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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. calls it a day Tonight - Adam Gilchrist

behind the stumps. after a nearly a decade Police investigate the discovery of a baby's body at a Victorian campsite.

who got more than he bargained for And the fisherman after reeling in a mako shark. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. ever cricketers is pulling up stumps. First tonight, one of our greatest has announced his retirement Adam Gilchrist from all forms of the game. from Test match cricket tomorrow, Adam Gilchrist walks way against India. the last day of the match in Adelaide Today, a standing ovation to be his last Test innings. for what is almost certain It's the end of an era - gone in the space of just 12 months, the backbone of a champion team Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath as Gilchrist follows fellow legends into retirement. he should get out. There's no doubt in his mind I just knew, the old cliche - "Oh, I'm not sure if I will know," I always thought, a point in time where I just knew. but I just knew, there was

Among countless highlights - twice, winning a record 16 Tests in a row - 100 sixes in Tests three World Cup victories, wicket-keeping dismissals. and the most COMMENTATOR: Gone, there is the record for Gilchrist.

after some mistakes. The heat's been on the 36-year-old

dismissal I dropped a couple, When I tried to get my 300th 400th dismissals, a couple

I dropped one, so be it. and in pursuit of this one, team-mates after calling his family. Gilchrist broke the news to but it is fun to watch him We are a bit biased, and we'll miss that side of it. A remarkable Australian - held the baggy green in his hand great discipline, great work ethic. with great passion, has tried to talk him out of it. The Prime Minister "Gilly, you need to reconsider." As his prime minister, I said, He told me he wasn't. fantastic human being. Fantastic cricketer, he has lots of people to thank. Gilchrist says A guy like Tom Moody on my career and my life. has had a huge influence the game has ever seen, I think he's the best there's no question about that. over a long period of time His performance we've ever seen before. has been better than anything entertained since November '99. A sad day for those he has I think he should stay longer. broken all these records. Really upset,

Far too young to retire. on those who want his spot. All eyes now is considered the man New South Welshman Brad Haddin position in the Test team most likely to take Adam Gilchrist's have a better opportunity and he couldn't

WA, in which to stake his claim. than against Gilchrist's own State, 13 proved unlucky for him today -

from cricket Adam Gilchrist officially signs off

in the one-day international series. Frank Coletta, Ten News. the toilet block of a camping ground A gruesome discovery in in Victoria's south-west. found this morning, The body of a newborn baby boy with no trace of his mother. Possibly only hours old, at this toilet block on Lake Colac a newborn baby was found dumped in Victoria's south-west. of the baby at this stage. We're not sure of the sex whether it's full-term We still can't say disturbing find at 8:30 this morning. A female camper made the Not long after, the placenta just 40m away. another camper discovered I knew what it was. and just looking down I was talking to a guy and there it was. pull up near the block around 2:00 Campers told police they heard a car which sped off 10 minutes later.

I didn't think nothing of it. that something so tiny was in there. I was shocked this morning to hear Geelong, Camperdown and Warrnambool Surrounding hospitals at Colac, told Ten News a female patient present they haven't had in the past 24 hours. having given birth local or was just visiting the area. Police are unsure if the mother is a is to track down the lady involved, Most important thing for a few reasons - establish what occurred, obviously so we can and we're also concerned at the moment. about her welfare and her health to Melbourne for a post-mortem. The body of the baby will be taken We still haven't determined is suspicious, whether the death of the baby of tragic circumstances occurring. later on tonight Again, the post-mortem examination should reveal that. Angelina Antictomatis, Ten News. over the stabbing murder of a man Up to 11 people are in custody in Victoria's north-east. during a violent brawl after the fight, Another two men remain in hospital which began over fruit-picking. unable to save him. neighbours rushing to the scene He was still alive at that point, a lot of blood in his lungs. gasping for air, obviously had and it was next to his left nipple, I saw the wound on his chest, but it was a bit late by that stage. so I started applying pressure, He pretty much died in my arms. between neighbouring pickers The fight broke out around 5:00 last night. were stabbed by a 38-year-old man It's alleged the man and two others with an iron bar. after they attacked him by police this afternoon. He ran into bushland and was found are in fact possibly the aggressors. It looks like the injured parties and 10 others who'd fled the violence while the 38-year-old man's wife this morning. turned themselves in to police over working contracts, It's believed the fight started one group accusing the other while working without visas. of stealing their jobs to Melbourne for questioning The immigrants have been taken where an interpreter with authorities. They're obviously concerned

