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(generated from captions) asked here this afternoon. Adrian Brown, thank you.

on Australians still in Mumbai. Now to the very latest Minister Simon Crean joins me. The Acting Foreign Affairs Good morning. for Australians in Mumbai? What's the situation Have you accounted for everyone?

Not yet but significantly we

accounted for 84 of the Australians

that are known to be in the area.

There are of course two additional

that are dead. We can't be precise

of the figures of the actual

Australians there because it

requires either on our information, hotel registrations or the

individual's registration but we do believe we accounted

believe we accounted for almost all

of them. There could be a couple of

others that that we - that may

emerge but at this stage we are very

encouraged not just by the

authorities regaining control of the

Taj and who knows what they are

going to find in there. That's the

horror of it all as it unfolds. But

we are also very pleased that we

have been able to establish contact

and the safety of a very large

number of the Australians who are and the safety of a very large

news. there. I suppose that is good some

still stuck there? What are you doing for Australians

Rendering every assistance of

course. Those who want to come home,

we are facilitating that. Qantas has

put on extra capacity and people who

want to return home we are trying to

facilitate that as quick as possible

to get them home to their loved

ones. We are act also activating the

relief emergency facilities and

counselling and those who arrived

getting debriefed and counselled as

they arrive in Australia. We set the

facilities the four ports of entry

that people are seeking to come home

to, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and

Adelaide. For those who have been

affected psychologically or

physically there is financial assistance available for them.

Anyone who is still in Mumbai, who

wants to get out, should contact

either the airline or the consulate

authorities. Obviously for those who authorities. Obviously for those

choose to stay, our advice to them

because we have revised our travel

warning to India is just stay in

safe places and avoid any areas in

which there are gatherings,

protests, etc. the Australian government's response There's been some criticism about for Aussies in India. and information some say there was a lack of support British and American tourists and that they had to rely on to get information. What's your response to that?

We have to accept that these were

very difficult circumstances, Sam.

Not only was information very

difficult to get precisely early,

there were many people that were

fearful. Contact was difficult T we

had to operate on the basis of known

contact. Look, I think the fact that

we have now got to the point where

nearly all the Australians that we

needed to account for have been

accounted for is testimony to the

way work was being done. Our High

Commissioner was in Mumbai, our

consular general and I have seen consular general and I have seen some good reports of assistance.

These things are always going to get

mixed reviews. The most important These things are always going to get

thing is, Sam, the siege is over,

it's been a terrible experience for

those involved. Some of them will

never get over this. But it has been

an exercise in which we are starting

to bring those Australians home

safely to their families. Simon Crean, thanks for joining us.