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(generated from captions) into the so-called Iguanagate scandal. Last night we brought you explosive claims by former Belinda Neal staffer Melissa Batten, who accused Neal of pressuring her to change a statutory declaration. Tonight, the saga gets even messier. I did not put it in i crumbled under her. Yeah intimidated? Duet pressured? Yes. My heart goes out to Melissa Batten I saw the interview last night. Last night's bombshell interview send shock waves through the federal government. A really looked after her. And I really believed in her. One of the Government MPs exposed as a bully and a liar. Who will go to great expense to hide the truth. Ms Neal could face a criminal charge under, of law. Did you see the interview last night what was your reaction? I think every Australian should have watched current affair last night. I just thought there is going? I was in total fear of where this was going. Melissa Batten was a secretary working for MP Belinda Neal. She revealed how she was pressured into changing her version of what happened when her boss became involved in a dispute but the staff at this order for a restaurant. I told by Linda that I heard her say "to you-know-who I am". And she said snowmelt, I did not say that. Right now we are exposing explosive new evidence. Proving she went to extraordinary lengths to fool the department. These documents faxed to us today are the statutory declarations at the centre of this investigation. They were handwritten by a Melissa Batten and her husband. These stat decks were they true? Were is it true. Nope. If it did not include the line do you know who why am? And will it did not. And it did not include the fact that you had made an apology to a staff member at? No we did not. This is the Mellissa patterns setting - - second stat dec the first time was shredded by a Belinda Neal. Now come we can reveal Mellissa was not the only one intimidated by the MP. I remember purchasing a bottle of red wine and bringing at out onto the table for part of the meal. The lenders said not to mention the up a whole. She was anxious to airbrush the issue of alcohol. He left that the reference to the bottle of red wine as the Belinda Neal had suggested the day before? Decided.. But that these people bowed to the pressure of Belinda Neal and wrote of the statutory declarations that the way you they were told to. Had you feel? I felt a lot of pressure, but I felt more pressure from myself because I knew that it was wrong. That is why I want my story told. Melissa only worked for Belinda Neal for three weeks and she was so proud of her new job she agreed to appear in a pamphlet alongside her new boss. It was just asked of me if I would like myself and my family to help them out in a photo-shoot. Six to 5000 copies a were printed and paid for. As we go to air tonight they are gathering dust in Belinda Neal's electoral office. They are not expected to make it into anybody's letterbox. Do you have any opinion on what should happen to Belinda Neal? No that is out of my hands. But as a to the police. Belinda Neal refused to to face the music today but late today she's stood down as chairwoman of a parliamentary committee. She is yet to be interviewed by police or quizzed by the Prime Minister of Melissa Batten some damning allegations. I believed in her and I did trust her. That none of this is worth what it has done to me and my family. None of it. who are expected to have it finished within days.