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(generated from captions) welcome to A Current Affair. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, of drugs and alcohol, Driving under the influence catching up with them. Now, the law is why so high? You've blown almost 0.17 -

Because I am from Holland. so he drove. Hans was too drunk to walk - I require you to submit to him analysis at his direction. a sample of your oral fluid for so he took drugs. Adam was too tired to drive, one or the other. or alcohol and then I drive -

this pretty much sums it up. And Phil - well, Good luck mate. Off his face. till I say stop. Just need one long breath drink driving. So you've been busted for Yeah. Oh diddums. Diddums. Diddums? come out. Bainbridge, you might as well

give yourself up. We've got your ID - We know you are here. Didn't expect this. driving with cannabis after having.. I know, but, you shouldn't be Yeah. what you had cones? have ya? You've had a couple of beers, But you've got no licence either? Yeah, whatever mate. Whatever? Does anything surprise you now? Not now, been doing it too long. great Australian dream - It's the other

and explore our beautiful country. hit the highway in record numbers. and we're doing it Cheers! Umm, I smoke and fly. 3-day WA police operation, During a special, we found out.

there thanks. Need you to have a blow through back positive for cannabis. We've done the test and it has come your car here, do you? So you have to leave

See you later. The trap has been set. mobile units go hunting. But just in case,

are a way of life. drink-driving and drug-driving And it's not just the locals. Canada, are a menace on our roads. High-flying tourists, like Phil from to themselves, and us.

Of course. you smoke and drive and drink. Well you don't really because that you shouldn't drink and drive No, because I respect the fact people drink and drive because I do not like it when people smoke and fly. but I love it when on you at all? Have you got any cannabis

No, no, no... Have you got any gear in your car? No, nothing. driver is Hans, the flying Dutchman, Tonight, Phil's a passenger. his and has gone to the police station. Hans has just been arrested Yeah, that poor bugger. Jesus.

Yeah, he's had a few. I know, it is pretty high... got amphetamines in your system? Do you normally drive while you have is the biker doing Someone not still driving

after seeing the police trap. a runner through the bush, Give yourself up. Trouble is, he left his licence. lunchtime and took methamphetamine. Adam stopped his road train at people's safety on the road No, I've got respect for other Take speed?

keep alert and not kill families. That's rubbish, that's crap. when you are full of drugs. How can you be safe on the road so does the truck. and when the body crashes, It's the essential Broome experience, down here to Cable Beach you drive your car or 4-wheel drive or two or three at sunset. and have a sundowner Chin chin.

Broome experience for them. a very different experiences are breathtaking. And let's just say that both Yeah, I have. I've had a wine. Two. Just one wine? a got an attitude A lot of people in this town have that needs to be adjusted.

will you do it again? Can I ask you this, Honestly, if I have to, yes. to a different place in Australia It's almost as if you've gone and the rules don't apply. the WA Police are you'll be happy to know throughout the State mounting similar operations

in coming months. drug treatment program It's a controversial and unproven linked to the Church of Scientology. over a secret deal, Now there's outrage to a grand estate giving Narcanon rent-free access owned by the public. of mountain majesty. It's an historic piece and Prince Phillip stayed here. Once so luxurious, the Queen it's worth millions of dollars. Owned by taxpayers,

rent-free. and it's leased to these people - Affair. Hi. what's your name? Hello, Nick Etchells from A Current you a few questions about Narconon? Suzie, I'm wondering if I can ask drug rehabilitation arm Narcanon is the controversial of the Church of Scientology. Like Scientology, their program is based on the

you might be quite mad? Do you ever think is the madman. O'Shannassy Lodge Estate The organisation leases the doesn't pay any rent. from Parks Victoria, and, amazingly, being given this facility. Mental Health Council of Australia David Crosbie, who heads the is subsidising can't believe the taxpayer

the dubious Narconon program. get that kind of special treatment I don't think it's right that they desperate for help when there are so many people agencies who can't get and legitimate drug treatment the funding and resources they need. A drug is basically a poison. What's our success rate?

