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(generated from captions) Police investigate the fatal heart

attack a bid to year-old boy.

A Volvo ploughs into five parked

cars in Sydney, narrowly missing pedestrians.

The exotic turtle found in

Melbourne after five years on the


lows. Christmas comes early for

some special zoo animals.

Mystery surrounds the death of a 2-

year-old boy who died after

suffering a heart attack on his

family's farm in north-west NSW.

The toddler and his three brothers

were initially thought to have

swallowed poison and were rushed to

hospital but police now say the

poisoning. children are showing no signs of

What a tragic ordeal for a family

to go through and just two days out

from Christmas. This story has

changed quite a bit over the past

24 hours. Initially we heard for

young boys ingested some sort of

poison what they were playing on

their farm near Gunedah and country

NSW. Ambulance and police were

called to the farm and they found a

23-month-old boy in cardiac arrest.

Unfortunately, he could not be

saved. The other three brothers

said they felt unwell. One said he

felt dizzy. They were rushed to

Westmead Hospital. This morning the

two eldest brothers were discharged

from hospital. Surprisingly, no

traces of poison were found in

their system. Their little brother,

the 23-month-old twin, remains in

hospital being monitored by doctors.

He is in a stable condition. It

remains a mystery. Police are at

their farm today trying to work out

what will place but it is very sad,

just two days out from Christmas.

Former terror suspect Mohamed

Haneef says he is relieved a report

has found he should never have been

arrested and charged by Australian

Federal Police. An eight-month

inquiry into the failed prosecution

of the Indian-born doctor has

every level. concluded the mistakes were made at

The verdict is damning. Mohamed

Haneef was wrongly arrested and

charged with no evidence. The

inquiry has found that the

Australian Federal Police, ASIO,

the Department of Immigration and

former Immigration Minister it

Kevin and a share the blame for the

bungled arrest last July. Clearly

there were errors made a number of

levels, including at the highest

level. Mohamed Haneef had given his

mobile sim card to a cousin who was involved in the failed Glasgow

Airport bombing. But as ASIO found,

he had no knowledge of the attack.

The reports is the Australian

Federal Police lost objectivity and

provided mislead - - misleading

information. Commissioner Mick

Keelty maintains his officers acted

in the best interest of public

safety given the circumstances.

Four m - - former Immigration

Minister Kevin Andrews was

criticised for ignoring the

conflicting information and for

acting so quickly in cancelling Dr

Haneef's Visa and deportation. When

I came to make the decision about

the cancellation of the Beazer, I

reflected deeply on the security

and the safety and the national

interest of the Australian people.

I am very pleased that Mr Clarke

has made a clear finding was his

report that I was totally innocent

of the matters. Despite the

findings, the Government says there

will be no witch hunt and no jobs

will be lost. It has promised to

implement the report's 10

recommendations they relate to the

operate. way government departments co-

Witnesses say it is lucky no-one

was killed when a driver lost

control, launching his vehicle on

to a row of parked cars in a busy

shopping area and Sydney. Most of

the damaged cars belonged to

workers at a nearby credit union. I

was at work and heard a big crunch

and came out to see a car sitting

on top of my car. If the driver was

serious condition. taken to liveable hospital and a

Many of us had finished a Christmas

shopping but others are frantically

paddling the crowds for last-minute

gives. But we are not spending like

we did last year. More than half of

us have tightened our belts.

Normally a mother-daughter shopping

spree means be barks but this year,

Therese Stephan and Stephanie Rigby

are cutting back. If you cannot

spend too much because there are so

many problems in the world at the

moment. If we have the cash we will

spend it but we will try not to put

anything on credit. More than half

of us have cut the December spend.

Even a shopping reaches the last

minute there is not the same

temptation as last year to buy up

big. Most people are spending

$1,000 less than last year.

Australian families are taking a

sensible but cautious approach.

People are too scared to spend

money they do not actually have.

New figures showed the demand for

credit is also slowing meaning that

people do not want to put the silly

season on plastic. I am being very

careful with credit card spending.

Really careful. We will wait until

the sales this year. Linda Ritchie

says the Santa sack will lake - -

will weigh less this year. It will

be lighter but there will be

something in it. We are being more

cautious this year than last year

but the Grinch has not stolen

Christmas yet.

It is better late than never for

one man in the UK. An Australian TV

executive has decided to pay back

his debt of ?5 with interest,

almost 40 years later. Gary Fenton

borrowed the manner - - borrow the

money when he was a hitch-hiker in

Europe. When he was in the UK

recently he left $439 at the home

of 72-year-old Jim Webb after

finding his address in a box of old

papers. I cannot just send an olive

or a letter I have to visit, I have

to knock on his door. Mr Fenton

says he is looking forward to

catching up with his old friend

when he is next in the UK.

