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(generated from captions) the first week of Federal Parliament Education has dominated with the Rudd Government's plans to greater scrutiny to open up schools

and punish the parents of truants. attack on the state of the economy But the Coalition has kept up the of the Reserve Bank Board. ahead of next week's crucial meeting to discuss the week in politics Joining us live from Melbourne

are Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner Tony Smith. and Shadow Education Minister

Why is a Labour government talking

about sacking teachers and closing

scores it? We've got two objectives

in dealing with the state about

future funding arrangements. The

first is to ensure that we need

greater transparency. We need to

make sure that funding goes where

it is most needed. It is reimport

Porton that we get money into

disadvantaged schools. Scores there

are not performing well. Parents

are entitled to note. With some say

that you will agree with the

Government's plan? In the main

Budget reply we allow him to a

plant to improve teacher quality.

We are blocked by Labor state

governments and the unions. It is

fine for Kevin ride to copy our

policy but copying and implementing

are two different things. Already

he has tripped up the first hurdle.

My months ago he promised he would

put a computer on the desk could

have read senior secondary school

student. It has been halved. A

computer on every second death. If

he cannot implement a fairly modest

proposal like that, parents cannot

have much confidence that he will

deliver on his promises. Kevin Rudd

is all announcement but when it

comes to delivering he leaves it to

one side and moves on to a another

announcement. The Australians want

to see action. The education

proposal has met with some concern

from unions, how will in a renewed

push ahead with this regardless? We

are committed to pushing ahead. We

want greater transparency. We have

commitments to more transparency of

ourselves at. There are going to be

a fair bit of argument. People

bought a hold fire until they

release greeted details of the

proposals. They would get better

outcomes from learning. And we will

insure where schools are not doing

well but people realise that we

will make an effort to improve. We

are going to improve the

opportunities for our kids ride

across the board. In the public and

private she's storms. It seems the

economy continues to be a worry.

Some economists predicting figures

will show growth may have come to

it dead stop. Mr Rudd admitted that

the Australians are worse under his

government. As the rudder government handle the economy

government handle the economy

correctly? We believe we have the

settings right. We have a strong

budget surplus. It is a big buffer

for the tough times. You're seeing

the major economies around the

world with negative growth. Almost

all of them are in that position.

We will see what the figures are We will see what the figures a

next week. There are signs that our next week. There are signs that our

economy is slowing. But they is

significant stroke in the economy.

Although we have significant

problems in many areas where the

vehicle manufacturing area we are

working on a Pacific plan to deal

with those issues. We should not

under estimate the underlying under estimate the underlying

strength of the economy. We have

substantial tax cuts from the Budget

Budget that are now starting to

flow through into the pockets of

families. But why have a positive

impact. It is important to take a

balanced view of this. We should

and over estimate the problems. We

are dealing with them. In a

balanced way we believe the Budget

is correct. What I your thoughts?

Kevin Raad reluctantly admitted

this week about Australians are

worse off compared to election time.

Before the election promise to

bring down a petrol growth through

prices. They have gone up. Consumer

confident has plummeted since he

was elected Prime Minister. This

week we saw business confidence

falling to the lowest level in 15

years. But if but when Labour was

in power. We note this talking to

Australians. There is great concern

that Wayne's one cannot manage the

economy. We have seen there in

every indicator that is coming out. There There is further leadership

speculation on the Liberal Party. Surely

Surely this is damaging? The dinner

tonight will be a great event. It

has been planned for many months.

700 people were thank Peter

Costello for his wonderful

contribution as treasurer. The

dinner has been planned for a long

time. I would not make a would not

expect him to make an announcement

about anything. We will reflect on

a great job he did in paying off

Labour's get an operating surpluses

in place of prefaces. He was the

deputy leader of the party and the

most successful treasurer. This

dinner has been in the planning for

a long time. That's the purpose of

it. A speck people to come along

and have a great the final round of the AFL. Coming up next in sport, for the Wallabies. And an off-field win continues. That's when Ten's Morning News at the US Open bows out. And the our final female hope