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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Thank you, Australia! Australian of the Year. Tonight - Lee Kernaghan, I am so honoured and proud. Heath Ledger's last video - so long to call the ambulance. as authorities ask why it took the world's biggest bank swindler. He stole $8 billion - that this thing's happened. We are very sorry Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Jacinta Hocking. into action - 007 in '08. Also tonight, leaping back Last time round, I thought, and say, "OK, I screwed that up." well, if I fail I can walk away Lee Kernaghan First, country music great the 2008 Australian of the Year, was tonight named the nation's new figurehead taking up the mantle

with a message for the people. in front of Federal Parliament A sound stage served as the platform for the PM's big announcement.

is Lee Kernaghan. The Australian of the Year for 2008

I am so honoured and proud magnificent country that I love. to be recognised by this Thank you, Australia. country music artist, He's an award-winning for struggling bush communities but it's his efforts raising money which has won him equal acclaim.

relief over the past year or so Oh, he's done a lot for drought just an all-round nice guy. and besides, I guess he's I don't know, he's just a great guy, and does things for the community. and he gets out there Very genuine fellow, I think, yeah. communities of regional Queensland, His thoughts with the flood-hit his home State.

through it all yet, We know you're not

for your resilience, but we salute you and just being great Australians, your resourcefulness, and you're not forgotten, not by me. than a country music legend. Lee Kernaghan's more In the bush, he's regarded as a hero. to the singer's call The Prime Minister warming to support regional Australia. People in the bush, heart and soul, forefront of our energies this year. let's make sure we put them at the named Young Australian of the Year. World MotoGP champion Casey Stoner some motorbike stunts This bloke's teaching me

over the weekend. to Australian youth... The 22-year-old's message and you keep trying, If you never give up then things do happen and dreams do come true.

Senior Australian of the Year Other titles - David Bussau, in developing nations. for his work in creating jobs Jonathon Welch And this year's Local Hero - for his Choir of Hard Knocks. here in Australia We shouldn't have homelessness and if we all work together we can eradicate it. I honestly believe A huge crowd filling Federation Mall to a line-up of Aussie acts, to listen adding a touch of country. Lee Kernaghan (Sings) # Just the way it is # Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Two teenagers have been charged victims of the Queensland floods. with looting

will be taken Police say the 14- and 16-year-olds out of the town of Emerald amid fears locals are after blood. for their own safety. They'll be held in custody

no Australia Day fireworks Meantime, there'll be in Rockhampton tomorrow most likely be under water. because the venue will The floodgates outside Rockhampton are now fully open.

It's awesome, hey? getting higher by the hour. And the Fitzroy River is the meatworks has closed. In the beef capital, from flooded properties. They can't get stock in Now they face a flood themselves. it's not good news for the city By any estimation, who are without pay. or for those employees sandbags are stocked up. At the racetrack, they'll be under next week. On their best guess, If it peaks this time at 8.2, about this level of water we're still looking at

coming through the place. Every day a bit more of Emerald re-emerges from the floodwaters. is once more high and dry, Today the Vince Lester Bridge but not yet open to traffic. that bridge isn't going to open I've got to stress that until it's safe. The hunt continues for looters. Overnight, locals cornered one man in a motorcycle shop. where we found someone in. We had one business But I'd like to dismiss the fact in Emerald - we haven't. that we've had widespread looting but abhorrent nonetheless. Not widespread, it just absolutely revolts me It revolts me, that people could do this sort of thing.

