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(generated from captions) re-enters society. Terrorism supporter David Hicks Queensland's Fraser Island Holidaymakers flee as a super storm rolls in. And, left hanging... Good evening. is a free man. Terrorism supporter David Hicks The former meatworker Australia's highest security jail has been released from South to live with his family. Free at last - help but smile David Hicks couldn't keep maximum security jail. as left South Australia's and said, "Good morning." Well he just walked in I asked him how he was feeling, comprehended it at that time but, yeah, he still hadn't

was walk out that door. that all he had to do terrorism supporter did - And that's exactly what the convicted straight into a waiting car. In a statement read by his lawyer, for bringing him home. Hicks thanked Australia I would like to recognise that I owe the Australian public "the huge debt of gratitude "for getting me home.

He asked them to respect his privacy. from Guantanamo Bay, Under the conditions of his release for three months. the 32-year-old can't tell his story Right now I'm looking forward with my wonderful father - my dad, to some quiet time my family and my friends.

from his time in custody. He wrote of the scars to readjust to society I will need time and to obtain medical care of 5.5 years at Guantanamo Bay. for the consequences

from Hicks's father Terry, A sigh of relief to free his son. who's fought for six years I probably feel as free as he does, ongoing for a little while longer. but this is probably going to be by a strict control order. David Hicks still has to abide questioned the control order regime. The Australian Democrats have

and it's unnecessary. We believe it's unjustified

for Terry Hicks. Still, it's celebrations Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray! CROWD: Hip-hip, hooray! the simple way. While his son enjoys freedom Enjoy a beer. he plans to do that? REPORTER: Do you think Oh, I do. Esther Lindstrom, Ten News. joins us now with more. Esther Lindstrom David Hicks went after his release? Esther, do we have any idea where

From November and one of the first

things hicks did today was good to

a police station to check in and be

fingerprinted. He will have to

become used to this. Under become used to this. Under the

conditions of his control order he

has to come here to the Port

Adelaide police station three times Adelaide police station three

a week. That could mean he is

living somewhere around here but

exactly where is anyone's guess. He

will be moving to various safe

houses over the next few weeks. Esther Lindstrom in Adelaide. Thank you. about the life of David Hicks Australians have learned a lot town in Adelaide to the Middle East. and how he launched from his home most wanted man, Osama bin Laden. and an association with the world's As a child, between schools and estranged parents David Hicks were shunted before an erratic career and meat process worker. as a jackaroo, horse trainer Just that he was a good bloke. Never done anything wrong. Even fatherhood failed to settle him. fighting first in Kosovo He converted to Islam, and meeting bin Laden. before training with al-Qaeda in December 2001 He was arrested in Afghanistan and sent to Guantanamo Bay. His father feared the Australian Government. he had been abandoned by By doing that, I think they've... haven't they? well, they've almost hung him, to the military authorities, While it would be open to allow legal representation, if they chose he is entitled to any. I don't believe Supporters tried appeals in America, a British citizen, and to have him declared to the streets of New York. while his father took his protest Only in late 2003 even allowed to meet with Hicks. was defence lawyer Major Michael Mori provide a full and fair trial. The military commissions will not

Six more months passed

attempted murder, were laid. before charges, including and conditions at Guantanamo grew Australian unease over delays the more serious charges. Prosecutors dropped and tell you I'm not going to stand here with Osama bin Laden. that David Hicks is on par That would be ridiculous. but only nine months in custody. He was sentenced to seven years Within weeks, amid extravagant security, he was back in Australia, security at Adelaide's Yatala jail. to serve out his time in maximum Alan Murrell, Ten News. prime minister Benazir Bhutto Startling claims former Pakistan by gunfire from an assassin, was not killed following a suicide bomb blast. but from hitting her head as thousands of Bhutto supporters The revelation came buried their former leader. of Benazir Bhutto's life. The final moments among her supporters, then an explosion creates carnage. But Pakistani officials now say explosion, not bullets, it was the force of the suicide bomb which took Ms Bhutto's life. When she was ducking down of that shockwave of the explosion, and was thrown by the force of the sunroof hit her. unfortunately the lever X-rays were produced or shrapnel in her head. to prove there was no bullets the claims are lies - Angry supporters say was killed by gunfire. insisting the former Prime Minister

continued The enormous outpouring of grief at her ancestral homeland as Benazir Bhutto was buried in the southern Sindh province. to rest next to her father Thousands gathered as she was laid a military coup three decades ago. who was executed following

Authorities now believe

Ms Bhutto's assassination. al-Qaeda carried out Baitullah Mehsud that al-Qaeda leader is behind her assassination. a political era in Pakistan history. Ms Bhutto's death ends for its future. and brings uncertainty James Boyce, Ten News. to batten down the hatches Queenslanders are being warned system heads towards the coast. as a potentially destructive weather from Fraser Island Campers continue to be exacuated which is expected to cop the worst of the storm.

Ten reporter Brett Mason is there. Yes, Fraser Island is usually packed with tourists at this time of year but today the beaches are eerily deserted as the island bunkers down for conditions similar to a category 2 cyclone. Evacuations began late yesterday,

with the bureau predicting 6m swells and winds between 90 and 170km/h. and I completely agree with it. Lot heading south, probably down to the barge at the bottom end.

Lot heading south, at the bottom end. Inland campsites have also been abandoned, tourists warned they could be killed by fallen branches, while more than 750 4-wheel-drives and some 2,500 tourists have been ferried to safety there are some diehard campers refusing to leave. They have set up three tent cities in special emergency camps. I think it's going to be, like, rainy and stuff but I don't think it's going to be a cyclone. The swell might be big, but we don't swim in it, anyway.

While those on the island are running for cover, there's plenty queuing up to try their luck. This morning's barge was crammed with visitors. We're going to take the inland tracks and try and stay out of the weather,

don't go on the beach at all. We've got a couple of boards - we'll go out for a surf. Campers have also been told to leave beaches as far south as Noosa

with emergency services workers on stand-by for possible flooding. The bureau says Queenslanders will start to feel the full force of this storm when it arrives here at Fraser Island in the next few hours. Brett Mason on Queensland's Fraser Island. A terrifying ride for eight people in Melbourne after a blackout. The group was stuck 20m above the ground for more than two hours. A mad night on the Mad Mouse for eight thrill-seekers - a blackout cutting power to Luna Park, carriages on the rollercoaster stuck in darkness. We get to one point where we don't know if we're going to roll back or stay forward and that's when the brakes locked in we started to get worried. and that's when Firefighters used scissor lifts to help the stricken riders down. MACHINE BEEPS Some were stuck for 2.5 hours. I thought I was going to die. Yeah, there was a moment of panic, but after, like, five minutes or so we were cool with it. Luna Park management says none of the eight people on the rollercoaster and that all safety procedures were followed correctly. They were removed one by one which was the safest way to do so and we weren't prepared to cut any corners or take any risks. The blackout meant a busy night for firefighters. Smoke near Luna Park alerting them to another emergency. When we looked across to the area behind us we could see there was a fire burning in a large structure. The St Kilda RSL went up in flames. sparking the blaze. The staff initally tried to fight the fire with the appliances on hand, but by that stage it was gone.

The entire lower floor is covered in a thick layer of black soot, the damage bill expected to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ben Lewis, Ten News. The Sydney to Hobart focus is shifting from line honours champion 'Wild Oats XI' to the handicap contenders.

Ten reporter Cameron Baud is at Hobart's Constitution Dock where officials are madly calculating times. The international flavour of this year's Sydney to Hobart is growing stronger, with American yacht 'Rosebud' a warming favourite to take out overall honours. The Americans arrived in dock last night. is, ironically, Their biggest challenger in the fleet - 10m-long 'Zephyr', one of the smallest boats by 2am tomorrow morning which needs to make it Hobart an unlikely overall win. in order to claim

limped in to dock this morning. Damaged supermaxi 'Skandia' there was a beautiful sunrise, The setting was serene,

on a very frustrated crew but it was completely lost who were still trying to explain snapped off while racing. why the top of their mast Nathan Buckley Former Collingwood captain to their glittering careers have added Sydney-Hobart yacht races. by each completing their first Buckley took the honours. His 'Hugo Boss II' of 'George Gregan Foundation'. finished ahead of Young on board on the grinder at others I was on the mast at times, edge of the boat at times as well. and I was a very good ballast on the continuing to make strong progress. Mexican boat 'Iataia' tomorrow morning, She's due to arrive here of the rest of the fleet. along with the majority by the Queen - details next. Songstress Kylie Minogue honoured Also - out in the nick of time... flyin' through, and it just kept coming.

It's like the whole roof came down on us. ..13 families escape an inferno. plunges deeper into crisis... And Pakistan assassination. ..following Benazir Bhutto's ..8... offering: ..7... But be quick... ..6... ..only lasts... ..4... ..1! So call FOXTEL now... ..on: This program is captioned live. to descend into chaos Pakistan continues of Benazir Bhutto. following the assassination to every major city, The violence has spread use deadly force to maintain order. with the police and military told to Pakistan is tearing itself apart - consuming the nation burning vehicles symbolise the anger following Benazir Bhutto's murder. in Islamabad Demonstrations like this one are commonplace across the country. (CALL TO PRAYER) the West hoped Prayers too for the woman to Pakistan. would restore democracy I believe it's a targeted killing. made so far. because there is no probe President Pervez Musharraf blamed for not providing his main political rival with enough protection. avoided, I believe. This incident could have been claiming dozens of lives. The backlash

of a deliberately lit fire This man telling

which killed at least six people. in a Karachi factory shoot-to-kill orders Security forces given

assassination - chaos has descended. while in Rawalpindi - scene of the We want justice", he says. "How many Bhuttos will you kill? "There is a Bhutto in every house." general election The lead-up to the 8th January

expected to increase tensions. as they were announced. Right now the elections stand General Musharraf should resign. to a government of consensus. There should be a government

All political parties should agree The judiciary should be reinstated. Murray McCluskey, Ten News. have appeared in court A woman and her boyfriend and four other family members. charged with murdering her parents The couple, both aged 29, are accused of her family on Christmas Eve of shooting three generations and young niece and nephew. including her brother armed herself with a 9mm handgun, We allege that Michelle Anderson

concealed it with a sweatshirt that she'd wrapped around her arm and walked up the hill to begin a lethal confrontation with her family. she was angry with her brother Police say he owed her money. because she believed in the United States. A block of flats has exploded 13 families were in the complex tore through the building. when the blast Amazingly everyone made it out alive. Like a bomb went off - and stuff just came - the windows shattered

and it just kept coming. just came flying though came down on us. to have sparked the blast. A suspected gas leak is thought Kylie Minogue has been awarded an OBE New Year's Honours list. in the Queen's she's surprised and deeply touched The 39-year-old singer says

by the award for services to music. talk show host Michael Parkinson, Also honoured - retired British who'll become 'Sir Parky'. clinging to life by bushwalkers - A man on a religious expedition found details next. And 2,000km - 50 to go - about to make history. we track the kayakers This program is captioned live. in a Melbourne hospital A man is recovering in two days. after the city's second dog attack after being mauled by the family pet. Yesterday a 9-week-old baby girl died It's understood the infant was dragged her from her cot and savaged around the head and face. Animal experts say the tragedy should serve as a warning to all families.

occur in the family home 80% of all dog bites

by the family dog - to children, that's the big message. by council officers The dog has been seized while the tragedy is investigated. Police have arrested a man boyfriend while she watched. suspected of stabbing his mother's has been questioned by officers The 22-year-old which left a 31-year-old man dead. over the Melbourne attack address to find him badly injured Emergency crews arrived at the

inside the home's garage. of paramedics, he couldn't be saved. Despite the best efforts between the pair led to the attack. Its believed a domestic dispute in Melbourne, A man has died in a horrific crash to 11 and the national total to 29. taking Victoria's road toll The 22-year-old died after losing control of a car and slamming into a pole. inside the wreckage He remained trapped fire crews could cut him free. for about 45 minutes before He died in hospital. A bushwalker has been found alive rainforest on the Sunshine Coast. after surviving two weeks in thick It was a surprise for the family and the authorities

because he hadn't been reported missing. into unconsciousness - Dehydrated and slipping the missing bushwalker emerges alive. It was during a family bushwalk faint but desperate calls for help. Russell Armstrong heard the man's for two weeks. He said he'd been there and he said, "No". And I asked him if he'd fallen and I said, "How did you get here?" He said he'd crawled. and all that. So I just checked his vital signs Stranded across the rushing Wappa Falls - emergency crews had to carefully plan his rescue. He was unable to walk out so the extrication consisted of bringing him across the water.

In the few words the man spoke he told his rescuers he'd been on a religious trek when he became disoriented. He said God told him to. Oh, OK. or something. Yes, so it was one of his God treks The man is being treated in hospital. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. A group of adventurers is on the verge of making history after an epic voyage rowing from New Zealand. Two men and two woman have spent the past month paddling, and now are just kilometres from Sydney. This is the new awesome foursome of the adventure world. Stephen Gates, Andrew Johnson, Kerry Tozer and Sally McCreaddie have spent the last month rowing together across the Tasman. In two on, two off shifts - they've almost covered the 2,200km from New Zealand. This afternoon the parents of each of the crew members were eagerly awaiting their return to land. This morning they started rowing three on, one off, because obviously they're keen to get home. They left a month ago today. High seas, bad weather - but favourable currents. They've made good time, but there were some close calls. A few nights ago the vessel almost collided with a freighter. They had to end up shinning They had to end up shining the spotlight at the bridge because the freighter just didn't see them. Right now, the four are just off Sydney's coast and were due around midnight, but a current could delay their arrival. I can't wait - yes, very emotional. It's an emotional time too - for another pair of adventurers attempting the same feat.

Justin Jones and James Castrission are crossing the Tasman in the opposite direction - with a few unwanted spectators. There are currently two sharks And they are quite inquisitive. The duo are expected to complete their Trans-Tasman voyage by January 10. Josh Murphy, Ten News. This program is captioned live. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning And, Rob, our Aussie cricketers go 1-nil up in the series against India. Yes, Tim , the Australians have demolished India at the MCG we'll bring you all the highlights. on day four, In searing heat, India falls. Who's Hewitt drawn for the Adelaide International? And one of the goals of the A-League season - Santa strikes again. We can use wetting agents and we can use mulches. And in pots, we can use water crystals. So it's not just one thing that helps to save water, it's a combination of things. Rechargeable solid water bags - $6.97. Sensor light - $25.98. Electric blower vac - $49.98. Start by choosing the right plants for the environment. Lowest prices are just the beginning.

33 and sunny in Canberra, mostly sunny and 30 for Melbourne and sunny in Hobart. To South Australia and a sunny day for Adelaide, 39. Mostly sunny and 30 in Port Lincoln. and mostly sunny in Victor Harbor. Across to WA - mostly sunny and 30 for Perth and possible thunderstorms in Broome. Further ahead to Monday and more rain and wind in store for Brisbane, mostly sunny in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart. A sunny hot day in Adelaide.

That brings you up to date with the latest news. We'll have updates through the evening. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Tim Webster. Good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Rob Canning and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. 30 minutes of action ahead. Here is what's ahead.

Today - cricket, tennis, yachting, football, basketball and the year that was for our national teams. All the action from the 'G' - Test 1, day four - Australia versus India. Hopman Cup highlights and we've got another present from Santa. Sydney slice apart Adelaide. NBL and the Bullets shot down

Plus the stories being told from the Sydney to Hobart. Stay safe this festive season...