at Narconon Melbourne same success rate. and internationally it boasts the the Narconon Australia. Nerida James founded education and we use a sauna detox We use vitamins and we use social coming and looking at the program, and we're very, very open to anyone looking at the works. Any doctors that are interested, treatment is not only hocus-pocus, the subsidised Scientology rehab

it's dangerous. their families to be preyed upon the most vulnerable people and who offering hope, without the people at all that they make a difference. providing any evidence What the hell is going on here? outraged by this Scientology subsidy.

is Narconon unproven, The problem here is that, not only when proven facilities have to pay. it's getting a rent-free ride rent-free premises Very few agencies get and certainly not from the Government. According to Parks Victoria,

It doesn't say if they give free rent on other facilities that are also maintained by the occupants. I don't want the Government to be supportive of that kind of approach unless there is evidence that it works

and I haven't seen any evidence that places like Narconon are making a real difference in lives of the people they work with. and the lodge will be open to expressions of interest sometime in the next year. If you have a story about Scientology or any other issue, drop us an email or call us.

my good mate Ben Dark is used to a bit of adventure. But this one was way too close to home when he chased after a burglar. I spoke to Ben earlier today. though I must admit we have probably taught under better circumstances. Tell me what happened on the night, you're in bed, minding your own business, and then some bloke walks in? Paula woke me up and said, there's someone in the house. I said, don't be stupid, the wind is blowing the door shut. I jumped out of bed, of course, I had no kit on because we were going to sleep

and you don't think to put anything on and there is a stainless steel lamp next to a bed, I was bored looking around the room thinking what could I grab, what could I grab. So are ripped one of them out of the wall and ran out of the bedroom. I jumped down the stairs and sort of ran into the downstairs room And I basically just chased him out into the street. He ran onto the nature strip that I saw him

and I was saying to her, well yelling, I don't know where he is, I don't know where he is, hoping he would stay there. The cops arrived really quickly, actually, when they turned up I said there he is there, we were pretty lucky. I was going to ask you, were you thinking clearly throughout all of this? But I suppose when you told me the you ran out into the stree, stark bullocking naked if then you know, maybe you weren't? No, I was.

I really wanted to catch him, I suppose. I just did not want him to get away. I am really glad that I did. There is an old lady who lives in the street he broke into her place two mornings beforehand and it is just no good. It scared us let alone an old lady living by herself. Well, exactly, you have got an old lady that you now know that he had burgled.

You have got Paula, your wife who was about to give birth to your daughter, your four year-old son is in the house too, it is one hell of an intrusion, isn't it? Yeah, it is. Every time we hear a possum on the roof, I wake up like that, now. I have to tell myself that is just a possum. It just does not feel as secure as it did, even though we have put in a mile more security now, you still do not feel as safe.

How do you feel about the bloke? He has been jailed for this, what to think about him? I am cranky at him for breaking into people's houses and the position that he put us in. But on the other side of the coin, I feel sorry for the poor bastard too. And Ben, what he discovered again, after you caught this bloke is that he had actually burgled you the day before. It shows how lax we are. He came in the day before, we were at a party and he'd flogged some jewelry and a bit of money and he took a bottle of rum, which I did notice was gone. But we have friends staying with us and I said to Paula, I think those kids have flogged that bottle of rum. And she said no, no, they wouldn't. But what he has done is that he has flogged everything, gone down to the park, skulled the rum, stashed the jewels, gone up to the fast-food joint to get a feed and he was too drunk to remember where he put all our jewels.

You might get them back one day. I must admit, it says a lot about you that you notice that the rum was missing and you didn't notice the jewellery gone. Yes, yes, the important things first. Well, I think I will have to buy you a pair of Superhero pyjamas for next time, if there is a next time. At least when you go out, your modesty is intact.

