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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled BELLS JINGLE, CHILDREN SHOUT on Christmas Eve, AN MORRIS: I said to my mates, IAN MORRIS: I said to my mates,

and getting closer to Darwin, when it kept coming south and head off. "I'm gonna jump on my bike for Christmas Day." "I won't worry about staying on Christmas Eve And I left Darwin about nine o'clock when it was blowing a gale starting to come down onto the road. and there were branches Rubber rainsuit that I'd bought. So, I had this $1.75 yellow Clark THUNDER CRACKS branches and they fall on the road, When it starts breaking tree the party's getting rough. I rode out shortly after 9:00. was over Darwin about midnight. They think the cyclone's eye HORN HONKS Tracy was a bit of an unusual one. virtually from north to south, Uh, it came nobody expected would happen. and it did something It corkscrewed Darwin - right around the town it did a figure eight of the northern suburbs. to include a tour knew it had happened, GREG MILES: Nobody in Kakadu because it was Christmas Day. expecting any radio messages, The rangers out there weren't of course, on Christmas Day. in Kakadu. Everything was normal in the bush, any really serious cyclones Kakadu, in a sense, won't experience 40 k's from the sea because once they're more than they're non-destructive. further away from the coast, And as they get they lose their...their action, that keeps them spinning, their sucking action and they fall apart. rain depressions. They just turn into from north to south, Of course, Kakadu is about 200km deep going to nibble around so cyclones are only ever the coastal edge of the park. PLAYS OVERTURE TO BACH'S 'MAGNIFICAT' you get an equilibrium For the most part the amount of water coming down. where the rivers can carry effect or a rain depression It's only if there's a cyclonic that you actually get a flood. The run-off is phenomenal. waterfalls you see at Kakadu That's why those great big are sculptured the way they are. going over Twin and Jim Jim falls, When you see that amount of water the ground shake. it's actually making CONTINUES OVERTURE TO BACH'S 'MAGNIFICAT' When the floods happen, in this great big basin, the big East Alligator floods the East Alligator flood plain, the banks of the river. the water used to spill over It couldn't cope with the flow, and the water then would flow flanking the river channel itself. into these big basins silently at night. This would often happen just after dawn You'd get up in the morning and step out of the caravan as far as the eye could see. and there'd be this shimmering sea TRANQUIL ORCHESTRAL MUSIC