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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten News. Hello, I'm Bill Woods. has rejected claims The Prime Minister Australian troops out of Iraq he's getting ready to pull ahead of the election. But he admits he's demanded get its act together that the Iraqi Government and get the country back on its feet. in his Sydney electorate today, John Howard was looking for votes to be looking for a fight. while others appeared patience is wearing thin over Iraq. The Prime Minister denies his to fast-track government reform Even so, the PM has told the Iraqis and spread the country's oil wealth. I'm not threatening any withdrawal. Let me make it clear, I'm simply saying in internal reconciliation. Iraq has to make more progress an electoral weakness for the PM. Labor sees the Iraq issue as these concerns about Iraq known is called. just five weeks before an election see right through this. I think the Australian people will into a position to help themselves Getting the Iraqis

elected government of Iraq means that the democratically has also got to govern the country. about which And that's one of the things

a little bit frustrated. we are getting Brendan Nelson today ruling out the Richmond Air Force Base, any closure of for Australia's Iraq effort. to benefit the Government, It's a move which is likely in the area. which needs to hold onto seats in the west, But there's trouble brewing in WA. the PM could lose up to three seats of the Coalition, Westpoll has Labor eight points ahead two-party preferred vote. with 54% of the the Government The massive swing against

interest rate rise. blamed on last week's

to have been the other way around. Well, I would have liked it a lot of volatility in it. But that poll has Murray McCloskey, Ten News. World central banks have stepped in to try to avert a global financial meltdown.

almost $5 billion The Reserve Bank has pumped into the local money market, after a turbulent week the value of shares. which saw $58 billion wiped off it's a similar story, In Europe and America,

with financial markets shaken about spreading credit problems. by fears the larger financial system. Investors are worried it could infect to a global recession. Which could possibly lead This week's interest rate rise for rental properties. has increased Sydney's huge demand Potential home buyers scared off and the looming federal election. by the threat of more rises rate rise in almost four years The Reserve Bank's fifth interest has Sydney home-hunters spooked, to a hefty mortgage. many now wary of committing Start it away quick. judgement, what's the opening call? I'm in your hands folks, back your during this auction, Only one hand went up a sale with the vendor. the single bidder negotiating We expected more activity than this and one other bidder on the day. but it so happens it was only myself the State Government stamp duty Experts believe is still the major obstacle, this year, but the threat of a further rate rise an uncertain political future, coupled with will slow the market. out there at the moment, Certainly there is a few questions is a change of government? a bit of a fear - what if there

election coming up in November, there's obviously the threat of the are a bit sceptical about. that's certainly something people For many, buying isn't an option. Every month we have a look

are rising each time and obviously the interest rates the payments unaffordable. and that makes Rents are already through the roof, their hands together landlords rubbing as potential tenants queue early their weekend inspection marathon. to begin You can usually judge you'll be able to fit in for a party how many people waiting outside. by the number of people for rental properties Demand is so high places within a week. most real estate agents are moving if you're looking for somewhere That's tough if you're the landlord. but great news Most people are leasing for a higher rent than what they have been

most landlords are aware of that and also

for rental increases. so they are pushing Tim Potter, Ten News. The mystery deepens on a P&O cruise. surrounding another death Police have boarded the 'Pacific Sun' how a 31-year-old man died to investigate

with his family. while he was holidaying The cruise is over, for one family on board isn't. but the nightmare it became the 'Pacific Sun', Once it docked NSW police boarded a 31-year-old man on Monday night, investigating the death of near New Caledonia. when the ship was sailing the matter on board the ship, We're currently investigating conducting forensic examinations. taking statements and Frank Giorgi and his mates say with him and his family. they spent the man's final evening celebrating a couple of birthdays. We were all at the bar and one of our mate's birthdays It was his brother's birthday went to the toilets and collapsed. Everything was fine. He just

something was wrong. Soon after, the group knew We just heard screaming. or another guy. I think his sister found him and got us all out of the way. Security came