For five years and exotic turtle

which was illegally released into a

Melbourne lake has been managed to

evade capture. The turtle has now

been found but it is probably

wishing it hadn't, it has a bleak

future because it is listed on the

world's worst invaders list.

I am at the Blackburn Lake in

Melbourne with the exotic turtle

has been calling home for the past

five years. I am joined by Keith

Larner of. There is a good reason

you're wearing gloves? This is an

exotic turtle called a Red-eared

Slider Turtle bid is native to

North America. We are concerned

about exotic diseases such as TB

and salmonella. This is an invasive

species and it is an environment

repairs throughout the world. We

have major issues in south-east

Queensland and in Sydney with it.

It was caught last night by a

citizen? A woman who was walking

along the road saw a car stopping

as the turtle attended to stop. She

went and rescued the turtle and

noticed it was unusual. Given his

side's background, she realised it

was an exotic species and to go

home. They contacted the Department

Edda was taken into custody. What

are the penalties for importing

these animals? Up to 10 years in

prison or $100,000 fine. Anyone

found in possession of these

animals can face five years in jail.

What does the future hold for this

animal? This animal will be

euthanased. We try to put them into

institutions or zoos all wildlife

parks but read insiders are not

wanted by anyone. If you have

animals you should not have,

especially exotic specimens,

contacted the Department. Make an

arrangement to hand the animal in.

It seems the turtle has Senna's last Christmas.

Nicole Kidman's peaceful country

retreat in the Southern Highlands

may not be surprised that any more.

The six. $5 million mansion could

be about to get some new neighbours.

The pub next door has been given

approval to build a 100 unit motel.

Local residents are opposing the

plans and the council is due to

give its final approval in February.

Christmas has come early for some

very lucky animals at Sydney's

Taronga Zoo. There was a frenzy as

the meerkats woke this morning to

find presents in their desert home.

The excitement proved a little too

much for the Siddle guy who decided

to get inside his gift. Over the

lion's den, the big cats could not

wait to get their teeth into some

of the treats left by Santa. This

is Mary the Mueller's gibbon who

celebrates her 50th birthday this

month. She received a special gift

but the shy Queen of the Zoo stucco

way into his little UN rapper.

A chance to get up close and

personal with a fierce a reptile.

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The freezing conditions across much

of the United States are showing no

sign of letting up. Temperatures

have plunged causing trouble delays

and snow has brought Seattle to a

standstill. Seattle is buried in

snow, frozen solid and going

nowhere fast. How far have you

walked? Four miles by the time we

get to our destination. Nothing is

moving very well. At the airport

several airlines ran out of de-icer,

leading to the worst series of

delays and cancellations. Families

were sleeping on floors. I was at

the airport for 12 hours. The roads

were worse. This bus. On a hill.

That you had to roll down

backwards? Right, at which isn't

the best idea. The D Blake had of

snow collapsed rooftops at this manufacturing business and at an

ice rink where one child was

injured. Greyhound bus services

were at a standstill. Nobody should

be just dumped on the side of a

road in a strange place. To the

south in Oregon, conditions were

similar - snow snarled travel and

froze the city in its tracks. In

will Pacific north-west rain is the

winter routine for the city.

Seattle only has 27 ploughs. We

have got one to three feet of new

snow. That is about four to five

times of snow as we get the entire

winter. Four storm battered

residents, it is reality is getting

old. I was in the mountains a

couple of weeks ago and it was more

pleasant than this is. Now to the

latest adrenaline junkie activity.

A South African company is offering

the chance to get up close and

personal with a crocodile. You are

locked in a cage and loaded into

the water. Meet my diving bodies.

Hungry and definitely not that

friendly. I was about to get even

closer to those teeth. Yes, there

is a cage but it does not stop

feeling like Bates. And had you've

created a crocodile. Underwater

they showed off the jaws that can

clamp down with the power of two

tons per square inch. I watched

them and they watched of May. Just

a few pieces of metal between us.

This is as about close as a clock

Caddell as you want to get. The

effects of seeing the crocodiles is

that everything is magnified under

the water. You really see the size

of the teeth. He was sizing me up.

I am careful to make sure my

fingers and toes and inside the

cage. For adrenaline junkies this

is a new craze. The crocodiles is

one animal that sees humans as food.

The altar and a chance to interact

with an man-eater and lived to tell

the tale. It is amazing. It was so

scary. When the jaws open if you

feel like they're going to come

right through and grab you. Spare a

thought for THIS family around the

Christmas dinner table. American

couple Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

have just had their 18th child.

Jordan Grace is the youngest of 8

daughters and 10 sons, whose names

all start with the letter J. We had

a vote the other day to determine

what the baby's name was and I

wanted Julie Grace, but some of the

others wanted Jordan Makaya. The

couple and their children are the

stars of a reality TV program

called '17 and Counting' but are

now considering re-naming the

program 'And Baby Makes 20'.

Australia's selectors insist it is

part of the plan but some former

players it are not convinced. At

the Australian cricket team had its

first look at the MCG today with

two new additions to the squad.

Selectors have come under fire for

dumping Jason Krejza. Jason Hauritz

may not in get a start. They

wickets have been fairly lively and

there has not been a cause for a

spinner but a lot of that has been

due to the weather so if we get

sun-dried days then who knows? No,

I am not expecting anything. I

would train and find out when the

side and the squad is announced.

Selectors claimed Hauritz provides

a more economical option. They

insist Krejza is not a fall guy. He

is just the make-up we need to beat

South Africa. Riveted Decca

forecast to provide plenty of pace,

this jelly has plenty of options

after billion Ben Hilfenhaus.

Mitchell Johnson is expected to be

the danger man again. I thought he

bowled very well and we'll be doing

more work on that. The Proteas are

winding down celebrations after

their win. Coach Micky Arthur says

they need to remain relaxed and

focused. Other Edmeades the changes

came as a surprise. Breeds

confidence through the team and in

the players as well. Chelsea has

missed a chance to grab top spot in

English Premier League. It was not

at festive match for John Terry -

he saw red for this tackle on Leon

Osman. The Toffees thought they had

nabbed the three points with a late

goal but the player was ruled

offside and points were shared.

Edwina Alexander has jumped to

second in the equestrian World Cup

standings. She rode a clean round

at the edge out to Briton John

Whitaker who was the other

competitor to make a flawless round.

She has now a top points behind the

overall leader. Jelena Dokic has

another Christmas present with a

wild card to the Brisbane

International. She is already in

that the Australian Open. Still to

come - Mike Bailey with all the weather details.

The massive plunge in global share

markets has wiped out billions from

our super funds? Over the last 12

months workers have lost about $200

billion from their Super account. A

report out today shows returns have

slumped about 20% over the years.

Those nearing retirement are being

warned funds are not faring too

badly. The long-term numbers are

hoarding up extremely well. Five

and 10 year numbers a positive,

well ahead of inflation so don't

write super off. But it has done

very well over the long-term. The

short-term, unprecedented economic

turmoil. I hope we don't see it

again in a lifetime. Toyota has

issued a grim profit warning. The

Japanese carmaker is expecting to

post its first annual loss since it

started reporting in 1941. The

Government stimulus packages seems

to be helping retailers. Harvey

Norman has reported an 8.7% jump in

sales over the last for eight weeks.

Gerry Harvey is not celebrating

just yet. He says it is a bit too

early to tell. They have been

reports Jet Star may be in merger

talks? Qantas is keeping very tight

lipped about these but where there

is smoke there is fire and it looks

a dead star may be in merger talks

with another low-cost carrier named

heir Asia. Airlines across the

world and leading to consolidate.

Elsewhere, we were dragged down by

Rio Tinto and Westpac and BHP. It

should get slower tomorrow.

Mike Bailey is here with a preview

of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Most of the main centres should be

fine. But - and there's always a

but in weather - scattered showers

and thunderstorms will be around

Brisbane and the Northern Territory.

Troughs remain active there, also

in the west, and in NSW, where

severe storm warnings cover a wide

area. Tropical Cyclone Billy

continues tracking south-west along

the northern coast of WA. It

remains at category 1 - the lowest

on the cyclone scale. Patchy rain

and storms have been moving through

NSW, with a trough bringing cooler

air further south. Falls have been

heaviest over centres in the south-

east of the State. Further showers

and thunderstorms for tomorrow in

that region and north to Queensland.

Inland storms also over WA from a

trough in that region. Fine

Christmas Eve around most main

centres, but a shower or two in

Sydney. Late showers in Hobart

,while Brisbane can expect

afternoon showers and possible

storms. Showers and storms also for

Darwin. On Christmas Day, early

showers clearing from Sydney and

Hobart. Showers and possible

thunderstorms in Brisbane and Alice

Springs. And late gusty storms in

Darwin. Boxing Day should see

Melbourne fine for the start of the

cricket. Also fine with freshening

north-east winds in Sydney for the

yacht race. But more showers and

thunderstorms for Brisbane and

through the Northern Territory.

Keep taking and sending us pictures

of your area.

The holiday season is a great time

to get busy with those cameras. And

that's the afternoon edition this

Tuesday. You can keep up to date on

the latest news through our website.

Our next bulletin is at 6:00. I'm

Wendy Kingston. Thanks for your company. This week, the Roadshow has reached west Norfolk. Ten miles from King's Lynn is Houghton Hall, a Palladian mansion built for Sir Robert Walpole, Britain's first and longest-serving Prime Minister. King George I commented that Walpole could convert stones into gold. Our experts don't have QUITE that power, but they know a good thing when they see it. Let's join them. Father brought it from London round about 1933, when he used to spend his winters in London, in a certain club. From Norfolk? From Norfolk. He used to go up to London in the winter.