Thank you Trace. to at least two years behind bars. Still to come on A Current Affair - how to shop without spending a cent. An award-winning actor, with those famous blue eyes that made women swoon.

Paul Newman was also happily married for 50 years, and the brains behind a successful food brand that gave away millions to charity. The screen legend granted this rare interview to Nine's Robert Penfold 10 years ago. Welcome to Paul Newman's neighbourhood - Where today the blue-eyed idol is at work

pushing the new Paul Newman steak sauce. As usual, there is nothing in it for him, it is all going to charity. Mine was as good as any of theirs. He does it for children which is very important. And, everybody in the community loves him. I remember reading when I was a teenager, in a team magazine,

that the time that he would lose his celebrity is when his steel blue eyes turn brown. That is a quote from him. And he is still stunning. Show us your eyes. Every time I take my glasses off my pants fall down. It is all a bit of a laugh, really. 15 years ago he and a mate started selling salad dressing as a gag. He promised then, kept to this day, to give all of the profits to charity.

If anybody had told me 15 years ago that I would have my face on the label of a bottle of salad dressing I could have had been committed. I invented this popcorn stand in 1898, I also invented the cuckoo clock. Well, not really, but still a legend. And so it continued - our on the move chat about everything from movies to motor-racing

to how he started that multimillion-dollar salad dressing business. We made a big poster when we first came out. That is the first shot of the poster that we made. And that is eating lettuce without any dressing? So you had to do something about it for the world. We had to set it right. I don't rattle, kid, but just for that I'm going to beat you flat.

The other Paul Newman - movie-star Paul Newman - has been a screen legend since the 1950s. His father hoped he would take over the family's sporting goods business. But a Hollywood was quickly taken by his good looks, those blue eyes, acting ability... and they never let him go. I can see don't like me but you are going to have me, it's going to be you and me. What do you think about the movies they are making today? I have fonder memories of the kind of work that we did back in the Sixties than I think people are going to have today. I think we had the luxury of time. You hated me. In 1958 he married Joanne Woodward.

Still together, regularly making movies to this day. She obviously has a sense of humour as well. Well, you'd have to have a sense of humour

to let yourself be photographed like that. Over the years, sales of his sauces, dressings, popcorn and pretzels have raised more than $150 million for charities all over the world. No-one is more surprised than Paul himself. He was so it unsure of the venture in the beginning he decided not to invest too seriously in any office furniture at all. Well, when we first started we had no idea if that business would work or not. So I stole all the pool furniture and then, of course, the first year, I think, we sold over a million dollars worth of stuff. And Joanne was in an absolute fury because when Spring came round of course the furniture was in here, and we had to go and buy a whole new set.

And we have kept it in here, it is kind of nice. What do a lot of raisins do to the pricing aspect of it? Now comes the newest money-making idea of Paul's charities - they are developing right here in the kitchen of his office Paul Newman ice-cream. And today, it is the taste test. (The Sting plays)

The ice cream it may eventually become one more of his products in Australia where 200 charities have divvied up more than $5 million courtesy of Paul Newman. Actually, Australia is our biggest foreign market. Bigger than the UK, bigger than France. It must be so satisfying for you to see what good the money is doing? I get as much back as I give, I tell you that.

In these tough times, everyone's looking for ways to save. And you might be surprised to find you can have some of your favourite items without spending a cent. Our guide to the best freebies and cheap deals. It doesn't have to be complicated.

and you can order the freebies. It's cheap. petrol at ridiculously high amounts as well, any way you can save $20 or $30 a week is going to bring you a benefit somewhere else.

Whether it's food, fitness or fashion, 'Money Magazine's' Effie Zahos says there are ways to get something for nothing. Absolutely, still possible to find a bargain these days. In some cases a bargain can be completely free. there's so many free offers out there on the net and what Shopfree does is make it really easy for you to find them. Brendan Yell runs Shopfree, a website as good as it sounds -

it features hundreds of free offers, he finds them, you get them. We have everything from skin cream, we have dog food, cat food, we even have Huggies Pull-Up nappies. Basically all you do is arrive at the website, you browse through the variety of free offers that are there, choose the ones that are of interest to you and fill out the form and they'll be sent out to you. You could go shopping and not spend a cent.

