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(generated from captions) I think that's a fabulous sum. to give to somebody who loves you, without any doubt at all. I think 50% more for insurance, They're very beautiful diamonds. for insurance. Say ?6,000, maybe ?7,000, you would expect interesting items. that's nearly 1,000 years old, Well, in a town this is the piece for me - but for sheer nostalgia, We've certainly seen quite a few, the old settee table. had one of these. I'm sure my Auntie Phoebe I'll just sit here for a while. from Abergavenny - goodbye. Until the next time, BBC Broadcast 2003 Subtitles by Carolyn Black Mass following - as 500,000 people fill the city spectacular scenes for the papal motorcade. Sydney Harbour at its sparkling best takes to the water. as World Youth Day the opening Papal address. pilgrims pack Barangaroo to hear The official welcome -

Peace be with you.

And peace be with you. And a special moment - and blesses a dying policeman. the Pope shares a joke Good evening and welcome of National Nine News, to this special edition St Mary's Cathedral live tonight from

in the centre of Sydney. of World Youth Day celebrations Super Thursday was the biggest day and action-packed day for the Pope, and it has been an exciting the leader of the Catholic Church. 81-year-old Benedict XVI behind St Mary's, has just returned to his residence one of the highlights of his visit, wrapping up his day with through our city streets. a motorcade by the Popemobile for most Sydneysiders This was the best chance to get close to the Pope the route of the papal motorcade. and hundreds of thousands lined

the bulletproof windows Encased within of his specially imported Popemobile, and made the sign of the cross the pontiff waved

to the people of Sydney. at the best vantage points Many had spent hours waiting to catch a glimpse of the Pope, the city streets as he passed. their cheering echoing through (CHEERING)

grew even louder The roar of the crowd and the Domain - as the Pope entered Farm Cove for World Youth Day pilgrims. areas specially set aside

And within the last half hour,

up Macquarie Street here the papal motorcade made its way And of course that motorcade began to St Mary's Cathedral.

at Barangaroo after some spectacular scenes welcomed the Pope to Sydney. where well over a 100,000 pilgrims Damian Ryan is there. Damian, what was it like? from St Peter's Square Well, Mark, Barangaroo is a long way but for today at least was a focal point this former shipping terminal for the world's young Catholics. a superhero to his followers. From boat to Popemobile, with more than 100,000 people The Pope had an appointment this huge display of adoration. and he soaked up for the opening mass. Many of them were here two days ago Cardinal Pell was the warm-up act. Then today they got the main man. most senior Catholic, Ushered by Australia's lasted 15 minutes Pope Benedict's grand entrance

every second of it. and this crowd loved for the occasion, Seated in a specially-made chair of his Catholic castle His Holiness looked the king to feel feel right at home. and his loyal subjects were made Peace be with you. but with a message He came here not just to be welcomed hung on his every word. and the faithful of the universal church. I see a vibrant image There was even a frank admission just to get here. about his long flight any flight is an exciting prospect. For people of your age, however, this one was somewhat daunting. But for me, To be in the Pope's presence, for all these pilgrims that was the mission from all corners of the world - who'd travelled in fact, 170 nations. it's time to celebrate. And now he's here, about seeing him now? How do you feel

Unbelievable. Oh, unbelievable, All the people here is so happy. I am so happy to see him. He can pull a crowd, this fella. Yes, that's great for love. all of the faithful. And then the Pope embraced and so was this massive congregation. He was on song # Hallelujah. # public outing here These pilgrims lapped his first with their beloved leader, and they're desperate for more. Damian Ryan, Nine News. with the pilgrims now? Damian, what's happening enjoying a concert Well, right now they are with the Pope following their big afternoon on Sunday, and they'll be back with him for the Papal Mass at Randwick. along with many thousands of others,

like Sydney. Few cities can stage a spectacle

as the Pope took to the water The Harbour was at its dazzling best

as a boatacade. for what's been described

who's at the water's edge. Joining me now is Mark Burrows, even by papal standards? And Mark, it was a very unique event