The clean-up is gaining momentum, but not everyone will spend the weekend back at home. that our hearts go out to, They're the people have been inundated with water because their homes for a long period of time. will fly in supplies tomorrow, An army Black Hawk of insect repellent. including extra stocks

Max Futcher, Ten News. a rescue mission is under way - Some breaking news tonight - the Navy sending a warship to retrieve a seriously injured crewman on a fishing vessel.

to a Spanish-registered vessel HMAS 'Warramunga' is speeding in the Indian Ocean.

to hospital in Perth. The injured man will be brought back are on their way to the US tonight Heath Ledger's family

to bring home his body.

about why it took nine minutes Questions are now being asked to call for an ambulance. for his masseuse This could be the last video of Heath Ledger, doing what he loved. captured on a mobile phone The moments show the Oscar nominee of Doctor Parnassus' in London. on the set of 'The Imaginarium The images no hint of what would unfold three days later

in the star's SoHo apartment. It's emerged by the masseuse at his apartment friend Mary-Kate Olsen was called four times - about why the masseuse, It's raised questions didn't start CPR immediately. who should have known first aid, the Australian's former fiancee Michelle Williams, 2-year-old daughter, Matilda, and mother to his about the tragedy. is yet to speak publicly But his uncles have spoken out, rejecting suggestions the actor could have taken his own life.

as we're concerned, Certainly, as far it was a tragic, accidental death. He was never depressed? In recent times we can't really comment on that. I think Kim, our brother, and Sally and Kate would be far more able to comment on that at a period of time to come. The film industry is still reeling. Ang Lee, who directed Heath Ledger in 'Brokeback Mountain', also deeply upset. Um... Very emotional. It's very hard to talk about that. It's heartbreaking. Heath Ledger's body remains here at this funeral home. His family is yet to arrive in the city

but, once they do, preparations will begin.

preparations will begin to return his body to Australia for the funeral. It's believed a memorial service will be held in Los Angeles over the weekend. In New York, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. And from London tonight, news Johnny Depp is poised to take over Heath Ledger's role in the movie he was shooting last weekend. The director says they could switch actors in a scene where Heath Ledger's character falls through a magic mirror in the 'Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'.

Workers are in for another industrial relations shake-up. The Rudd Government is looking at a new national regime to replace WorkChoices. He has a mandate to scrap the controversial WorkChoices legislation but Kevin Rudd wants to go a step further and succeed where John Howard failed and build a single, national, industrial relations system. One of the problems they face is these different regulatory environments from one State to the other an enormous compliance cost and this actually represents for business. It'll take the cooperation of the States or a referendum. The architech of one blueprint under consideration says with wall-to-wall Labor governments and a momentum for change, the time is right. It's important local know-how and experience is involved and the best system will involve a blend of Federal and State experience. Business has backed the push, but not the model. Professor Williams's report addresses the right question but with the wrong solutions. Unions also keeping an open mind. There'll need to be lots of discussions about all sorts of issues

this is one model. Whatever the system, it's unlikely to address the gender pay gap revealed in latest government research. It shows women executives receive about half the pay of their male counterparts.

That leaves women with tougher financial challenges. Women live longer than men, and so having superannuation is extremely important for women not to live in poverty. If we don't pay them properly in Australia they've got every ability to look elsewhere and look overseas. Wealthy families are the latest target of massive spending cuts - the Government's razor gang will means-test Family Tax Benefit B payments for single-income parents earning over $250,000. It's very important for us to remember

that families are the building block of Australian society - they're not the chopping block. Brad Hodson, Ten News. A massive car bomb has left 5 people dead and at least 20 injured - the blast ripping through a Christian neighbourhood in the Lebanese capital. Among those killed, a senior police intelligence officer who was investigating terror attacks.

Still to come, an old hand tells how one rogue trader ripped off a bank to the tune of $8 billion. the loopholes. I think when you look at what the banks are trying to do, they focus on making the money - they're not too interested in trying to save it. ..if it is an individual, has been able to achieve an extraordinary theft. And the stock market recovery in CommSec's finance report.