haven't been in Australia that long. I think a lot of them I'd expect in this place - It's not something it's so peaceful and tranquil.

Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. after being attacked A man has walked away by a 90kg, 3.5m shark. The commercial fisherman was working, 200km out at sea, when the mako shark bit into his leg. He was attacked by a 3.5m mako shark, walked away with only minor injuries. but somehow this commercial fishermen

before it got me. Just wanted to get it first REPORTER: But did it get you, did it? Oh, yeah. He was on board a Sydney tuna fishing boat when a shark was hauled on deck. The 20-year-old accidentally stood on its tail. It swung round and latched its jaws onto his leg and wouldn't let go. The head of the shark had to be cut from the body in order to extricate the shark's teeth from the patient's knee. made the call for help around 8am. The boat's skipper They were 200km off the Gold Coast. Conditions were rough with swell up to 6m. The only option was to rescue him by helicopter. Just before 11:00, the CareFlight chopper winched him to safety. MAN: Patient secure. Given that he was attacked by a 90kg shark, paramedics say it's a miracle his injuries weren't worse. He'll need around 40 stitches and is expected to retain full use of his leg. He'll remain in hospital overnight. On the Gold Coast, Meg Palmer, Ten News. The body of Australian actor Heath Ledger is on its way back to Perth. Ten reporter Matt Moran joins us now. Matt, what's the latest - any idea when the body will be back in the city?

There's a a lot of speculation as

to when the body it may arrive. We

do know that it left to New York

yesterday. The details of when the

body may arrival we're not sure.

Winnow a plane has landed at Perth airport and there is some

speculation that it may contain the

body of Heath Ledger. That arrived

in Sydney this morning and was

refuelled and then went to Perth.

There are some rumours that the

family may stay each in the United

States for a little longer trying

to wait for Michelle Williams to

attend. It's a matter of

speculation, we're not sure at this

stage. Any more news on the funeral

plans for Heath Ledger? The family

are very tight lipped about the

incident. We know that the parents

of Heath Ledger did attend a

private ceremony in Manhattan. That

was attended by Michelle Williams

as well as their daughter little

dull. Heath's School said they a

willing to allow the chapel for a

7th but there is still no word as

to whether of the family well

except that. At this stage the

details will become clearer. Heath Ledger has been remembered at the G'Day USA gala dinner in New York, with a moving message from his father, Kim. Also honoured at the black tie dinner, Aussie actor Julian McMahon. A night to celebrate all that's great about Australia, our stars mixing it with some of America's biggest names. A pregnant Jessica Alba was invited to the gala ball to present a special award to actor Julian McMahon, yet another Aussie making it big in the US with his own hit TV show. and a little bit on the outside I'm American. Behind the smiles, though, sadness at the sudden death of Heath Ledger. My heart really goes out to his family - to his mum and dad, and Michelle as well, and his daughter Matilda. I mean, it's really tough. I think it's a loss. It's a great loss to us. On the way over was in the Qantas lounge his whole family when we were leaving Sydney, and it was just horrible - the whole place started to cry. they were in tears and then It was very sad. Inside the dinner, whose life was cut tragically short. a moment to reflect on a rising star Following the minute's silence, to New York, John Olsen, Australia's Consul-General from Heath Ledger's father Kim. read a message "My image of Heath in New York and his canvas bag and beanie - "is him with his skateboard "that was Heath." - Kim Ledger. to bury his son. A father now preparing Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In New York,

from a grieving family. Coming up next - an emotional appeal Plus - three Golden Guitars for country music's golden boy.

