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(generated from captions) we'll look at the Government's plan.

Remember, we don't have a plan on

the table. But we'll look at

whatever the Government puts

forward and we'll look at it from

the point of view of ordinary

Australians so make sure they're

getting a fair go, and also to make

sure that our kid's kids do have a

planet to live on. Briefly before

we go, the report today of a 6-

year-old girl being used on the

front page of a taxpayer funded

magazine. Does that concern you?

Look, I haven't seen it and

probably don't want to see it, and

I think it probably is a concern.

Look, I think this is probably

something that we have got probably

just out of kilter I think. What is

art and what is reasonable, I think

is weighing way tooch in the side

of saying art.

of saying art. Thank you very much

for being with us Senator field

field foot and thank you to ricin

roo and Glenn Milne. A transport of

the program will be on the web at Until

next week. Goodbye. Supertext

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Melinda Schneider talks about her On today's show, country music star brilliant new album "Be Yourself", early singing days in Dapto and a which came out yesterday. long hours, bills and tight budgets? capital are happy and coping with putting in some hard yards when it But first, to someone who's been

Thankyou. Good to be here. makes you tick. Now listen, let's talk about what What makes me tick? question. Um, well, that's an interesting (LAUGHS) makes me tick. I guess my family is primarily what moment. I've got four young children at the would know, they're the most And as most people with children important thing in your life. I do. And that's what drives me and what Canberra and always have. I also have a great love for here and what I want to see, the So I'm now raising my own family what drives me. Elections are coming up. one's business but how do you You've been campaigning like it's no convince the A.C.T. people to take a lot of time in the electorate. Sure. I think we've been spending a and what their concerns are but is for the future. Telling a little bit of my story. of Canberrans, as I said, I grew up Really I'm not different to a lot relate to that experience and now servant, many Canberrans would

I'm getting from the community is And I think, I think, the feedback the current government. that many people feel let down by so we're obviously talking about They feel that they've lost touch, strong policies and I think, people, we've been putting out some very well to those. the community is responding very unlosable election? Do you think that this is the words, if you ever had a chance, And do you feel that let's use these

that at all. Sure. I wouldn't categorise it like have a great challenge. I certainly know that we always a Government, the benefits of It's always a challenging to unseat modern politics. incumbency are very strong in challenge for a moment. And I don't underestimate that promising not to close any schools major school closure program. housing affordability such as water, We know that is such areas as haven't seen, and public transport, such as education and health, we delivering on it's promises, we haven't seen the Government expect @ deliveri delivering on what people would

on a couple of weeks ago. Okay, so we had the Chief minister concession, particularly for first We do provide significant but it's means tested. home buyers entering the market, housing affordability strategy. that we're implementing through our politically convenient or we'll It's far better than a quick snappy not means tested, it's unfair, It doesn't address the issue, it's it won't achieve the result. It's classic voodoo economics and difference to addressing this serious issue. wrong. privilege of buying their home is the country that it's unreasonable, It is wrong, it's recognised around the nation. and thousands of Australians around some real concessions. We believe that you do have to give buyers a bit of assistance. So we want to give all first home policies.

lead up to the election. you? You're 31. Okay just to finish off. What about horizon? Are you heading towards the federal You know, do you plan to PM one day? wouldn't look anywhere beyond at Oh look, you know, I certainly That's an important task. nothing beyond that at this stage. politically? So who would you say you look up to Lincoln. Mandela, for instance and Abraham They are my heroes I suppose. home as well. But you learn from those closer to

Australia, you learn something. Obviously every prime minister of tough on you though? What about politics though, is it kidding themselves. You know what your signing up for. I think that's when it gets It does get personal sometimes and though? Do you bring that home? from the professional. intense lifestyle. that's not easy. We do have an kicking the So look, I love nothing better than footy with the kids in the backyard. dad are you? I was gonna say yeah, what type of chip in with the chores? Are you a TV and beer dad, do you up on the show, are Canberra people Time for a quick break, but coming Focus. We find out after the break on State

from the University of Canberra And during the week, Kylie Betts (WHOOSH) Good. Good. two types of therapies. Okay, what we want to do is compare ten sessions of counselling at the For participants who are receiving Centre. University of Canberra Psychology therapies but they have slightly And they're both behavioural based people's problems. different ways of approaching the differences. So we're interested in comparing answer that question. I guess there's a couple of ways to in the community.

suggests that there is, we're not So in looking at the statistics, Why is that? mean, you might have a mistake and For a lot of us, being happy might

or lonely or depressed and that we You know, we should never feel sad stresses that come our way and get should be able to handle all the this work/life balance perfected. need to work harder. You know, I'm not good enough, I So how do we deal with it all?

rising fuel prices, grocery prices, The stresses, you know, mortgage, (LAUGHS) Where do you start? demanding boss, screaming kids... you cope? You know, you're a young mum, how do purpose is for I guess it comes down to what our putting up with all this. bother about going to work, having a mortgage, being a parent, and it comes down to our values and I think that's not moral values but our meaning, what we want to get out of life. What our goals are for life and sometimes we can loose sight of all those things that aren't quite helpful.

Sorry. (LAUGHS) It's a great relaxant, in moderation. But sometimes it can add to our problems, you know, if we're doing that instead of actually directly dealing with what it is that's What point though, do we decide that we actually need help? I think, at the point where you know, most people have a host of resources to help with the stresses that come their way, both informal looking after your health, having supportive friends and family and relationships and people you can talk to about things. And part of it I think is attitudes and beliefs around seeking help and

(WHOOSH) To some serious celebrating now, and from tomorrow thousands are getting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Good morning to you Matilda, you're looking good.

first of all, how relevant and important is NAIDOC week for young indigenous Australians? Well young indigenous Australians are the future. celebrate is very important because they're going to be the leaders.

They will now have to be part of the bigger picture and making sure that the history will never ever be forgotten. How do you rate the opportunities, I guess for young indigenous people here in Canberra, whether it's the Arts or sport or even politics. I think we got some really good great kids that are coming through

of course we have education which is a part of the, well, is the main part of focus. To have that focus you must know and understand that there is a

future there and grab hold of it and just run with it. Does Canberra provide opportunities though? It does and it doesn't. And because we have, Ah, like all states and territories, right

there that still looking for that identity and this is part and

But then it became NAIDOC. should come into something that the youth are going to recognise and

Dubbo or Wagga or Wollongong, what's happening here in Canberra to What I'm up to?

Which we've I've had youth and I've had elders doing the art work. And that will launched about a week or so after the NAIDOC celebrations it'll be quite lovely to see that launch happening. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) Matilda, thank you so much for joining us this morning. couch. baby-sitting or not. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) I will. Thank you. (LAUGHS) I will. (LAUGHS) I will

Just before we get to have a chat with singer Melinda Schnieder. we just wanted to touch base with the Mayor of Cowra, Bruce Miller, to murder in Cowra.

particularly when children are involved, so whilst we have a very over the last few days as we try to come to grips with it and imagine what is going through Shelly

her family just completely devastated with the Bruce did you know much about the family and why they moved to Cowra? No I don't. I didn't know the family at all,

been based in Parkes.

So she was very excited about that and of course, the subsequent that family and our thoughts will that you know of at this stage? Certainly as far as their school friends of the young children they

community support here, so as I said, very resilient community so

But we're really at a bit of a loss as to know what we do going forward at the moment. as I say, difficult times and we'll just have to wait and see in the

Thanks very much for joining us on State Focus Bruce. You're most welcome, thank you. Look after yourselves. Thank you, bye. Guitar Awards and sold more than 200,000 Albums in Australia. There's no doubt country music has made Melinda Schneider one very

happy camper. Well I think, you know, lots of changes in my life. I think every good country singer has to have a divorce.

Drawing a lot of my inspiration from, you know, the sad times that happen in my life and to us all. I'm really excited about the new album, 'Be Yourself' and my brand Let's talk about that. How liberating was that?

Creating a new album through your own, through you. It's scary at times and daunting and overwhelming but really, it is liberating and positive and I feel like I'm really, you know, in control of my career and my future and it's a good feeling, you know,

these songs I've been writing for the last year and living with them Nashville back and forth writing the songs. Tell us about the people you got to work wit. You know, Eric Clapton, you had Paul Kelly, do a duo with you. Yeah.

communicate that and you know, tell them what to do. Did you tell them what to do? Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman Peta. (LAUGHS) Yeah, look, I did and I have written with some amazing songwriters, Gordon Kennedy who wrote 'Change the World' for Eric

Take us back to your first recording with mum. You were 8 years old, your mum, Mary Schneider, of course a country music legend, can you remember that first song, can you remember that time? Oh look, I don't think that I'll ever be able to get, 'I just want

(LAUGHS) Yes, okay. hear me down the hill side which was inspired by mum. Yodelling in the mango tree up in Rockhampton Yodelli

I never get to feeling lonesome, my friends are hear with me. All the birdies in the branches like to watch me as I swing. Then I climb up there beside them and we all begin to sing.

(CLAPS AND LAUGHS) Beautiful. Grandma days? Yes. Oh that's your nickname - Beanie. Beanie, that's my nickname yeah. Oh, that's what it comes from. And Nanna Bean lived in Dapto. So I spent many weekends down in that area, Dapto and Wollongong area and Dapto Leagues Club was a big you know, hang, I guess for us So I spent a lot of my childhood back Yeah, yeah. I do.

Even Canberra, you've played Canberra just recently. How was that? How was being in the Nations capital? There is actually quite a great country music following in Canberra. People wouldn't really expect that, but there are a lot of country music fans. @ but They're not just line dancers as well. No that's right. Hey, don't knock line dancers. Um, but the Mawson Club was great.

So it was a big success. Well, that's the show for today. Next week another star joins us, Wendy Matthews talks about farms But for now, thanks for watching and we'll see you next Sunday for State Focus. Bye for now.

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