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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. new government bans on alcohol. Tonight, communities openly defy

Kevin Rudd jumps the gun, despite no election date. all but launching his campaign, abduction of his 3-year-old son. And a father thwarts the attempted open defiance tonight controversial bans to the Federal Government's on consumption of alcohol in the Northern Territory today. which began Aboriginal communities say on what happens in their own homes. they're not about to be dictated to intervention, Three months after the controversial are officially dry. and the town camps of Alice Springs That's for you, John Howard. of more than $1,000, But despite fines

refuse to empty their cans. the people of the Mount Nancy camp and still come home and drink. I'm going to work every day It won't stop me. The cops are gonna come. We're gonna have grog anyway. They don't stop us. We smoke dope too. There's confusion. has come to officially declare Police haven't arrived yet and no-one the law has begun. old-age people They didn't think about who have been drinking for years going to be switched off. and suddenly their tap's and you'll be breaking the law There's going to be no grog from today onwards. Indigenous council is opposed. Even the president of the local been drinking at home for 40 years. The Vietnam veteran's pressure in terms of not drinking Why should I be put under this

in my own home? I fought for this country. are already dry, Most outlying communities as prescribed areas but the decision to label town camps was the only declared days ago. Ten News today alerted senior police who thought the bans were still a week away.

The town camp people are concerned of this new law will be. how heavy-handed the policing any invasions of homes They're worried these children will in fact traumatise was supposed to help them. when the controversial report Police have agreed to initially adopt a more lenient approach

for minor cases. This one here doesn't beat me. This is white man poison. Brett Clappis, Ten News. In Alice Springs,

Kevin Rudd has launched his campaign for the federal election. ahead of a date being set As he was jumping the gun, John Howard was promising to stay on as an MP

prime ministership to Peter Costello. after any handover of the There's no election date yet. Thank you. I want you to win again. Thank you very much. to bring it on. The Prime Minister in no hurry launching into campaign mode But that hasn't stopped Kevin Rudd

with a new slogan. is new leadership, What Australians are looking for a helping hand, wherever possible new leadership that extends with the problems of today. to working families in dealing Mr Rudd making his speech marginal electorate of Lindsay in the Liberal-held in Sydney's west, home to Howard's 'battlers'. it's here, and in places like it, I've come to Penrith today because

that Australia's working families our nation's future direction will decide in just a few week's time. is Mr Howard's own seat. One of those places he won't abandon them. The PM guaranteeing Bennelong voters

returned at the coming election, If I'm returned and the Government's as the member for Bennelong - the full three years - a by-election and I won't be inflicting

on the people of my electorate. he would quit politics following a handover to Peter Costello. of the prime ministership Does anyone believe the new leadership Australia needs that a government can provide the Prime Minister's replacement when it lacks the courage to install before the election - to face the people in his own right? in time for him at any moment The election could be called and Kevin Rudd' already saying dollar-for-dollar he won't be matching spending commitments. John Howard's pre-election to set up a national advisory body However he has pledged

to tackle Australia's skills crisis. Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

of a desperate father The quick action of his 3-year-old son. has prevented the abduction panicked and dropped the child It's believed a man the back door of the boy's home. when he was spotted walking out Brazen, frightening and perplexing. abduction of the toddler. Police are worried by the attempted

we're very worried - If in fact what happened is true,

dressed in black, They've been told a man, from a house at Bellbowrie was disturbed carrying the child last night. in the city's west He dropped the boy when the father, in another room, who was with his other children yelled out. Detectives sealed off the area. for a paedophile They're not sure if they're looking or someone with another motive. we are dealing with just yet. We don't know the type of person

