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(generated from captions) The nation's newest politicians have settled down to work

into how Parliament works. after an intensive induction

Ten political reporter Brad Hodson A short time ago north Queensland seat of Leichhardt spoke to the new member for the about his first days on the job. Jim Turner, good morning. How was the first day on the job? I have come down from Cairns It was good, is different down here. and even the weather for the first time getting to sit in the chamber at learning how Parliament works. was a great experience to be able to see some of the people You said yesterday it was exciting that you see on television. in the halls yet? Have you had any encounters late yesterday I took the opportunity to wander down the ministerial wing walking on the blue carpet and it is great Tony Burke over the phone last night and having a chance to catch up with and talk to his staff but really went down to his office

'cause that is my background, and really took that opportunity that I think are important and today, I'll get down there into Nicola Roxon's office and hope to catch up or at least go in Far North Queensland. about some of the health issues It is straight into it. some of that job ahead of you? Is it a bit daunting, for a long time I have been working at this about the opportunity. and I'm excited with some immigration inquiries I am already dealing an opportunity to come down, in my electorate office but this is learn about the legislative process but also the chance to get down and start to talk to ministers

commitments in North Queensland and ministers' officers about our and make sure we deliver. about people There are a lot of stories at Parliament House in the first couple of weeks it is a big place. getting a little lost -

How you finding your way around? I have been lucky of work out here before in that I have done a little bit but the house is a daunting place. and they are learning the ropes, I have a wife and young baby is really important balancing work and family to bring them down and I'm really happy to be able and learn about the House. and show them around

things and new things as a member But there are so many different through the Parliament from the way that legislation works

the parliamentary library to learning more about that we do have as members. and the support services and best of luck for your time here. Well, Jim, congratulations Thank you very much.