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Tonight, Australia decides - in a cliffhanger election. the nation goes to the polls Also, Antarctic rescue - from a sinking cruise liner. 10 Aussies among the passengers saved And girls gone wild - claims female schoolies by an adult entertainment company. are being targeted

Good evening. have by now cast their votes Most Australians

of our political leaders and sealed the fates in the long-awaited federal election. are now preparing for the result, John Howard and Kevin Rudd expected later tonight, from electoral annihilation. to save it Under a gloomy sky

his trademark walk from Kirribilli, John Howard embarked on pursued by hecklers. card has failed in this election? WOMAN: Johnny, do you think the race more race cards? Do you think we should have played prepared for the day ahead. The Prime Minister of the people. I'm fine, it's in the hands until 6:00 tonight. But I'll keep talking to them

the sun was shining on Kevin Rudd. In Brisbane,

a tight old election It's going to be it's the Australian people deciding. It's ah, it's ah -

lost on some. The excitement of the occasion it's an important day. Better wake up mate - at government in years. Labor with its best shot for the country's future We've got a good plan out there I'm proud of it and I think we are going to do a more than competitive show today.

Are you confident? I'm hopeful. OK. OK, are you ready?

John Howard was buoyed by late polls for the Coalition. suggesting a boost in support has been a shift in public sentiment There is no doubt that there in the final days of this campaign. own seat of Bennelong under threat, With his Government and his to undecided voters. John Howard made one final appeal

who decide on the day, There are a lot of people the polling booth, decide when they walk into

how they are going to vote. arguing and fighting, That's why you've got to keep and campaigning to the very end. the Prime Minister's momentum. One non-supporter tried to stall Queuejumper - get to the back of the queue like everyone else.

isn't the end of the line. John Howard hoping this election

You've finally got me cornered. Thanks a lot. the waiting game began. Their votes cast, I've got my family's votes. Well I'm pretty confident

That's five going for us. I've got to worry about. It's just 10 million other votes

it was written in the sky. In Melbourne, it's much secret how I'm voting. I don't think

the jump on many with an early vote. But Peter Costello had to election day As people have got closer more carefully they have been thinking that is behind them. about the choice

keeping her feet on the ground. Julia Gillard REPORTER: In a couple of hours,

next Deputy Prime Minister? you could be the country's one step at a time. Well I'm taking it

Elsewhere, dramas unfolded. allegedly slapped by a journalist Labor candidate George Newhouse and under assault claiming he's ineligible to stand, in a full page Liberal Party ad there'd be a by-election. and if elected If he is elected, in Wentworth any one of 100,000 voters

Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

our political editor Paul Bongiorno, I'm joined now by feeling about the day so far? What are the Liberal and Labor camps

So far up the Liberal camp is So far up the Liberal camp is

keeping its fingers crossed. That

movement in the polls will continue

and take them over the line.

and take them over the line. An

overnight Morgan poll found that

Labor's primary vote was 53 % which

is just enough for it to win the

his election. One Liberal tells me that

his colleague was told that voters

like him but they are not going to

vote for him. I am told from

vote for him. I am told from

liberal campaign headquarters that

it will be a long night and a close it will be a long night and a close

result. That Labor Party's say that

the feeling on the poll priest is

very good and that voters are out

early and in big numbers which is a early and in big numbers which is a

sign that they had made up their

find out. mind. We don't have too long to

find out.It has been a long and

fascinating campaign because

there's so much riding on the

result?What we have is a moment in

history. John Howard is already the

second longest serving prime minister in history

minister in history and you - - if

he wins tonight he will overtake

and become the longest serving

prime minister. Kevin Rudd if he

wins will be only the third Labor

leader to win an election since the

war and he will be the Labor leader

that ended the Howard wore -

that ended the Howard wore - - era. and for many who have already done their democratic duty today

it was a relief to finally vote after the 6-week campaign. on your wedding day. It's tough to get out of voting, even a morning surf takes second place, Pastimes put on hold, up early to greet the masses. and everywhere an army of helpers I think most people have made up their minds now.

I think it's a good thing very close, very close. and I think it's going to be I'm hopeful, but we'll wait and see. Thank you. Have a good day. in Lindsay, After recent controversies

for the Liberal candidate she'd rather have avoided - a greeting one of those 'Chaser' moments. I don't know. Where'd these flyers come from? Here, here you go. Let's get rid of them one at a time. Please help us hand them out Karen. the Bali Bombers for years. Come on, no-one's understood election generosity knows no bounds. Down to the last minute, from Alex. John Howard bought three chocolates That's me. more money than usual. And he gave us And he said, "Keep the change." not a politician in sight, And even with

babies featured. Vote 1 Greens. than the political process, maybe. More interested in the microphone

voters were bombarded with paperwork. At booths across the country The queues were often long, by rain at times. not made any more pleasant To help with the process 70,000 electoral staff will be working today and there needs to be because there are 13.6 million of us registered to vote, and to help them vote, 43 million ballot papers have been printed. a fire truck to make a Green point - In Melbourne,

ready for any emergency - and while political choices were the main game there were others to be made. At the minute the sausages are winning closely followed by the steak. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. One seat that's received immense attention throughout the campaign has been Bennelong in Sydney - held by the Prime Minister and under challenge from former journalist Maxine McKew. Ten reporter Kevin Wilde is in Bennelong, and he joins me now.