Neighbours are anxious. It's scary because never heard of this sort of thing. I've lived here all my life and going to be on my mind now. I suppose that's always a shake-up, I would think. Gave the neighbourhood

by police this afternoon. Family members were interviewed when the attack happened. The boy's mother was out walking phone that was stolen some years ago It's understood police found a mobile near the scene track their man. and they're hoping that may help them of burglaries in the district. They're also investigating a number Detectives have not ruled out the possibility

or that the man knew the family. it was a robbery gone wrong to determine whether there's a link between the person and the house. Mark Suleau, Ten News. over the staging An unholy war seems to be developing of the World Youth Day in Sydney. be held at Randwick Racecourse. Religious leaders are adamant it will current horse health crisis The racing fraternity says the could have the final say. of television rights. with the announcement But with less than a year to go still remains unclear. the location for the event and the Catholic Church. On one side - the NSW Government The final mass will be at Randwick. On the other - the racing industry. It claims it couldn't cope with such a disruption, on top of the current equine flu epidemic.

We've got 50,000 participants in NSW suffering from equine flu. To take another hit with the Youth Day would be very, very hard. Randwick is still officially a quarantine zone and could remain that way until the end of the year. I am more shocked than anything else. Because time is running out, they need 12 months construction, and I can't see how they'll do it in time at Randwick.

Then there will be the restoration work needed to return the track back to race condition. This is where the last papal mass was held in Sydney. But that was a one-day event. World Youth day will take up the better part of a week and include camping facilities for visitors. Organisers admit there's still a lot to do, preparing for Australia's biggest ever international event,

We've hardly begun to realise what's ahead of us for World Youth Day here in Sydney. But, they promise locals, it will be worth it. Every previous host talks for years to come about the magical time when their city was filled with the young people of the world. Amber Muir, Ten News.

A man's fighting for life in hospital after being gunned down in Sydney's west. Police were called to a street near a hotel at Greenfield Park

around 2:00 this morning. There they found two Middle Eastern men, believed to be brothers, suffering gunshot wounds. A man aged in his 20s is in a critical condition is in a serious condition. Police have more than doubled the reward being offered to help solve a 5-year-old murder in Sydney's north. It's believed David Breckenridge was stabbed to death by two men while on his way to a friend's house to watch a rugby match.

David was just killed across the road here. It's very busy. Somebody must have seen the attack on David and we ask the people to come forward and take the pressure off their own conscience. $250,000 has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Still to come on Ten's 5:00 News -

a man run down after attending his cousin's 21st birthday. And OJ Simpson in trouble again, this time over an armed robbery. We have reported from the victim there were weapons involved.

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This program is captioned live. You're watching Ten News. Two men have been charged over the death of a pedestrian in Sydney's south-west. A 42-year-old man was on his way home after attending his cousin's 21st birthday party, when he was hit by a car. The 20-year-old driver failed to stop and was later arrested by police. He'll face court next month, along with his 22-year-old passenger.

Teenage model Maddison Gabriel is preparing for her big night tonight, appearing as the fresh face of Gold Coast Fashion Week. The 12-year-old's been at the centre of a catfight this week, over whether someone her age should be modelling adult clothes. Covering the event for the Ten Network is reporter Andrew Leahy. Despite three days of condemnation that has come from as high

as the Prime Minister, John Howard, the organisers of Gold Coast Fashion Week will allow 12-year-old Maddison Gabriel to appear at tonight's VIP event. But they have stressed to us she will not be appearing as a professional model, but rather as a guest of the event, in a couture gown with nine of the other finalists.

Now Madison won the Gold Coast Fashion Week competition

which means she'll be the face of next year's competition, rather than this year's and organisers say the only reason she'll get up on stage is so they can wish her a happy 13th birthday for tomorrow. Maddison herself is relatively unscathed by all of the furore, and says she will continue to chase her dream to be an international model. I know that I want to be an international model so all this fuss is just silly and Part of her prize is to do a modelling course next year

and after that Maddison can decide whether she wants to go on to a modelling contract. A Muslim writer who's finally won his battle to enter Australia claims he's no terrorist sympathiser. Abdel Bari Atwan, who once interviewed Osama bin Laden, told Brisbane's Writers Festival today that the Government had nothing to fear. I am a man of peace. I have never been involved with any radical organisation.

