw, The heriocs of Graeme Smith a broken hand and injured elbow the Proteas captain suffering wickets down. decided to play with his side nine is Nine commentator Make Nicholas. Joining us live from the SCG So, Graham Smith - what a hero?

Dope lots of Heroes actually. The

South Africans held on accidentally.

When stain got out, we thought that

was that. It wasn't. Graeme Smith

came about who has and elbows so

bad he could not grip a bat at all

and a broken hand. Somehow he

managed to survive for enough time

to get our so tense that the SCG

could barely speak. Mitchell

Johnson bowled him out. The

atmosphere was extraordinary and

applauded Graeme Smith. A special

man and courageous leader. He had

led Australia to his first defeat

at home. In a way it was fitting

that Ricky Ponting steam could

fight back and win this match and

it was the South African captain

that they had dismissed at the end

to do it. Overall, the series was a

disappointment for the Aussies. In

a way, I felt a much lighter and

brighter Ricky Ponting throughout

the game. Almost as if he has wiped

the slate clean and it got rid of

the demons he had had against the

Indians. He lost to the South

Africans here, and got rid of all

things like not being beaten at

home. Now he can start a new era.

Ricky Ponting can take a young and

very good side forward. Right now I

would make it even money in South

Africa and even money for the Ashes.

those series. I can see Australia winning both of

Hospital have been isolated 13 patients at Royal North Shore with a full match report. And Ken will be along later in sport

super bugs, resistant to antibiotics. because they are carrying most patients are not at risk. The hospital says but the Opposition claims in the first place such outbreaks could be prevented was better resourced. if our medical system who've tested positive It's understood the 13 are mainly surgical patients. to carrying the VRE bacteria, Any infection can cause death. is a particular worry, But this one powerful antibiotics that we have. because it's resistant to the most if it enters the blood-stream The bug can be life-threatening

are only carriers. but fortunately the patients So all of the 13 patients become sick from the bug. none of them have actually on hospitals under stress. The Opposition blames the outbreak to wash hands It's very well to tell staff to deal with the patient load, but when there are too few of them then there's a real problem. We know from our hand hygiene campaign that we've dramatically increased the amount of time the doctors, nurses, physios and indeed relatives, wash their hands.

But we need to get close to 100% of times as we possibly can.

The hospital has rejected suggestions the outbreak is the result of poor infection control. It says routine screening has enabled staff to work swiftly in containing the bug. Figures obtained under Freedom of Information: I think the Government needs to come clean about where this is occurring and how frequently. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. For a second day, Sydney has sizzled the heatwave now causing more than just discomfort. Fire fighters have been battling to contain a series of bushfires and warn we could still face a tough summer if the hot dry conditions continue. The heatwave continues. And across the State, 12 bushfires have the Rural Fire Service on alert. The two of most concern are at Morton National Park, near Bundanoon and Yengo National Park, south-west of Singleton. Neither is affecting homes right now and water cranes are making sure that doesn't become a risk. We have the best technology in Australia, we have the best trained, best equipped, firefighters. Near Bundanoon, 600 hectares have already been burnt out. We're being told to prepare - the fires burning at the moment could be just the beginning, with more hot weather due next week, the Rural Fire Service isn't taking any chances. We are in the middle of the bushfire danger period. We are there. It is hot - if we get these weather conditions, we can expect these fires, if they aer ignited, to burn and burn rapidly. And warnings today that high pollution levels, because of the heat, could cause breathing problems. A smoky haze citywide. The pollution peak is due at 7:00 tonight. If they're concerned, to stay indoors, and if they have symptoms to seek medication attention. And on today's scorcher at Penrith, the mercury hit 40 degrees for the third day in a row - the local pool is becoming very popular. What does it feel like today? I'm right next to the sun. Chris Urquhart, Nine News. A 62-year-old Castle Hill man is likely to be charged

with careless driving after his car crashed into 10 people including 5 children

west of Melbourne. It happened late yesterday in the holiday town of Lorne on the Great Ocean Road. This amateur video shows the moment just after the man's car swerved on a bend striking the pedestrians before landing on top of two parked cars. Eight people remain in hospital. There have been plenty of warnings - now January 11th is almost upon us, the day the Harbour Bridge goes cashless. And while there's still time to get yourself an e-Tag before Sunday the change will end a routine as old as the bridge itself.

Since 1932, drivers have been able to use notes or coins to pay for the trip over the Harbour Bridge. That era ends on Sunday morning.