Indeed that is correct mark. Over

the years we have got used of - -

used to images of the Pope back at

the Vatican. Three Pope mack on a

harbour Crusoe, exposed to the

elements and the crowd. He seemed

to love every moment. resplendent in silk, The moment when the Pope, draped in possum skins. met the Garigal people And surely the first time using gum leaves. his path has been swept clear on board the 3-storey 'Sydney 2000', Pope Benedict was guest of honour blowing in a Sydney winter breeze. red carpet, red shoes, and cape a reputation as a sailor The pontiff doesn't enjoy and he seemed to appreciate it. but the Harbour was kind he was out front and centre For much of the trip

their first glimpse. giving the crowds it was really, really beautiful. The feeling, It was nice. around the globe - Then the pictures flashed the sails of the Opera House, the slow cruise around Farm Cove, for a worldwide audience. and Sydney was turning it on

Awesome, just great. Wow, I can't even explain it. I got that sense of... on both sides of the Harbour, Every vantage point was taken the apron around the Opera House one of the most popular. Very blessed. The Pope come. He doesn't come a lot to Australia, so very good, very good. As the Pope was taking in the view, pilgrims stayed at his side all the way, all jostling to point out the landmarks. And on the shore, thousands and thousands, shoulder to shoulder, craning for a better view. Bridge climbers had the pick position, the Pope framed perfectly by two Sydney icons. I am so proud I come and see the Pope. Australia is the best. Thank you. Then past the Bridge heading for a stunning entrance into Darling Harbour - the Pope, a flotilla of 13 vessels

and a welcoming party of more than 100,000. And Mark, the Pope was certainly not alone on that journey?

Only for Australians were allowed

to be by the Pope's side. One was a 25-year-old sailor who

25-year-old sailor who said she

joined the Navy so she could go to

sea and says something different

than distil a nine-to-five job. She

circulated by inboxes this afternoon. The Pope's had a packed schedule from first thing this morning. Even before those spectacular scenes in the city, he met with government leaders and went to the humble chapel

of the woman who could be Australia's first saint. Joining me is reporter Michael Usher. Michael, it's hard to believe he crammed so much into one day? Yes, Mark, it's been pretty incredible. He's 81 years old, but from 9:00 this morning it's been a nonstop round of duties and appointments for the Pope. On a picture-perfect Sydney morning, the papal convoy left St Mary's for the short drive to Government House and an official welcome by the Prime Minister. Your Holiness, in this country you are truly among friends. And that friendship returned - Pope Benedict praising our cosmopolitan society. The immense diversity of Australian population today gives a particular vibrancy to what may still be considered - in comparison with much of the rest of the world - a young nation. He made particular mention of Australia's Aboriginal heritage, welcoming the Rudd Government's acknowledgment of past injustices. Concrete steps are being taken to achieve reconciliation based on mutual respect. Then a drive across the Harbour and a much-anticipated visit to the chapel of Mother Mary MacKillop in North Sydney, the Pope praying before the tomb of the champion of the poor, who's just one miracle away from becoming Australia's first saint. The Pope told the sisters he's looking forward to the day when Mother Mary MacKillop will be canonised Locals caught a quick glimpse as the pontiff left for the Sydney home of the Governor-General. It had all been smooth sailing until the pope was asked to sign the official guest book. No, I need glasses. Anyone got some glasses? The papal spectacles were quickly produced and the Pope put pen to paper. There was polite conversation with our country's leaders. before Pope Benedict returned across the Harbour Bridge, past a cheer squad of pilgrims and back to the sanctuary of St Mary's Cathedral. Michael, take us through what's on the agenda for tomorrow.

Mark, it's another big day for the Pope. In the morning he has a series of audiences

with other Christian leaders and leaders of other faiths. But tomorrow's major event is the Stations of the Cross. The first service will be here at St Mary's Cathedral at 3:00 - this is the one the Pope will attend. Then the Domain at 3:20. The Art Gallery - beginning at 3:30. The Opera House forecourt at 4:00. Cockle Bay at 4:45. And Barangaroo between 5:10 and 6:00. Away from the crowds but not the cameras, it's emerged that in a quiet moment yesterday, the Pope made one very sick police officer's dream come true. Stricken with cancer, Senior Constable Gary Hill was taken from his hospital bed to be blessed by His Holiness at Kenthurst. At one point, the Pope even tried out the officer's hat for size. For me? Thank you. Apparently the Pope thought the hat was his to keep.