WOMAN: Want a place that keeps you coming back? Join the club. At Fernwood, save $165 when you join this month. Start getting the results you're after. This program is captioned live. The Tamworth Country Music Festival wound up last night with the annual Golden Guitar Awards. Australian of the Year Lee Kernaghan adding yet more awards to his trophy cabinet. 36 years old and the country music awards are looking far from middle-aged, for a twirl down the red carpet. everyone donning their finest It's my Australia Day special. Sorrow come round (Song) # Then one night # Scratching at my door. # performed, Our favourite country stars sang the blues. while a former Australian Idol # Hold on # I'm coming. # Female Artist of the Year, New face Diana Corcoran won went to a more familiar face. while Male Artist of the Year LAUGHTER I'm not going to cry. Stop... Such a bloody sook. getting hers. Melinda Schneider nearly missed with top-selling album of the year. I'm here to present myself LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE I was in the loo!

Backstage, a little extra excitement artist formerly know as Lee Kernaghan as everyone got to mingle with the and, now, Australian of the Year. He's the most supportive person that we've probably had - well deserved winner. Well deserved. And he added another three gongs to his astounding haul of 24 last night for his song 'Spirit of the Bush'. The collaboration of Lee, Steve Forde and Adam Brand sends all profits to drought relief. The song really connected with people's hearts and minds, Ang. (All sing) # Is it 'Waltzing Matilda'? # Or the head on your shoulders? # Is this the spirit of the bush? # Angela Bishop, Ten News. The heartbroken parents on the Pacific Highway of a teenager struck and killed responsible to come forward. have pleaded for the truck driver as he tried to change a tyre. The young victim was hit what no parent should. Julitta and Jan Rozycki are suffering They were meant to be celebrating son John's 18th birthday

this long weekend. his tragic death. Instead they were reliving to have his first beer with him... I was waiting long time for this day Sorry. John Rozycki was hit by a white prime mover

in the early hours of December 6 on the side of the Pacific Highway last year. He'd been changing a flat tyre as he and a friend were returning to Sydney from Queensland. They had their hazard lights on, they had parking lights on,

so they did everything you'd expect a reasonable person to do. The truck driver never stopped. He's yet to come forward. We've interviewed numerous truck drivers. You know, some 1,800 trucks could go through that route in any 24-hour period. John's family and friends bravely held his 18th birthday party yesterday. cannot start to heal But their shattered lives until the truck driver is found. my John is not coming home. JULLITA: You hit my boy - James Boyce, Ten News. a violent home invasion Police are investigating in Perth's northern suburbs forced their way into a house after a group of 10 people and brutally bashed two brothers. still in shock this morning Michael and Andrew Clarke over their horror ordeal. we knew, 10 people were at the door, It was pretty scary - next thing and bailing us up, pushing their way in Using a piece of broken glass, a bedroom window. before Michael was thrown through Police are yet to lay charges. takes out the South Carolina primary. Coming up next - Barak Obama plans to dramatically reduce Kevin Rudd the number of people sleeping rough on the streets as part of Labor's plan to tackle homelessness. Meeting with the Choir of Hard Knocks in Canberra, Mr Rudd said despite 16 years of prosperous economic growth, the number of homeless people in Australia is rising. It's dead wrong that in a country as wealthy as ours that we have 100,000 people classed as homeless. The Government also plans to extend its election commitment to build new crisis accommodation. takes out the South Carolina primary. Coming up next - Barak Obama now behind bars. And France's runaway rogue trader No, you go. You go first. Blackhead Clearing Cleanser. Clean & Clear in just two days. Clean & Clear and under control. Water is a precious resource, of how much we use every day. so we need to be aware that an 8-minute shower Did you know

