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(generated from captions) New South Wales. as southern and central Hello its Guy Sweeting. Labor politician Wayne Berry on his Today: the often controversial ACT achievements and retirement. the Wollongong Village Aide Rotary A touching story from the work of project. with her hoard of characters coming U.K. story teller Miriam Margolyes to Canberra's Playhouse Theatre. relevance of The Lodge after the Queanbeyan in Bloom and the election. dollars. cost to ACT taxpayers of 145 million will this be of benefit? of Canberra's water provider ACTEW: To explain, we're joined by the boss Welcome again to State Focus. with the drought and everything blanket for the future I suppose but before we will start to fill that Not right now it will be about 2011 Murrimbidgee across the the Googong transfer water from the unfortunately has a poor catchment, which is a large capacity dam but water in the Snowy Mountains dams is at the moment there's not much either so... So this is sort of... that Canberrans can do which is That is right and the other thing that is doing their best to meet what they are doing pretty well and of a summer, we're going into a into a summer, we're not coming out put out an advertising and sent to number one thing to do, we've also save water, simple things like every home a booklet on how you can to 2 minutes and this is easily minutes to 4 minutes or 4 minutes you get in there and just moving done by thinking about it before fast @ you get does save you and particularly if you'd be amazed just how much it year on that easily. scale? If you do that on a cumulative heading down and increased water I was going to say we're not we won't have to go to stage 4 even restrictions then we're confident March or so next year and we hope a in dire inflow circumstances until earlier so everyone has a big our target then it'll come on I can tell you that is a disastrous interest in not going into stage 4 My pleasure. Canberra and Queanbeyan's water Michael Costello: in charge of of your local water supplies. And what do you think of the future Have your say at our mytalk website. Follow the links. You can also email us. Playhouse Theatre. characters coming to Canberra's A.C.T. politician Wayne Berry. But now to: the often controversial felt there has been a few notable Often controversial, because he has ACT's first chief minister Rosemay in 1989 and working alongside the the next ACT election. Follett, he's decided to retire at Assembly joins me now. The Speaker of the ACT Legislative was to have enough people around me Well I think the first achievement and I got a great deal of joy out that want me to go into politics supported by many people who think of that because it's nice to be the same way that you do so that... all depends on the support base that be a politician or whatever but it level and of course within the other people at party political passage into politics. the Labour path but there have been Alright and you of course went down of distance yourself sort of from some times where you've had to sort Labor? issues where I've had something Well there's been a couple of expansion of poker machines in the strong to say about say the that and I will always be apposed ACT I've always been apposed to enough to remember when we didn't to that, I've around in the ACT came to the city and how important have poker machines and when they were instrumental in? good solid bunch of supporters again fortunate enough to have a period of about 10 years too around me which assisted me over a fact the numbers at the time were hundred and hundreds of women, in going interstate for pregnancy that there were about 1,500 women done about that and it took about a terminations so something had to be decade done about be made redundant and I made a looked as though they were about to back on that normally and I know it stand on their behalf and I look be there. working people and I was proud to coming in today. Alright thankyou very much for Thankyou. Wayne Berry. ACT Legislative Assembly Speaker on again after the Equine flu scare Gundagai's famous Snake Gully Cup is the local council and sponsors are Race day is Friday November 16 and Aide Rotary project. Wollongong Village Back shortly. State Focus. In Demondrille, you're watching first all metal framed aircraft. designed, built and flew Australia's terminal will On November 24, the airport's be named after Arthur Butler. ground, he formed an air transport After getting his plane off the Coota to outback southwest company in 1934 which flew from Queensland and later to Sydney. relevance of the prime minister's Still ahead; what will be the federal election? residence in Canberra after the Village Aide Rotary project. But now to an update on Wollongong's village sustainability project, But within the overall village by stories that have emerged. there are some touching individual project co-founder Derek Pyrah from To tell us about one of them is and subsistence farmer Ritchel Joining us also is his wife Adriana about 3 years ago, when a doctor This story came to our attention a draw a doctor took it in his and they found a photo of Faith in photo out and showed old Jack who ward and the doctor pulled the well I can't do anything but I was our village manager and he said that probably might be able to and think there is a guy in Wollongong photograph, Adriana and I looked at we got and e-mail with the job for us and we didn't realise it and said well this is going to be a long to get her here, this is her at the time that it would take so was amazing actually too see the sure that their needs are met, it it so quickly. of us but this year she came into another major surgery too finish Yes yes and next year will be enjoying the time in Australia and she's found things to be going and Are you having a good time? Yes yeah. haemorrhaging just after we came Unfortunately Ritchel was was haemorrhaging not realising out of hospital with Faith and she haemorrhage, they had to give here ...and it was quite a severe operation and ROMAC - Reaching 2 blood transfusions and an it up but thanks for telling us Alright well we do have to finish work that's been done by the Village about the wonderful story and the Rotary aswell, we thank you for Aide project and also of course Thankyou. coming in today.

