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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. for the Federal Government, It's been a rugged week declaring the honeymoon over with many commentators for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. over the Fuelwatch Scheme, Already on the backfoot by some embarrassing leaks. the Government's also been rattled To analyse the week, parliamentary secretary Maxine McKew I'm joined by Labor for Education, Tony Smith. and the Coalition's Shadow Minister Good morning to you both.

Labour MPs not be raffled? Not

rattled but concern. Leaks of this

kind it shouldn't happen. They be an investigation. When sworn kind it shouldn't happen. They will

said this kind of thing cannot

happen. D think it will happen

again? There is no break down in

the relationship with that the

executive and the public service. I

value the advice I am offered on a

daily basis. Everyone has to understand politicians are understand politicians are elected

to make a judgment. They have to

consider the range of competing

ideas. Just because departments

deliver a set of options to

government ministers resort is

always up to the minister in

conjunction with others to make considered judgements about the

advice by is offered. There is no

break down. Clearly there is a

contest of ideas in Canberra. As

there should be. We have seen

Labour's petrol plan in tatters.

When he went to the election he

promised people but he would bring

down the price of petrol. What we

have seen is that after the

election he borrowed this

discredited system from Western

Australia. Department of said not

only would this not workable pub

the price of petrol. He should

admit that he has got it wrong. We

have seen stubborn Kevin. Control-

freak Kevin. That's why he has the

problem that he has got. Considering the controversy

surrounding fuel watch, but it

makes sense for the government to

push ahead with it? Yes it does.

But Liberal Party have to decide if

it is going to the pro consumer

choice. Few watch playing Western

Australia seven years ago. It was

introduced by a Liberal premier. It

has continued. Many motorists are

very happy with it. It gives

motorists certainty one-dayer hared

off when they are able to fill up

with petrol. All retailers have to

live their price. You can know with

certainty that you can go to a

retail outlet in your locality and

the price will be that lifted price

the 24 hours. There is giving

consumers a choice. Was wrong with

that? What is wrong with it is that

the motoring organisations say the motoring organisations say it

will not work. The prices of petrol

in Perth had been consistently

higher than other states. It

prevents discounting. At a petrol

station decides Trinidade to cut

its price they get fined. We think

there is wrong. We will not be

supporting it. It is anti-military.

What will help motorists is to cut

the fuel excise by 5. You should be

arguing for this. Why it isn't

Malcolm Turnbull arguing that

figure. He gave a contorted

explanation for the Press Club.

Saying that he would try and Saying that he would try and find

some phraseology to argue with it.

policy. He does not believe it. It is a bad

policy. It is bad economics. It is

not bad policy. Malcolm Turnbull

support the policy. Reluctant made.

P Bonner concern about prices.

There is a bigger context here.

You're a smart enough to know about

global level. It is because they this. We have high prices on the

refused a man. There is a huge

demand. It is put huge pressure on

prices. The smart thing to do is to consider our motoring habits.

Consider the cars we drive. It is

about thinking about important

public infrastructure. That is the

bigger picture. In the short term

that we are backing few watch

because it would give motorists a

certainty about prices. If we can

move on quickly. Maxim move on quickly. Maxim which you

stand about the bill Henson

photographs? I do not know. I have

not seen them. I suspect if I work to

to look at them I would find to look at them I would find them

troubling. But I also find

something else troubling. The sight

of police officers reading a

gallery in Paddington. All the

notion of galleries up set off

that censuring self- censoring. By find

that troubling. I support the

freedom of expression. I cannot

stand a violent rap lyrics that

degrade lyrics that degrade women.

don't concert. Context is But I would not support shirting

everything. A Malcolm Turnbull and Brendan Nelson had expressed

different opinions what is your

view? I am with Kevin ride on this.

I'm troubled by it. Orchids deserve

the right of their innocents in

child heard. The police are

involved. They should be allowed involved. They should be allowed to

do their job. It is now a legal

issue. I think the belief are

involved. Let me go with it. Let

Get on with their job. sport with our footy previews Ahead, when Ten's Morning news returns. that's

stays fit enough Also, how a 41-year-old mum