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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning. I'm Natarsha Belling. Welcome to Ten's Morning News.

A security scare Qantas domestic passengers stranded has left thousands of

at Melbourne airport, around the country. with flow-on delays from the terminal. Reporter Rakhal Ebeli joins us live what sparked the problem? Rakhal,

I believe we have some problems. We

will hopefully be turned to him a little later. the life of another child. Australia's killer flu has claimed from suspected influenza A. A 2-year-old boy from NSW has died to die from the illness. He is the sixth child in four States Joining us live of Sydney Children's Hospital, is the executive director Professor Les White. are you seeing at the hospital? Professor, how many cases Is this an epidemic?

We estimate that in the last few

months - it is a bad winter - we

have seen it more than 1000

children in the emergency

department Iraq this hospital. This

is a very small cut of all the

children we have seen, because the

majority, quite appropriately,

would be seen by doctors or

hospitals closer to home. How do

you tell the difference between

your child suffering from a cold

and the flu? It is an important

distinction, because as we know

children get minor viruses, fevers,

coughs and colds many times a year,

possibly a dozen times a year,

particularly in winter, but flew is

more than that. Flu is a more than that. Flu is a disease

that affects the whole body. Aches

and pains, particularly it muscles, and pains, particularly it

chills, high fever, respiratory

symptoms, headaches, off their food,

lethargy. A child and parent would

recognise has not been right. Do

you take your child to the hospital

or take them to the GP first? or take them to the GP first? The

ideal first point of contact is the

general practitioner. The G P is

likely to know the child and likely to know the child and the

family, it should be easy to get in

to see and talk to, and even more

importantly there is the opportunity for further follow up,

so if the child is not getting

better or is getting worse bacon go

back to the GP who knows this

situation. A two-year-old boy is

the latest victim of a suspected

influenza away. He is the 6th child

in four states to die from the

illness. And 37 year-old father

died in Queensland. Is this more

serious than previous years? There

is no question we are having a bad

severity. winter in terms of number and

severity. I would have to

acknowledge that a child died of

influenza, when parents hero of

that, one cannot underestimate

their anxiety. When you put that

into perspective, there into rspective, there into perspective, there are many

thousands of children with

influenza this winter, and

tragically one child has died. That

remains a rare and unusual event. is linked to cancers Fears a factory in northern Sydney in 14 local children. are investigating claims Health authorities from the factory emissions of a dangerous gas are causing the cancer. to stop emitting the fumes Unomedical was ordered by the council a month ago. But residents believe are linked to the gas. Over the next two weeks, the history of the emissions the health service will be obtaining to the local community. and assessing any risk Back to our top story - a security scare Qantas domestic passengers stranded has left thousands of

around the country. with flow-on delays at Melbourne airport,

from the terminal. Reporter Rakhal Ebeli joins us live

The alarm was raised just after 7am

when a passenger tried to insert

the sterile zone. That is the area

just beyond the security checkpoint,

carrying what Qantas described as

an on-screen parcel. As soon as the

breach was detected all domestic

passengers, including everyone on

board flights, were asked to

evacuate and move back outside be

on the checkpoint area into the

terminal. They created plenty of

confusion and a lot of frustration

as passengers tried to determine

what exactly was going on. Oh, what can you do about it?

and everything else You know, I mean, it's inconvenient we've got to expect it these days. but it's security and I guess A little bit, you know, tiresome. and, yeah, just waiting. We've got the little kids here settled down, nice and comfortable, We were on the plane, actually, that we needed to depart. and got told

It's better safe than sorry. We just live with it. but it's the world we live in. It's petty inconvenient,

This also created delays and cancellations around the country. That is exactly That i exactly right.

confirmed that because flights have That is exactly right. Qantas has

not been able to get out of

Melbourne, plenty of flights have

not been able to get in. There are

slight still waiting on the tarmac

in Sydney and Hobart for an

opportunity to come down to

Melbourne. Any indication at this stage Melbourne. Any indication at this

stage how long it will take to get

back to normal? As we speak we are

seeing some planes taxiing on the seeing some planes taxiing on

tarmac. We have spoken to Qantas

officials, who are not giving away officials, who are not giving away

too much about the incident at this

stage, they are assuring us they're

doing all they can to move the

problem on as quickly as possible.

They are saying it will be some

time, in fact, well into the

clear. afternoon, until the problem is

A man has been shot in the legs in Melbourne. during a violent home invasion The 41-year-old man is in hospital but non-life-threatening injuries. with serious entered a Werribee home Three men wearing balaclavas about 4:00 this morning. the man and his partner were asleep Police say on a mattress on the floor. with the masked men, The couple argued in both legs with a small handgun. before the victim was shot from the house. The intruders then ran are investigating why Work safety experts in Brisbane a bridge structure malfunctioned, a cherrypicker being used to check crushing a man to death. to free their workmate, Colleagues tried desperately but it was too late. late night maintenance work The work gang was carrying out on an overhead highway bridge suddenly raised itself. when the machine It began to move upwards crushed to death and one of the workers was trapped, and the cherry picker. between the bridge

Another workman in the bucket escaped serious injury by lying on the floor. Shocked colleagues of the 56-year-old victim told police they tried to stop the cherry picker, but couldn't save their team leader. The crew from the other crane went to assist to operate the machine where the man was killed, operating it remotely from below to release him, but not in time. The matter no in the hands of the police forensic crash unit and workplace health and safety experts.

