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(generated from captions) a bloke who took drastic action and his health suffered. when his weight ballooned surgery Dick Adams dropped 20kg After having the $6,000 lap-band get the surgery for free. and believes others should with a big plan. Dick Adams is a big man to have lap band surgery. to help pay for some people obesity-causing environments We know we live in the most in modern times we have ever lived in this is something and we certainly know to start to take seriously. we really need lap band surgery? but free taxpayer-funded the Tasmanian Federal MP's plan. That is It is not the magic pudding but the lap band surgery health standards can improve a lot of people's in the long term. and therefore serve a lot of money thinks Australia will be better off He has had lap band surgery and en masse if the taxpayer-funded operations who meet the medical criteria. for obese diabetics people with Type 2 diabetes. In a Geelong, there are 12,000 a $6,000 lap band - If we offered each of them just for Geelong - that's $72 million the whole country broke. this would have to send It will clog up the hospital system Wall Street bailouts to do. and probably cost more than 10 says it would send us broke. Obesity expert Dr Samantha Thomas $3 billion a year in health costs. But obesity already costs taxpayers save us money in the long term? If lap bands work, wouldn't that might save another $5 billion. If you spent $1 billion upfront you, you have to look at it. That is the way That is if lap bands work. they don't. The problem is that for many people, Many, many people, as time goes by, than not. lap banding is more harmful there is great evidence to show We know that people start to regain weight of being operated on. within at least a year within the first month or so, It made me fitter straightaway, exercises and be more mobile so therefore you can do your and that gives you more activity and keep at it, and as a long as you keep to that of life by doing that. you can improve your standard We need, as a community, from these short-term quick fixes to move away which seem like a promise miracles it may cause us to be fatter. but over the long term We need to get into the community how we re-engage communities and look at within their own environments. to live healthy lifestyles as Dick Adams himself says - It seems, it is the magic pudding. I do not think maybe more of a pie in the sky. Well, it's not the magic pudding, weight-loss we will suddenly be Lap banding promises that with of our community. attractive, successful members obesity, that is not the case. But we know for many people with for personal trainers for everyone, It might actually be cheaper to pay but that's not straighforward either. local film ever made The marketing of the most expensive