Kevin, John Howard's been forced to spend a lot of time protecting his home turf.

That has been part of Labor's

strategy by having a star recruit

up against of him. Normally he

holds the seat quite comfortably

and he can campaign around the

nation but now he has spent had to

spend a lot of time here. He is up

against Maxine acute, the former

journalist, and she has really

taken to it. It is a tough fight.

As we have seen she has proved very

popular as has John Howard today.

They were using the line at a They were using the line at a time for change here in Bennelong.

for change here in Bennelong.

Overall she has had a fairly good campaign. And the thing that I'm really happy about is that I have been able to run the campaign that I wanted to run. I mean, it's been positive, really energetic - we've had fabulous support from volunteers - hi guys! - and I know that we've argued all the issues. Senior party figures here in

Bennelong are saying that the

voting will be very tight. We may

not even know the result throughout the evening as well as a special election '07 wrap up at 10pm. Coming up next in Ten News - schoolies sex scandal - the adult entertainment company targeting drunken young females on the Gold Coast. Plus dramatic sea rescue - Aussies saved from freezing death in the Antarctic.

This program is captioned live. A dramatic rescue for 10 Australians after their cruise ship hit an iceberg and sank in the Antarctic.

The passengers and crew were forced to spend six freezing hours in lifeboats before being picked up. Badly damaged and listing dangerously to one side, the 'MS Explorer's voyage at an end after smashing into an iceberg. 154 passengers and crew, including 10 Australians, were loaded into lifeboats.

For six hours they endured temperatures of -5 degrees before being picked up by a Norwegian cruise ship, saved from a freezing death in one of the most remote parts of the world. but no injured and the operation went very smoothly. it was a nerve-racking experience. We were in lifeboats in fairly rough seas, strong winds. We feel very relieved, now. We're all, sort of, unwinding.

The 2,400 tonne ship began taking on water after a hole the size of a fist was punched into it's reinforced hull below the waterline. The captain and chief officer stayed on board, manning the bilge pumps. But as the water began flooding compartments, they too abandoned ship. Everyone on board is now safe and well

at Antarctic military bases. They will fly out tomorrow to South America. The 10 Australians each paid GAP Adventures up to $13,000 for the trip of a life-time. They were actually coming towards the end of the trip. It was the extended Antarctic trip that takes in the Falklands and South Georgia, which they'd already covered. There have been complaints of tourist vessels in the Antarctic, about the increasing number of nearby ships but it seems the presence helped save 154 lives. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. killed in Afghanistan The body of an Australian soldier will be brought home next week. Private Luke Worsley was shot dead during hours of intense fighting with Afghan insurgents,

early yesterday. were also killed Two women and a child in the south of the country. in the raid on Taliban bomb-makers to have been killed in Afghanistan The 26-year-old is the third digger in the past two months.

Worsley's parents have said by his death that while they are devastated of their son. they remain extremely proud that an adult entertainment company Concerning claims tonight schoolies to take part in its videos is trying to attract young female by filming their drunken antics. As many as 1,000 girls 'Girl's Gone Wild' party boat. will be invited on to the

their school uniforms, They've only just hung up into the adult porn world. but already they're being lured US company, 'Girls Gone Wild', preying on young female school leavers on the Gold Coast for an alcohol-fuelled cruise to South Stradbroke Island. the girls would be plyed with alcohol It's believed

for the cameras. and encouraged to strip and in magazines. pictures then posted online schoolies were far from impressed. But on the streets That's pretty scary, to take advantage of them like that. It's pretty slack for them to try Can they legally do that? Police say they can. though, I think we've got to be mindful, that are going on this cruise that the students are 18 years of age. has already served jail time The American creator, Joe Francis, of two underage girls after using steamy footage in one of his movies. He's now in jail for tax fraud. of 'Girls Gone Wild' The Australian operators went to ground today, but it's believed here on the Esplanade tonight they'll be setting up a stall to join the cruise. to try to entice girls last night Meantime, police were kept busy as the Queensland class of 2007 of schoolies. celebrated their final night 30 were arrested, The number of assaults were up too, after being stabbed on the beach. one schoolie hospitalised a little bit antagonistic A little bit aggressive, to the end of their celebrations and perhaps it's coming and they're a bit tired as well. from south of the border 14,000 schoolies tonight. will descend on the Gold Coast Nicky Haydon, Ten News. who accidentally confessed A teenage driver that nearly killed a police officer after a crash

is now paying for his crime. recorded the shocking smash. A dashboard camera were broken Both of the police man's legs while paramedics were treating him, and, was put in the police car. the 19-year-old driver on his mobile, He called his girlfriend not realising he was being recorded.

