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A loophole closed given the private details so that criminals are no longer of their victims. by a callous gang of teenaged girls. A trusting elderly man robbed It's devastating. young girl who saved her mum's life. A special award for an exceptional for the end of a 41-year-drought. And Sharks' fans hoping and praying Go the Sharkies!

has moved quickly Police Commissioner Andrew Scippione an alleged stalker to close the loophole which allowed of his 15-year-old victim. to find out the identity Simon Bouda joins us now this really is welcome news. and, Simon, Mark, they really had no choice. rare - While the cases such as this one are

is once too often. for it to happen once which are effective immediately, The changes to the bail laws, mean future victims will be protects. in this girl's position - Put yourself of the 27-year-old man her identity in the hands charged with stalking her. I'd be terrified. For that guy, to see him again - without the chance I can't walk outside my house watching me. he's going to be standing there to her alleged stalker Police were obliged to give her name

and released him on bail. after they charged him

I have to go to work and stuff It's ridiculous, like, you know, my house. and, you know, I have to leave Today, to make sure that can't happen again. the Commissioner moved swiftly

to prevent offenders I'm ordering immediate changes of their victims from learning the names

or threatened violence in offences involving actual where the two don't know each other.

the Government to take action, The 15-year-old's story forced demanding bail laws be reviewed. By lunchtime changes were ordered. but we've seen that it can happen This doesn't often occur, in police procedures and by a change from happening again. we can prevent it will use their discretion From today, police officers in revealing sensitive information.

don't know each other, In cases where victims and offenders This is all about victim's safety. that we do all we can This all about making sure to keep victims safe. from Julie's family And, Simon, what's been the reaction to these changes? In a word, relief, Mark. I spoke with Julie's mum. A few moments ago, Here's what she had to say.

I think it's really good. I

understand the place had to do what

they had to do and it wasn't their

fault but I think that other girls

in my position will have a safety behind them now. in my position will have a safety behind them

in my position will have a safety

behind them now. It makes me feel

good that the have reacted so

quickly and they'll be benefit in

the future. Here is a family that has been thrown in the

has been thrown in the middle of

this and they realise that

something good has come out of it.

A very good outcome. has learned the hard way 79-year-old Allan Anthony that kindness can be costly.

to his door selling raffle tickets When a group of teenage girls came he was only too ready to help. an empty bank account - But he ended up with the latest victim of a ruthless gang. of crimes. It's perhaps the most heartless he was doing the right thing Allen Anthony thought from a group of five teenage girls when he bought a raffle ticket

who knocked on his door. and very nice They were clean looking and their hair was done nicely. to use his toilet. One of the girls asked youth group, he didn't hesitate. Thinking they were from a local

they took with them his wallet. But when they left, my Visa card. It had my my Medicare card Using his debit card written on a piece of paper - and possibly his pin number from a nearby ATM they then withdrew $2,000

with just $84 to his name. leaving Allen It's devastating!

to get by for about a week. I've got enough food here Just hours after they robbed Allen

in the next suburb. they came here to a street as raffle ticket sellers They again posed was a 68-year-old woman. and this time, their victim also had money stolen. Two other women in their seventies

by the gang but didn't buy a ticket. Eric Trezise was approached We didn't see enough evidence

raffle ticket sellers. that they were real Allen isn't bitter. Despite the robbery, It's like the old saying you know - It's like the old saying you know - over spilt milk" "there's no use crying and it's gone.

Jodie Noyce, Nine News.

over supplying the drug ice Two men arrested of suspected traffickers. don't exactly fit the normal profile the other in his 70s One is in his 60s of $250,000 worth of ice. both charged following the seizure Get out of the car...Out! on 67-year-old Zviko Skepevski Police pounced off the F3 near Tuggerah. at a Service Station half a kilo of ice. He's accused of carrying this -

$250,000 on the streets. The total bust allegedly worth People have no feeling. In other raids - was arrested in Wallacia 74-year-old Kevin Griffiths Donna Upton. along with his 44-year-old partner controlled a supply chain Police will allege the pair

selling ice in Newcastle. I think that this is a lesson cross all of society's age bands. that drug activities really do were refused bail Griffiths and Upton in Penrith Court this afternoon. In facts tendered to court - negotiated with Skepevski it's alleged an undercover policeman from Griffiths and Upton to buy drugs at a Tuggerah meeting spot.

