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(generated from captions) Hello it's Guy Sweeting. Australia's biggest rock bands: A showbiz theme today, with two of the 23rd and 24th of October. productions on in Canberra. Also, two separate upcoming theatre centres to cater for an expected That will be 11 local shopping population size of Belconnen. joined by Neil Savery from To find out, we're Land Authority or ACTPLA. the ACT Planning and Did I get that right? forward to in the next 40 years? is that what we can look development in Gungahlin - which It is, in addition to ongoing significant in-fill development isn't complete - and also on the western edge of the city, establish a large new suburban area Belconnen and Woden town centres, existing services, like the infrastructure that many people Civic, as well as the already very close to that area. A lot of that infrastructure's very crucial to setting suburbs up, development out in the Franklin and isn't it - I'm seeing the new have to be expanded a little bit to So that exists, but it will just development in Canberra's west? cater for this new lot of people take for granted the Yeah, very much so and as I say, a infrastructure - and its sequencing associated with the provision of development front is - as there is to coincide with where the suburb itself in terms of: where do for the actual shaping of the within those areas @ development occurs will they all be to Canberra's west? Okay, and so these 15 new suburbs; Molongolo/Mount Stromlo area? - as part of the Molonglo The 15 suburbs we're talking about - are all to the west @ development front separate from Gungahlin And as you eluded to earlier, that's increasing areas on other... and other burgeoning and shown that there's a strong market That's correct and our research has as far south as you can get of the demand in Canberra for development in 2004, it promotes adopted by government the concept of a compact city. form and the Molonglo Valley we want to consolidate the urban provides us with that opportunity. development front, not its... Which is pretty crucial. want to design a suburb that can use to private motor vehicle - we issues that we're seeing occur respond to some of these

as a result of climate change @ Yeah, okay, lots to think about. tell us about it today. Thanks for coming in to Thank you. Planning and Land Authority. Neil Savery from ACTPLA, the ACT regional hospital for Eden. A new site has been agreed on for a local GP Donald Reed says there's And although welcoming the move, closure of nearby Pambula Hospital. now going to be a new issue with the in Eden will now have to travel for Doctor Reed says patients who live will be difficult for many patients an hour to the new hospital, which the equine flu. Well now to the ongoing impact of the Illawarra thoroughbred racing For a case-in-point snapshot of how Welcome to State Focus. affecting Kembla Grange. Just run through how it's been - two Mondays ago. Primary Industries on we were however able to get permits horses out of their stabled area, perimeters of the Kembla Grange for the trainers located on the to the track for track work, Racecoure to move their horses on Was Kembla Grange any different? race meeting on the 15th? And are you still aiming for the 15th is well and truly gone, Oh I think our meeting on the which is a bit of a shame... closed meeting there, weren't you? Because you were going to have a that off so it could still happen, You were going to sort of section contact with both Racing New South Kembla Grange is - were in constant in the provincial association. Wales and our brother clubs with the country race clubs in that We also have some close contacts area, such as Nowra and Goulburn. Cup is eventually going to come upon prospect that of course Melbourne know, when you think about it the Melbourne Cup date which - you - is only 2 months away. to see how we go with that. Yeah, okay, well we'll look Thank you for coming in today. Thank you very much. joining us in our Wollongong studio. been impacting your area? And how has the equine flu You can also email us: the end of the program. And details again at of the Sydney Dance Company Just ahead; the man in charge performance for Canberra. with a farewell Back shortly. watching State Focus. In Koorawatha, you're the Tumbarumba Times. The Watsons also publish was founded and run by the The Gundagai Independent Sullivan family since 1898. live up to the paper's The new owners promise to name of being independent. 'Across The Great Divide' tour which Silverchair's Ben Gillies on their the Sydney Dance Company at Canberra But now to a special performance of Cut' will be a farewell tribute to The unusually named 'Gala Suite and and Graeme Murphy. Canberra by Janet Vernon joins us on the phone. To explain Graeme Hello Graeme. Hi Guy. - unusual name, why is it so named? clearly is a little selection of in a world premiere for Canberra, our favourites, something brand new and for me a sort of farewell love something much loved in Canberra, revels in their individuality. And didn't... that I created at the time that I ...on the other hand was a work knew - although no one else knew Sydney Dance Company - that I'd be leaving to come to Canberra? How often do you get been on our circuit for probably 30 Why are you wrapping things up? is it's your farewell tribute. 30 years is probably a great time.