This program is captioned live. A gunman has opened fire on two passers-by after a dispute over a dog. The victim was shot twice by a 60-year-old man

outside a Geelong home. Investigators claim the incident allegedly started when he stirred up the shooter's pets. The guy come to my door, he had blood over him

and he told me that his mate was shot in the stomach. Members of to arrest the armed man. cordoned off the street The victim remains in a serious but stable condition in hospital. He's being dubbed a genius of fraud -

the worst rogue trader in history, racking up an incredible $8 billion loss at a French bank. Europe's fourth-biggest bank, France's Societe Generale, now home to the world's biggest financial fraud.

$8 billion gambled away by one man, identified as 31-year-old Jerome Kerviel. We are very sorry that this thing's happened. one-shot exceptional loss Second, this is a totally coming from a fraud. The junior trader is accused of betting the Paris-based bank's cash on European tax futures. Every time his risky trades bombed, he spent more to regain the losses, and created false transactions to conceal them.

It does surprise me that an has been able to achieve such an extraordinary theft. than that engineered by British banker Nick Leeson 12 years ago - the original 'rogue trader' - who brought down Barings Bank. They haven't closed down the loopholes. I think when you look at what the banks are trying to do, they focus on making the money - they are not too interested in trying to save it. The scandal couldn't come at a worse time, by recent market mayhem. But European markets appeared to weather the scandal well, with welcome lifts to stocks across the board

To finance news with CommSec's Juliette Saly. Juliette, after a fairly volatile week, it seems many analysts were too quick with their bear market call. It certainly looks that way, Jacinta, with global share markets now in recovery mode. Now, of course, a few sessions of impressive gains can't wipe away that recent volatility, and the question of whether or not we're in a bear or a bull market still remains unanswered. Traditionally, though, a bear market is a long period of share market weakness, and what we've seen lately is more to do with a correction rather than prolonged selling.

The booming state of the Chinese economy and the rescue package announced by the US Government this week really boosted investor sentiment worldwide, and our market has now recouped all of this week's losses. We also have to remember that even though our share market has dropped dramatically from where we saw it at those peaks late last year, it's still 9% higher than what it was a year ago, Jacinta. Thanks. Juliette Saly from CommSec.

around the country. House prices are skyrocketing And in a real estate twist, the most expensive city is now being called affordable.

But the deals won't last for long. This one-bedroom unit 10 minutes from the city is what you can get for a cool $364,000 in Sydney today.

call that a bargain. Apartment prices have been pretty stagnant for a couple of years now, to get on the market now so I think if you want apartments are certainly the way to go. It's still the most expensive market in Australia, but now it's being called affordable. Sydney apartments have been in the doldrums for many years and they're now starting to represent really good value. New growth figures show the other capitals have left Sydney in their wake, with house values skyrocketing. In Melbourne, prices are up 25%, Brisbane and Adelaide 20%. And investors are cashing in. All up I made about $145,000. It's the same scenario for apartments across the country. Other cities are booming compared to traditionally strong Sydney. And in these times of high rents and stock market gloom, there's one prediction. All these things mean that Sydney apartments will be on the shopping list of many investors over the next 12 months. Apartments increased in value by just 2% on average last year. In the coming two years that growth could be as much as 10%. Great news for investors and owners, not so good for first home buyers. We've got a problem in the housing market now where affordable housing is really out of reach of most low- and middle-income Australians. While Sydney property recovers, the other booming real estate markets across Australia are forecast to cool by year's end. Josh Murphy, Ten News. James Bond is making a return to the big screen in the latest instalment of the spy thriller franchise. 'The Quantum of Solace' takes its name from an Ian Fleming short story and promises twice the action of 'Casino Royale'. Daniel Craig is back as the blond Bond and is taking a more serious aim as he plays the secret agent. Last time round, I thought, well, if I fail I can walk away and say, "OK, I screwed that up." There'll be the usual 007 love interests

and Dame Judi Dench reprises her role as M. The movie will be released in Australia in November.


..all roads lead to Australia's country music capital, but who'll win the biggest prize of them all?

If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this Australia Day long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.