'cause he was breathing and stuff. We all thought it would have been OK the young father had died. later confirmed

the man's body remained on board. For the rest of the 8-day cruise, early this morning, It could only be removed arrived in Sydney. when the Pacific Sun a post-mortem will be carried out. It's been taken to the morgue, where Police won't say how they believe he died.

as any investigation, We're treat this investigation, with an open mind. We don't wish to comment on regarding the investigation, any direction at this time. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Emotional tributes tragically killed in a plane crash for a Victorian couple

while on a dream holiday in the South Pacific. Both were part of the tight-knit Ballarat community. Wendy Page worked for 35 years. Her husband Rodney, a plumber, ran a successful business.

Just disbelief and astounded that this tragedy has happened, and we're just all in shock still. Friends are now rallying around the couple's only son, 23-year-old Michael. Their plane crashed on take off and plunged into the sea, killing all 20 on board. A popular osteoarthritis drug is being recalled after two people died and two others were forced to undergo liver transplants. The Therapeutic Goods Administration is advising people also known as Lumiracoxib. It's often used to treat post-operative pain and period pain. One of Australia's greatest military mysteries could be solved

with a group of amateur historians claiming they've found the wreck of 'HMAS Sydney'

off the WA coast. These grainy pictures to be parts of the ship's deck which show what is believed were taken near Dirk Hartog Island last weekend. 645 men lost their lives when HMAS Sydney went down, without a trace, 66 years ago. We can have a naval survey ship examine the wreckage in some detail within the next week. If verified, the ship will be marked as a war grave

and left to rest in peace. Next, NASA's dangerous mission to fix the 'Endeavour' which was damaged during take off. And a field of women turn Telstra Stadium pink!

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This program is captioned live. It's the Internet love match that nearly cost an Australian man his life. The South Australian farmer was lured to Africa where he was kidnapped and held hostage for 12 days. This tiny dish changed 56-year-old Des Gregor's life forever. Isolated and lonely on his farm, 120km north of Adelaide, he turned to the Internet, looking for love. It is a very nasty situation. The person who is involved seems to get a tunnel vision. Brother Phil started to worry when Des flew to Mali in West Africa last month. After chatting online for eight months, he thought he'd found the love of his life. Instead, he'd fallen for an Internet scam that nearly cost him his life. It was quite stressful, yes. I think you touch on all the emotions - anger, fear, the whole lot.

Des was promised gold when he met his fictitious lover, a refugee called Natacha. he was kidnapped at gunpoint. Instead, He was assaulted, and cash, stripped of his credit cards for the last 12 days. and held captive

a $100,000 ransom, When his captors demanded Des turned to his family. and contacted federal police - Phil was immediately suspicious 70 officers a joint-operation involving leading to rescue last Thursday. the man's release It eventually secured him travel to the Canadian embassy by enticing the kidnappers to let on the belief he was going to collect some money.

The scammers, though, got away. clearly knows no bounds. This form of scam or in the heart of a capital city, Whether you're out here in country SA authorities warn is at risk. anyone with Internet access

Alex Hart, Ten News. space shuttle mission. A worrying setback for the latest NASA has revealed by a chunk of ice during take off. Endeavour's heat shield was damaged If the gouge is deep enough, to patch it during a spacewalk. the astronauts may have to try for the 2003 Columbus disaster. A similar problem was blamed Seven astronauts were killed as it re-entered Earth's atmosphere. when the space craft disintegrated turned pink! Telstra Stadium is about to be have donned pink ponchos The 13,000 women and 100 men the outline of a giant woman and are about to form to represent with breast cancer this year. the number of Australians diagnosed before the Swans and St Kilda game. The event is being staged It has been nearly two years on the field promoting their cause. since 'pink power' was last seen with Rob Canning. Sports Tonight is next to be retained as coach? for Brad Fittler Yes Bill, that's because Fittler's unbeaten run at the finals. has the Roosters in with a shot We'll bring you a 'vocal fan' day. other sporting news. Plus all of today's can Brisbane make it? The finals countdown - final major Ogilvy heats up at the year's Lleyton versus Roger. and Montreal's master men - This program is captioned live.