can use a massive 160 litres, with a water-saving shower head but a 4-minute shower uses as little as 30 litres? can guzzle up to 50 litres, And your dishwasher when it's full. so you should only use it To work out how much water you use, and how to use less, what you should be aiming for visit and: This program is captioned live. The man accused of the world's biggest ever banking fraud is being questioned by police. Rogue trader Jerome Kerviel is being quizzed about an alleged fraud which cost France's second-largest bank nearly $8 billion. In an unmarked car, he was driven into a French police station to face the questions all of France and all the financial world want answers to. 31-year-old Jerome Kerviel had been in hiding came to light. since his alleged fraud in a fashionable Paris suburb, His modest flat, by the world's press. had been under siege he'd been seen leaving hurriedly Neighbours said before the scandal was made public. Plain-clothed police officers, which specialises in financial crime, thought to be part of a unit to search the flat. had already broken in the headquarters of Societe Generale, Police have also visited Europe's fourth-biggest bank, a number of documents. from which they removed (Speaks French) on Thursday It was in the same building told a stunned audience that the bank's chairman

of the scale of its crisis. to more than ?3.5 billion, Its losses, amounting

far exceeded the losses ran up by rogue trader Nick Leeson, who caused the collapse of Barings Bank in 1995 by unauthorised trading on the international markets. Under French law, Jerome Kerviel can be held although that can be extended. If charged and then convicted of fraud, he could face up to 15 years behind bars. In London, Harry Smith, Ten News. A major boost for Barack Obama's campaign first black president, to become America's to clinch the South Carolina primary. Tonight, the cynics who believe was just an illusion, that what began in the snows of Iowa

the good people of South Carolina. were told a different story by heading into Super Tuesday, It gives Senator Obama a big lift choose their presidential candidate. when almost half the country will A dramatic rescue from a cliff face at Palm Beach. as a man in his 20s plunges 5m

Miraculously the man was conscious winched him to safety. as the emergency medical chopper He's in a stable condition for suspected spinal injuries and is being treated at the Royal North Shore Hospital. from the popular headland. It's not known how the man fell it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. The weather's next and then And Rob - a new men's Australian Open champion to be crowned tonight? Yes, Natarsha - but who will it be? Tsonga or Djokovic - we'll let you know what both men have been up to ahead of the biggest game of their careers. Also coming up -

Sharapova celebrates in style. Australia fights back in the fourth Test. And Tiger's phenomenal surge at the Buick Invitational. Start getting the results you're after. This program is captioned live. A quick look at tomorrow's weather and a cloudy day for Brisbane, on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. mostly cloudy Canberra sunny and 33, Cloudy for Sydney,

for Melbourne and Hobart. a sunny day too

To South Australia Port Lincoln and Victor Harbor. and sunny conditions for Adelaide, Across to Western Australia - it will be mostly sunny in Perth for Broome. and there's a possible thunderstorm a standstill this afternoon Adelaide's East End came to of the Tour Down Under. for the final stage across the city Thousands flocked to vantage points of the street circuit. to cheer riders through 16 laps Everyone gets into the spirit of it all

and the cowbells ringing, the flags waving, and it brings Adelaide and SA and I think Australia all together. Riders reaching speeds of up to 60km/h, but no-one could catch Germany's Andre Greipel - taking out the Tour for the first time. That brings you up to date with the latest news. This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Rob Canning. Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. Reality TV of the sports variety. Get set to be entertained with drama. ADAM GILCHRIST: At the end of it, I can't wait to share it all with everyone. Entertained through tension and fight. COMMENTATOR: Got it. That's an unbeatable century. Be excited by the future of Australian tennis and in awe of Sharapova's celebrations. But still to come - the climax - two admirable men, a new Grand Slam story to be written. Get curious about Tahu's cross-code crusade, be angry about Benny the bully, get pumped, 'cause we're visiting the green room