Thankyou it's a pleasure. co-founder Derek Pyrah, his wife Wollongong Village Aide Project Ritchel Antang and her daughter Adriana and subsistence farmer the site of a state pistol 12 months it will also be known as The local pistol club will host the Black Powder event in November next year which is expected to bring more than 60 competitors to Ulladulla. Canberra if Kevin Rudd becomes prime minister? to 25 for the Dickens' Women show. visit of Buckingham Palace! Welcome to State Focus. tell me a little but about Dickens women what's that about? it's just me playing lots of different parts being very brilliant and clever and telling the real deal about Charles Dickens who turns out to have been one of the most brilliant and one of the most disgusting men you'll ever know most disgu Just explain that to me. 66 now so it's been a long time reading, is that he didn't have a very good deal of women, he had a rather jaundice attitude to them and I looked into that further and I though oh I think I could make an Oh yes I've got many friends there and I know that it's going to be election day when I'm there so I just hope they turn in the right Well of course when I did it I had no Idea that it was going to be - honest it was just another job, I feel excited and grateful for all the jobs I do but it was fun playing with the kids, they're nice, they're well brought up English children so they know how to behave enjoy that. result might and how popular it might come. 20-25 and if you listen carefully you do hear the waves behind you there, you're on the coast so that sounds very idyllic so we'll let you Yes and I don't want you to forget that it's a captioned performance, we're very proud of the fact that it's a captioned performance in redevelop commercial properties at nearby Jervis Bay. Those development bids follow a failed attempt at buying the famous Huskisson RSL club. The club owned service station site and the car park have also been subject to development plans. Next up: Canberra has had Floriade, but now its Queanbeyan's turn to be in bloom. Stay with us. The road can be very unpredictable. A sudden swerve can lead to a loss of control. That is, until now. Vehicle Stability Control helps keep you in command and avoid danger, sometimes even before you sense it. VSC is now standard on every Camry, making the intuitive Toyota Camry safer than ever. It began on Friday night, and a standard bus fare will get you home late on a Friday or Saturday night, in or between Moss Vale, Berrima and Bowral Mittagong. Is it Floriade sprouting over the border, or is it something unique ambiance of flamboyance. Joining us is Queanbeyan mayor Frank Pangallo. Queanbeyan in bloom, what's different to it compared to Floriade activities and events during October and November. Yes this is the second year that we've organised and thins year well with the release recently of the senses figures which shows that the Queanbeyan is one of the fastest and largest growing centres Yes okay and the whole external area of Canberra is aswell as part Okay just some of the growing features of the festival itself. ninth of November and that is been organised by the Monaro Folk Society and the event will celebrate country lifestyle and Almost out of time but would like to mention that next year there's a that? Yes it's the Queanbeyan performing arts centre, it's been currently completed at a cost of just over $8 million and it will house a 350 seat theatre aswell as exhibition space, it's proposed to be on the first of March and will provide a very important venue for all sorts of shows and activities both local and interstate and hopefully international. Proving that Queanbeyan is not just a place to live but a lot of Well certainly and the school of arts cafe that ran for many years was a good example of how the community appreciates those type of facilities and the performing arts centre will certainly pick up where that left of. Thankyou. The idea is for men to be able to have a place in a town where they build furniture, while having a break from the pub and/or club. Oberon's council could be entitled to a quarter of a million dollars While in the thick of the election campaign there's been some thought If John Howard returns for another term, it will only be used while Will he live in The Lodge and bring it back into relevance for the touring The Lodge. (VOICE OVER) With the Federal Election just 3 weeks away the Lodge could soon be a full time home for the first time in 11 years, John comes part and parcel with the top job, however plenty of locals were cuing up to get a look in. It's got a pool, it's got beautiful gardens, nice places to be. Really something I think all Australians should be proud of. John Howard spends around 33% of his year here at the lodge in he's not travelling around is spent The idea really is that for Canberrans they're quite proud of (VOICE OVER) An opinion shared by a number of Canberrans. Well I find it interesting that he actually spends his time there when another day. It's beautifully appointed, it's in a lovely position, the gardens are lovely, yeah can't understand why he wouldn't want to live here. Perhaps it would be better if he lived in Canberra but that's up to Um yeah I suppose it's individual preference, you know you can't have it both ways, everyone says he should live in his electorate and if he lives here well you can't win. travelling between Sydney and Canberra. unrealistic @ i (VOICE OVER) The debate even stems back to the Sydney Melbourne rivalry President to live in the White House, the British would expect head to the poll later this month. It doesn't really matter, as long as he does a good job and you know And during the election campaign we're running a poll on what you Choices. Its at our mytalk website. Follow the links. Click on Regions then State Focus. So far our mytalk poll has found 42 percent think climate change is the biggest rural issue for the election, ahead of the drought and health care which are both on 25 percent with only 8 percent for work choices. of State Focus programs. That's as it happened this week. We leave you with a look at the rehearsals for this year's Canberra Join us next week for State Focus. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.