In the news ahead - the issue that won't go away - sexual abuse by Catholic priests. And a taste of what Beijing has in store

for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. In 2007, nearly 15 million passengers worldwide voted in the Skytrax World Airline Awards. They voted Jetstar 'Best Low Cost Airline in the World',

and our cabin crew, the best of any airline in Australia and New Zealand. Not bad for an airline just four years old. ALL: Thank you, Jetstar. Whoo-hoo! To book your flight on the world's best low cost airline, visit

The joyous scenes we've witnessed through the day are in stark contrast to the anger felt by one family. The parents of two girls abused by a Catholic priest want the Pope to meet them and say sorry. Anthony and Christine Foster cut short a holiday in Europe to demand a personal apology from the Pope. Two of their daughters were raped by a Melbourne priest 20 years ago. But when questioned yesterday about the family's call for an apology, World Youth Day coordinator Bishop Anthony Fisher appeared dismissive. Rather than dwelling crankily, as a few people are doing, on old wounds. Insensitive, outrageous, disgusting. It makes me question why a person like that is in the Catholic Church. Despite years of therapy 26-year-old Emma Foster committed suicide in January. The Fosters tried to go to St Mary's Cathedral this afternoon for answers but couldn't get any further than the barricades. The Fosters say they are serious about their calls for a meeting with Pope, even if this fence is as close as they get. Undoubtedly, their return to Sydney this week will put pressure on the Catholic Church. Victims of abuse had been expecting a formal papal apology this week but the Vatican says nothing is confirmed. World Youth Day defended Bishop Anthony Fisher's comment. He's a man of deep compassion, I know he feels great compassion and sympathy for the victims and for all those who've been hurt through abuse.

John Kerrison, Nine News. Exactly a year after a toddler was killed by a garbage truck her family is calling for safety improvements at the intersection where the accident happened. 3-year-old Jessica De Andrade was knocked out of her mother's arms as she crossed a road in Alexandria. I talk to her every day, every night by myself, alone. The family wants a red light arrow to stop drivers from turning when pedestrians are crossing. Police have found the body of a man who went missing

Confirmation from the Prime Minister today that households earning more than $50,000 a year will not be fully compensated for cost-of-living increases caused by his climate change policy. And Mr Rudd admits he doesn't know at this stage how long it'll take for his emissions trading system to reduce carbon pollution. The Government's new plan to reduce carbon pollution will see rises in prices for gas, electricity and other goods and a spike in inflation of nearly 1%. But only pensioners and households earning up to $53,000 will be fully compensated. It does have a cost. Let's just be up-front and honest about that.

Today, 24 hours after the Government released its green paper on the scheme, Mr Rudd would not say how much compensation families on more than $53,000 would receive. We'll decide on the precise formula for that during the course of the next six months. Working families are expected to be hit with extra costs of more than $500 a year when the emissions trading system comes into operation in July 2010.

The Government says the increase in petrol prices caused by the scheme will be offset by reductions in excise, but only for three years. And Mr Rudd refuses to say what will happen after that. As the Opposition sees it, the political motive is clear. There will be a carbon tax on top of the petrol excise but not until after the election. One of the strange aspects of the Rudd plan is that industries and interest groups

affected by the proposed emission trading system are supposed to lodge responses by September. But Treasury modelling showing the costs and economic impact

will not be available until a month later. We're starting to see Australian business leaders scratching their heads and saying,

"How can we make a submission about this vitally important issue "without knowing what it's going to cost?" Laurie Oakes, Nine News. Five Hezbollah prisoners released in an exchange deal with Israel

have received a hero's welcome in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The militants include Samir Kuntar, who was jailed for killing a 4-year-old Israeli girl, her father and a policeman in 1979. They were freed in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers. A bank has collapsed in the US

And there was plenty of peeking going on in Beijing as excited locals gathered outside the Olympic Stadium to catch a glimpse of performers putting the finishing touches to their Opening Ceremony routine. Organisers fired off a massive pyrotechnic display

while the main venues were lit up. The rest of the show is likely to stay a secret with performers and staff signing confidentiality agreements. Ken with sport is next and the man voted the Panthers' best ever fullback could be on the move. The club is keen to bring on a highly promising junior.

