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(generated from captions) a better future. and continue to build ON THE PRIZE' SONG - 'KEEP YOUR EYES Closed Captions by CSI

CC Gillian Hicks. You've got to admire this lady, Gill Hicks from South Australia, for many years, who's lived in England victims of the London bombings, you may recall she was one of the the underground rail bombings,

she lost both of her legs. to run today too She's been chosen very soon along that main avenue. and her leg is coming up very, You've got to admit it is funny, of ourselves for laughing. even if we feel a bit ashamed But it's only funny an unintentional gaffe. because it was make a joke at Gill Hicks's expense, If Michael Usher had been trying to it wouldn't have been funny at all. Welcome to Media Watch. I'm Jonathan Holmes.

at the ABC seem to struggle with. It's a distinction that some folks More on that in a minute. in Auntie's huge excitement But first, let's share nominated for the gold Logie. that three of its stars have been She wants you to vote for them. to win it on their own. They're obviously not popular enough

But with your help, of the decade they could cause the upset

golden prize. and take out television's Go to Together, ABC personality we can help a respectable overnight. become a gold Logie winner OK, it's not that funny. in my opinion. A bit laboured, at least think it's funny. But you can see why someone might to use public money, Whether it's legitimate for the ABC

and the public airwaves, is more questionable. to spruik for votes at the Logies Lesna Thomas, The ABC's manager of TV publicity, certainly thinks it's fine.

Simon Birmingham isn't so sure. South Australian Senator for a moment. Let's change the subject to riots in at least 10 countries. Unrest over food prices has led

when four people were killed It came to a head in Haiti last week was forced to stand down. and the prime minister Washington declared the situation A meeting of the World Bank in international security. a global crisis now threatening Does that strike you as funny? Probably not. But the 'Chaser's Chris Taylor, mastermind its Logies ad campaign, who's been hired by ABC TV to

saw real potential in world hunger. And this was the result, aired on ABC1 on Wednesday night.

on the home page of ABC TV's website, And for a while last week, this gold Logie ad: was swapped for this:

And so on. Now, I didn't think this was funny. thought it was funny. Nobody in the Media Watch office So we asked TV publicity: And Lesna Thomas replied: Ah-ha! Satirical, eh? Umm, satirical how, exactly?

Oh, I see! Silly me! Hilarious, once you get it, isn't it? of sad-sacks out there Unfortunately, there are heaps who didn't get the joke.

on the ABC's message board. Some of them vented

I don't think they'll be voting. three to one against the ads. Posts to the ABC were weighted

it was the other way round. But on the News Ltd website

at News, They're obviously a hipper crowd more into satirical juxtaposition. for example: Like Richy of Adelaide, Auntie's viewers won out. By Thursday afternoon, on air and on-line, had been pulled. ABC TV told Media Watch that the ads,

first place was made by my boss, The decision to use them in the Kim Dalton. the ABC's director of television, I'm siding with the sad-sacks. Kim, I reckon it was a shocker. And now to Melbourne, which, and the 'Age's 'BusinessDay' section like the rest of the business press, with the crash of Opes Prime. has been having a wonderful time with an exclusive new angle. Last Tuesday the 'Age' came up

and detailed, The story, which was long of Opes Prime, was about how the petrol-headed boss Anthony Blumberg, to sponsoring racing cars had committed the company in Australia and the US.

graces the HSV team's Commodores. But Opes Prime's logo no longer The 'Age' story went on: But no! Revelation!

an IndyCar team in America Opes Prime also sponsored

called Conquest Racing. And Mark Hawthorne discovered that: He's right. They do. Here's Conquest Racing's home page. on the bonnet and on the sides And there are the Opes Prime logos

of both cars.

Pretty amazing, huh? And there's more: in just two sentences? Now how many mistakes can you make

it turns out. Three little ones, and a big one, not in St Petersburg, Russia, First, the race was held rage but in St Petersburg, Florida. where IndyCars aren't yet the at work. Maybe it was the dreaded sub-editors that error the next day. In fact, the 'Age' did correct It didn't correct a second mistake - on April 13. the race wasn't held

it took place on April 6. As umpteen websites make clear, after Opes Prime went belly-up. That's just 10 days, not 17 That's three little mistakes. of the original article, The big one, given the whole tenor is this:

didn't sport Opes Prime logos the Conquest Racing cars as these pictures make clear. in that Florida race,

on the side of car no 36 There's no Opes and no Opes on the bonnet either. look a bit silly. Which makes the whole story Especially this forecast: had stopped, Looks like the Opes cheques from Conquest Racing's cars and the Opes livery had gone was printed. three weeks before the 'Age's story

about absolutely nothing. A very full disclosure by Media Watch. And here's a bit of full disclosure doesn't think much of us at all. Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones

morning - Anzac Day. He made that clear last Friday

with this fulsome accolade So why are we being favoured from the great man?

to point out to him Well, because we had the temerity that last Monday morning, media outlet his program became the umpteenth about refugees' welfare entitlements. to peddle a hoary old hoax email

And so on, and so on. If you've been watching Media Watch you'll have heard it all twice before this year. Pensioners get less than half as much, maybe pensioners should become refugees, forward this to all Australians, all garbage. But Alan didn't think so.