with any political party in my life. The author says most Muslims are peaceful people. For the first time in 40 years, a new free-to-air television channel will be launched in Australia. It will broadcast more than 30% of new product, and previously unseen scenes from popular shows. of commercial television. A brave new world HD - it's the global standard, and we're bringing it into Australian homes from December this year. Ten HD will broadcast 50 hours of original programming every week, the channel having a strong focus on sport... ..but will also feature movies Ten programs like 'Idol' and extra scenes from existing and 'Biggest Loser'. Ten has been an Australian leader in HD technology. The first to broadcast in digital and the first to present live sport in high definition. Speaking purely as a sports fan, high definition is absolutely amazing. It just makes you feel like you are really there. Ten HD goes to air in December, with just over 30% of its programs previously unseen.

The channel's objective - to air an increasing number of new shows. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Coming up on Ten News - who's to blame for this spectacular high-speed crash. And the chance to star on the big screen

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This program is captioned live.

Welcome back. You're watching Ten News. The parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann

have angrily denied claims sleeping pills killed their daughter. Gerry McCann labelling the allegations in a French newspaper as ridiculous, desperate and wrong in their villa. in coming days A Portuguese judge will decide if there's enough evidence to charge the McCanns.

While our governments are looking at restricting the work of teenage models, tougher action is already being taken in the UK. London Fashion Week organisers have banned models under 16 years of age, and are demanding health certificates from all catwalk models. This afternoon it was the final run-through for the Topshop show. On the catwalk - the familiar parade of the young and the slender.

But fashion has decided it can go too far.

Take Charlotte Carter - a beautiful, glamourous model who's just been turned down by her agency for being too thin. I went to the agency and they took the polaroids of me and when I saw myself, I was absolutely gobsmacked because I was aware I'd lost a lot of weight,

but I'd also gained a lot of weight so I thought - being the disease that it is - that I was on the road to recovery. However, I wasn't and they told me to, basically, go home and rest up. They thought I was beautiful, but I needed to take care of myself. A new report says have eating disorders, so it recommends that models be at least 16, have regular medical checks and even face random drugs tests. But, unlike Milan or Madrid,

What we want to do is to have girls who are fit for work, girls who are healthy at the London Fashion Week so that's why we've gone further, if you like, by saying, further than banning BMIs or banning size zeros, by saying what we want girls to do is have health checks to ensure that they're fit and healthy for work. This whole enquiry was prompted by the death of two models from eating disorders.

Behind the glamour, there are many young and vulnerable women. OJ Simpson is tonight the subject of a police investigation into an armed robbery at a Las Vegas casino. Simpson says he was part of a sting aimed at reclaiming his sporting memorabilia. Former NFL legend OJ Simpson, whose fame turned to infamy, is caught up in another police investigation. Las Vegas police named Simpson as a suspect in a break-in at the Palace Station Casino. We have reported from the victim that there were weapons involved. We have not determined and we have not recovered any weapons. Several victims allege OJ was one of a group that broke into their hotel room, home invasion-style and took some sports memorabilia. He is not in custody and he is cooperating with the investigation. But Simpson says he was tipped off that collectors had items and they didn't want anyone to know they were selling them. He says he went there to conduct a sting operation to get what was his, and that he didn't break into the room - he was escorted in. The former Heisman Trophy winner

was reduced to auctioning off his most prized sports collectibles to pay some of his $33.5 million

he owed the Brown and Goldman families. They won the huge award in a wrongful death lawsuit. WOMAN: Not guilty of the crime of murder. That was after Simpson was acquitted of murder charges and Ronald Goldman. in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson In this tell-all book called 'If I Did It' Simpson gives a hypothetical description of how he could have carried out the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. He's here in Las Vegas, which hits the stores this week. apparently to promote the book Simpson is quoted as saying, Speaking about this latest incident, "Nobody was roughed up. "What I can't understand trying to fence stolen goods "is these guys are in a room "and I'm the story." Manuel Gallegus, Ten News. In Las Vegas, An inquiry into a high-speed crash a British television presenter that nearly killed may have caused the smash. has found a nail in a tyre

was travelling at more than 480km/h 'Top Gear' host Richard Hammond when he lost control of his vehicle. I've got 10,000 horsepower you've ever seen in your life. and possibly the biggest accident