just dabbled in before, and it's that I wanted to to move in that I great to have some time. to do more theatre, I'd like to do I'd like to do more opera, I'd like very interesting in the world or wonderful dances and are getting the ability to embrace that. you get to do a few more regional And stepping back a little bit; will there's a great audience, there's a there is a great continuity, great acceptance of the company... that I'm not g I'm not going to turn my back on coming with the 'Gala Suite and Cut', Alright, well we look forward to you 19th until Saturday the 22nd of it's in Canberra for Wednesday the centre. September, at Canberra Theatre your time there. So we look forward to that, enjoy Thank you so much. Thank you. Sydney Dance Company coming to The Graeme Murphy on the phone, from the have decided they're happy to Stock and station agents in Dubbo one day a week on Mondays, instead continue with sheep sales being just of the famous Charles Dickens Well now to a local interpretation end of the month, and running through to October 13. In this production, Judy Satrapa is Nancy, Sean Ladlow is Bill Sykes and Just tell me a little bit about your roles, firstly Judy. I'm playing Nancy, who is - she's the mother figure for Oliver, I main connection, I think, and support for Oliver, that sort of So it's a lovely role to sing and some beautiful songs, so I'm very Tell me a little bit about that. Dickension London and he has this whole collection of children that he has working for them, which I think's probably pretty ideal and... Doesn't scare the children too much? Oh I think you need to have a little bit of fear there to keep them in line and make sure that they're doing what you want and He can be scary but I think in this production Fagin - I think there's moments where we see he has a real heart: he works for Nancy, he stands up for Nancy, he obviously has a soft spot for the artful with Oliver? presence. We're very fortunate to be doing a production with him... how does that work? It's challenging, I think, mostly for the director and musical for a break they just explode into hair braiding and dancing and But - and you have to rehearse a slightly different way when you're can't sort of slot in and out of bits of scenes. Definitely. Even though you've got previous theatre experience - Judy, you were with 'Little Shop of Horrors' and George, you've done many things before and you're obviously a drama teacher as well? I'm lucky in that regard, so I think coming into a role like Fagan, to work with kids during the day it certainly makes it a lot easier for us when we're doing our rehearsals and.. @ us when w Where are the kids from? Oh no, they're from various schools, I don't think you could isolate any Yeah, yeah. One thing I wanted to ask: the movie 'Oliver', which I've seen - 1968. I think every production tries to be distinct as to itself, I mean we just go and hire the movie, so of course we're going to try for a slightly different spin. There've been sort of a couple of productions in the last few years We've got sort of different dynamics between some of the leads like, yeah. Yeah, alright. Yeah. ...seeing the different interpretation, and should be a lot of fun. Thank you very much. Thanks a lot. Oliver, coming to The Street Theatre Friday the 28th until October 13. Borry Gartrell, a wine maker from Orange, wants to set an unusual record for the longest table sitting in the world. At his winery, Borrodell on the Mount, he has a 300 metre outdoor What he plans to do is get 150 tables end-to-end with 600 chairs and of course, the people to sit on them. Well next up; Silverchair's Ben Gillies and Powderfinger's Bernard Stay with us. From Coolah to Cooma, this is State Focus. A big afternoon and night out at the Dapto showground next Saturday, with the Monster truck show. going to have a drive in the trucks himself. In fact they're coming to Canberra next Tuesday and Wollongong on Their decision to tour to regional centres came after - and was inspired by - a successful 'One Night Stand' concert in Cowra. Powderfinger's Bernard Fanning and Silverchair's Ben Gillies are joined Now Bernard we have a local of Epicure in Ballarat and the How did the additional bands get involved in the tour? because they're really fussy so we just wanted to have local bands in across the country and give people a bit of a chance to play in front playing in various places around the country. We kind of wanted to give everyone a chance if possible. the country. Yeah different scape goats for different areas. Now the third single has just been released aswell 'If you keep losing sleep'. How did you enjoy that one? Yeah that's one of my favourite tracks on the record actually 'If got like a Russian orchestra playing and we got all these girls dancing kicking their legs up and yeah it's a pretty crazy film clip something but it's an exciting song it's on of my fav's. Yeah. But I mean at least the Silverchaps had a better excuse, they were 14, we were 24 so you know we could have been a bit tougher about the whole thing. I have no idea how we got the gig and it was with Pantera and I just Powderfinger guys came up to us and said you know it's okay don't worry so don't worry about it. too @ say fella Yeah. fans prior to that so we'd had heaps of experience being booed of stage heaps of be there to appreciate when you... When there are 10 people in the audience clapping. That's right. Well you've certainly earnt your stripes and this time I'm sure they're going to be embracing you, can you tell us is there going to be old stuff and I think probably about half of our new record I think we're playing maybe. The set isn't that long it's an hour and a half or an hour 20 or we're not allowed f They just won't let is. We're similar it's pretty young modern heavy with maybe 8 tracks Maybe, We'll play it for you. Now just briefly Ben, Daniel Johns is now calling London home. the Young Modern and I don't know it feels like the life of the record could go on for another 12 or 18 months like we're going to go stuff is happening in the US and the record is not even released in Europe so yeah at the moment we're just concentrating heavily on Young Modern and touring it and getting it out to as many people as we can Yeah we're doing this tour until November and then I think we're going over seas in December for a little while and then have a little more touring actually over seas I'd say probably in Canada or somewhere We don't look too far ahead these days there's too many children. It's a great message you're bringing to Australia. Thanks for having us. Thankyou.

See ya. Powderfinger's Bernard Fanning and Silverchair's Ben Gillies speaking You can have your say on our website: or email us: check our mytalk digital TV channel, Well that's as it happened this week, for our 175th program. I'm Guy Sweeting, join us again next week for State Focus. to take the fall the fal @ Live captions by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra. We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.