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This program is captioned live. Tonight - back home and behind bars - to Australia to face the music. underworld figure Tony Mokbel returns he will get a fair hearing. on their backs - Out with just the clothes a family escapes an arson attack. flee powerful aftershocks. And China's earthquake survivors Ten News with Bill Woods. First tonight, return to Melbourne. Tony Mokbel's much-anticipated After more than two years on the run, his first night the drugs fugitive is spending behind bars on Australian soil. Ten reporter Mignon Stewart joins us Barwon Prison. live from the high-security to extraordinary lengths Mignon, authorities have gone to get Mokbel home. He was Australia's most wanted?

And he suddenly was and as she said

Australian authorities pulled out

all the stops to have Tony Mokbel

comeback tour Australia and face

the music. Tony Mokbel is tonight

finely behind bars on Australian

soil. He entered the prison at

2:00pm today and was formally

charged with two counts of murder

and multiple drug charges.

Obviously, he's been remanded in

custody at the top security. He'll

face a Melbourne magistrates' court

on Tuesday. Today finally brings to

an end the two-year hunt for

Australia's most wanted man - Tony Mokbel. Touchdown. of Australia's most wanted man, The long-awaited return

from a luxury private jet. Tony Mokbel emerging flanked the prized catch, A small army Victorian and Federal officers as he took to the skies again. delivered the 42-year-old A police air wing

for at least the next decade - to his new home at Barwon Prison. a maximum security cell But taking no chances, made the trek by road an additional police detail to a prison van en route. transferring Mokbel from the air more resources were assigned While at Essendon airport, to ensure the element of surprise where Mokbel would land. an exhaustive high-security mission. The arrival brings to an end 21 hours earlier. The long-awaited flight left Athens MEN AND WOMEN: Tony! Tony! in the Maldives and Port Hedland Fuel stops were made before the final leg to Melbourne. a lengthy and expensive affair, Mokbel's return to Australia has been Australian taxpayers almost $500,000. the charter jet alone costing it's money well spent. The Federal Government maintains The operation to bring Mokbel back was indeed carried out in great secrecy

who were involved. to protect the officers On the other hand, it was done very smoothly - not a hitch.

Mignon Stewart, Ten News. cracked the organised crime gang Police in Sydney believe they have of marijuana crops responsible for a disturbing number being grown in homes. have appeared in court The alleged principals of the gang last night. after police raided their house in Sydney's west, Police raided this home will show the couple who lived here seizing documents they allege

a huge marijuana-growing operation. were profiting from Their home had just been built in a street of more modest houses.

The owner, 38-year-old James Phams, discovered in a home at Blair Athol. was charged over a drug crop Nothing unusual about that, raided in the suburb this week. except it was the seventh drug house eight marijuana crops to the gang Police have linked for $500,000 each, which bought up homes then turned them into hothouses. Phams was arrested yesterday morning, 36-year-old Hoang Thi Thanh, along with his wife, in one of the drug houses who was living with their 3-year-old daughter. Phams coordinated the crime Detectives allege and had been making millions what's known as skunk marijuana, from wholesaling the active ingredient in cannabis. a potent hybrid containing 75% THC, Phams and Hoang were charged a commercial quantity of cannabis with cultivating to grow the crops. and stealing electricity with the new offence The couple have also been charged of endangering the life of a child to live in a drug house. by allowing them The children are in the care so they're very safe, there's no problems with that. Tran Hung, were remanded in custody. The couple and a third man, John Hill, Ten News. had to flee from their home overnight A Brisbane family of seven was set alight A car underneath their house on their street. along with three others of 15 years, of the Quinn family's home the only possessions they now have. the clothes on their backs I don't think it's set in yet. with what they've got, anyway. They were pretty lucky to come out their four children Patrick, his wife, and their daughter's boyfriend were woken by smoke and car alarms. their house was engulfed in flames. They managed to escape before

underneath the house, A car had been set alight and two others on the street. along with one in their driveway for the Quinns - It had already been a traumatic day their eldest son had been put on life support during an operation. after a reaction to medication is random. Police think the arson spree a man on a bike seen in the area. They're hoping to speak to

there's any motive for revenge There's nothing to suggest or anything like that. scattered around the street Mysterious lawn bowls were found people who have lost everything. I just feel more sorry for these in Brisbane city, Another overnight fire at the iconic Palace Backpackers, caused the evacuation of 150 people. No-one was hurt. Summer Burke, Ten News. of terrified people are on the move Hundreds of thousands from Monday's earthquake hit China. as powerful aftershocks Some survivors are still being found to more than 50,000. but the death toll is rising contains distressing images. A warning - tonight's report (Sobs) She's just found her daughter. I came here. She's dead. Nobody can help me.

