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court at the end of August. visa has sparked an angry response The decision to cancel Dr Haneef's and civil libertarians. by legal experts Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews I spoke with about the decision a short time ago. Good afternoon to you, Minister. for coming in to talk to us. Thank you very much you have cancelled Dr Haneef's visa? Now, can you explain to us why Under the Migration Act I have a responsibility holding visas in Australia. to consider the character of people Based on information and advice have provided to me which the Australian Federal Police I came to the conclusion that I reasonably suspect or has had associations that Dr Haneef has engaged in criminal conduct - with people namely, terrorism in the UK. by a Brisbane court, though OK, today Dr Haneef was granted bail so, in doing that she did not see him as a threat. the magistrate has technically shown still see Dr Haneef as a threat? Does the Government on the magistrates' decision - I'm not making any comment that is an entirely separate - parallel, if you like - line of proceedings. under the Migration Act My responsibility is clearly is to look at a person's character and that responsibility and I reasonably suspect

fails the character test that this man people engaged in criminal conduct. because of his association with OK, does he fail the character test based on charges - even though you're making decisions not actually conviction? if those charges are thrown out? What happens and I have based my decision I am basing on the information and advice have provided to me. which the Australian Federal Police It is not a question he has been charged or convicted. of whether or not which they have given to me It is information and advice and on the basis of that - I have looked at it very carefully that I reasonably suspect and I have concluded with people who are engaged that he has had an association or have been engaged in criminal conduct and on that basis, his 457 visa. I have cancelled or revoked how do you respond to concerns today OK, Minister, Dr Haneef's chances of a fair trial? that your decision could impact These are two separate matters. will proceed. The question of the trial will, in due course The Director of Public Prosecutions before the court produce the evidence that they have and the trial will proceed.

to my responsibility That is unrelated and my responsibility is in order to retain a visa?" "does he pass the character test and I concluded that he does not. Dr Haneef will be moved Minister, from here Villawood Detention Centre. to Sydney's

that is likely to happen? Do you know when for the immigration authorities No, that is a matter but presumably that will occur. over a period of a few days

happen to him after that? And what would you like to see is he extradited back to India? I mean, the Government would like to see? Is that the eventual outcome of the Federal Police Well, the Commissioner has intimated to me a criminal justice certificate. that the Federal Police will issue will remain in immigration detention That means that Dr Haneef are on foot. whilst the little proceedings of those legal proceedings At the end

look at the matter again. we will then obviously Kevin Andrews, Immigration Minister for your time today. thank you very much Thankyou.