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(generated from captions) great advice from John. Nice work by Helen, Belinda Neal and John Della Bosca, For political power couple from bad to worse. things just continue to go on the soccer field has surfaced, Now new video of Neal's antics her ability to control her temper. again bringing into question for the pair continues to wane. And as every day passes, support isn't it? It's like watching a train wreck, You see her open her mouth that spews forth. and there's this anger if you're in a leadership position It is not appropriate that that do damage to other people. to unleash emotions for many years, has been inviting it it has all come home to roost. so I guess she can't control her anger. yet more evidence for her local soccer team last year, This video shows the MP playing after being called a bad sport. arguing with the opposing team If you're a member of parliament in a stressful position. you are going to be All eyes are watching you. You represent your electorate. how you express your emotions, So how you behave, in particular something like anger, come under the public eye is going to Psychologist John Cheetham. There is a high risk factor into an expression of anger that it is going to burst out very dangerous and damaging. which potentially could be Belinda Neal is now known for, It is her temper the now-infamous incident her public demise starting with at Iguanas restaurant. involving staff A Current Affair Last week, Amy Parslow told she was kicked by Neal earlier this year. during another soccer match obviously taken it the wrong way I've fallen to the ground and she's kicked me while I was on the ground. and she's turned around and just been on the sporting field - But Belinda Neal's outbursts haven't a pregnant Liberal MP she denied telling would turn her child into a demon. that evil thoughts that was said to you, I did not make the statement you did not hear it correctly. BELINDA NEAL: You'll make your child a demon. Belinda Neal is a stereotype of the ugly Australian, and I'm not talking about the ugly woman, I'm talking about the ugly Australian. Anybody who is that rude, that aggressive, that obscene about their actions, really gets our goat, we hate it. It's a very bad reflection of us. Social commentator Prue MacSween says the MP has no one to blame but herself. I don't think Belinda Neal has been unfairly treated because she's a woman. She has brought it on herself. She has been aggressive, she has been ugly, she has been rude and she has abused her power - and she deserves everything she gets. Belinda Neal's husband, NSW MP John Della Bosca, has been stood down and yesterday, one of her senior staffers resigned after her statutory declaration about the Iguanas incident wasn't released by Ms Neal. Former Independent MP Ted Mack. Really, the real villains in all this are the NSW Labor Party because the problems with Belinda Neal have been well known for many years and I don't believe she should have been pre-selected for that seat. Angry and outspoken politicians are nothing new but the Prime Minister has ordered Belinda Neal undergo anger management therapy, as a police investigation continues. Whether she will be able to come through it and be a better person, I'm not sure. she will tell her side of the story to Federal Parliament but not until the completion of the current police investigation.