Meantime, the driver of this party hire truck has survived to tell the tale after gas bottles in the back suddenly exploded.

We saw the gas bottle was on fire so we just cleared everybody out of the way because we knew there was other ones on there and there was nothing we could do to it. Windows in nearby homes shattered by the blast. Most of the windows had been shattered. The top had been blown off the toilet. Tim Collits, Ten News. Treasurer Peter Costello celebrates his 50th birthday today. But the prospect of further rate hikes in the lead up to the election is a political gift for the Opposition. At 50, with 11 years as Treasurer under his belt, Peter Costello shows no signs of tiring. They say, what is it? 50 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30. Shadow ministers were lining up to offer their best birthday wishes. I hope that Peter Costello continues as Treasurer and then as Shadow Treasurer well into his later years. And gift ideas. I suspect that what he'd really like for his birthday is for Mr Howard to resign and give him the job. The man who shares that wish, Labor leader Kevin Rudd, is also 50 and has campaigned hard for generational change as John Howard marches towards 70. He has certainly achieved a lot more in his 50 years than the Leader of the Opposition has and Peter Costello is certainly entitled to be a future prime minister of this country. Entitlements mean little but speculation of a Liberal leadership change persist with the Government trailing so badly in the polls. Yesterday, Labor received a political gift of its own, with the Reserve Bank signalling another pick up in inflation hikes in the coming months. may warrant further interest rate Tanya Costello will be joining the Treasurer at Parliament House for birthday celebrations tonight. But not even this milestone birthday evoked a dinner invitation at the Lodge from the Prime Minister. I've invited him around for a drink tonight. I think it'll be a strong lemon squash. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. The political mastermind behind George W. Bush quits the White House, that story coming up. Also, how a holiday stunt almost cost a young man his life.

What if Continental could guarantee every meal turned out this well? Empty plates, happy kids... CHILDREN LAUGH I lead a busy life, so as a mum, I want proven relief for my child's coughs, colds and allergies. That's why I trust Dimetapp. And he says it tastes great too. What a relief there's Dimetapp. This program is captioned live. A high school drop-out has achieved one of the highest honours in Australian law. 53-year-old Queenslander Justice Susan Kiefel has been appointed to the High Court. It makes her the third woman to sit on the High Court bench. Queensland Premier Peter Beattie has welcomed the appointment, saying she's widely respected in the State judiciary and legal profession. Justice Kiefel will take up the position on September 3. The US President's political mastermind is leaving the White House. Karl Rove, the man known as 'Bush's brain', says he's quitting for the sake of his family. Karl Rove is moving on down the road. With a few folksy words the end of an extraordinary political partnership. Karl Rove - rarely public, rarely emotional is cutting the cord that binds him to the President he created.

Mr President, the world's turned many times since our journey began, we've been at this a long time. It was over 14 years ago that you began your run for governor and over 10 years ago that we started thinking and planning about a possible run for presidency. And in that time, Karl Rove lived in the back rooms building policy, calculating Republican voting patterns, shaping George Bush's entire political persona. I'm optimistic about America because I believe in the people of America. Candidate Bush with Rove at his side connected with a strain of frustrated American conservatism. Rove confidently predicted a permanent Republic majority in America. Republican areas are turning out in huge numbers all across the country. And in hairs breadth elections his activists winkled out Republican voters and delivered them to the polls. This was his greatest victory. Overseeing George Bush's return to the White House for a second term against the odds in 2004. Leaving the Democratic Party muted, demoralised and infuriated. But as George Bush's troubled second term dragged on, Karl Rove attracted suspicion,

rapping at a White House dinner, he attracted ridicule. His opponents attributed to him a brand of vicious political scheming.

Who did blow the cover of the glamourous CIA spy wrecking her career to punish her husband who was a critic of the Iraq War? Who sacked eight senior prosecutors allegedly because they weren't loyal enough to the Republican Party? No-one could ever prove it was Karl Rove and with his departure, the sense in Washington only grows for this political era is ending. A dangerous stunt on an English beach -

the craze is called tombstoning - jumping off the side of landmarks. But one daredevil took it further, to the top of the 20m stone arch known as Durdle Door. The tourist taking the video because he didn't think anyone would do it. But the 26-year-old did jump into the sea and knocked himself unconscious.

Holiday-makers dived in to save him. Doctors say he's now out of danger. Authorities fear Internet videos are fuelling the tombstoning craze. Three people have already died in the UK this summer. A spoof video made by students from an exclusive school in Scotland has sparked outrage in the UK. The video called 'Class Wars, Chav Hunting' was posted on the Internet site It shows teenage aristocrats chasing classmates dressed in track suits. The so-called chavs are gunned down with a replica shotgun.