Broncos coach Wayne Bennett at the media has launched a scathing attack

after linking brisbane players with the bashing of a taxi driver. The veteran coach says the innocent players have been negatively portrayed. If Wayne Bennett's relationship with the media was frosty before, now it's stone motherless cold. someone yesterday, you know? It was like someone had killed It was just absolutely ridiculous by association. and the players are guilty after being bashed in the early hours left fighting for his life A Brisbane cabbie was

Lote Tuquiri and Matt Dunning, Police spoke with Wallabies with Bronco Karmichael Hunt. who had reportedly been out in the incident. None of the players were involved were included in news reports But the fact their names from Bennett. drew a remarkable onslaught and something happens with you, Like you - you go out tonight a headline tomorrow? are you going to be who keeps you blokes responsible, I'd like to know Of course you're not.

set yourselves up because you certainly for the rest of us. as judge and jury mate, for two days, And you know, they're headline news, yesterday and today. That's what's wrong. it would now be three days. at Australian rugby, The coach also took aim Tuquiri could not only face a curfew, over reports

multimillion-dollar contract torn up. but also have his The ARU always overreact, mate. You've just got to watch them, so. an ex-league player, And anything that involves despite being named in the centres On the field - with the Storm, for tomorrow's crucial game plenty of time at full back, Justin Hodges will spend the coach hoping an upset win he likes. will deliver the kind of headlines I'll tell you now. Thanks. And youse are getting it all wrong - APPLAUSE winning another match last night. Not happy... Brad Fittler is after to coach the Roosters next season. But he's still no certainty continues to unravel, Brian Smith's reign at the Knights

unbeaten streak continued while Fittler's in extra-time against Wests Tigers. was the one Brad Fittler's autograph (All) Go, Freddie. in our house, don't we? Bloody legend. Call him Sir Freddie as anxious to snare his signature. But the club board doesn't seem to be They deserve our time. We'll worry about autographs today. That's despite a near-perfect record, under the Fittler regime. the Roosters unbeaten in five starts if we keep going how we are. I think we'll win the comp Go the Roosters! Last night's dramatic extra-time win over the Tigers

the "Employ Fittler" campaign. beefing up It's gone out to Joel Monaghan. COMMENTATOR: It's gone from Roberts. The game is over. They win it. surely. I think it'd be a lay down misere

they'd be mad. the way Freddie's been going. I don't think they've got any choice

You know, the results speak for themselves.

just the way they contribute is those boys, My best job application

a great job for us. so at the moment they're doing He's getting great support

who's wearing his old jumper. from the man COMMENTATOR: Gets another shot at it. Hodgson's looking at it. It's hit the bar and bounced away. that set up the winning try It was Anasta's break in extra-time I've played. Yeah, probably playing the best a new look for rugby in Australia. New rules, new players - competition kicked off last night, The first round of the new provincial with both Sydney teams in action. against the Central Coast Rays The Sydney Fleet won a tight game at North Sydney Oval, to win 25-19. coming back from 16-6 down with a personal tally of 15 points. Fly-half Daniel Halangahu couldn't follow suit, The Western Sydney Rams going down 21-13 to the Perth Spirit. In this afternoon's game, upset the Canberra Vikings 32-27. the Melbourne Rebels 5-game winning streak is over, The Brisbane Lions' after they were comfortably beaten because the loss means It's costly, on the ladder. the Lions could drop as low as 12th back into the eight The Lions had clawed their way a ferocious bite. COMMENTATOR: The Lions have got the first two. A rough tackle on Rick Ladson left him holding his head. Three quick goals to the Hawks before quarter time gave them a 5-point lead. The Hawks are back. Jonathan Brown made amends for a quiet first quarter, Kicking 4 goals in the second. Hawthorn big man Lance Franklin not letting Brown have all the glory, booting three. Lance Franklin, you are a superstar! saw the Lions bring out their claws, A scuffle after the siren

with just 5 points in it at the major break. Hawthorn flew out of the blocks in the third kicking three goals straight.