Also, 'Beaver' Menzies to play out his career in England. Plus Cadel Evans still in yellow by one precious second. Ohh! It doesn't get better than this. Mitre 10's: Estwing hammer, a mighty hot: Stanley ratchet set, just: Mighty helpful Mitre 10. In a move bound to concern Panthers's fans, Nine News has learnt that Penrith have spent the last month trying to offload their star back Rhys Wesser to rival teams. Despite being on contract for next season Wesser's management has confirmed he has been in talks with other clubs. Rhys is the word at Penrith and has been for the last 11 seasons. He was picked at number one in their greatest-ever side but now his time may be up. With the emergence of Lachlin Coote Wesser has been forced onto the wing. His contract with Penrith is worth $320,000 next year and the club would be open to others taking him off their hands. Panthers officials refuse to comment on camera about the Wesser situation, but insist they are not trying to move him on. But rival teams have told me Penrith are willing to pay a large slab of Wesser's wage next season in order for him to play elsewhere. After 16 seasons with the Eagles and aged 34 Steve "beaver" Menzies is hitting the road. He will finish his career with Bradford in the English super league. He says playing against the Eagles was never an option. I wasn't looking for any NRL interest. He'd love a fairytale finish but won't get too far ahead of himself. We are not looking too far ahead. Mark Gasnier is back training with the Dragons. nathan Brown said club boss Peter Doust shouldn't be made a scapegoat for his departure. Peter Doust did the best he could. Another drug scandal has rocked the Tour de France with a second Spanish rider testing positive to a banned substance.

For Cadel Evans, it's steady as she goes still race leader albeit by just one second. Moises Duenas is the latest to farewell the tour, detained by police after testing positive to the blood-booster EPO. Cadel Evans's first full day in yellow was fairly relaxed. With rivals content to ride amongst the pack,

the race leader also remained with the peloton. The final stage in the Pyrenees featured one major climb and a fast finish,

Norwegian Kurt-Asle Arvesen a narrow winner. Still overall leader by one second, Evans has been buoyed by Australian fans lining the route. If they supply the green, he's vowed to give them gold in Paris. Well, I'm glad I could be wearing this jersey to make their trip worthwhile. I hope we can have a get-together in Paris with the same jersey. And the early starters have teed off in the 137th British Open.

Absent - Tiger Woods, still recovering from knee surgery. There's 18 Australians in the field, defending champ Padraig Harrington already 1 over par.

Andrew McKinlay, Nine News.

To finance now - The big banks staged a recovery on the market After the break the latest on Super Thursday, then Jaynie with all the weather details. Coming up on WIN News... The National Capital Authority calls on the Commonwealth to re-instate its funding, And the push underway towards A league inclusion for Canberra. Details next. Ohh! It doesn't get better than this.

Mitre 10's: Bosch 670-watt angle grinder, only: Victa 26cc petrol line trimmer: Mighty helpful Mitre 10. In 2007, nearly 15 million passengers worldwide voted in the Skytrax World Airline Awards. They voted Jetstar 'Best Low Cost Airline in the World', and our cabin crew, the best of any airline in Australia and New Zealand. Not bad for an airline just four years old. ALL: Thank you, Jetstar. Whoo-hoo! To book your flight on the world's best low cost airline, visit Returning now to our top story and up to 500,000 people who gathered in the city centre to watch the Pope's motorcade are cramming onto public transport to get home. The Pope is now back at St Mary's Cathedral after what can only be described as a very hectic day.

Now here's Jaynie with the weather. Mark, it has been an unbelievable week of weather for our overseas friends. Not so good for the dams. We might get something useful Sunday or Monday. But this last week, less than 5mm fell over Warragamba dam. The total levels dropping slightly, now at 66.2%.

A cool start, then fog for the western suburbs. But above average temperatures yet again, hitting 17 in the city. Right now it's 14.

A front is moving across SA and approaching western NSW,

set to bring some light showers and snow to the alps. The front approaching the south-west of WA is even stronger and will move through the west overnight and make it's way to us by about Sunday, when we expect some decent rain, even a storm or two. Tomorrow, the first front will bring showers to the south-east along with more snow. So potentially, about 5cm overnight, tonight. That more powerful front bringing strong winds Sunday morning. Fine for the northern half of the country on Friday. Storms and hail for Perth

and a couple of showers in the south-east.

A couple of light showers tomorrow, should all clear by lunch time. For the surfers - swells peaking around mid morning, but dropping off quite quickly.. Probably your best swell for the week. We should warm up to about 20 degrees across Sydney tomorrow. North-east winds freshening along the coast in the afternoon. Saturday will be a couple of degrees cooler with some high cloud about. Then for Sunday - the chance that strong front will bring the wet and wild one, With showers into next week. Pretty good timing Mark, That's Nine News for this Super Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia Macarthur power station's potential health impacts. Good evening, Police have praised the actions of the driver of a thirty-tonne truck, following a horrific accident in Canberra's north this