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(generated from captions) Mixed news on the racing front here

in Victoria. Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran. And we're joined now by the Federal Good morning, Minister.

Do you have any more information in regional Victoria? on the breaking development

Yes, we have to wait until later

this afternoon for the tests to

decide one way or the other on the

diagnosis. We have a very nervous

wait, whether you are in the

recreational horse industry or the

professional industry. You must see this situation

this situation in Victoria as a

setback, because before the

situation it seems it had been

contained in use up Wales and

Queensland. If it is concerned, it

would be a disaster for Victoria,

because it is almost out of the

incubation period. By Friday 1pm

when the ban on a horse movements

in Victoria ins, it would have been

that no horse could possibly be

carrying the virus.

carrying the virus. To get so close,

if it does prove to be positive,

would be heartbreaking. If the tests are positive, what action

will be taken? The ban on horse

movements will be continued. That

would cause the abandonment of

racing on Saturday. The nationwide

ban on horse movements commenced on

Saturday 25th August, and that was Saturday 25th August, and that was

as soon as the horses in Centennial

Park proved positive. We now Park proved positive. We now know P rk proved positive. We now know

it the previous Saturday, 18th

August, there was I in an outbreak

at Maitland Horse Show. Any news

that whilst horses that travelled

to Victoria between the 18th and

25th August potentially could to Victoria between the 18th and

25th August potentially could have

carried the virus. Speaking of the carried the virus. Speaking of

to source of the outbreak, this seems

to be a lot of speculation but no

certainty about how we entered the

country. The New South Wales

agricultural minister today is

stepping up his push for a full

inquiry into how the flu came into

Australia. We have a comprehensive

investigation under way of looking

at every link in the chain, from the horse's arrival at the airport,

happened who tended to them and what

happened to the equipment, through to Eastern Creek and the happened to the equipment, right

handling them. Knowstone is being

left unturned to see if there is left unturned to see if there is

any breach of quarantine controls.

This is having a massive impact on

the racing industry. There are

calls for compensation. What is the

Government's position on that? It

is too early to consider

compensation. We have to decide, if

it came to that, who it came to that, who would you

compensate - the breeders, trainers,

the jockeys. It is a complex issue

and all of us at the moment are

completely and utterly focused on

containment. The strategy of

containment we believe will work.