He'd been filming all day. had gone fine, Six runs in this jet-powered car

were upside down in the grass. the car and Richard Hammond an earlier puncture, probably a nail, Today's BBC report concludes was the cause. at earlier footage Investigators looked the tyres in her lining bulging. and say they could see Primetime Land Speed Engineering - But no-one, including

the car's owner, spotted the damage. the evidence is inconclusive, The report says especially tyre checks, whether the safety checks, to an appropriate standard. were being conducted for not employing The Top Gear team is blamed it's own onsite experts. do nothing to prevent the crash. The report says Richard Hammond could Experts agree. Mr Hammond was travelling at At the speed to spot the damage to the tyre. it'd be extremely difficult And once the blowout occurred

in the vehicle. he would just be a passenger he's made a complete recovery. As for Richard Hammond, remarkably I'm mended. I'm very, very lucky. I'm absolutely fixed, yeah, I am. But now says he longer wants to talk about his jet-speed crash.

is raising money for cancer research Actor Will Ferrell a cameo spot in his new movie. by auctioning at $5,000 dollars Bidding will start on Monday with filming to start in October. and continue until September 26 Proceeds will go for young cancer survivors. to college scholarships be pestering their parents to bid, The funny-man says children should that bidding is an easy way pointing out to win the parent of the year award! for mum and dads it's Sports Tonight with Neil Cordy. The weather's next and then

And Neil, a big injury concern for the Wallabies?

Yes, Natarsha.

major concerns. Stephen Larkham's knee is causing We'll cross live to Cardiff for the latest.

Plus, through to the preliminary final The Magpies win in a thriller. in the Twenty20 World Cup. Australia redeem themselves the Moto GP world title. Casey Stoner on track to win

a thrilling home game. Well, Bruce, what

their hands full out there The boys really have with KFC's Wicked Wings Footy Pack. What a line-up.

with you more, Tony. Couldn't agree see him gather a Wicked Wing, Great play by Jim earlier as we

fend off the opposition and then score a delicious piece of Original Recipe.

Yes, Bruce and the boys those wings out there as well. have really been hammering Oh, and Stevo's made an intercept. Sensational. Bring back dinner with KFC's Wicked Wings Footy Pack, one of two new Footy Packs. Can't beat it.

This program is captioned live. national weather for tomorrow. Taking a look at the Brisbane with a top of 27 degrees, A sunny day ahead for Cairns and Gold and Sunshine Coasts. mostly sunny for the a top of 23 degrees, Mostly sunny for Sydney -

a late shower in Canberra, windy with rain in Melbourne,

a top of 19 and cloud increasing in Hobart. To South Australia, windy with showers in Adelaide with a high of 19, much the same for Port Lincoln and Victor Harbour. And across to WA, showers for Perth and a top of 21 degrees. And sunny day ahead for Broome. On Meet the Press tomorrow morning - Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey goes head-to-head

with Ten's Political Chief Paul Bongiorno. That's at 8 am. Finally, to the poser's dream. The Japanese have developed a camera that won't take the picture until you flash your biggest and brightest smile. This man's thrilled - he's sick of his relatives looking glum at family gatherings. The camera has different settings, from a cheeky grin to a belly laugh. That brings you up-to-date with the latest news.

I'm Natarsha Belling, thanks for your company.

Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

This program is captioned live. Hello everyone, I'm Neil Cordy and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

It's the business end of the season and the competition heavyweights are flexing their muscles but there's no need for you to - all you need to do is sit back and enjoy. The Magpies march on. The Hawks and Kangaroos prepare to fight it out.

A massive injury worry for the Wallabies. We go live to Wales. It's back to the future in the NRL as the Bulldogs and Eels clash. The heat is on the Warriors in Townsville. Sydney FC still can't find a win. Casey knows how to.

He's got provisional pole in Portugal. Golf, F1, we've got it all - Sports Tonight.