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SOARING MUSIC have the view MAN: Some of my siblings is harsh and prickly that the Australian bush

and is full of things that bite you. If you get in there, you get lost - are real fears of people. all those sort of things we have to offer experiences You know, I really think if they have those fears. that ease people into the bush, It's like most human things, I guess of doing things It's...the personal experience is the ultimate learning experience. with mostly light showers. MAN ON RADIO: A period of calm it's 17.8 degrees. Right now in Perth, ABC News. It's eight o'clock. REFLECTIVE MUSIC The car one way to see it. just driving long distances... But I get very bored just stopping and getting out ..and greatly enjoy and having a close look. and walking around CHIRPING as you're going past What appears to be just a green blur a complex of vegetation. suddenly becomes BIRDSONG ENGINE ROARS I'm out into the desert, WOMAN: Every chance I get and I just love it. REFLECTIVE MUSIC that captures my eye to paint. I'll look for something the pattern. It's the shape, the colour, but it's some particular thing It could be anything, that...that's got to be painted. and I lived out on the leases, I was bought up in Kalgoorlie which was pretty dirty and red, that people's... and I...I really think and where they're brought up ..where they're born has that emotional pull. and this is my experience. I live here, and have for 60 years, SOARING MUSIC WONDROUS MUSIC MUSIC INTENSIFIES