500g of ice was $105,000. The alleged price for just this morning Skepevski appeared in Wyong Court

where he also was refused bail. John Kerrison, Nine News. still far from over - With the credit crunch decisive action the Federal Government has taken on Australia's mortgage belt. to try andease the pressure is with me. Finance editor Ross Greenwood

are tens of thousands of families At the sharp end of this crisis in western Sydney who've staked their future on a mortgage. But the burden is now proving too much for too many with record numbers now unable to meet their repayments. A single mother of two Angela Hodgson ended up three months behind on her mortgage repayments. She's now doing everything she can to save her home.

I just tighten everything. I don't have biscuits or cordial or anything like that because I'm not able to. Financially. I can't do it.

Unfortunately, she's not alone. Sydney's west has the highest number of home repossessions in the country, and the number of families 90 days or more behind on their repayments is triple the national average. Real estate agent John McCormack says house prices in the area

have dropped by up to 35% and in some cases homebuyers have only themselves to blame. Instead of living in an older-style fibro home, they go and buy the new house and land package, and they just commit themselves to the hilt. They don't think about what is going to happen tomorrow unfortunately.

The hardest hit - anyone who bought in 2004 at the peak of the boom.

Many mortgage lenders allowed homeowners to overcommit and borrow too much money. There are now calls for the industry to be more tightly regulated. Some lenders were very aggressive at targeting people that couldn't afford to repay the loan. That's why we need national reform to do it. Allison Langdon, Nine News. Debate is still going on in Washington over President Bush's rescue plan for the American economy.

For a while it looked as if the $700 billion bailout was up and running but then the politicians started arguing again and tonight, there is still no deal. The people are angry

and took their protests to Wall Street

to complain about the Bush bailout, while the politicians wrangled over the details of the plan. When President Bush first brought all sides together for his emergency summit, including the Presidential contenders,

they appeared to be unified on Mr Bush's call for action. We're in a serious economic crisis in the country if we don't pass a piece of legislation. But as soon as the media had gone, Republican Congressmen produced an alternative plan and the meeting broke down, with reports of angry exchanges. We hadn't gotten agreement. There's still a lot of different opinions.

Mine is - it's flawed from the beginning. Congressional leaders are now under extreme pressure to find a workable deal and negotiations are continuing. President Bush's would-be successors are both hopeful a revised plan can be settled, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. Right now, there has to be a sense of urgency on the part of everybody because this is putting jobs at risk, economic growth at risk, small businesses at risk.

Obama is due to face his first campaign debate with McCain tomorrow, but McCain warns he won't turn up if Congress can't finalise a plan. This crisis has forced changes to Prime Minister Rudd's plans here in New York. Climate change was going to be the main topic for his address at the UN General Assembly. Instead, the headline was a call for new global laws, to head off financial crashes in the future. Financial institutions need to have a clear incentive to promote responsible behaviour rather than unrestrained greed. After a constant round of high-level talks, Mr Rudd broke his schedule for some happy snaps with his wife and they're now flying home. Robert Penfold, Nine News, New York. On the markets - early gains were wiped out

as fears gathered about the US rescue package. The All Ords fell 26 points. Macquarie Bank and miners well down. Our dollar also lost early gains. Now almost 1 cent lower at 82.6 US. It looks as if the horse flu scare was just a false alarm. Extra tests on horses at the Eastern Creek Quarantine Station have all come back negative.

The Federal Government is waiting for the results of one last round of checks before it gives the official all clear - that's expected later tonight. You're about to meet Chelsea - she's only five but she's got a brave heart and a very sharp mind. She saved her mother's life and today was presented with a special award. Chelsea knows she is a special youngster.

It was a Wednesday afternoon in September last year. Mum, Sasha, collapsed unconscious - Chelsea was just four at the time. When she fell down, I found my mum's phone

and then I called my dad. Sounds simple but Chelsea had to go through the 'saved' numbers on the phone before recognising her dad's to make the call.

While she waited, Chelsea tried to wake up Mum.