That's what I found, I had a go of it and I was quite amazed. Essentially what this is, is a marketing site. They want you to sample something Patricia Gagliano's ditched the pricey gym membership for a regular walk with the Heart Foundation.

You walk, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the nature for free and that's what it comes down to. So, why not do it? Are you all liking your food? Yeah? Is it good? Thanks to the Hare Krishnas, Narissa Watson can feed her family of four for less than $30. The food's fresh, organic and tasty and it's cheap.

It's only $6.00 a meal. What a way to eat. $6 and you don't have to go to a fast food outlet. Good on them. Even the fashion conscious can have their designer fix for less -

with a little help from Serena Ross. We're an online designer dress hire company where choose a dress that they love and hire it on a weekly basis. You can wear a different dress for every occasion for five weeks and you basically only have to pay the price of one dress.

Get online, type in freebies and you'll be amazed what will actually be out there. It take a little bit more work initially, but it's you that gets the benefits in the end. Still ahead - our exclusive with Crowe and DiCaprio, back together after 15 years.

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Now, after a 15-year break, in a spy thriller. Nine Entertainment Editor Richard Wilkins caught up with them for this exclusive. nobody gets traded, everybody dies.

It's the new international blockbuster that reunites two of Hollywood's hottest actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. Hey there little buddy. So set the scene here - you're the guy in the field and you're the bloke pulling the strings? that is the... You've set that, well done. you've set the tone. Do you have a second question?

He is going to blow this whole operation. Set in present day Jordan, it's a story of trust and deceit in the line of duty, as we follow Leonardo's character, CIA operative Roger Ferris, who's trying to infiltrate a terrorist organisation. This is not my predecessor, this is me, sir. I'm the operations kind of officer in the Middle East. I'm carrying out his orders

and trying to forge relationships in the Middle East with the head of Jordanian intelligence. Trying to, you know, get them to trust me, get them to trust the United States. from a long way of way and does it with a very dangerous degree of ill-focus - while he's dropping his kids off at school or watching his daughter play soccer. So let's just call him a multi-tasker.

You are attracting attention. I will handle this on my own. It's 6:00 in the morning. Saving civilisation, honey. Russell Crowe plays the manipulative CIA master who's risking other people's lives while juggling his own. He's simultaneously sabotaging all my operations and undermining me constantly, so therefore my life is put in danger constantly

and so it obviously turns into a dramatic situation for my character. I'm fighting for my life. and terrorism and all that. No reservations about dealing with such sensitive subject matter? I don't think that the movie has defined political agenda.

It's about espionage, it's about spies, it's the same type of experience you have in any Ridley Scott movie, where he creates a world for you to get lost in as a member of the audience. morally or politically on the audience and I think that's important, especially when the subject matter is as sensitive as this one.

A fair while since you two last worked together... Fifteen years. 'The Quick and the Dead'. We were in the situation, we were both coming from underneath the last time we worked together. He was a young fellow and I was on my first American movie. So there was common ground in that so we actually spent a bit of time talking together and mucking around and stuff, you know. Solid ivory handle, Mexican emblem. Is he the same guy that I remember? He absolutely is. He couldn't be more professional, couldn't have a better sense of humour and, you know, it creates a great work environment. You know, 10 years ago I could have beat the crap out of you. Well, you should have taken the shot while you had the chance. Well, this is a great film congratulations guys. Thanks man. Thank you. When we come back Oprah's makeup artist shares his secrets to looking good.

TV talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey can't do without. Now his tips for Aussie women. What you see is what you get. He and I love make-up. We love make-up. There is no excuse for an ugly woman.

Oooh! You are a lip and an eye man. It's too dark. That's our program. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.