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The Prime Ministers' National Treasures -

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(generated from captions) this is where it is. instinctively, and experience says, That takes the biscuit, doesn't it? where we can't find any actual The nuns' cloister is here, evidence of it in the ground. uncovered what's been said to be, While over on the lawn, we've medieval archaeology the best-preserved ever discovered in Bedfordshire.

to hear a presentation With half the base waiting it's time to discuss about what we've found, what we've actually dug up. such a wonderful, wonderful trench. I mean, this has been along there and turning. We've got this wall coming where people - this is incredible - I'm standing on a yard surface, walked around on here. that people actually is this wonderful spiral staircase, But the real gem of the trench

with the step still in place. the newel post? And is that round thing have pivoted round from. That's where it would And what about this other one? Great trench. There's a bit of archaeology Oh yes! Oh, yes. in here, isn't there? This is absolutely fantastic. We're very pleased with this. to stick my neck out, And I'm prepared it's the infirmary and the chapel. and say that we think Not the nuns' place, Not the nuns' cloister. by the quality of this stonework, but it's a major building. See, fantastic stuff. done what we set out to do? Are you happy that we've From my point of view, I think, no question at all. major medieval building, lots of information, located the other archaeology, defined where the cemetery is, to schedule further, it's all we could wish for the future. and protect and preserve

are based on comparisons Mick's ideas about the remains with other monastic sites. found is an infirmary, He thinks that what we've similar in layout which may have looked like this, with a chapel off the east end, to Rievaulx in Yorkshire, and a cloister attached. is a complex of buildings, Essentially, what we've found to be the nuns' cloister. but not big enough of the team are concerned, That, as far as most was here, on top of the hill. our Gilbertine monastery Which means that

in the 13th century. probably looked like this what a huge pleasure it's been, THE BRIGADIER: Can I just say I think you all agree. having the Time Team here, APPLAUSE Thanks ever so much for having us. and the interest that everyone's got The base has just been fantastic, was just absolutely brilliant. in the archaeology to all the diggers. A big thank you into what life was like here, It really gave me good insight to how it is now. 800 year ago. It was so different a lot nicer place to live now, I think Chicksands is probably than it was then, definitely. Closed Captions by CSI This program is not subtitled THEME MUSIC ever written have been about love. Some of the most famous words

Let me count the ways." "How do I love thee? having to say you're sorry." "Love means never "Love is in the air." singers, and writers. They've been penned by poets,

Prime Ministers? And, would you believe - Minister was quite the romantic. You see, our tenth Prime

treasure is here, Prime Minister Joseph Lyons' Library in Canberra. at the National love letters, These are Joseph Lyons' during their 25 years together. written to his wife, Enid, moving of all our treasures, Now, I reckon these are the most a romance like theirs. because you couldn't script with the purest affection, Listen to this - "I love you When I think of you in the flesh, "which is entirely spiritual. of your beautiful body, "I love every inch you in my arms." "and long to feel It's pretty hot stuff, isn't it? from a hard-nosed pollie. Not the kind of thing you'd expect to be back in Canberra once again. Fellow Australians, it is good split from the Labor Party in 1931, This is a bloke who had a bitter the United Australia Party. and then formed out of the Depression, He then led the country to World War II. and in the lead-up Joe always wrote to Enid. But through it all, how much he loved her, Mostly he told her

the burden of his job with her. but he also shared politically savvy. You see, Enid was very 'Honest Joe's popularity And she was also a big part of

when he was PM, as a very down-to-earth couple. because they were portrayed political spin, Nowadays you might call that letters that they really were but it's obvious from these devoted to each other. that's his pet name for Enid, "Dear Ug." Well, and it's short for 'ugly'. Minister is to write you, "My first act as Prime or distinctions come, "because whatever honours See, even on his first day as PM, "are ours, not mine." And he continued to do this Joe writes to Enid. his seven years in office. all the way through And he goes on to say,

that will never grow cold. "It's just the old story of a love and I'm longing for the next week, "I love you more than my life, for us, "which will begin a new life with you all the time." "when I'll be to "be with you all the time"? It's a lovely idea, isn't it, work out that way. But things didn't of Joe and Enid's 12 children. Journalist Peter Lyons is one That's enough for any mum and dad, Peter, 12 kids. the Prime Minister and his wife. let alone How did they do it? any member of our family knew. I don't know, and I don't think that you can run a country, It's just unbelievable and still bring up kids like us. your dad's living here, I mean, especially since and your mum's in Tassie. at the Lodge in Canberra, to the Lodge very often? Did she come up Oh, she came up here very often, for any length of time. but she never stayed in one of the books She said that five weeks was the longest one period she had here.

Five weeks? So that's five weeks in seven years. So that explains why there are so many letters. Do you think they had the perfect marriage? Oh, yeah. As close as you could get. Mum always said there was no such thing as a perfect marriage, you had to work at it, but there was always love and laughter and happiness in our family. And my sort of, that it'd be as close to a perfect marriage as you could get. "It was all very beautiful and wonderful, sweetheart. "I wonder will the time ever come when we can count "on a long period together. "It's just dreadful to come back to what always awaits me here, "but I suppose some day it will come to an end." That was Joe in 1938. Worn down by the pressures of Canberra, and desperately missing Enid. Sadly, his letters stopped the following year, when he became the first PM to die in office. Enid later entered Federal politics, and became our first female Cabinet minister.

Not many of her letters to Joe survive, but we do know he cherished them. Apparently he carried them around in his coat pockets wherever he went. Fortunately, we still have Joe's letters, that tell a great yarn about a political partnership, and an enduring love. And that's what makes them a national treasure. *

This program is not subtitled CC Tonight - a poll blow for John Howard as he heads into APEC. It doesn't daunt me. It challenges me challenges me George Bush on his way after springing a surprise in Iraq. If the kind of success we're now seeing continues it will be possible to maintain the same level of security with security with fewer American forces. And the speeding economy prompts interest rate speculation. Good evening. And welcome to ABC And welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia first major test tonight first major test tonight when President Bush flies Sydney. He's coming where he made a surprise visit to his troops and held talks with political leaders. His plans for the war will the hot the hot topics when the President meets the Prime Minister in the Minister in the morning. But John Howard's attention is being diverted by domestic issue, not least for Government in the for Government in the opinion polls. Out of the Iraq pan for George W. Bush and pan for George W. Bush and into John Howard's APEC fire. The President's struggling in the polls at home, polls at home, the Prime Minister he calls the man of steel is going from bad worse too and he's not about gild the lily. Of course today's poll was a bad And it's foolish to pretend otherwise. Newspoll has the Coalition slipping another 2 points in a points in a fortnight, with Labor up five to a massive Labor up five to a massive 51%. If that's crek, the Government would lose not would lose not only its majority but half its 87 seats, including Mr including Mr John Howard's own electorate of Benna electorate of Benna long. It's going to be tough but going to be tough but I certainly hear the message. Part of that message. Part of that message is that voters would prefer Kevin Rudd Kevin Rudd has Prime Minister, ex tend ing his lead over Mr Howard to 11 points. The opd leader may be looking like a winner but winner but he is trying to sound like a loser. This h l be