Nobody can help her and she can't help her daughter. (Sobs) In the ruins of a school, every mother's horror. In this one there are no rescue workers, only parents. She too has just found her son. But today, an astonishing discovery. This boy is pulled out after four days in the rubble of the school. His legs are broken, but he's alive - just. (Chants) He chants a Buddhist prayer to guide the spirits of the dead towards heaven. The living need no guiding. They're getting out as fast as they can, in a basket. this man with his 78-year-old mother They've walked for days from mountain villages which have been flattened. China's countryside here is being emptied

in a new long march. But the ground beneath them is not safe. Suddenly there's an aftershock. YELLING

They run in terror.

None of these buildings is safe. This is an exodus of overwhelming fear. The stench is overpowering. The death toll rising past 50,000 now and hundreds of thousands are on the move. They're homeless, almost hopeless, but they are out of the rubble where tonight, perhaps, only a few remain alive. A breakthrough in the stalemate between aid workers and the Burmese Government. have been allowed in More than 100 foreign doctors to treat victims of the cyclone. It comes as World Vision chief Tim Costello returns from the country

Returning from the devastation, an exhausted World Vision chief says warning of mass starvation. an exhausted World Vision chief says aid workers are fighting a losing battle. This is the most narrow and unprecedentedly difficult place in which we have ever mounted a humanitarian relief operation. After almost two weeks in the country Mr Costello was scathing of the Burmese authorities. Angry tens of thousands remain destitute while foreign help sits idle at borders. The government does not have the capacity to do the job and they still largely believe they do. The regime's efforts have centred on government-run refugee camps occupied by a lucky few. But there's some hope - 100 foreign doctors are set to arrive in the country from aid workers. following a plea to the regime and schools and monasteries

without bedding and frequently without protection from the rain. 31 tonnes of Australian aid has finally been flown into the country. The death toll is now estimated at 200,000. Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. All Centrelink welfare recipients will have their private financial details scrutinised in a crackdown on cheats. Banks will provide Centrelink with their clients' confidential information via a new database. I'm sure everyone would agree that welfare cheats should be pursued. We should be able to ensure that the Commonwealth taxpayers' money is protected. It will lead to anyone who is on means-tested welfare benefits having the privacy of their bank accounts just simply thrown away. The Minister's office has confirmed that all Centrelink recipients - such as pensioners and those on Newstart and Austudy - will be targeted, of rorting the system. not just those suspected

Women better drivers than men?

Next, the bus company's sex-specific recruitment drive. Who's behind the wheel of this car? We check out the joyride gone wrong. And eight decades of community service. Tributes for a medical icon. EXCITING MUSIC Canberra's biggest ever display village has so many brilliant ideas you'll be dazzled. The LDA/HIA Display Village in Gungahlin. Be dazzled this weekend.

While you care for others, A lifetime of difference.

This program is captioned live.

A man has run from police after crashing a car into a Gold Coast business. The Commodore slammed into a real estate office on a major highway at Burleigh around 9:30 last night.

The driver then ran from the scene.

Police say the car was stolen. It's driver was seen doing burn-outs seconds before the accident. He's still on the run. A Sydney bus company is set to recruit only female drivers, claiming they are better then men at the job. Veolia Transport says women are superior drivers and handle both passengers and the buses with greater care. The State Government has granted the company an exemption from anti-discrimination laws. There's no reason why women can't perform this work and it's important to encourage women in this occupation

and in any other occupation to take their equal role in society. Over the next five years, the company will advertise to train as drivers. Kids playgrounds on Sydney's northern beaches have been closed down because of contamination. Dozens of toddlers have become seriously ill after playing in the sand which was found to contain a rare form of salmonella. Two popular playgrounds have been closed, to keep their children away. with signs warning parents An investigation has begun to find the source of the contamination.

Australian real estate has entered a new era,

with the first successful auction on the Internet. A Melbourne man bought the Sydney property this week, all from his home computer. Suzie Van Es is a busy mum with two children. So when she needed to sell the family home in a flat market, and the only interest was from interstate, her agent took the home online to sell. I'm looking for an opening bidder to start me away. Live video streaming of a home auction done over the Internet. It's the first home successfully sold this way in Australia. it was different, but it was good, it worked, it worked for us. It worked because Suzie got the best price she could in the current real estate slump. The 2-bedroom home on Sydney's North Shore was bought for $611,000 by the only interested bidder who couldn't make it to Sydney. $611,000 is the offer, let me seek my instructions. You get to see the auction, you get to hear the auction and you feel part of auction, because you get to put the bids in yourself. The Victorian man who bought this property did come here to see it first and estate agents don't think that'll ever change. What they do hope

is that the technology opens up the property market like never before. Interstate and international buyers are targets, especially as interest rates and economic fears take the shine off the sector. The potential for the online bidding is for more people to bid at an auction, With the market being as tight as it is, the more buyers, the better.

Something Suzie can testify to. Josh Murphy, Ten News. The Royal Flying Doctor Service is celebrating 80 years since its first flight. Over that time, the team has helped millions of Australians in their time of need. Emergency medical call from HCR to HSK - are you receiving us? Are you receiving us? From humble beginnings, to an aero-medical operation revered by other nations, the Royal Flying Doctor Service is celebrating 80 years. ASO to HFC - thank you, Frome Downs. Have you placed a windsock by the field? The first flight was in 1928 from Cloncurry to Julia Creek in Queensland, using a de Havilland DH.50 which was leased from Qantas for two shillings a mile. Now the RFDS has 47 planes, each worth $6 million. Famous for its emergency retrievals, the service also conducts general medical clinics in the bush. Traditionally, I suppose you could say that was mostly to rural people but these days 1 in 10 of our patients in the central operations is actually metropolitan based. This year the charitable service will travel 21 million kilometres

and help 250,000 Australians. It hopes they'll repay the favour. for the plane to come

If you're sitting waiting at 4:00 in the morning to pick your patient up and you've been up all night with them, to see them lights coming is the biggest relief.

Free to race. Next, the landmark ruling giving an amputee a shot at Olympic stardom.

And 'Iron Mike' weighs in alongside acting's red-carpet heavyweights.

When you declare something to Quarantine, chances are you'll get to keep it, but in some cases you wouldn't want to. If you don't declare, it could be dangerous to Australia or your wallet. Declare or beware:


WOMAN 1: It's my first. WOMAN 2: It's my way of letting him know it's OK. WOMAN 3: It's my little one's first fever. MAN: It's my pain too. WOMAN 1: That's why I trust Children's Panadol. MAN: Nothing works faster or is more effective and is suitable for little ones from just one month old. Children's Panadol. It's my... It's my... It's my choice. This program is captioned live. Humans have wiped out more than a quarter of the world's animals, birds and fish in just over 30 years. As our numbers increase, other creatures are heading for extinction. They're endangered species, Overexploitation by hunting or fishing, the introduction of invasive species and now, it's claimed, climate change too. The Living Planet report from WWF catalogues some 4,000 populations of creatures and indicates a significant loss of biodiversity which, the report's author says, can only be halted by urgent measures. Governments really need to take the kind of systemic actions necessary to reduce overconsumption of natural resources, and energy and water wasteful exploitation of resources in order to tackle these kinds of fundamental problems which are driving biodiversity declines all around the world. Conservationists warn that some populations of animals, birds and fish

have dropped by almost one-third in the last 35 years. The worst hit include marine wildlife such as swordfish and ocean birds, 30% fewer since the mid-1990s. The house sparrow is on the red list of high conservation concern. governments will address how far off target they are from their promise to slow this trend of nature's decline.

has hit the red carpet Boxer Mike Tyson at the Cannes Film Festival. The former world champion travelled to France with his family for the world premiere of a documentary about his life. It's called 'Tyson'. The film charts the 41-year-old's rise to stardom and spectacular fall, including his time in prison for rape.

were also on the red carpet for the screening of an Australian aid worker's documentary about the tsunami called 'The Third Wave'. A runner without legs has won the right to compete for a spot in the Beijing Olympics. who runs on special blades. Oscar Pistorius is a double amputee The Court of Arbitration for Sport has overturned an Athletics Federation ban keeping him out of able-bodied events because of claims his blades gave him an unfair advantage.

I think this day is going to go down in history for the equality of disabled people. The 21-year-old South African sprinter still has to record a qualifying time to make the Games. The weather's next, and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. And Rob, Wendell Sailor's just minutes away from a return to rugby league?

Yes, Bill, Wendell returns to the league scene for the first time since 2001.

We'll bring you big Dell's thoughts, plus a whole lot of of action. Anasta and Prince slam their doubters. The Force's phenomenal comeback. And a frightful scare at the French GP.

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This program is captioned live. Taking a look at the weather around the nation now. Cairns, 29, windy in Brisbane with the top of 20 and windy on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Windy with showers in Sydney with a top of just 17,

That brings you up to date with the latest news. We'll have updates through the evening. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning.

I'm Bill Woods. Good evening.

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This program is captioned live. Hello and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. This program is captioned live. to Toyota Sports Tonight. Over the next 30 minutes with all that's happening in the sporting world. Today - snubbed from Origin, but Anasta and Prince hit back. COMMENTATOR: Anasta, Anasta, he gets the bounce. The Waratahs hunting a home semi... I've always had my eye on this game as one that we've had to win. ..while Force turn on an all-time comeback. Hawks feeling the Power AFL's undefeated are on show - and the Cats and Tigers in a clawfest.