The young driver has been sentenced to 5 years probation

so he can keep working restitution each month. and pay the police officer Coming up next in Ten News - may have accidently helped a killer. why police believe local farmers Plus - the little boy landed him between bars. whose curiousity

This program is captioned live. a South Australian murder mystery - A gruesome twist in appealing to local farmers police today helped the killer. who may have inadvertantly of a 26-year-old man It comes after the arrest of Glenys Heyward. over the brutal murder

Glenys Heyward was last seen on July 23. in her home town of Mount Gambier 16-week investigation After an exhaustive for her murder late yesterday. police arrested a 26-year-old man but was not related. It's believed he knew Ms Heyward The 53-year-old's body has never been found.

to believe that Glenys Heyward met That lead the investigators and brutal death. a particularly violent ramped up searches Investigators today and across the Victorian border, in the Mount Gambier district confident more arrests will follow. and upturned a suburban home, They've seized a four-wheel-drive ute possibly the crime scene. police aren't saying, As for the motive, over a $2 million property, but a dispute has been investigated. part-owned by Ms Heyward, to prove murder You don't need a motive greed cannot be excluded. but my view is that in this case to the local farming community Police are appealing unwittingly assisted the murderer. to consider whether they may have a vehicle or access to premises, You may have lent them a tool, you have some suspicions about that. but now, in hindsight, in an Adelaide court on Monday. The accused will appear Brett Clappis, Ten News. in her home in Melbourne's west. A woman has been found dead

just before midday, Police were called to the address with reports of a stabbing. the 36-year-old had died. By the time they'd arrived may have taken place inside the home. It's believed a domestic altercation are investigating. Homicide squad detectives A close call after fire broke out containing gas cylinders overnight. at a Melbourne factory the factory's office, The blaze swept through but firefighters stopped it spreading

LPG car conversion service centre. before it reached the We were very concerned about the building itself and the well-being of firefighters, stored in this property. having so many gas cylinders is being treated as suspicious. The fire has caused panic An adventurous toddler after getting his head stuck in a stair railing. is now happy to be free, The 3-year-old

but his antics sparked concern, as he struggled. Benji calling for help With no grease on hand to do the trick, the fire brigade came to his rescue. stretch those bars a bit, We just had to but he was fine when we got him out. which is quite unlike him. Didn't even want ice cream, But the ordeal was well worth it, for his troubles. Benji scoring a trauma teddy

Australia's unclaimed mail has gone under the hammer - Christmas coming early for bargain hunters gathering at the annual AUCTIONEER CALLS THE SALE Thousands of items were up for grabs including coffee machines, 400 bottles of wine and two wedding dresses. And it was guilt-free shopping - all proceeds going to charity.

The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning and Rob, an Olympic champion forced to hand back the medals. That's right, Natarsha. Marion Jones's steroid use confession

has her fighting for her five Sydney Games medals. We'll have that plus a stack more. We've got big waves. We've got smash hits. And we'll show you how this ends up.

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This program is captioned live. Looking at tomorrow's weather around the nation now, Late thunder forecast for Cairns, showers expected in Brisbane as well as on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. A clearing shower forecast for Sydney, late thunder for Canberra, it will be mostly sunny in Melbourne

and there's a possible shower for Hobart. To South Australia and it will be sunny in Adelaide and Port Lincoln, and mostly sunny in Victor Harbour. Across to WA and it will be mostly sunny in Perth and late thunder expected in Broome

And just a reminder - they'll be plenty of election result analysis

right here on Network Ten's Meet the Press tomorrow morning - incoming Labor Party President and South Australian Premier Mike Rann, and the Federal Director of the Liberal Party, Brian Loughnane. at 8:00am tomorrow.

Tough guys on two wheels have shown their soft side, riding Harleys to help kids with cancer. Taking their message to the streets, dozens of Harley Davidson owners rode to Melbourne's Peter Mac Cancer Centre to drop off CDs and DVDs, as well as money they'd raised. And while chops like these take years to perfect, the boys are claiming Movember respect -

That brings you up to date with the latest news. We'll have updates through the evening. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

This program is captioned live.

Hello. I'm Rob Canning and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. We know it's a bit late, but we've formed a party and here's our pitch.

So vote extreme... hardcore... Moving day at the Australian Masters. Moving day for the AFL's best young talent. And moving on - Darren Lehmann's farewell. The collision that has broken Victoria's skipper. An A-League assualt. And brutal big waves.