The school says the video was made two years ago and the pupils involved have left. A local politician has condemned them as upper-class twits. Ahead - AFL great Wayne Carey apologises for insensitive comments about depression. That's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, the Cowboys produce the great escape to win, but will they lose a key forward to suspension? I not only get rich, radiant colour, but also perfect grey coverage. then a creamy, non-drip formula wraps each grey hair. MAN: Introducing Velvet Browns for rich, luminous colour. The new Colour collection from Excellence Creme. This program is captioned live. In finance news, the US credit crisis has prompted some Australian lenders to further lift interest rates almost double that recommended by the Reserve Bank last week. Bluestone has told its borrowers, many with poor credit history, that US lending jitters have seen costs increase, forcing a 0.5% rate hike. The low-doc lender claims the nation's big banks will also follow suit but analysts insist Australia is in no danger of US-style problems. The main issue is with non-bank lenders, those who are engaging in those low-doc loans - we are likely to see higher interest rates for those loans. It remains unclear where the US losses will emerge. The Australian share market opened in the red today. forced to apologise for insensitive comments about depression. Carey overstepped the mark when hitting back at criticism from current Kangaroos star Nathan Thompson. The King fell on his sword - Wayne Carey last night apologising to Nathan Thompson for an embarrassing slip.

I'm sorry and I'm not only sorry to Nathan, but sorry to everyone that suffers from the illness. The one-time Kangaroo legend remorseful after these comments on Sunday. Biting back at criticism initially levelled at him from Thompson. It would be nice for Thommo to stay away from the Darwin Cup and concentrate on his recovery and maybe get back and get a kick. Oh, gee. He's got depression and he's up there punting on horses. (Laughs nervously) What's he thinking? Carey was then caught out as they came out of a commercial break. Welcome back.

Carey's gaffe infuriated anti-depression advocates.

It was a thoughtless comment, a silly comment, probably just a throwaway line. I'm not sure that Wayne intended it to be hurtful or callous The current Kangas are steering well clear of the off-field angst. I don't really want to get into that because if I say something it will make another article, another headline. We've got a massive game this week and that's what the North Melbourne Footy Club are going to focus on, not on what Wayne Carey's got to say. I was ill-informed. I've learned a lot more about the illness in the last two hours than I ever knew and once again, I sincerely apologise. Tim Hodges, Ten News. North Queensland will lose forward Sione Faumuina for up seven weeks for a high tackle in last night's amazing golden-point win over Penrith.

He's been cited by the NRL this morning. The Cowboys scored three tries in the last eight minutes to move into fourth spot. The Cowboys heading back to Townsville this morning with two well-earned competition points. Last night's win steadying their shaky finals run. It was a game that looked over until Matty Bowen and Jonathan Thurston turned up the heat. The duo combining to help the Cowboys arrest a 10-point deficit with eight minutes to go. Thurston then adding the golden touch to a magic extra-time victory. COMMENTATOR: Graham for the line. The Cowboys win! We just kept the faith - and when you've got fellas like J.T. and Matty you know that something can be pulled out and they did it. Bowen's contribution was also felt in defence, while his team-mate was a little more reckless. Sione Faumuina placed on report for this shot on Luke Priddis, a tackle the Panthers believe warranted further action. Well, Luke Priddis had to go off the ground, mate. It's as simple as that. So if he has to leave the ground, why shouldn't he? It was blatantly around the head. Steve Southern is in doubt for next week after injuring his shoulder. The Panthers' capitulation virtually assuring them of the wooden spoon with just three rounds remaining. You saw the reasons at the back end of the game. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Discussions will continue today over player curfews for the upcoming Rugby World Cup. The Wallabies hierarchy met yesterday to discuss the measures in the wake of last week's off-field incident involving Lote Tuqiri and Matt Dunning. Players association boss Tony Dempsey believes a player agreed curfew is the only way forward. A curfew imposed from up above or somebody else wouldn't be warmly received by the players. I don't think, quite frankly, the new regime at the ARU would be keen to implement something like that. Both Dunning and Tuqiri are expected

India have secured their first cricket test series in England in 21 years after the final test at The Oval ended in a draw. Kevin Pietersen top scored for England with 101 runs but the home side eventually fell 131 short of their 500-run fourth innings target. COMMENTATOR: The Indians celebrate the first time they've won a test series in England since 1986. test series in England India has won only two other in the past 75 years. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation. MEN TALK SOUNDS OF CONSTRUCTION, with omega-3 DHA. VOICEOVER: New Pura Kids milk for kids under construction. Omega-3 - brain food of Pura milk, The great-tasting goodness I see you got my message. Hello, gentlemen. What do you want? is hurtling toward the world. A deadly weapon I demand, within 24 hours, the sum of $36.95. (Men yell frantically) This program is captioned live. weather and for the rest of the day. Now for a look at the national the Berlin Zoo has a new child star. Finally this morning, Paul, the 3-month-old baby hippo, to be born in the new hippo house is the second baby a whopping 30 kilos. and already weighs away from Knut the polar bear, He's stealing some of the spotlight with all the news. That brings you up to date

I'm Natarsha Belling. good morning. TTN is next. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions