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(generated from captions) Good morning. in the search There's been a major breakthrough 90 years on the Western Front. for 170 diggers lost for more than at the site of a suspected mass grave Human remains have been found of British and Australian soldiers at Fromelles in France.

Warren Snowdon Defence Personnel Minister joins us from Canberra. for the missing diggers finally over? Minister, is the search

I hope so. We cannot be 100 %

certain at this point. He it is the

initial stage of the excavation.

They have been some body parts

found. It is due to go for two to

three weeks. At the end of that

period we will find some very solid

advice. Do we know how the diggers

came to end up in this crazy? What

we think has happened is that after

the battle - and a very unplanned -

- ill-conceived battle. Many

soldiers lost their lives. After the battle the Germans collected

these particular bodily - - bodies

and gave them a proper burial with

proper rights and this is the site.

We think they may be up to 400

bodies there. You said you are

quite confident that these remains

could be those of these lost

Australian soldiers? What or happen

to these remains if they are found

to be those remains? We need to

understand that this is a proper

burial site. We will need to look

at proper identification to medals

and tags. We may also be able to do

it DNA testing to establish

identity. Whether or not we

relocate the remains is a new. At

this stage and to we can get this stage and to we can get the

best advice. Any information about

the time for the identification

process? I suspect it may be a

lengthy process but that may not be

the case. We need to be the science

first and then get the idea.