This program is captioned live. Two Australian sailors have been ordered to stand trial in the US over a drunken brawl. The navy engineers were on shore leave from the HMAS 'Sydney' in San Diego when they got into a fight with a Californian man over Australia's role in the Middle East, and football.

I said, "In rugby you cannot hit as hard as you do in football "because you don't wear pads." At that point in time, the two defendants looked and maybe said a comment to each other, and started walking towards me. 27-year-old Philip Ferres and 25-year-old Kolis Barba are facing up to eight years jail. They'll face trial in March. Tension is building in Australia's country music capital

ahead of tomorrow night's Golden Guitar Awards. The big stars are rolling in to Tamworth, one of them a bit unexpected. Country Music Festival time in Tamworth, and who do we find? That well-known country crooner Guy Sebastian. What are you doing here? Country Music Awards Well, it's the Tamworth a fitting place usually and I know it's not quite for a pop artist like myself. I basically was invited to Tamworth and I love this sort of music.

Guy will be one of a crowd of big names starring at tomorrow night's Golden Guitar Awards. (Sings) # Break out the fiddle and dosido... # Lee Kernaghan, who might be Australian of the Year by then, will also star,

as will Kasey Chambers, who'll be backing up after her seventh annual Live and Free concert in the park, raising money for Ronald McDonald house.

We save money on buying a ticket to Kasey Chambers, but the money we save, let's donate that. A bevy of country music's loveliest ladies will fight it out for awards, including Gina Jeffreys, back after a 4-year break as a stay-at-home mum. I though it might have been hard, The only thing more Tamworth than the Golden Guitar is Slim Dusty, and, just over three years since his death,

a previously undiscovered Slim song is set to be released. SONG: # I guess we've written one hell of a song. # It will feature on an album called 'The Slim Dusty Family Reunion'. He wrote them out on a piece of leather and he hung that leather in the living room up near the Christmas tree. So I thought, "Right, that's what the album's going to be all about."

Angela Bishop in Tamworth for Ten News. After nearly half a century, Italian designer Valentino has bid farewell to the fashion world in exuberant style. His final haute couture show was held in Paris, complete with a finale of models dressed in his signature colour, Valentino red. The 75-year-old has dressed some of over his 45-year career.

his swan-song collection yet another crowd-pleaser. Sports Tonight is next with Mark Aiston. the Aussie Open finals up for grabs? The last place in That's right, Jacinta, Novak Djokovic out to stop Roger Federer's campaign for a third straight Melbourne Park title. Also, Gilchrist makes history,

but the India spinners do the damage with the bat in the fourth Test. Finals fever hits the A-League - Sydney against Queensland. And drama at the Tour Down Under.

Every year, almost 400,000 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer. You could say it's our national cancer. Tanya is 22

and thought that treating melanoma meant simply removing a mole. But don't be fooled - skin cancer can kill. Outdoors, you can't just rely on sunscreen. Protect yourself in five ways - with a hat, clothing, shade, sunglasses and sunscreen. Do that out there to avoid ending up in here.

This program is captioned live. Now for the weather.

Cloud over southern NSW and eastern Victoria in a trough is causing a few showers, with storms in Victoria. Bright cloud across the Northern Territory and central WA with a trough is bringing thundery showers. Bright cloud over southern Queensland and northern NSW with a trough is bringing showers and storms. A slow-moving trough over the south-east will generate a very warm, thundery day over the interior and south-east. Cooler south-westerly winds will develop in SA behind the trough later in the day. Onshore winds on the northern NSW and Queensland coasts will cause further showers.

The algal bloom that's been spreading across Warragamba Dam has doubled in size. The slimy green sludge now coats more than 1,200 square kilometres of the city's main water supply.

Experts insist there are no health side effects, but at least three government bodies are still finalising a risk assessment of the contamination. It's hoped cooler winter weather will help kill off the algae.

And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with Mark Aiston is next. I'm Jacinta Hocking. Glad we could get together. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.