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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - the Rudd Government under pressure a national unit-pricing scheme. to introduce leaves interest rates on hold The Reserve Bank in the near future. and hints at a cut

Beijing's hazy skies Olympic officials play down their secret weapon. as our athletes reveal suspends two players And Collingwood Football Club

for lying about a drunken crash. with Rebecca Maddern. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News Good afternoon. could soon change forever, Grocery shopping in Australia considering a plan with the Government display prices per unit. to make all supermarkets from a 6-month inquiry It's one of the recommendations and Consumer Commission by the Australian Competition into the cost of groceries. zoning laws changed The report also wants

between the big retailers. to promote more competition be good for instant comparisons. But it says unit pricing will And for reaction on the report Steve Fielding. I'm joined by Family First Senator Good afternoon, Senator Fielding. with their weekly food bills. We know many families are struggling to help? Is the Government doing enough

that unit pricing is good for they have taken 9 months to agree

that unit pricing is good for

consumers and that is going to be

good news because it puts it the

Power back into the hands of the

consumer when they're at the

supermarket. You're obviously a big

advocate of a national unit pricing

scheme - how will this help

Australians ? ? When you go to the

delicatessen in a supermarket you

can see the bright purple game there

were - kilogram of meat but what we

want to do for the whole supermarket want to do for the whole supermarket

is it for consumers to choose the

cheapest price 3 item by a per

kilogram basis so they can get the cheapest price 3 item by a per

kilogram basis so they can get the

cheapest price. What needs to be

introduced -- done to introduce the

scheme nationwide ? ? For some

reason colt has been waiting for the

Rudd government. But it could have

been done immediately. It is a

matter of changing the displays on

the supermarket shelf . . Agrees 3

Choice website will be set up

tomorrow - do you think this will

help shoppers and to keep prices help shoppers and to keep prices

down? I'm not sure how many of us go

to a website when you're thinking of

getting a trolley full of goods but

I suppose anything may help. We think unit pricing will be more

beneficial to shoppers to keep the

grocery bills down. What you

actually think of the ACCC report ?

? At the reporter said that

competition at the grocery level is

fine. We do not think it is fine -

80 % of the market is controlled by

two players . . And an overseas

player has come in as well. The we

need to get tougher competition laws

to make sure we have real

competition and that we don't get

the two big players squeezing every competition and that we don't get

one of that of the market .