Media Watch reckoned Alan would soon realise his mistake and correct it. When he hadn't done so by Thursday,

we wrote him one of our polite little letters. But, as he told his listeners on Friday morning, he'd been informed soon after his first broadcast.

And on and on he went, for more than a minute of turgid obfuscation, about what Centrelink said to his producer and his producer said to Centrelink, and how he was going to make a correction,

but not on Anzac Day - if you're really bored on a rainy day, you can hear it all, and read the Jones show's exchange of emails with Centrelink

on our website. But then, Alan explained - "this mob" - that's Media Watch - stuck its nose in.

Of course you were, Alan.

But you know, it's not just we taxpayer-funded layabouts at the ABC who've had the time to fog out that this particular viral email is rubbish.

This is how your esteemed colleague Derryn Hinch dealt with it on Melbourne's 3AW, way back in January.

He read out the entire email before concluding: And then Derryn Hinch interviewed someone who actually knows what the real situation is. There you go, Alan. It's not that hard, is it? We'll be back next week with more spite, bile and bias.

See you then. Closed Captions by CSI


Good evening. The widow of

an Australian soldier killed in

Afghanistan has spoken about

his life-long wish to serve in the army.

the army. 27-year-old Lance

Corporal Jason Marks died in a

Taliban ambush not far from his

military base. He's the fifth

Australian soldier to die in

the country. The Prime

Minister Kevin Rudd is warning

that there may be more

fatalities as the Taliban steps

up its activities. Another

major home lender has put up

its mortgage rate. Westpac has

joined NAB and the ANZ in

raising its rate by 0.1%

raising its rate by 0.1% by

next month. That'll take it to

9.47%. A man is still on the

run after hunting down and

killing a Melbourne mother.

Police say the 33-year-old

woman was chased from her home

and shot at close range on a

neighbour's doorstep. The

killer is said to be in his 60s

and known to his victim.

Police have urged him to give himself up. Parts of the

country have experienced and coldest April

coldest April day for 50 years.

There was snow on higher parts

of central NSW with a top

temperature in Orange of just 7

degrees. There was heavier snow on the ranges around


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# And as poor Jim goes walking about. # # Ta! # Sorry. Same tune... "You can hear the kids all hollering out". (Both sing) # You can hear the kids all hollering ou-t. # More of Rolf later. And the frustrations? Well, before I get to those, I want to show you something. Take a look at this set. It's a fake.

Held together with staples and tape, but to you, it looks solid. That's why TV shows are made in studios. It's a carefully controlled environment where every element from the lights, to the sound, to my hair... ..the whole look, really, can be tweaked to get the effect you need. Whereas away from the studio, you are never entirely in control. The world can intrude on you, as it did when I spoke to Jane Fonda.

Picture it. We've booked a suite in the Ritz Hotel... of London's finest, explaining to them that we need our privacy for a TV interview. Jane, at the end of a long publicity tour, is already very wired, and we're only a little way into the interview when room service knocks on the door. Excuse me, one second. Yes, could we just... Can we just... Thank you. Sorry about that. I apologise. How far back do we have to go?

Jane is less than thrilled. So am I. We remind the people at the Ritz that we requested not to be disturbed. They apologised. Moments later, the phone rings. Whacks you upside the knees,

and you think, "Oh, my gosh. I'm not worthy." PHONE RINGS MAN: There's the phone. We're having a good start, aren't we? WOMAN SPEAKS ON PHONE: I'm sorry. We're just in the middle of filming.

OK, we'll have to hang up. Thank you. Bye. It's probably a joke. Sorry. Now, it's getting really weird. It's Sharon Stone calling from the foyer. Jane snaps, "Not now. Tell her I'm busy". My producer passes on the message, and we continue. That is, until someone starts banging on the floor upstairs. What is that noise? It's somebody writing there. It's alright. WOMAN: It's an audio problem.

MAN: Excuse me, can I just... This is like the haunted interview. This is getting more and more ridiculous, and Jane is getting more and more tense. A suite at the Ritz ain't cheap. My producer rings the management and reminds them again that we ask not to be disturbed. We resume the interview but someone's clearly not getting the message because moments later... another phone call. Of course it isn't, but I stuck...

PHONE RINGS (Gasps) I've never experienced this in an interview before.