For the aptly-named Cash Chieu, toll collection is his calling. Very sad, very sad, I like this job very much. This is the best job in my life so far. That sadness is shared by many drivers. What are you going to do? Get an e-Tag. I guess You better get moving, it starts on Sunday. I know. I think it's terrible - everybody should be able to use cash if they want to. The move to cashless tolling has seen a dramatic rise in new e-Tags, Cash will still be accepted at this and the two other booths right up until the early hours of Sunday morning. And then you will definitely need an e-Toll or an e-Pass. If you want to cross the Bridge on Sunday or a couple of days after Sunday,

two ways - come into a Registry and get hold of an e-Tag or register for an e-Toll pass. The move to a cashless Harbour Bridge has forced others to finally get an e-Tag. Used to have one for work, and now I need to have one for personal use as well. So now I have two instead of one. If you can't make it to an RTA office orders can still be made over the phone or Internet. But those e-Tags won't arrive in the mail until next week at the earliest. Kevin Wilde, Nine News. Nathan Rees has finally tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, marrying Stacey Haines in chilly New York.

The 40-year-old Premier said 'I do' in a private ceremony with just a few friends and family at a registry office. Although they met as teenagers at Northmead High, they only got engaged in March last year.

Mr and Mrs Rees will now spend a few days honeymooning in the States before returning to Sydney. In the news ahead - Patrick Swayze talks about his battle with cancer. And the love struck German youngsters and their plan to marry - in Africa. Israel is winning few friends within the international community after shelling two United Nations run schools in Gaza City which were sheltering hundreds of Palestinian civilians. But so far, the invasion hasn't stopped Hamas - its rockets continue to explode deep into Israeli territory. Reporter Peter Stefanovic remains on Israel's border with Gaza. Pete, what's the humanitarian situation there on the ground ?

A after 11 days of fighting Israel

has finally agreed to open up a

humanitarian corridor to allow aid

into Gaza. More than 600

Palestinians have been killed and

thousands more injured but his role

is has shown no signs of letting up.

Parents ran with their injured children but many of the victims couldn't be saved,

again leaving families to mourn the dead. Hundreds of Palestinians had been sheltering in the United Nations school when Israeli tank shells hit. Up to 40 people,

many of them children, were killed.

Nowhere is safe. We have the tragedy of the deaths last night in one of our schools where people had come fleeing the conflict, hoping for safety,

and now they are dead. Another UN-run school and refuge was targeted in an Israeli air strike. killing another three civilians. Israel insists Hamas was using the schools to hide its militants, firing on Israeli soldiers from inside the grounds. Hamas is still launching more than 20 short- and long-range missiles a day, pushing deeper into Israel. Most of them fall in the small town of Sderot, just outside the Gaza border - where the Baron family spend most of their days, hiding and waiting in a bomb shelter. You just sit here like this and you say, "I hope I won't die, I hope I won't die," like that. You just say, "Please don't let me die this time." Every time a rocket-warning alarm sounds, they write down the time. 59 attacks in 10 days. There were three while we were there. ALARM SOUNDS. Close your eyes, close your heads. Get down. Every time a rocket is fired from Gaza, it is picked up by a radar which sounds an alarm, that gives residents up to 15 seconds to get into a bomb shelter. Imagine doing that 20 times a day.

That's been happening here for the last eight years. And for the time being it looks likely it will stay that way. Peter Stefanovic, Nine News. There is outrage in the US after a fatal shooting on a subway

where a transit policeman pulled the trigger. This mobile phone vision shows the police officer drawing his gun

and shooting 22-year-old Oscar Grant,

even though he was handcuffed and lying face down.

"I heard a pop, pop, and the officer said "Oh, ****." It's thought the officer meant to pull out his Taser stun-gun but in the confusion, grabbed his handgun by mistake.

Actor Patrick Swayze says - he wont be beaten by pancreatic cancer. He made the vow in his first interview since being diagnosed with the disease. There's a lot of fear here, there's a lot of stuff going on. Yeah I'm scared, yeah I'm angry, yeah I'm, "why me" yeah I'm all this stuff. The 56-year-old says he's only missed one day on the set of his new police drama

because he chose to have chemotherapy on the weekends. In Germany, police have foiled a plan made in the name of true love. Armed with their sunglasses and a lilo - 6-year-old Mika and his 7-year-old girlfriend, Anna-Lena

set off from their homes determined to get married in Africa. The love birds caught the tram to the central station where they were hoping to get a connection to the airport.

They even took along Anna-Lena's little sister to act as a witness. However, the three were stopped by police

who thought they looked a little out of place during a chilly German winter. But next, Ken with sport and what an amazing finish to the third Test! And the heroics of the South Africa skipper also, how we almost dropped the third Test. And a shark attack victim's one-armed surfing triumph.

