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(generated from captions) many lies... many rumours. I want to set the record straight. The 'Underbelly' gangland lawyer. I was given death threats. All the secrets... Can I have a tissue? And a revelation. I'm pregnant. major television interview. Jane McGrath, in her last Good evening. of Australia's gangland war The final chapter has never been told. the 'Underbelly' TV program, We've witnessed

from Roberta Williams the endless stunts Barbara Williams and Judy Moran. and the bitter feud between who's remained silent throughout But the one person has the most to say. a beautiful woman, Zarah Garde-Wilson is a lawyer, a covergirl,

with the very worst of men. who surrounded herself has this chilling exclusive Clare Brady with the crime barons' femme fatal. Zarah Garde-Wilson - with Melbourne's worst gangsters. a woman who tempstsfate towering high heels, Fishnet stockings, all her well-worn trademarks. legal world's woman of mystery. By design, she's Melbourne's is wrong. 80% of what's been written about me Guccie, Versace and Dior. In her closet, Hanging behind the labels

she has never uttered a word until

now. The people that know me, know

who I am. She is a criminal lawyer

he did a fashion spread. It can do

he did a fashion spread. It can do

little noses out of order. It was an

little noses out of order. It was an

attempt to try and it refute this

they have -- but things that were

being said about me in the media. As

by as the content of the article

goes, it was not approved by meet

prior to going to press. She's used

to their whispers and stairs.

Rumours about her became a fact.

Help world unravelled when she fell

in love with the hit men. They are

trying to identify a man found dead trying to identify a man found dead

in Brunswick overnight. When he in Brunswick overnight. When he

first met Lewis, I hate to sound

corny, but was a lot at first sight? first met Lewis, I hate to sound

at first There was an attraction

There was an attraction it was love at first sight, I wouldn't say

something in the air. but there was definitely at first sight

Did you know his past at that stage? Not when I first met him.

at first sight the men under the

wanting green eyes. He became a be

young lawyer's the great love. He

had spent a dozen is in a jail for

bashing a man to death. Behind bars

he was tough, his stand over man. If he was tough, his stand over man. If

you actually go into the details of

what happened, he was about 21 at

the time and the scenario that I

been told and that I believed is

that it could have gone two

different ways. Zarah, what made you fall for Lewis? that made you fall for him? What was the thing He just had such a big heart, in the past. despite what he had done

.it was a lot that the legal world

frowned upon. But she did not care.

think ? Did he worry what other people might

That was one of the main reasons why we were even in a relationship. for 2.5 years no-one knew

that we wanted to broadcast It wasn't something ?

that would come back because we knew of the implications

? Drifted be a brutal chapter. A

love story with a bloody end. There his spirit in your life every day? With Lewis, do you still feel Not every day, but at times. At times. when things are dark? Do you call on him To give me strength. And do you have dark times? When do they come? Just by talking about him? What makes you most upset you were so close to? about talking about someone The loss? Can I grab a tissue? The man died of gunshot wounds, FILE FOOTAGE: whether he was killed at the scene but police don't know or whether his body had been moved. who might know the victim Police are appealing for anyone to contact them. is still such a raw point for you. Obviously, talking about him how did you first hear about it, On the night he was shot, that he had been murdered? until the day after I didn't find out and told me about it. when the police knocked on my door

we have this as they registered

address . We're very sorry . with the night? Did you feel something was wrong Yeah. . Is it true that when the police came

you already knew in here? you said to them How was that? Yeah. I think it was on the TV, There was something, had been found that an unidentified man

which I didn't think fitted him, and they gave a description

. The number but you have dialled --

this guy is a mystery caller. This

is the number of. The one that has

been calling Carl. that I had the night before But given the feeling and that he wasn't home, that something was wrong it just grew from that. being so in love with a man What was it like he was going to die young, who was convinced who knew he was doomed? when he said things like that. I never believed him pessimistic about it. I just thought he was being and that sort of thing We had talked about future plans that that was the case. and I just never really accepted

He planned to kill a man it and it

backfired. They tend the gun on him.