He said put a cold cloth on my mum's face, but it didn't work. Sasha eventually came to and made a full recovery in hospital. She saved my life. I mean, like I said, I wouldn't if she was at day care that day.

I don't know what I would have done. Do you remember being a little bit scared? No, I didn't, I wasn't scared. This afternoon she was recognised

becoming the youngest recipients of the premier's bravery award. What a lovely girl, well done. Yes, big claps. Chelsea's mother says there's a lesson in this story for all parents. She wants mums and dads to talk to their children about how to use a telephone and who to contact if there's ever an emergency. Chris Urquhart, Nine News. In the news ahead -

another Sydney suburb fighting to stop an Islamic school. And Paul McCartney's first ever concert in Israel. (Sings) # You say goodbye and I say hello... #

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He's not the first politician to admit drug use, but Malcolm Turnbull has raised some eyebrows in the Liberal Party by confessing on national television that he's used marijuana. Yes, I've smoked pot. There you go. LAUGHTER The new Opposition Leader also demonstrated a healthy sense of humour about himself. Tim Costello says you're a cross between Napoleon and Churchill. Tim Costello says you're a cross between Napoleon and Churchill. Short and fat.

LAUGHTER Another battle is looming over a planned Islamic school this one at Austral, near Liverpool. Like those who opposed the Islamic school at Camden, Austral locals claim it's not bigotry just worries about the size of the development. Austral, in Sydney's south-west, where people live alongside sheep, cattle and market gardens. But an Islamic school with 600 students is planning to move in, right next door to long-time resident Radmil Gojanich. So, you've got a little farm? Yeah. You got cows? Yeah, see them over there. You just don't want a school? Nah. Jemis Lazar lives two doors down.

We are all against it - us and the the neighbour over there. The whole street is against it. To be known as Qaadiri College, the development will include a primary school and a high school. Residents opposed to the school are desperate to steer away from any racial debate. They insist this has nothing to do with religion but is a fight to protect a peaceful way of life. It's not a race issue but we just don't want to have a great too many people, too many students, too many cars going across. But we found one dissenting voice. There are schools everywhere around Sydney.

Why not here? Freid Sharan's property is crucial for developers. They need his land to build the school. Are you willing to sell it? Yes, why not? This is not a Muslim issue, This is just the nature of a growing society. There are already three Islamic schools in the area.

Liverpool Council is expected to make a decision early next year. Damian Ryan, Nine News. A team of Chinese astronauts is orbiting Earth tonight after the country launched its third space mission, which will include China's first spacewalk. (Countdown in Mandarin) The flight is part of a program aimed at building China's first space station.

Beatlemania has finally hit Israel, 40 years after the 'Fab Four' were banned from performing there. Paul McCartney held his first ever concert in the Jewish state, playing all the Beatles' classics in front of 40,000 fans. (Sings) # You say goodbye, but I say hello... # He also went to the birthplace of Christ

as part of his 'Friendship First' tour hoping to spread a message of peace. And some great news for Led Zeppelin fans. The rock legends are set for a reunion tour after singer Robert Plant agreed to join the rest of the band. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham had already decided to hit the road without him, even rehearsing with stand-in singers.

The tour is scheduled for the middle of next year. Coming up shortly - Jennifer Hawkins shows off her new range of summer underwear. But next - Stephanie with sport and in a few hours time we'll know our first Grand Finalist. It's the Sharks against Melbourne. Tonight, we'll cross live to the Football Stadium. And there's plenty of history between the two sets of forwards.

After a week of controversy in the NRL, the four teams still standing now get to sort out their differences on the field. Can the two Sydney teams keep the foreigners out of the Grand Final? It starts tonight,

with the Sharks up against the Melbourne Storm.

Peter Sterling is at the footy stadium and, Sterlo, do we know who's replacing Cameron Smith? for homeowners. The Melbourne Storm

have kept their cards very close to

their chest. Where yet to find that

he'd take the dummy-half role.

There has been talk that there Cronulla Sharks been that they

Cronulla Sharks been that they

think it's a former Cronulla player

who would take the responsibility.

There's not as Cameron Smith

missing for this weekend. There are

few other players missing and there

are other higher-profile players

during the week that may make it in

there this weekend. You'd think

that great would fancy his chances tonight

tonight against a Wookey 58. Plate

comes in for the Cronulla Sharks

with just 12 A-grade games. The big

question is whether he can do the

job so well as his predecessor. The

last two times these sides have met

there has just been a one-point

margin. We don't expect any

difference. The winner

difference. The winner of this game

would take the victor tomorrow

night in the Grand Final. Both

those games will be seen from 7:30pm.

According to the Storm, the key to sinking the Sharks is shutting down inspirational Captain Paul Gallen. Here's Danny Weidler's preview.

The Sharks' faithful believe a Grand Final berth is just a few hours away,

and the 41 year wait for a title is almost over. Go the Sharkies! Go the Sharkies!

The players were at Bondi Beach to kill time and ease the nerves - Paul Gallen giving his injured thigh some extra attention. Across town at Coogee, the Storm were doing much the same. Don't let Brett White's soft side fool you. Along with fellow enforcer Michael Crocker, he'll be after Gallen, and they believe if the Sharks skipper is neutralised, they win the game. He certainly leads their aggression and their energy as well.

He's certainly going to be one bloke we'll have to try and contain. Last time they met, aggression was the order of the day - Ben Ross's cheap shot on Cooper Cronk resulted in this response from White, and both players spent time on the sidelines.

Got a message for Ben Ross? No mate - good luck to him. Not looking for him? No. You go looking for one player you miss the rest of the 16 blokes

that are out there. There are 16 other blokes out there as well. No. You go looking for one player you miss the rest of the 16 blokes

There are 16 other blokes out there as well. The word out of the Storm camp today

is that Greg Inglis has never prepared better for a big game. He's was decisive and dominant at all their sessions and is looking for a major impact tonight. Israel Folau is also looking to put his big footprint on the match. I probably haven't played to the best I can.

There's a bar that I can raise and go to another level. Danny Wiedler, Nine News. The AFL season reaches its climax tomorrow, with Geelong against Hawthorn at the MCG. Today, the traditional Grand Final parade made its way through the streets of Melbourne. With two Victorian teams taking part for the first time since 2000, a big turnout was guaranteed. It's kicking in now, the nerves are kicking in, too.

So, just can't wait to get out there. Geelong remains firm favourite to win back-to-back Premierships. When it comes to underwear, you can't beat quality. Jennifer Hawkins knows the importance of that.

Hi guys, hi. The former Miss Universe was in Sydney last night, launching a summer range of bras and knickers. Her advice?

Make sure you have a perfect fit. She left the modelling to others but was still the star attraction, signing autographs and giving two teenage boys something to boast about. After the break - Mike Bailey with the weekend weather details. Tonight's viewer photo by Richard Perin

shows Wattamolla in the Royal National Park.

Now here's Mike, with the weather. A warm one too, Mark. Not as hot tomorrow as the past couple of Saturdays but heating up on Sunday. Temperatures already are on the rise. They hit the mid 20s inland while the city went from 11 to 22 with seabreezes keeping that maximum just 2 above average. The bushfire season is a few days away but already a total fire ban tomorrow for the southern Riverina and south-western districts. High pressure will remain dominant

despite a weak coastal change in the morning. Cloud with that is mostly over southern ocean waters. But it's brought patchy rain to the south-west of WA and western Tasmania. More showers there tomorrow and about the coast of SA and Victoria.

Light rain should hold off until late on Melbourne's very warm Grand Final day. Northerly winds will give Melbourne 26 degrees

and Adelaide 30 before the late showers. Mostly fine in the other main centres.

Fine and sunny for Sydney. South-westerly to south-easterly winds

with the weak morning change but freshening north-east later. They'll reach 15 to 20 knots on coastal waters. Stronger winds Sunday ahead of another change. Not such a cold night coming up. Temperatures tomorrow to high 20s in Sydney's west. The city should go from 14-25. Even warmer Sunday ahead of the late change.

Cooler Monday with early showers clearing. Whatever the weather, keep sending us pictures of your suburb. And with a warm weekend ahead our night time league finals make good sense, Mark. That's the news for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson, have a great weekend. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.