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(generated from captions) text messages to - The

political recriminations are

flying over the collapse of ABC

Learning. Yesterday it was

announced 55 ABC Learning centres will close at the end of the year. The government

has agreed to spend up to 34

million extra to prop up

another 241 centres until

March. However the Greens say

the Federal Government has

given up too easily, by

allowing so many centres to

close. Greens Senator Sarah

Hanson-Young joins us now. Senator good morning. Good

morning. What more can the government do? There has been

a whack of money put in to try

to keep them open until

Christmas, $34 million to keep

those unviable ones going along

until they can be repackaged in

some way. Do you think the government has a bottomless pit

of money ? No, I don't think

they do but they are not thinging long-term enough in

terms of using this opportunity

to restructure childcare in

Australia. We need to be

looking at why this particular

collapse happened. How did we

allow, one company, a profit

driven company, a company that

puts profits ahead of the care

of kids, and that's the

reality. With ABC Learning.

How did we allow that company

to take a quarter of the

market? 25% of all childcare

places were held with ABC

Learning. That's a slightly

different point to what the government's doing now in order

to try to keep those centres

viable. What we need to be

doing is looking at where all

these centres are, and the

receiver has done that now. We

need to be looking at who can

best take over the running of

these centres. We know 241 are

still deemed unviable by the receiver and the government is

now saying that they will be responsible for them. That's

great. What we need to see is

putting the words of the

minister into action in terms

she said yesterday "I want to

diversefy the childcare sector"

let's put up some capital grant

funding so those community

based childcare centres, those

non-profit does centres can -

centres can get in there and

take over the running. It is

only now we are starting to see

the government saying we should

have thought about this

earlier. More money then.

What we need to be doing is

getting the government to directly engage with those. You are talking about a

capital grant. That's more

money. The budget is about to

go into deficit. We will hit

$25 billion next year but the

Greens are saying more money.

I was saying this back in

October. We have seen just for

this up until the end of

December, $22 million, we are

now seeing another $34 million.

If the government had listened

to what I was saying back in

October perhaps we would be in

a better situation. It is not

good enough just to expect now

the non-profit community based

sector to fill the gap without

giving them the support needed.

We shouldn't be propping up a

failing company. We should be

helping the services offered by

other providers who do put the care of children first. That's

the priority. I know it costs

money. Absolutely. And that's

what happens when we allow big

companies to take over such an essential service and then see

them collapse. We never should

have a-allowed ourselveses to

get into this situation. This

is the opportunity for the

government to re struk tour

childcare and one of the best

ways is to allow experts into

the childcare centres. They

are the ones that are full to

the brim in terms of places

because people know that's a

good quality care for kids.

The government seems to be reticent of going down the path

to allow community based

childcare centres to move niece

operations - these operations

why do you think that's been?

I am not sure. I have been calling on the minister to

engabling directly with -

engage directly to this part of

the sector since October. I

moved a motion to call an

emergency summit to get these people together before now. Before we see another injection

which what happened yesterday. of funds at the last minute

She has really resist ed that.

Obviously I understand the

receivers had a job to do.

Their job is to get as much

money as possible for

creditors. I was always

concerned about that because

when you are talking about a

quarter of the market, a

quarter of all childcare long

daycare places in the country,

this is an essential service we

can't see to be manipulated

because creditors want their

money back. We need to be

putting the care of kids first putting the care of kids first

and obviously the concern of

parents. The number of people

I have spoken to who regardless

of whether their centre is now

open or closing, have been

absolutely concerned and

anxious about the situation - I

am not really sure if the minister and government has

taken that on board as well as

they could have. Senator thanks for joining us this