He was shot in the head.

Mixing with dangerous people. Did

you ever fear that one it might have

your name on it? At the time I was

not aware of the situation it. It

was only in later years but that

became evident and the risk to

myself became evident. And never

foresaw that these things could

happen. If I did I would have taken

a different approach. Even her

a different approach. Even her

office is a portrait of herself. It

paints a minimal picture. It gives

little away. It is home to a python,

a pet shop -- snake

you have a snake. Is it true that

when you met the police you had the when you met the police you had the

snake draped around my neck. She has snake draped around my neck. She has

never been draped around my neck

when anyone has come into my office.

Why have you got a pet snake? I went

to a pet shop and she was there and

the guy was handling her and I the guy was handling her and I

thought she was gorgeous. It was an

impulse buy. Even be on her lover's

death their headlines keep rolling.

She desires to conceive a baby from She desires to conceive a baby from

his frozen sperm. She made a request

to have sperm taken from his body

after at the autopsy. Be granted but

the family launched an injunction

against it. He did have talks against it. He did have talks of

having children with Lewis. Was that

before he died? Beaded top about

having his sperm frozen then? Prior

to his death? Was that in his will?

Yes. So when all the talk came out, Yes. So when all the talk came out,

how did that make you feel? It

upsets me because it is my private life. I don't think it's something which should be in the public domain. I don't think it's something which the public has entitlement to have an opinion over because it is a personal matter.

You have called sar leave a message. Hello it is Carl Williams. We have

never met before but I want to say

how sorry I am. Have you seen

underbelly? I have seen underbelly.

How do you think you are portrayed

in it? It is appalling. But it is

very incorrect. I'm not a

photographer. I never took photos

of him and pinned them. on my wall. I didn't live in a big penthouse apartment. We lived in a little, 1-bedroom, studio apartment with very limited furnishings.

When he was heard tend to testify

against her lover's killers she

refused. This where was charged with

contempt. Your contempt charges

where for failing to testify against

the two men. The two men who shot

Lewis. Were you just that frightened

Lewis. Were you just that frightened

they could not do it? That is the

reason why I could not testify. They

were still found guilty. Do you ever

feel a sense of, perhaps, guilt that

you could have said something. ? I don't think that anything that I could have said would have changed the case, the strength of the case, that was against the two. Were you given death threats during that time? I was given death threats in 2004. In what shape? What shape did they come in? It was a direct threat from one of the accused and there was conduct since that, which placed me in fear, and resulted in the position that I was faced in court. It was said that you actually thought, and a quote was from you that you would get your head blown off if you testified. Was it as savage as that? It's the nature of these sort of trials. It is not an area which you can treat lightly. Some police believe during that time that you almost adopted the crooks code of not ratting on another crook. Do you think that you crossed the line during that? It amazes me that they could even think that, or even put that into that sort of perspective.

It was after his death.

P find it hard to trust people? Yes

I do. Was the difference before had? You're always going to let your guard down a bit more. But wary? Always wary. I can feel how weary you.

What you think your legal peers

think of you? When you stride out of

court and you have camera men trying

to get a shot of you? They laugh at

the camera men. I find that they

give me a lot of support. Even the

female lawyers? Female lawyers, male lawyers, judges and magistrates. I've never been face-to-face criticised or looked at in any way by a female lawyer,

looked down at me in any way like that. You have a deliberate style about you. Is that always been who Zarah is? A deliberate style? The way you dress.

You're not pinstripe and corporate. I don't think pinstripe and corporate suits me.

If I did, I'd wear it. Don't feel comfortable in it? Don't feel comfortable in it. Is the sassiness part of a tactic with your business? Not at all. I like dressing like a woman.

I don't feel comfortable in a lot of the clothing

that some women choose to wear in the legal profession. And do you think that's drawn attention to you?