Right now, load up at Target's epic DVD sale, with DVDs from $6.99 ('JUST BE HAPPY' PLAYS) You'd better get comfy. There's hundreds of titles to choose from. As we saw earlier, some heroic batting by injured South African captain Graeme Smith has just failed to save the final Test against Australia. Needing an unlikely 376 to win South Africa's tail-enders, almost defied Australia's bowlers yet again for a draw. Smith last man out with only ten balls remaining. Australia won by 103 runs but South Africa won the series 2-1. As Matthew Hayden blew cameras away to begin day five, Doug Bollinger sent off Neil McKenzie.

COMMENTATOR: Gone! Got him - Bollinger strikes. 27 for McKenzie, a second Test scalp for 'Doug the Rug'. Hashim Amla kept alive South African hopes of a record SCG run chase, bringing up his second 50 for the match before Andrew McDonald took a dive.

Oh, what a catch - fantastic cricket from McDonald. The red-headed allrounder had doubts, Jacques Kallis asked for confirmation. From the front angle it doesn't look that good, but from the back angle his fingers are definitely underneath that ball. Umpires agreed - McDonald doing it all himself to clutch Kallis on 4. Amla went for 59 - hopes of victory becoming bids for survival. J-P Duminy undone for 15. Yes, you beauty. A shocking LBW call sent Mark Boucher packing for just 4. A pumped Peter Siddle looked skyward where lightning loomed, not far from the ground. Injured skipper Graeme Smith hoped weather would save South Africa - Siddle, Australia's storm chaser. Oh yes, chops it on! Makhaya Ntini avoided Australia's clutches, but McDonald made amends, trapping Dale Steyn - nine wickets down. Having removed the cast from his broken left hand, plus carrying an injured right elbow, Smith bravely chose to bat. Hayden could've ended the heroics - Ntini agian survived. Whenever ball hit bat, Smith's pain was obvious. 10 balls away from salvaging a draw - this:

Oh he's done it - Mitchell Johnson has done it. Smith a more-than-worth man of the series. Australia may still be officially ranked number one, but the Proteas will understandably feel top of the world tonight. Andrew McKinlay, Nine News. Australia's chances of winning the Hopman Cup, ended with a loss to the Slovak Republic early this morning. The marathon tie went until 1:30 Perth time - the deciding mixed doubles going down to a match tie break.

Lleyton Hewitt had his frustrations against Dominic Hrbaty, but continued his promising return to tennis, with a tough win that took three hours. What are you happiest about at the moment? That I didn't have to pull out. The transition from Olympic rower to cycling was always going to be tough for Sally Robbins. In her first major competition the girl nicknamed 'Lay Down Sally' finished 22nd out of 27 at the Australian Road cycling Championships in Ballarat. Robbins is keen compete at the London Olympics in either cycling or rowing.

She didn't win but Hawaii's Bethany Hamilton came mighty close, considering what she's been through. The 18-year-old had one of her arms ripped off by a tiger shark in 2003 but last night, she came within a point of taking surfing's Junior World Championships. Hamilton finished behind Pauline Ado from France while another Hawaiian, Kai Barger won the men's event. In finance - the sharemarket has extended yesterday's rally. After the break - Jaynie will have the weather details. Coming up on WIN News... Locals do their best to escape the summer heat, And three day of the National Futsal Championships in the Capital. Join me for all the details next.

Now here is Jaynie with the weather, is the heatwave finally over?

Mark, a southerly is set to cool us down later tonight. For now - a few showers and storms. A few hours ago, targeting the northern suburbs. A couple of cells over the mountains and south-west suburbs. But really anywhere could get something tonight. Many of our western suburbs hit 40 degrees this afternoon. The city hovering on about 24 for most of the day. Then jumped up to 32, so 6 degrees in 1.5 hours from about 4:30pm from the seabreeze, weakening. A very unusual situtation. The north-east and south-west of NSW remain dry. In between is where the rain and storm action is. Nothing more than 6mm for the Illawarra and just recently up in the northern beaches of Sydney. Cooler in the south-east tomorrow with light showers. Perth remaining hot, temperatures above 35 until Sunday. For Sydney - southerly winds due to arrive around midnight

which will cool us down dramatically. Those gusty southerlies will create messy waves around 1 metre at Bondi, Manly will be smaller but cleaner. A warm night until that southerly hits. Then relief from our heatwave. 26 for the west and 23 for the coast where winds will be strongest. A light shower Friday. Back to blue skies for Saturday. Gradually heating up with a possible storm on Sunday. Wednesday onwards we could have some more extreme heat Mark. That's the news for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.