Pretty good off the boot - Franklin, on the line.

50 to Ben Dixon gave him his third and the Hawks the biggest lead of the match. Brown was denied goal number six, while Franklin's fifth for the day drowned out the Lions roar. Straight through the middle. A consolation goal to the Lions just before three-quarter time, the Hawks 28 points in front. They're not done with yet. forced him Richie Vandenberg's knee troubles to watch from the sideline, as Rhan Hooper snapped one home for the Lions. Trent Croad went

to put a stop to Brown. Ooh - over the top! Brown getting his own back with goal number six. His efforts did nothing to stop the Hawks charge to the finals. A 5-goal haul from Lance Franklin helping the Hawks cement their spot in the top four. Lions forward Jonathan Brown with six majors, in a losing effort. Port Adelaide has survived a major scare against Carlton in this afternoon's other match. The Power were in cruise-control against the Blues, opening up a 37-point lead at the main break. But Brendan Fevola inspired the Blues to an 8-goal third quarter And the Blues are fighting back. Carlton's joy was short-lived, however, the Power restoring order during the final term,

to post their 12th win of the season. Tiger Woods has made a devastating charge towards victory The world's best fired into the lead with a second round 7-under 63. Strolling down the first fairway, there was a sense Tiger Woods was in total control of his game. His putting woes from the first round all forgotten. COMMENTATOR: How well struck is that? He's got that look. Birdies on the front nine,

Tiger putting better, though at times he rarely tested his flatstick, his work on the greens made easier with iron play like this. Oh, does this look good, Gary. Oh, that's a good swing. Oh, oh, ooh. Good call, Bill. It's a tap-in. Birdies and all for the round, yet the world number one celebrated most when saving par. A brilliant bunker shot at the 13th had Tiger within 0.5m of a share of the lead, although Australia's Geoff Ogilvy was making his move at the exact same time. Yes. He beats Tiger. 4 under by just a minute or so. Trading spectacular birdies in the race to the outright lead. CHEERING Tiger drills it. CHEERING This is quite impressive. Good stroke. CHEERING How about that?! This is some kind of golf right now. A bogey-bogey finish cooled Ogilvy's fire with the clubhouse in sight, while Tiger surged again draining this long putt to go 7 under. A birdie at the 18th and he'd carved the lowest round in Major history. WILD CHEERING The gallery is divided between Tiger and first round surprise John Daly, the former champ holding it together to finish even with the card. To the leaderboard - and the Australians doing well, but you'd be foolish backing anyone but Tiger. In the six times a major has been played on this course, the winner held or shared the half-way lead. Roger Federer has continued his reign of dominance over Lleyton Hewitt, cruising to a straight sets victory over the Aussie in the quarterfinals of the Montreal Masters. It was the World No. 1's 10th straight victory over Hewitt, a streak stretching back to the 2004 Australian Open. In other matches, Radek Stepanek upset World No. 4 Nikolay Davydenko - and then the Czech pulled out his worm celebration. That's all from the Sports Tonight team. After the break, Bill Woods has the weather details. PILOT OVER P.A.: Make sure all electronic devices are off. Sorry, Mr Geldof, but you'll have to turn off your mobile. We're ready for take-off.

I'm just downloading an email.

Mr Geldof. Sorry, another minute. Sir, we need to take off. (Defiantly) No, one more minute. That's all I need. Thank you. (Yells) This wouldn't happen in Australia! Get emails fast with Telstra Next G network. A quick look at the national weather for now and tomorrow. Sunny in Brisbane and Sydney, the chance of a shower in Sydney, wet and chilly in Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide, fine but mild in Perth, a warm day in Darwin. Looking around the nation for Monday, That brings you up to date with the latest news. I'm Bill Woods. Good night. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.