People do jump on that bandwagon, but I can't see the basis behind it. When you go to court in the morning, you know there's going to be the cameramen, "Here comes Zarah" and all the whispers. Do you think of that before you leave home and make sure "I'm going to knock him dead with this"? Not at all. I've got a very limited wardrobe. You know that you turn heads though. Does that give you a bit of confidence? But I don't know whether I'm turning heads because it's the way I look or I'm turning heads because of the media publicity that I've received.

De what people do feel sorry for I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I don't feel sorry for me. I'm quite happy where I am. I don't ask for anyone's sympathy and I don't ask for anyone's criticism. I don't go around criticising other people for the choices they've made in life.

I you happy? Yes I am happy. Any

plans for children? Is very

surprised? I you pregnant? Yes I am.

When is the baby due? People would

When is the baby due? People would be no -- people would be curious to

know it is did Lewis's?

Tomorrow night - the father and Zarah Garde's plans. Clare Brady reporting. the father and Zarah Garde's plans. Clare Brady reporting. Just over 24 hours ago, Jane McGrath became one of the 2,500 who succumb to breast cancer. As you know, a courageous battler, fine mother and a woman who knew the full value of using her profile

to promote awareness of the disease. Late last year I spoke to Jane and husband Glenn - in what turned out to be their last television interview together. FILE FOOTAGE: Where do you find your strength? It's just there. It's just there. I look at the kids and I'm going nowhere.

I just will do everything I've got to do. We push through. They make you smile every day, or sometimes cry every day and that's it. I just know in my heart everything's going to be OK. A mother of two young children, a dedicated wife

and a fearless campaigner. At 42 years of age, it's a life cut too short. I try not to be frightened by IT anymore.

You've just got to face your fears, deal with them and watch them melt away. Jane McGrath faced her fears with a beaming smile. A brave public face which humbled those who met her. I am so lucky.

It's amazing though that you say you're lucky when you've had cancer three times. But I'm still here, so that's lucky, yeah. Jane may have passed, but her legacy will live on. Tributes poured in from around Australia, including this from her best friend, Tracy Bevan. On behalf of my friend, Jane McGrath, thank you so much, Australia. Thank you so much for your support, so much for your lovely messages to Glenn, James and Holly. And I can tell you it really means a lot to everybody. Jane's biggest contribution, the McGrath Foundation. An organisation she established to fund trained breast-care nurses.

Jane only too aware of their critical role in recovery. It was a familiar face every time I went for treatment with chemo and radiotherapy and things, and if I was feeling unsure about anything, or worried at home, then I could give them a call and they'd answer my questions. For years, Jane fought breast cancer then a secondary outbreak in her hip. Months later, it spread to her brain. She died yesterday from complications at home. Glenn and their two children, James and Holly, by her side. How did you tell your kids that you had a tumour, a brain tumour? I had an MRI and it revealed the tumour which was impinging on my visual cortex, affecting my vision - the swelling around it was. So I just said to them that "Mummy's eyes are blurry and I can't see properly "so I'm going to just have an operation to fix it." How did you react when you found out that the cancer was back? I was down in Melbourne, playing, preparing for a game and Jane said she had to go and get a scan and everything was going to be fine, not to worry and I remember going to sleep thinking it's going to be fine. And I woke up at 11:00 that night, I remember looking at the clock, I just knew that I'd be going home in the morning and that Jane would be, I guess, another challenge. I just knew then.

It's funny, when you're in that in-between space,

when you don't know, that's the toughest. But once we know what we're dealing with, and we get a plan, then that's what we focus on. And I was worried I might lose my sight. It was frightening, especially with it being in my head. Too distraught to talk on camera today, Glenn released this statement. What is the future for Jane and Glenn McGrath? I just want to grow old with him, that's all I want. She must be mad. Yeah, to reach retirements. Anyway, yeah, that's all I want, to grow old with him and see the kids grow up and have their lives and see the people that they're growing up to be. You know, they're amazing. That's all I want, simple. Yeah, just be happy and happy together. If you would like to make a donation to the McGrath Foundation: (VOICEO ER CACKLES) (SNARLS) Scream into Target's frighteningly cheap DVD sale With DVDs from as low as $6.99, it's so cheap it's scary. It's freezing outside. Hey, looks like Dad's home. Barry doesn't always make the best choices but one of his better ones was to connect his home to natural gas.

He's saving money, helping the environment and keeping his family warm in winter. Have you got gas? Visit us at: Not everyone can be a star but many can be famous. And if your child is a star, you can become famous as well - by being their manager. Hollywood parents, especially, steering their child to stardom, often with disastrous results. Dina Lohan, one such parent. Sophie Hull reports. Really, when it comes to making the major decisions it's better to have somebody objective and that means not somebody as close as a mother or a father. I think it would take a pretty unique person to be able to separate their role as a parent and their role as a manager.

I don't push her, I literally, like, deter her. Right? A crass attempt at grabbing the limelight, or perhaps some responsible parenting on behalf of Dina Lohan? Listen to me. You're not here to please anyone but you as an artist. I would not have you, or anyone else, I manage sing a song they're not happy with.

Dina Lohan is what they're calling a 'mumager' - a mum who manages her star child's career. She launched elder daughter Lindsay into the spotlight

only to see her burned out and in rehab by the tender age of 21. You're not getting that on camera. Hey. No, no, no, no, no. Now it's 15-year-old Ali's turn. And if their upcoming reality TV show on the E Channel is anything to go by, it's already hard to tell who's the boss. Mum, you're not wearing this. I don't care what you say. You're not wearing it. Alright, let me try it on and I'll decide. I can see you right now. Hi, Mom. As distasteful as the Lohan example can seem, they're certainly not the first to blur the lines between business and family. Every example of a parent working with a child, it's always soured. At some point, it's always soured and it's taken years for that relationship to mend.

Sean Anderson from 22 Management believes a parent shouldn't try to place themselves in the role of a professional. When things don't go great in their career they need to be able to go to their parent and talk to them as a parent, not as their business manager.

Britney Spears, Jelena Dokic and Delta Goodrem were all managed by their parents initially in arrangements that damaged family relations. Sometimes it's clearly a case of parents trying to live through their children. They aspired to be stars themselves, they failed. Now they see this as a second chance. It's tragic. Entertainment writer Jacqui Lang is scathing of parents who can't see when to separate their own ambitions from the best interests of their children. It's just such a conflict because your main role is to manage them as a business, see them as a business, rather than as a loving parent. 'GREY'S ANATOMY': Some things are worth fighting for. Sometimes, it is possible to get the balance right. 'Grey's Anatomy' star Katherine Heigl is managed by her mum and Justin Timberlake made a smooth transition from child star, to pop phenomenon,

thanks to his mother's good management in his early career. The ideal set up would be for your parents to have a close relationship with the manager, but know when to butt out. It remains to be seen whether Dina Lohan will be able to do that for Ali's sake. I just love being on stage and just making people happy. I'm going to try to be one of those really talented people and shine. Sophie Hull reporting. Still ahead -

For years, Ron, Australia's biggest con man, is back and our reporter is in the firing line. At Bakers Delight, our fresh scones are a flavour sensation. And to prove it, we're bringing in a scone expert. That thing over there... Oh, beautiful! Try Choc Mud. Well, I never! Mmm! Wonderful! So, what's the verdict, Nan? You guys are real sconnoisseurs! Bakers Delight scones. You've earned it, love. Nanna approves and so will you. Nanna, no! Today Tonight reporter Rodney Lohse is nursing a bruised face this evening, courtesy of his investigation into a man who goes by many names. He doesn't want to be found and for 12 years, earned the reputation as being the worst con man this country has seen. Tomorrow night, we thought we'd put him away. But he's back. The reason it was in my name is so that the ACCC couldn't find out. Are you running this joint, are you? Don't push me around! MAN: Oi! Oi! He looked like a trustworthy type of guy to me. Get out of here. Assaulted me. Are you... Don't touch the camera! (WOMAN SCREAMS) Get out of here. That's tomorrow night. Thanks for your company. I'm Anna Coren. Enjoy your evening. Bye for now. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia